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Alasa Alasa walks into the golddigger carrying a bag that rattles as she walks. "Wrong size...but I think usefull still...I'm sure someone will want them."
Hawk      The nimble man known as Hawk strolls into the saloon with a smooth grace stride.. and a bloody bandage wrapped around his head. His hair has been pulled into a pony tail to avoid having it wrapped up in the bandage. He wears his usually rough spun clothes with a sleek body suit exposed only at his neck and cuffs. A shiny belt of all sorts of useful pouches and containers rounds his waist.
    He groans slightly in annoyance and flops into one of the many chairs then silently debates the merits of drinking while suffering from a head wound.
Saeko Saeko steps in a few moments later, a small bandage coiled up one arm and the hood of her cloak down. She'd live, but that still stung pretty badly. Moving inwards, she had her arms crossed over her chest and a sigh on her lips. Her eyes look over the gathered patrons already in the room before she starts making a move for the bar. She needed a drink of...something.
Kasumi     And down comes Kasumi, the evil ninja woman of doom! Or rather the bouncer at the Gold Digger. She pauses a moment, and looks at Saeko. She makes a face, and motions for the woman to come over for a second. Her face is a little stern.
Alasa Alasa plops down at one of the empty tables, setting the bag the down as the ammo inside rattles around.
Hawk      Hawk glances toward Saeko curiously. He rises from his chair and heads toward the bar himself.

"They say misery loves company." He points to the bandage around his head then glances toward Kasumi as she waves Saeko over.

"But if you've got business, I won't disturb you." He offers a half smile and pulls up a stool.
Saeko A pause, Saeko's eyes look over at the damaged figure of Hawk beside her before she catches sight of Kasumi, blinking a little at the gesture and pausing. "Indeed it does, but perhaps in a second or two." Seems she'll have to get a drink in a moment. Instead she moves closer towards the asian woman, tilting her head to one side. "Kasumi. Is something wrong?"
Kasumi     Kasumi does give Saeko a small hug, and then holds up Saeko's arm a little bit. "Tripped and fell, or?", she asks. The woman gives a small smile. It seems she's in much better health at the moment. "I do know of a good healer if you ned it.", she says.
Alasa Alasa leans back in her chair a bit, as she puts her feet up on another one. "Yes I know, we can't find gold every time..but still, ever bit helps."
Hawk      Hawk offers a simple nod and then waves a robot over to get some service. After he gets a glass of something strong but cheap, he sips at it lightly with a grimace. His eyes narrowing in mild irritation.
Saeko      "Birds." Saeko answers, shrugging her shoulders. "I went to Dunwich, to see what the stories were caused by..." A pause, her eyes go down to her own arms. "The crows in the area seemed almost directed, attacked me as one. It...truely is a strange place." A glance towards Alasa and then back to Hawk before she shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not so injured. I will heal."
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a long moment to study Saeko, and nods her head. "Yes. That place is extremely strange. A part of me wonders if the Mayor might consider making it illegal to go there, but then again, Freedom of space now.", she tells. The woman nods her head though. "I am on duty tonight, unless needed elsewhere.", she tells Saeko.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Sounds like an interesting place...we may have to wander on over there one of these days and see whats the deal."
Hawk      Hawk leans against the bar and glances over the other three bar patrons. His head tilts to the side and his eyes struggle to focus for a moment. He then gives a light shake of his head.

"That place.. is not worth going to. A lot of people have been handed their asses for scavenging around that cursed place.. It's not worth your hide, I'm telling you." He waggles a finger to accentuate his disapproval of traveling to Dunwich.

"If you ask me, the scrap in Lincoln is decent.. and you only have to worry about the local wild-life."
Saeko "Haven't quite made it out there," Saeko comments softly, listening in on Hawk's comment. "But curiousity got the better of me with Dunwich." Back to Kasumi she turns, tilting her head to the side with a quirk of her lips. "Needed?" she repeats. "Would you -wish- to be needed?"
Kasumi     Kasumi gives a small giggle, and then stretches a little bit. "I am feeling much better, and able to move more like myself once more.", she tells. The woman gives a mischivious smile. "I could use to be needed.", she tells.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, if people don't like going there because of fear...just means there is that much more to find then. The risk is worth the reward if you ask me...""
Hawk      Hawk glances curiously between the two women. He gives a low whistle and lets his brain go immediately to the gutter. He sips from his drink and grunts at the burn in his throat.

"Now I'd pay to see that.. or to slip between it." He gives a low cackle then holds the side of his head. Dirty bastard probably deserves his headache. He glances toward toward Alasa."

"There is a fucking demon there.. ghosts.. and aliens just down the road. Not sure that risk is really worth the reward."
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way into the saloon and takes off his helmet to reveal himself to the people present. "Howdy." Kaydin says as he begins to move to the bar top and orders a nuka cola. "You okay Kasumi?" He asks as he watches the woman, and looks to the various people as they talk.
Saeko A sidelong glance at Hawk again as she hears that comment, raising an eyebrow as she adjusts her cloak before looking back at Kasumi. Saeko tilts her head to oneside. "I suppose it would not hurt to have another look at my wounds. I am no doctor, after all. You would not be troubled leaving the bar unattended?" Another arrives and Saeko looks over her shoulder, nodding to the ranger.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to look at the patrons. She nods her head a little bit. "I don't think any of them would cause trouble. Plus, I'm on the second floor. The girls can get me if they need somebody to intervene.", she tells. THe woman stretches a little bit, and offers her hand.
Hawk      Hawk notices the raised eyebrow.. because well.. the bastard notices just about everything. He grins, "What? I'm in a bar and brothel. Not exactly like I've got a chaste mind-set."

He grunts and groans. "Oww.. oww.. oww..Okay Hawk.. less being a perv.. more finding a doctor." He starts to rise from his stool.
Alasa Alasa laughs, "I walk with the spirits of the land, so I'm not to worried about demons or the like...but if your scared, works for me...I'll put it next on my list."
Saeko Saeko laughs softly, nodding at Hawk's words before extending her hand to take the offered grasp of Kasumi. Drawing into following the other asian. "Well, then I hope there is no trouble for the time being..."