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Camilla     Friday morning, the suns rays just now begining to paint the sky a vivid and varied rainbow of colors. The heat of those rays has not yet touched the wasteland floor nor banished the previous nights cold. The wind holws in from the north, rolling along the wasteland causing vegitation to sway and wave in response.

    Though, that is not all the wind does, it carries with it something, something else. A tell tell scent of fire in the distance, smoke billowing just over the horizon not but a few miles out from town. For those with the hearing, or the luck to be near by, the wind and the openness of the wasteland carries the crackle and pop of gunfire. Gunfire that rises, slowly, and no doubt indicates some sort of battle in the distance. It dies down after some time, and as we begin, there is naught but the wind to keep anyone present company. The fire in the distance, is still visable though, as is the large smoke ploom.
Jacqueline Having been up and outside early, Jacqueline Wayne is making her way through the wastes in search of useful salvage. It's becoming a frequent pasttime for her, between her repair jobs and the project she's working on.
So she's in a position to see the smoke plume rising in the distance. "Whatever's burning, it's sure not clean about it," she murmurs, frowning in the direction of the smudge in the sky. "Better check it out." Gripping her shotgun in both hands, she begins making her way towards the fire, taking care to stick to cover when she can.
Kellyn A combat shotgun slung over one shoulder and a handgun at either hip, Kellyn's duster blows a little in the post-apocalyptic wind as he meanders through the wasteland. Smoke trails him, but it's not a distant fire, it's the cigarette resting between his lips. His gas mask is loosened and not around his face, and he's not at a very high alert. When the burning smell is finally noticed, though, the former NCR Ranger glances at the horizon and takes a last drag. Flicking his cigarette, he tugs at his cowboy hat and then adjusts his course to head thattaway.
Kaelyn Also out on salvage is well, a certain full-figured long-eared woman with red eyes is following along with Jackie. The tall woman pauses nearby, footsteps silent as she smells something burning and now hears gunshots? Kae glances to Jackie and shugs "I can go with if you like." she says and smirks slightly before checking to make sure she's got her weapon loaded as she moves up beside the other female... Kae then starts swinging out now a bit of a distance so as not to be too close to Jackie in case of ambush "I'mma swing out here, Cover at a distance if I can." she says with a slight smirk as she shoulders her rifle and begins moving.
Camilla     The weapons fire, did last for quite some time, and was loud enough to perhaps indicate the overall size of the conflict, whatever it was. Having died down though, the only way to really gauge the scene is to, well, physically be there. As the area is approached, the carnage is visible. At least a dozen or so raiders of random variety, all dead. Many laying about in various pools of blood from multiple gunshot wounds.

    The other side of the battle and the source of the fire? The Merchant Caravan itself. A half dozen or so pack brahmin, all, very much food now, with their packs and the wares they were carrying strewn about. The fire, is from the only vehicle in the caravan, something that itself, a pre-war car of somesort, was being pulled by a group of brahmin. It, is currently ablaze, and giving off a great deal of heat. The merchants, two of them by the looks, along with a few mercenaries and a young woman who can't be anymore than twenty years old, are all also strewn about the area.
Jacqueline "Sounds good," Jackie says quickly to Kae, careful to keep her in sight as much as she can. She'd rather not get surprised by someone who's working with her.
The trip takes some time, even with the hustle the tech-girl gets on it. Wetting a bandanna with her canteen and tying it over her face to filter out the worst of the smoke, she approaches the ruined caravan and its grisly final resting place.
They don't look like raiders... unlike most of the dead here. She lowers her shotgun to a casual carry position and steps out from behind a rock, waving to the merchants she sees. "HELLOOOO THE CARAVAN!"
Kaelyn Kae moves around the outside of the carnage, before the woman tries to take up a hidden position above it and view around the place as best she can. She doesn't say much, that would kind of better give away her position as she hunkers down on a high point and kneels there, rifle at the ready just in case she has to roll for cover or shoot back at something or someone.
Kellyn Kellyn unslings his shotgun with his right hand, gripping the forehand and letting the momentum of the gun itself pump the gun with an audible sound. "Well, sheee-it." The Californian stands just outside the carnage, green eyes soaking it all in. He tugs down his gas mask over his face to keep smoke out of his vision as he comes up across the caravan from Jackie and Kaelyn. He does not notice them at all, and his shotgun's barrel is pointed more at the ground as he does not attempt to be stealthy. "Howdy. Anybody livin?"
Camilla     It appears that everyone is in luck today. There doesn't seem to be any other raiders, and at first glance, everyone on both sides of the shootout seems to be laying in a pool of their own blood, which is now soaking the sands of the wasteland a deep red. To those being stealthy, there appears to be no reason to be at the moment. The fight was obviously an ambush and turned very ugly, and very brutal, very quickly.

    To Jacueline's call out, there is no response from anyone in the carvan, the merchants, the both of them, are well and truly dead as it appears everyone else is. The only person out of place in all of this, is the aforementioned young woman, who is laying face down in the sand, and is slightly covered by one of the mercs that seems to have fallen on top of her, and himself is covered in blood and gunshots, no doubt having perished trying to protect her. Something that Kaelyn can see more clearly from her vantage point now, as she's able to truly get a full picture of the fight.

    Kellyn, like Jacueline, gets no response to his call out asking if anyone is alive.
Kellyn He steps through broken bodies and bloodied corpses, using his left boot to prod bodies as he keeps his shotgun pointed on them. Better safe than sorry. Still, after he prods a few, his shotgun goes back to his shoulder and he unseals his gas mask once more. They all look dead to him. He doesn't even notice Jacqueline or Kaelyn yet, because they're so stealthy, though he's quite obvious as he moves about the wreckage.
Jacqueline "Poor folks," Jackie says aloud, for Kae's benefit as much as her own. "Looks like those raiders knew they were in a fight, though, at least for a few seconds." She steps closer to the largest bunching of bodies, looking the merchants and mercs over.
She's just looking at the woman under the merc's body, which strikes her as oddly out of place here, when she notices movement. "Huh?" She moves to lift the merc clear for a better look. "Is she /breathing/? Kae, come on in! We've got a survivor!" she calls out to her partner, rolling the merc off of the wounded woman.
Kaelyn Kae sighs and stands, then makes her way toward Jackie now, the girl shouldering her rifle as she slips out of the cover and looks down... CORA then pipes in. "Oooh, I knew I left out first aid treatment in your training there hon." The matronly voice from her wrist calls out as Kae glances to it then looks down at the injured woman.. "Might be best to see if she's breathing or not, get everything we can grab and get the hell out of dodge... I imagine the raiders were just run off, not completely oblittereated>" She comments and sighs, then glances to Kellyn curiously, before offering a two-fingered wave "Howdy... I wonder if you know first aid?"
Jacqueline "I can patch her up, but I'm no healer," Jackie says, with a sympathetic glance at the injured woman. "Looks like she's been hit in the shoulder. Not lethal, but she could lose a lot of blood this way." She begins unfastening the woman's shirt and pulling it away from the wound to get a better look.
Not that she misses Kellyn's presence, now that Kae's pointed it out. She lifts a casual hand to him, busy with her work.
Camilla     Camilla is, thankfully, and somehow miraculously, alive. A single gun shot wound to the right shoulder is visable, and while in the pre war days this wouldn't be fatal, out in the wasteland, it just might be without some real medical attention. The only other problem, is that the blood loss and the experience as a whole has gotten to Camilla and it's going to be a pain moving an unconcious woman all the way back to town.
Jacqueline Jackie can't do much for the woman's wound, aside from dressing it so it won't get infected on the way back to town. Letting Kaelyn handle cover, she gets a travois rigged up from some salvageable rope and some pieces of wagon that aren't burned. Tying the injured woman down on it, she begins pulling her back towards town, and medical help there.
Kaelyn Kae sighs, and makes sure to mark the location of the accident on her pip-CORA, then nods to Jackie, before the tall full-figured woman begins following behind... She doesn't say much, nor does she have to while the girl simply moves out ot take up point while keeping her eyes pealed... "Soo would be a horrible time to have a bunch of gangers come roaring in here."
Camilla     With Camilla attached to the wagon parts and in tow, with Kae taking point for protection, no doubt the trio will make it in to El Dorado without to many more incidents if any at all.