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Orathio      Through the wasteland, from the East, Orathio wanders through the wasted buildings. His boots cracks on the dusty ground. It's not a new sight for him. It's one that's been repeated over the length of the American country, all the way to the East. There is a certain sadness to it, certainly. Yet, people exist still.

     Orathio walks on, pausing a moment to take a drink from his canteen, peering outward. The world recover, as it is Written. Yet, there is still a lot to be done on that way. He makes his way to one dilapidated building in the way to, he was told, to be El Dorado, the biggest town in the region, for an amount of big. He peers inside, after a long look around to see if nothing is about, clutching his amulet for a moment.

     "Oh Lady," He mutters, gruffly, "May I not intrude on the Liberty of a fellow man in my search for my mortal coil's subsistence. Praise."

     The wind blows as he peers through the window, squinting inside. Not much. Right.
Molly Brown Molly was having a time of it, diggingaround in the ruins here for anything she might beable to sell for caps. She had somebasic supplies for the momentm but she could always use more and honestly she could use armour and that utilty belt she saw at the shop eariler today, so far though she'd found one jangles the moon monkey and nothing else more. The toy was cute she was certain she could maybe get a few caps for it but nothing else could seem to be sound. She did stick out the bright blue of her vault suit, as she attempted to wriggle into a mangled old car to see what was in the back seat then ... she got /stuck/.

Orathio      Orathio straightens, looking around from the noise of the cry out of frustration, a hand reaching for the grip of his gun. He did hear someone. A scream? No, now that he think about it, this was not the screech of some beast. It was the scream of a woman, he's pretty certain. He gives a circula look around the place, peering around the house proper, in the front alley of it, seeing wiggling there... a blue suited woman.

     He watches her wriggle for a moment, before slowly, but assuredly making his way over there, removing his hand from his pistol.

     He spends another moment peering there, frowning, before clearing his voice. "Excuse me, ma'am." He says, knocking on the side of the frame, leaning down to get a closer look. He smiles, a warm one on his face despite his steely eyes. "Are you stuck?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown is wriggling trying to get lose. Her legs flail a bit as sh hears someone comming up she seems concerned here but if he was going to fo somethign he already would have if she was stuck. "What ever gave you that idea, yes. Yes I am and there isn't even anything back here worth getting stuck for! If you could be so kind as to help get me out, I'd owe you a favour later!"
F She stops struggling now and holds still.

"You spend most of your life working about a Vault and in air ducts, doing miantance and now stuck in this old monument to America."
Orathio Orathio slowly bend over, looking down at Molly straight in the eyes, frowning for a moment. Then, he blinks. Ah. "Ah. Sarcasm. I see, I understand." The man says, looking down at the car proper, quietly calculating things. He peek his head out, to look around for a moment, before refocusing on the offending object. "Please. I am merly doing what a Good Citizen would, by giving you your Freedom once more." He comments, peering at the car seat. He reaches for the side, groping blindly before he find what he is looking for then pulls. THe seat bends down, giving her more room for herself to move in.

     "You should be free, now."
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "I getcha if you were going to do anything, you'd have." She seems to be okay with it as he orks to get her feee, thankfully ntohign too bad happens and she doesn't argue or insult him as she pulls herself out and dusts herself off. "Didn't expect to see anyone out here let alone someone willing to help. Thanks the name's brown, Molly Brown."
Orathio      "This, would have been a gross breach of polite conduct." The man says, pulling himself away as he stands out, watching her growing herself free out of the car. "You are fortunate. I was on my way to El Dorado, searching for salvage on the way to buy a meal." He says, lifting his hat and tipping it in greetings. "I am Father-Torchbearer Orathio Fire-From-The-Torch-Lights-The-Way. Please, simply call me Orathio. I am pleased to be of assistance."

     He looks at the car proper, the plush in particular, lifting an eyebrow. "I presume you are out here for similar reasons."
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Ah, well your in the right place but pickngs haven't been too good, I just found some old toy. All right Orathio." He seemed tribal but nothing wrong with that, he didn't seem to be one of the crazy ones so it's all good.

"Well just call me Molly then! Well your almost there, shouldn't be too far out, if your looking for a bit of a guide I can show you around most of the town. I'm not going into Vault town for a bit though just as a warning."
Orathio      Orathio looks in the direction for a moment, dark eyes narrowing in the distance, before noddingly, firmly. "Good, good. I hoped that it would be." He says, some amount of waeriness in his voice. Maybe he's been out there for a long time, who knows? It seemed more physical than actually mental.

     He turns to face her again, nodding at her once more. "Greetings, then, Molly. I will pray upon the Lady of Liberties. May her Torch lights your way." He says, offering a brief bow to the Vault Dweller woman. "I've seen Vaults before. Tell me. What is there?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "It's a half finished vault, that our ancestors found under the park and it was put to use by surivors of vault 30, who met a local tribe in what's the city now. Ended up getting on and we managed to build a place where you normally don't need to worry about getting attacked in the middle of the night. There's been raider activitya s of late in the region. So keep your big iron handy when your out of the town. As for Vault 30 don't know much about it other than our ancestors had to flee it. As for supplies? Weapons, armor, savage, we have some caravans tht come through from afair, hell they have a powered armour for sale there right now. There's a Inn or two, places to eat, and ... other enterainments if your looking for those too."
Orathio      Orathio listens to her, his steely gaze remains into her. There is a firm confidence in the man's stare, unwavering between his blinks. It hardens at the mention of raiders. "I see. This seems ... like an entertaining town to visit, then. I may go there, next time, when I am done in El Dorado. I am eager to see if they will be receptive to the Word of the Lady." He smiles, briefly, nodding again. "I shall keep this in mind, about the raiders, then."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Oh! I'm sorry Vault Town is under El Dorado, it's an district really. All that applies to the whole city, Vault town has the best medical and most fancy food though." She's looking mighty embrassed for a moment at her flub.
Orathio      "Ahhhh, I see." Orathio says, giving her another, brief nod. "That is indeed formidable, then. I'm eager to go see it." He smiles a geniune, warm smile. "In this case, allow me to escort you through your scavenging for the day, before you return home, if cowards could strike at any moment."
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Sure hopefully we can find something for you to cash in once you get to town. At least enough for a meal and a room for the night? Shall we get to it and oh!" she fiddles with her pip boy and turns on a local radio station. "Ah better and nice pip boy you got there? There has to be a story about how you got that thing."
Orathio      "This?" Orathio says, lifting his arm from beneath his cloak. The pipboy is old, as they tend to be, but this one is decorated into ornate wood, iconography of a torch, a lady holding it and a book adorns the sides. "Yes, this Pip Boy has... history. It used to be Father-Torchbrearer Kassius Stalks-The-Dark's and to Mother-Torchbearer Lythia Blessed-Waters before him. He has left it in my care, since his death." He states, smiling back at her. "This seems to be an agreeable arrangement. Let us away, then."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "So a relic? Mine's been in my family since they left Vault 30 something like eighty years ago. Shall we get to it then hopefully we'll find something good." She dusts herself off puts the Jangles the moon monkey doll she found into her pack and gets to searching again. "Sounds like your with a relgious order? Curious." He's not shouting at her about being a heevhen so that's good, nothing wrong with being a person of faith to her. "Yes let us away!"