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Lucky To Dunwich we go! That was the line given a day ago by Lucky as Eden and himself head for the supernaturally haunted town known as Dunwich. It was a beautiful summer's day for an adventure to the town; it was pleasantly warm under the sun with a nice breeze flowing through.

As the enter the town, Lucky looks around slightly, hmming "Well, it sure seems normal enough; even built well I think." He notes quietly. Although, of course there was this nagging feeling that wouldn't go away. He rolls his shoulders slightly, looking to Eden with a warm smile. "So, which way to this mechanics shop?"
Eden Eden is slightly nervous that this will go badly. "over here" she says and steps into the shop. It is much warmer in here. She knows Lucky has to at least feel this place is wrong, even if he doesn't give that feeling any credit. "Normal my butt" she grumbles to herself.
Lucky Following Eden, Lucky looks over to her slightly, brow raising. "Your butt isn't normal?" He asks slightly, taking in the housing on Willow lane as they went. Creepy unnatural prenatural darkness, check. A frown begins to cross his face as he looks for any signs of why it could be so dark. "Alright, so this town as a creepy factor." He says quietly, frowning slightly as they come to a stop at the mechanic shop. "So, it's in there?" He asks.
Eden Eden nods "At least, this is where i first saw it. Then it started following me around. Apparently only when I'm alone though" Deep breathe. Looking around, everything seem the same. Quiet and ominous.
Lucky Looking to Eden, he nods. His hand extends out to her gently "Alright, then we go together, okay?" Lucky replies, a warm pleasant, cheerful smile on his face. Even in the face of supernatural weirdness, he seems calm and reassuring.
Eden Eden nods. "well, let's see what there is to find". Facing forward, she starts poking lightly at objects. Eden doesn't know whether Lucky is not taking her warnings seriously, or just trying to be reassuring. She does hope he knows this wasn't some fantasy, that there is a real danger here. "Ya know, I'm not just a kid making up stories to get attention, right? I really do want to know what the hell is going on out here."
Lucky Pausing as he scavenges through the collection of junk, Lucky looks to her. Walking over to her, his hands gently take the sides of her arms and he smiles to her. "I know you are not making up stories to get attention, and I know you want to know what is going on out here. That is why we're here, Eden. For the truth; regardless if it's supernatural or purely science." He replies reassuringly, eyes looking in to hers as he talks. "Promise."
Eden Eden wriggles over to the next stack and starts reading some newspapers that are there. "Hey, some of this is interesting, Look". Eden tosses a paper over to Lucky.
Lucky Taking the paper, Lucky looks at it quietly. "Oh my." He says, lowering the paper and squints at the car. "Appears the same.." He mutters, frowning as he walks over to the car, resting his hand gently on it.
Eden Eden starts gathering up different papers to read over. "I don't think it will do anything unless I'm alone. Which make me look crazy of course. I swear I'm not. I wonder if it will let me open it's hood?" Eden walks aroud the car and opens the driver's door. Once sitting inside, she looks for a hood release.
Lucky Lucky meanwhile has gone quiet as something catches his attention. He slowly walks towards the back of the shop, away from the car; as if transfixed something.
Eden Eden busies herself in the car- finally actually touching it! maybe, it will not hurt her this time. Eden is super excited at maybe seeing the enigine, maybe finding out what makes it go. She no longer really thinks this is mechanical, but is glad for the chance to check
Lucky A step. pause. inch a little closer. pause. Eyes widen a bit as he gets closer; mind thinking quickly - there is no such thing as the supernatural, there is no such thing as the supernatural, there is no such thing as the supernatural.

As Lucky stops at the, well whatever it is that beckons him, he bends down towards it. Hand extending outward to touch, the thing reaches up and slaps him in the face before disappearing into the concrete.

Standing up straight, eyes wild with freight, he turns around and slowly walks back to the vehicle. What he saw couldn't have been a ghost or entity. there was no such thing as the supernatural. There can't be. Just can't.

As he approachs the car, he takes in a breath, cools himself and says in a high pitch voice "So, find-" He coughs into his hand before continuing "Find anything?"
Eden Eden looks up quickly at the sound of the voice change. ""are you alright? and no, not seeing anything unusual here... just a beautiful baby here."
Lucky Lucky smiles innocently, hand going to the nape of his neck as he chuckles. "Me? Alright? Sure.. sure! Why wouldn't I be? I mean, it's not like I saw a entity that vanished into the ground or anything." He says chuckling again before pausing, looking to her. "Beautiful baby?" He inquires, lowering his hand. "You mean the car?" He asks, moving over to the car.
Eden Eden says "yes, of course the car, what else would I... you saw what now? Where?! show me!" Eden demands!
Lucky Raising a hand, he points a finger to where he was. "Over there, but it's gone now.. I have no clue what it was. I suppose it could've been an animal. Like a racoon or something." Yep, there goes Lucky's rational side of thinking; no way it could've been an 'entity' hitting him.
Eden Eden still hears the high pitch as Lucky attempts to rationalize. "Uh-huh. lots of racoons around here." Eden rolls her eyes. She looks over the area Lucky is pointing at. "And disappearing racoons are just everywhere." Eden doesn't mean to be so smug- but no one has believed her at all yet, so it is very satisfying that someone saw something.
Lucky Turning around, Lucky parts his legs a bit, hands going to his hips as he sticks out his tongue in a teasing fashion at Eden. Folding his arms this time, he walks over to her with a small smile "Okay. So maybe there is something going on in this town. Maybe. Doesn't mean I never believed you hun; just I have a need to rationalize." He notes calmly as he leans against the car door, looking to her as she works on the engine.
Eden Eden nods. and looks back to engine. "There is nothing unusual about the car parts. It has to be something else, as much as you don't like that idea." Eden frowns "and why doesn't do anything unless I'm alone?"
Lucky "Perhaps it has something to do with beauty?" Lucky says, placing his right elbow in his left hand, finger tapping his chin. "Or perhaps it is a connection?" A pause "Or, more it could be like a hunter; it's easier to take on a lone prey rather than taking on multiple." He shrugs, smiling to her.
Eden Eden looks momentarily confused. "Beauty? huh?" thoughtfully "the lone prey makes the most sense. I think she's perfect" the tiny mechanic looks down lovingly at the car and laughs "but cars don't usually love you back. No, prey makes most sense. Just wish I knew what would make me a friend instead of prey."
Lucky "Well, yeah. Only interacts with beautiful people.... Never mind." Lucky says, seeing the complement failing. A nod is given as he looks over the car "It is a pretty car though." He thinks for a moment, a hmm escaping his lips. "Perhaps it is something in the newspaper? I don't know much about supernatural stuff, but perhaps its spirit needs to be put to rest somehow? Like solving whatever is making it stay here?" He shrugs.
Eden That makes sense to Eden. "I don't know much about supernatural stuff either. Do we know anyone who does? Or- Jude has a pip-boy, right? Maybe try to find out more there..." Eden trails off in thoughts of following the clues. "For now, we should probably go. It's getting dark. I do NOT want to be here after dark."
Lucky "oh! Pip-boy!" He laughs, looking down to his machine. "Yes, I have one and could look in to that actually." He says, looking back to her. "Where'd you like to go?"
Eden Eden looks around. "Not here. Let's go." Doesn't know exactly why, but as the sun falls her nerves are growing. "Come on. outta here." Eden heads toward the door. Expecting that Lucky is thinking the same thing. That Dunwhich after dark is just a bad idea.
Lucky Something tells him not to argue. He follows Eden quickly out after her.