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Sparrow Early evening and Summertime in El Dorado. The weather outside the clinic is warm enough that some desk fans have been set about to make sure there's airflow in the waiting room and aimed towards the recovery and surgery rooms.

It's surprisingly full. Since scavenging has been hard to do new El Dorado people have had to venture out further and that means more serious injuries more often. Iris and Kumo are busy, busy ladies and sometimes Sparrow drops in to help them out. The traveling Wasteland Doctor rumored 'Hero of Avalon' and jokingly called 'Sparrow Hood' is currently finishing up some stitches on one of Shantytown's many children. Escorting the sniffling little and his mother out Sparrow finishes wiping her hand on her towel and looks over the waiting area with a smile. "All right, who's next?"

The Blonde cowgirl has shucked her armored duster, hat and opted for a lab coat. The blonde woman's facial features don't rest in a smile for more than a second. A long considering stoic expression takes her prematurely aged features, deepening crows feet and has laugh lines that scar her now to all the time in the sun. Her blonde hair is back from her youthful blue eyes as she scans the room for the person who needs her the most.
Vera Vera raises a hand, "Well, I got nasty wounds on my right arm from fighting off a pack of mutants alone....but if someone else is currently bleeding, I'd be glad to let them go ahead of me."
Rose Into the clinic another arrives. Rose...looks like she'd been through hell. She was bruised, she was a little cut up...and her moulded armor was covered in blood. At least most of it wasn't hers. Moving her way through the door, she has her rifle slung over her back and her beloved revolvers around her waist. "The doctor in?" She questions, clearly pained as she tugs her helmet off her head. What had happened to her? Well...where to begin...
Jacqueline It's a good thing the door is open: Jackie's hands are full, as she's pulling a travois full of patient! The tech-girl is flagging noticeably after the long haul from the wastes into town.
She sighs in relief, seeing Sparrow. "Thank goodness... I was afraid nobody'd be here," she says, looking around the room. "I've got a survivor from a raider attack on a caravan. She's got a bullet hole in her shoulder. I've got it field-dressed, but I didn't have time to give it a good look."
She sees Rose, then. "Oh, wow... got into trouble again, Miss Rose?"
Camilla     For everyone else here, the young woman in question being towed in by Jacqueline is out like a light and entirely unconcious and unresponsive. She can't be more than twenty years old tops and is quite the looker by most standards, and as has already been described, has an open field dressing on her right shoulder that is bloodied from said gunshot wound.
Sparrow Sparrow stands there by the door and her hand is up and she watches the stream of injuries walk in. "Rose.." Her voice heavy with concern before Jackie brings in her rigged travois and she frowns more. "Oh. I'm sorry." She tells Vera, "It looks like we've got a few before you. Iris should be back any time and Kumo I think is out of the office for the evening. Jackie let's get her over here. We're slammed, warm weather and lack of scavving close by has made everything just crazy." She leads Jacqueline and the injured woman along and gets one of the volunteers to help out getting Rose to a seat. The young blonde in the lab coat glances to Jackie, "What happened."
Vera Vera gives a nod of her head, "Very well..I will wait over here then." As she moves out of the way.
Rose Rose herself glances to Jackie, then Sparrow, then the others in turn before she nods her head, shifting her grasp on her helmet she gives a sheepish nod while moving to the seat. "I ran afoul of the biggest horde of Feral ghouls I'd ever seen...took them down, then something else hit me while I was reloading afterwards." What that something else is? Rose doesn't share. Hell, she doesn't know, but it certainly had messed her up.
Iris Lark     The door to the clinic opens and Iris slips in, closing the door quietly behind her. She turns, not expecting to see anyone, but there is a crowd! She quirks both eyebrows and glances around before she quietly speaks up. "Is everything okay? What happened?" She sets her rucksack by the door and walks further in. "Who is waiting to be treated yet?"
Jacqueline Jackie obediently hauls the travois in Sparrow's wake, pulling the injured woman over to an examining bed. "I'm not sure. I got there after the dust had settled. It looked like raiders had ambushed a caravan, and the raiders won, but they must've pulled back after. It didn't look like the caravan had been looted. She was the only survivor Miss Kaelyn and I could find," she explains in a rush. "It looked like one of the caravan mercs had died protecting her. I patched up her shoulder, just alcohol and bandages, and then packed her over the trail back to town. The rest you know."
She glances up in surprise as the clinic gets some good news for a change. "Doc Iris! Thank goodness," she says, sighing in relief. "Lots to do tonight, that's for sure. There's a girl in the waiting room, and Miss Rose, and this girl I found out in the wastes. Long story."
Martin     Martin has a few aches and pains. Just run of the mill life wearing down on Martin. Walking some three thousand miles in the Mojave then Chihuahuan desert, gets to a man. Besides this beutiful even deep tan he has, it juts gets to you. Sleeping on the hot rock, and its not always hot cause of the baking sun, sometime you just unknowningly sleeping next to an eroded crarter of a nuke. And since he moved El Dorrado, he needed to get acquainted with the local doctor. Martin isn't getting any younger. And with what he plans in the coming future, he'll need to attempt to be good health.
    He heads into the Shantypart of the town, which did not lie. Wow. Makeshift, would probably be an upgrade. But this is where the doctors are. Hopefully their quality of care, doesnt match the surrounding. As that would be as depressing as a pickpocket at a nudist colony.
    And to Martin's surprise, he see that the waiting room is quite busy. Maybe this is just a rush day, or maybe this is everyday in El Darrado. Maybe Martin should go into medical supplies.
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Yeah?" She says to Rose, "When i get back from down south I've seen a few large groups. Up by Tinnie, Picacho and Hondo. Remind em to talk to you about that at some point. I might need the rangers help." She smiles, "Iris, hey, uhm, I was gonna work on Jackie's friend but you're the better Doctor if you'd like. I'm good for taking care of minor wounds and treatments. Rose needs some help, and this lovely young woman." She smiles to vera and I just got done with a swath of stitches. Seems like the warm weather's bringin' out the beasties. Folks gettin banged up." She tells Iris as she has Jackie take Camilla into one of the exam rooms.
Rose      "Dunwich," Rose says simply, shaking her head. "I ventured that way after all the fuss, hearing about problems that travellers and others had encountered and..." another whinces, Rose's hands come to her ribs. Yep, broken! "Found more than enough of my own share."
Harlan      The mighty blacksmith enters in his regalia of combat armor with a light support weapon slung over his shoulder. What detracts from this otherwise intimidating arrival is the wad of bandages wrapped around his head, the blood matted in his hair, and the recent stitches in his scalp. Additionally, he walks with a limp. Considering the large man's propensity for taking a lickin' and still tickin', one might wonder what the hell got a hold of him.
    He sets his weapon neatly in the corner and groans lightly holding the side of his head.

"Never again.. Nope never again. Devil can keep that town... Iris?" He blinks, "You around? I need your craft.. More then I've needed it in a long time."
Iris Lark     Iris glances around and scratches her nose and then props her hands on her hips. "Alright, who here is banged up the worst. I'll take whomever that is into an empty exam room and we'll just rotate until everyone has been seen and treated." She blinks as Harlan walks in and points to the second exam room. "You go in there, whomever else is broken the worst can join him."
Vera Vera says off to the side, watching the others as she waits for the bleeders to be worked on.
Jacqueline Jackie nods to Sparrow, hauling the travois and its passenger into the exam room. It takes some maneuvering to get it all the way through the door and up next to the bed. "We'll have to lift her onto this, once I get these lashings undone. I had to tie her in place," she says, setting down the travois and flexing stiff fingers.
Martin Martin tries to find an empty chair, and gets ready for a long sit. A long butt numbing sit.
Harlan      He blinks at Iris and nods, "Yes, ma'am."
    He wobbles a tad and then makes his way toward the second exam room without any fuss.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Jackie, Camilla, Iris and Harlan as they head for the exam room. She looks back to the room, "Rose, you're up Darlin'. Private room or you okay with the exam cot and curtain. You'll be sharin' a room no matter what we do." She says softly.
Rose Rose shrugs her shoulders now, whincing a little as she makes to stand and pull at the fastenings on her armor. "Whereever you can find room," she nods. "I've been treated in worse after all." Wounded or not, her weapons themselves are clutched tightly. She won't be leaving them behind any time soon.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and smooths her hands over her labcoat and smiles to Martin and Vera. She will help them soon but first, poor Rose. The blonde doctor makes sure that the pillow is set right so that Rose can be comfortable. There's a curtain ona track she uses to block Rose from the view of the others. "Now I've got some ether and some leather for you. I can't promise it's gonna help much. These are really really ba and I'm gonna have to do a lot of careful stitchin. Bullets and knives are always so much easier. Let's get a look at you."
Stockton Stockton is making his rounds, which means he checks in on Iris and the Clinic. Heavy boot steps thud against the landing and then into the shack turned doctor's office. Ducking slightly, he doffs his cowboy hand and holds it to his chest as he enters. Those broad shoulders are made broader by the duster, a shiny Sheriff's badge attached to the breast. One hand lifts to scratch at month's old scruff and pluck the smoldering cigarillo from his mouth. Eyes wash over those here and he grunts, "The hell happened now?"
Vera Vera says, "Just another day in paradise...mutants and monsters getting closer and closer to the city..."
Rose Rose nods her head as she steps around the curtain and finishes shrugging out of her gear. Down to her underwear on her upper half and obscured by the curtain she glances at the shapes and shadows, picking Stockton's voice. "I had an interesting encounter." she speaks up, leaving it at that. "How's the badge treating you?"
Martin     Martin figets in clinic seat. One of the universal truths. Hospital waiting room chairs are uncomfortable. It might not be the actual furnature. It might just be a product of the enviroment where the furnature is. Most folks, and Martin included don't find these places comfortable. Goodness knows why. Martin isn't much of a philosopher.
Sparrow Sparrow sighs, "Warm weather. Violence, Sex, people stretchin' their legs. Always happens at the beginning' of summer." She grumbles quietly before smiling towards Rose and then peering at the wounds. "These aren't bites..or .." She blinks and peers at Rose a moment before shutting her yap and getting down to business. Rose's free hand has a small cloth with ether in it placed in it and a piece of leather is held up to indicate for Rose to pay attention where it's being placed. Just in case.

For the time being the Doc seems intent on getting Rose patched up with a deeply concerned expression. First, the cleaning which means iodine and a scalpel.
Stockton Stockton perks at Rose's voice but gives Vera a nod, "Horde's gonna keep comin' I told the town that three weeks ago," he shrugs a shoulder, "I'll make sure patrols are doubled, but the Militia will need to step up too, anyone know if Manny's walkin' yet?" he asks before glancing to Rose's curtained sillohuette, "Interestin' encounter?" a snort, "That what we're callin' 'em these days, Rose?" A shake of his head and he replaces the cigarillo so he can chew on it in the corner of his mouth, "Ain't much different from th' days b'fore it, cept now people tend to listen when I tell 'em to knock what they're doin' the fuck off," A glance for Martin, "Ya'lrigh'? Yah look more spooked'n a baby molerat poppin up in the middle of a mutant hound pack." Sparrow? He leaves her be, but there's eye contact, a smile when he manages her attention - if briefly.
Vera Vera nods her head, "I've said the same thing..I keep running into things coming from the south, but most people just seem to glaze over when you talk about defense." She shrugs, "We do what we can."
Rose "I ran into a horde of the meanest, biggest ghouls I'd ever seen, took them down and ragdolled around by the invisible man. Interesting is the only word I've got for it." Rose comments, nodding as she watches Sparrow's guidence even as she answers Stockton's question. Still, talk of the Horde makes her sigh. "Legion from one way, monsters from another, and people just being pricks...don't envy you for trying to keep all the order out here." That said, it wasn't like Rose wasn't throwing herself into the fire to protect the civillians when she was needed.
Sparrow Sparrow's focused on Rose. Careful with the work she's doing since she's not entirely sure what happened - that means that all the precautions have to be taken. So Sparrow will be at this for a while. She keeps an ear on the room and exhales, "Folks round these parts got used to thinks bein' a certain way under Solomon. He protected his investments, got rid of anything that threatened them. Thankfully Mayor Caine's been figurin' out how to get walls up, I'm planning on clearin' out the ferals on the highway to Dunwich. The more of the outside communities we can build up the better we can bulwark against the oncomin' tide. And we're gonna be Workin' on that too. There was a town meetin' the other day about it." She stops musing almost absently before looking up to Rose. "I'm gonna get your arm set, then we'll get the rest stitched and one or two spots I'm gonna have to cauterize. Scream if you gotta. Wait to deck me til after I'm done." She smiles a bit and then? Goes about doing just that.
Stockton "Legion, NCR breathin' down our necks while smilin' all polite like, slivers of Enclave, and a hundred new faces with their own agendas already in our walls," Stockton shrugs and puffs on his smoke from the waiting room. "Yeah, s'why I keep helpin' you where I can, yer on the right track I feel, yanno?" he doesn't peer in on Rose while she's getting stitched, just kinda hanging out. Maybe lingering for the doc himself, it's hard to tell.
Martin     Martin perks up at that statment. "Whats wrong with your own agenda? Another word for agenda is ambition. Drive. If you don't have drive, then the wasteland is going to erode you to. If you dont have something making you keep on moving, then why are you bothering living?" Maybe Martin is more a philosopher then he thinks.
Rose Rose is NCR, but she's not blind to the general view that's held about them. She didn't come to town planning on them following her with politics and banners, the Ranger simply tended to stay on the fringes and help people where she could for her own reasons. It hurts, hurts enough to make Rose grit her teeth, but after walking all the way back with her injuries? She was too exhausted to really process it, too tired to scream. Martin's words on the other side of the curtain would earn a shrug, but she's trying to keep still for the medical attention. "Arm is just a little out of place, it's the ribs that are..miserable," she murmers, but she won't argue with Sparrow and instead turns back towards Stockton's silhouette. "You know you're welcome to ask me for help. NCR or not. I think we've been shot at together enough you should know that"
Sparrow "Ribs are gonna get thir own special thing. Everything else first." Sparrows words are grim and mildly apologetic. Which given the cowgirls overall usual emotional immobility is telling in and of itself. "Don't worry, we're getting you -all- done today. And then you have to take it easy for a couple of days, stay round Lincoln if you gotta go out." Right now, Sparrow's on the job so she holds her opinion to herself regarding the various factions in the area.
Stockton Stockton shrugs a shoulder at Martin, "Ain't nothin' wrong with an agenda, just gotta be wary when there's so many new ones, feelin' out who's here to help, who's not." He offers that token wisdom to Martin and chuffs softly, "Weren't a dig at you in particular, just knowin' the upper ups sent a few of yah with the explicit purpose of gettin' El Dorado into the Republic, I got yer back same as you got mine," he says to the shadow that is Rose on the other side. A wince comes at Sparrow's words through the curtain, "Take the leather," is his only piece of advice for Rose.
Martin     Martin nods, "I'm not a man of any lands. I'm from California, and worked through the Legion. I'm just a tired caravan. I want to live out next part of life in a nice and shaded and maybe one of those fancy Vault air conditioners, in a night club. Where I can sing, drink and get to talk to folks. I'm tired of walking, and tired of staring at brahims ass."
Sparrow Sparrow helps Rose and then gets cleaned up. After a bit she moves out changing out aprons and drying her hands ona towel. "All right. Ah.." She noticed Vera left and frowns a litle before looking to Martin. "All right, you're up. What happened?" She wonders of him leading him towards a different cot with a light smile.
Martin     Martin smiles, a thousand cap smile, and walks over to the young doctor lady. "I think this maybe one of the few times where I've been older then my doctor. Maybe that happens more the closer to you get over the hill." He says in jest, laughing softly at his own comical insight. He sits on the cot. "Well, its nothing to particular. Chihuahuan desert, the wasteland just never kind to anyone wonder around. And coming down from the Legion to move here, wasn't the most comfortable trip I've ever made. And I've plenty, you believe me." He takes off his shirt. "I just got some bruises, and aches, and some cuts here or there, and I think I got a mightly bad ingrown toe nail. At first I thought it was just a blister, but these feet are too calious for that."
Sparrow "Well, the ladies at the saloon can help you with all your minor aches. I deal in trauma so let's have a look at those bruises and such and we'll get you on the road." She takes Martin off behind another curtain to do the doctor thing. She's carefully working on getting him taken care of for a few minutes then there's en emergency in Exam room three. She apologizes to Martin and hurries off in that direction.
Harlan      Harlan walks out of the examination room carrying an unconscious Iris in his arms. "No.. no.. no.. Don't you scare me like this, Iris. God damn it, you wake up on me.. or I'm dumping you in a trough. I swear it!" The large man seems a bit beside himself, his eyes wide.. he's doing his best not to fall into a full on panic. He bellows out a yell, "I need another clinic doctor. NOW. Iris passed out on us."
Camilla     Cami, awake and alert finally, walks out right after and looks utterly paniked. "Oh gods, I didn't mean to mention anything, I, I'm sorry!" she exlaims before she hurries up next to Harlan and goes back to trying to wake Iris up. "Please, doc, wake up..please..."
Kaelyn Kae had been wandering around the place, and noticed the clinci to be like extremely busy. She tilts her head and turns right, before heading into said Clinic to look around, and to well check on folks she helped drop off here a while back. And hears some massive commotion about people feinting? she blinks and starts to curiously head that way whilst looking around curiously...
Sammy     The heat of the August evening carries the quiet trot of a horse coming up to the clinic, and a lone rider dismounting with a wincing grunt, a muttered curse under breath, "Easy fella. I hurt, not your fault." the familiar sound to some of a horse being tied and reassured, "Time to visit the docs and have me put back together a bit more." Sammy says quilety.
    A few minutes later he's walking into the clinic. Clearly the various painkillers and the efforts of the day are wearing on the Ranger, he looks tired, and he's being not quite as energetic as he was the last few evenings. Coming downstairs to the Gold Digger to get food and refreshments is one thing, riding across town is easier than it was, but not that easy still...
    He looks about with a bit of curiosity to the activities of hte clinic... taking a number and propping himself up against a wall.
Stockton Stockton turns when Harlan mows in with a limp and unconscious Iris. That'll get Stockon moving to push open an exam room for Harlan to lay Iris on the table. That means Sparrow will be comin' in shortly, so he does the usual thing and glares at Harlan and Cammi until they scoot out, "Give the Doc some room," he demands while checking the stock of the room before Doc Sparrow does her thing. There's a hand on Harlan to help him out because Sheriff needs to know, "What in the hell happened to her?"
Iris Lark     Iris slaps at the hands on her as she wakes up. "What the hell .." She starts, sitting up far too quickly. She squints her eyes shut and grabs at her head, groaning softly. "When did I get to the Clinic?" She blinks, and lets out a sigh before she sees Camilla. "You and I need to talk." She says, her voice grave.
Harlan      Harlan sets Iris on the exam room table. He'll take a few steps away to allow room to work, but he's definitely not leaving her side. He glances toward Camilla. "Iris was treating both of us. This one offered to help.. and..." He trails off as Iris wakes up and sits up pulling his hands away. "Uh.. guess.. she's alright now." His knits his brow in confusion and mutters under his breath, "Scared the living hell out of me.."
Camilla     Camilla just stares back at the big man what seems to be the /LAW/ in these parts. She refuses to budge though, staying next to the doctor, that is until said doctor snaps awake and looks at her like she's about to get all murdery, which, as a note, causes Camilla to shirk back in fear and panic and well, time for the water works. Yup, this twenty year old that just got brought in, sole survivor of a caravan ambush, just completely looses her crap and starts balling like a school child, rather loudly to.
Stockton Stockton stares at Harlan and Camilla and grits his teeth around his cigarillo while pulling on it again. Eyes narrow a little as both of them rather blatantly ignore him when he tells them to get out of the Exam Room. Looking at Harlan first, "Whatever," he gestures at the man who was holding onto Iris, "This is -" he's grumbling, "I'm gonna need you to put it away fer a minute and take five damn steps that'a way. You can still see 'er an' talk to 'er alright?" He assures the man before literally shoving him and Camilla /out/. There is literally not enough room in the exam rooms for a patient, a doctor and three other bodies. Once out, he lets Harlan post up at the doorway and takes the other corner, "Still a miracle," he chuckles at Iris, "You need a private minute wit' 'er? Sparrow's probably gettin more clean bandages, been a busy day. Ya look...upright again?"
Iris Lark     "Something she said.." Iris shakes her head and glances out to where Camilla was sent. "I haven't heard that ..anyone say that in months now, and I was startled, that's all. I'm fine." She slips to her feet and tries to slip around the people in her way. "There are people to be seen, and things to do, I can fall completely apart later."
Harlan      Harlan seems a lot more compliant once it's evident that Iris is alright. "Sorry Sheriff, not trying to be an asshole. I've done my duty here as an orderly a couple of times. Recognize you are just trying to help things move smoothly." He rubs the back of his neck and squints at Iris for a moment, crows feet betraying a sense of wariness. He looks like crap, back of his head sticked up and matted a bit with blood. He glances toward the crying Camilla and sighs lightly. His gaze shifts back to Iris. "Alright, now that I know you haven't dropped dead on me, I'll get out of your hair and let you work.. See you around the shop." He walks over to his LSW in the corner and hefts it over his shoulder before making his way toward the exit.
Kaelyn Kae blink sand watches the people talk about hysterics and feinting and such, Kae shrugs slowly to her self and sits back against a wall, where she leans... Kae then glances to Harlan at this point and now to the Sheriff.. She stays silent for now as she continues to watch the goings on...
Kellyn "Well, sheeee-it. Looks like a party in here," Kellyn props himself up against the doorframe after he makes his way into the medical centre. He pulls the hand holding a bandage on his torso out from under his shirt to pluck the cigarette out of his mouth and toss it back outside, before reaching down to apply pressure to the wound. He pauses, gaze stopping on Camilla and brows furrowing. "What in the wasteland hell. Sherrif, you need help with any of this?" He focuses on Stockton, seeing as the former Ranger isn't about to start trying to help the crying woman. He knows his strengths and weaknesses.
Sammy     Sammy watches Stockton display his Stockton-like bedside manner, okay, he's more than a little goosed on the fogging effects of painkillers, quickly looking down and rubbing at his face with a gloved hand, which mixes a fine damount of trail dust, a mild amount of perspiration and some motor oil into a few lines across his face.
    Sheepishly he realizes he just did -that- and with the next few minutes fidgets out of his gloves, stows them in a cargo pocket, fetches a few of his red 'shop' rags, picks the cleanest of them and blots at his face brow, neck, smearing overall but cleaning up a great deal.
Iris Lark     Iris has managed to push her way back out to the main room and she spots Camilla crying in the middle of the clinic, while patients sit and fidget. She takes a quick breath, marches up to the crying girl and gives her a brisk, but not hard, slap on the cheek. She then takes a hold of her shoulders and leans in to speak quietly to her for a few moments. That done she turns to the line waiting. "First come, first serve, unless you're bleeding on my floors. Sammy that means you, up on an exam table." She jerks her thumb towards the said table and waits, mostly patient.
Fern     If this was a hospital emergency room from way back in the past, Fern would probably sit in a chair the entire day waiting to be seen. People who go out and get attacked by wasteland creatures are a bit higher priority. There isn't much one can do for a skinned knee, anyway, and that's what it looks like Fern has. There's a rip in the right leg of her pants, cut across the knee showing with just a smidge of blood. It's dry now, no longer staining her pants. As Fern wanders on in she looks about, taking it all in. Mmm, yeah. Seeing her isn't urgent at all.
Camilla     Cami is smacked, and while it stings it helps to calm her down some. She sighs deeply and and takes a moment to compose herself she turns after whiping her eyes free of tears and looks for a patient. "Who needs seen? Pick a table and I'll see you now."
Sammy     Sammy gives a nod, and hops up on the table, leaning down to undo the laces of his boots, bandages on his legs inside light socks, undoing the blouses of his pants, he rolls them up , bandaged from top of boot to knee, but that's all looking _much_ better than it was previously. He's hardly even limping!
    The shirt is the next problematic thing. Breathing in, as he undoes the buttons of his fatigues, rtugging the shirt over his head after a few buttons. The shoulders, show a bit of blood about where the weak spots in armor need to be so they don't limit mobility, the under-cut along the small of his back where the breastplate and backpack have another gap, heavily bruised.
Iris Lark     Iris shakes her head slowly and uses a warm cloth to clean the wounds before she follows up with a cool cloth, trying to help with his temperature. She quietly treats and dresses both of his wounds, but it's clear that she's somewhat distracted. Her hands are steady though, she could probably sew up a squirming man in her sleep by now. Once she's finished she runs a hand over the bandages she's just placed. "Turn a bit, so I can make sure these won't come off as soon as you go off to do something foolhardy again?"
Camilla     Cami doesn't recognize Kellyn, even though the former ranger was there to help save her life. She moves over to him first, noticing that he needs more attention. "Ok, let me take a look once you're up on the table" she says softly as she moves over to dig about for some supplies. "Shouldn't be to long, we'll get you patched up right quick.."
Fern     Fern has forgotten all about her little scratch once she is able to see the real damage on some other people, and her curiosity grows. She starts to wander farther into the clinic, glancing this way and that, checking on people like she had the business to do so. Is it always this busy? "Damn.. What's goin' on in here today?" Fern mutters to herself.

    Her wandering eyes soon fall upon Sammy, and she watches as the bruising is revealed. She winces slightly. "Ow," she grunts under her breath as she starts to wander that way. Ya know. Someone has to be an onlooker.
Kaelyn Kae notices Fern, and the tall long-eared female tilts her head as she studies them momentarily, Kae then wanders up and when in eyeshot she offers a wave to the youngster with a slight grin on her face... "Hallo." she says cheerfully. She then looks over to Sammy "How're your legs doing?" Next her attention goes to Cami "And how are you now? You feeling better?"
Sammy     Sammy does as directed, because he's a good patient, arms up when needed, breathe when needed. "Yeah, I'm doin a few things to hopefully help with the getting blown up part." he remarks at the chastisement, "But seriously, I'm not lettin a civillian anywhere near explosives, self destruct devices, grenades, or landmines. I'm just glad this time it was only me getting blown up and not someone who isn't ..." he trails off a bit.
    "Someone a bit less used to the rugged life." he says, and looks at his fatigues. They've been freshly laundered even, thesmell of soap with a trace of lavender in them. "Oh, and brought you a set from the last batch. Be careful, it's some good hardwood ash I used for the lye, so it'll eat into anything aluminum, so only surgical steel and don't soak too much in it." he drapes his fatigue shirt over himself for a moment.
    From a fatigue pocket he pulls a short stack of something wrapped in brown waxpaper and tied off with rough twine, squareish, obviously three bricks. A pungent dose of sandalwood and lavender to them. "Soap. The Yardstick of Civilization."
Camilla     Cami goes about doing what she can for Kell, and slowly turns to kaelyn as she's asked how she's doing. Her cheeks are still red from her crying fit. She shrugs her shoulders as she keeps working on the other man that was present at the scene. "I, I'm alive I suppose. I'm just, trying to work and help and make myself usefull.."
Iris Lark     Iris takes the soap and holds it to her chest, a slight grin on her face. "Oh Sammy, I've been staying somewhere with a shower, and this soap will be cherished." She stuffs it inside her rucksack and pulls the drawstrings shut. "Now, I agree with not letting anyone else get exploded - but for a day or two, you better take it easy." She says, her eyes narrowed on the man in fatigues. "When you all go out and undo the good work I do for you, well..suffice it to say it doesn't make me happy."
Fern     Fern's eyes are wide and stuck upon Sammy's wounds, and just as the girl whispers a quick, "Wicked," to herself she hears a familiar voice. She lifts her chin and glances over to see Kae, and that earns a wider grin. "Hey," she says to her before she looks back to watch Sammy. He's revealing gifts! She wants to see.

    Fern wanders a smidge closer to the man, and as she sees the paper and hears what's inside it makes her raise a brow. She looks at Iris and watches her reaction, then steps forward a bit more. She doesn't exactly wait for the appropriate time to butt in, and soon she asks Sammy, "Where'd you get that soap? You find it when you were off getting blown up?" She lifts her chin slightly, arms crossing over her chest. Again she glances between the two, looking like she's really trying to figure something out.
Sammy     "I knew a good deal when I saw it. S'why I grabbed the room withth e clawfoot tub when I scraped together enough caps for it." he chuckles. "Best investment I think, since I got here." he watches the soap get disappeared with a smile.
    "I'll behave. The goal is to not get blown up. Again." he ruefully muses, buttoning up his shirt. "You make sure and send a runner," he glances to the other rooms, the one where Sparrow was glimpsed working, and at Camilla's working on Kellyn, "... when you need more bars. If I get a few more things set up right, I might even be able to start a weekly batch. Especially as winter comes and I can convince people to save the good ash. The bike's taking up most of my project space and it turned over t wice today."
Sparrow Sparrow's been busy, finishing up in Exam Room Three she steps out and puts the apron and towels she'd used in the hamper for the clinic's laundry. When she spots that Iris is busy at work and folks have been taken care of she smiles a bit and moves to take off her labcoat and switch it out for the duster hanging up along the wall.
Camilla     Cami finishes up with Kellyn, at least, as best she can for the moment before turning her attention to Fern and deciding to wait for her to finish with Sammy and the Doc. "Miss, when, when you're ready...I can see to you next.." she say to Fern, hopefully loud enough for her to hear.
Iris Lark     Iris glances back at Fern when she steps in and starts asking questions. Instead of shooing her off, she steps aside and lets her harass Sammy a bit as she finishes with his mummy wrappings. Satisfied that she's done the best she can for him, she steps back and gestures for him to stand. "I will be sending a runner, especially if you ever get your hands on anything spicy and fragrant. Keep me in mind."
Fern      Adults. Hmph. Fern makes a grumpy expression, and as she stands there with her arms crossed over her chest she starts to lightly tap her right boot, making the spur on it jangle as it hits the floor. "You make the soap then? How, outta ash?" she guesses from what she can hear Sammy saying. "I ain't never heard of no one making soap from ash. How's that even possible!?" she says. "That ain't right." Pause. "But if you wanna teach people how.." she leaves it at that. By now she's probably just rambling to herself anyway.

    In her fascination with Sammy, Fern doesn't realize that Camilla is talking to her, so she just keeps on staring at Sammy. And Iris. She's not getting out of this that easy! "Runner? You need one? I can run. Real fast. Like.. -Super- fast," she says to the woman before she's back to Sammy and asking, "You got a -bike-? A real bike!? Motorcycle? Ain't talkin' about no bicycle. Those are for babies," she murmurs.
Kaelyn Kae would dig through her pockets, then pull out a bit of rock candy. She idly nudges at Fern and smiles a bit before offering "It's clean if you want it." she says, then tilts her hea dnad smirks "Ash and animal fat can be used to make a simple lye soap... Good for cleaning one's self really... just kinda unhealthy in its creation." Kae adds, remembering her chemistry rather well.. CORA then pipes in "Ooh you remembered! Good on you girl!" Kae the sighs and her ears droop. "I really think you just like trying to embarrass me." Kae says to her A.I... Who then responds "Ayup."
Sammy     Sammy is done buttoning up after the mummy wrappings are done, and he smiles, lifting one leg to tie his boots on, to Kaelyn, "Legs are much better now, Just really keepin 'em bandaged till the healing is all done, extra layer of poulice while the skin does its best to keep up with the lifestyle of a soldier. I am so glad I have a horse, Buckshot is a good boy and doesn't like it when I have to limp. I should get him more carrots."
    He turns to look over Fern with a casual smile, like someone might regard an adorable puppy. "You came to a clinic, did you get hurt, or come to help out the beleagured staff with helping people who need it?" he smiles broadly, and does the other shoe up, blousing his fatigues to the top just-so. "And I make soap. It's kinda easy. Helps if you have the right ingredients, but you can make it easy with kitchen grease, and good hardwood ash." he smiles and hops off the table.
    He looks to Iris, "I've almost got enough Hummingbird Mint gathered to try a batch, but finding people usin the right wood is important... that takes a while longer."
Iris Lark     "Hummingbird Mint.." Iris echoes, a smile curving the corner of her lips. "Well I'll be by to see you some time soon." She picks up her rucksack and glances around the clinic. "Things seem mostly under control here, and I've a need to get home. She points towards the door and smiles. "Anyone heading towards the main city? I wouldn't mind company on the walk."
Camilla     Camilla looks up about now, and raises her hand/ "I, suppose I could. If, if you wanted to, ya know, discuss the situation earlier..." she adds as she looks around. "Everyone else seems to be mostly ok, and I really don't actually fully work here yet, so..."
Fern     Fern glances to the side in time to catch sight of the candy, and you bet your ass she takes it! Fern pops the rock candy into her mouth and gives it a satisfying crunch. She grins at Kae. "Thanks.." Her eyes shift to Cora and she eyes the pipboy for a bit. Sammy's voice attracts her attention, though, so she looks away and to him.

    "Ohh. Okay. That sounds like fun to try.. and naw. Not hurt really. Just came to see if they had any band-aid things lying around. Just a scratch is all. I ain't out there gettin blown up like Soap is," she notes with a little grin.

    Fern's eyes cut to Iris and she says towards her, "You ever need a runner, let me know. Or let Gale know and she'll tell me. I work for her, too." She nods to that. With that all finished she looks around now, finally noticing Camilla. "Why you been cryin?" she asks, deciding to head on over towards her. She motions for Kae to follow.
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at Camilla and she winces, her hand going to rub gently against the back of her head. "You can walk with me, sure, are welcome to room here for the night, plenty of empty beds in the unused exam rooms." She loosely folds her arms over her chest and she gazes down at her feet. "I'm probably going to sleep off the headache I'm likely to get from that fall earlier, and..we should discuss things when I can gather some stuff for tea, and food." When she looks at Camilla she offers her an apologetic smile. "Will it wait until tomorrow, at the very least?"

When Fern speaks up, Iris gives her a slightly startled look and laugh before she nods. "Right, runner..Gale? Work." She rubs a hand up her arm and coughs softly.
Camilla     Camilla forces a smile to at the Youngin, aka Fern. "It's, just, a rough day little one. Nothing for you to worry about..." she replies to her, in what ammounts to a bold faced attempt to deflect the question. With that, she turns to Iris and listens and finally nods. "I, yes. It can wait. It's not as though I have any where else to go. So, suppose I'll wander around and then, take your offer to bunk here. Thank you very much..."
Sammy     Sammy watches Fern dart about, "Band-aids are good." he muses and looks back, smiling broadly and checking his pockets again, adjusting his fatigues and stuffing his fingers back into his gloves, and smiles, thinking everything's going to be okay, as long as someone gives Iris a relief shift. Which, seeing as how Camillla seems to want to join in helping out at the clinic, is probably on it's way already.
Camilla     Cami just looks around at everyone and sighs, deeply. "So, I've got time if anyone wants me to take a look at them, otherwise I'd like to find something to eat, drink, and get some sleep. So, yeah..."
Kaelyn Kae smiles slightly, and digs through her stuff "Was gnna give this here but, found these in my travels." she holds a box with only about 3 or 4 medium-sized bandaids which she hands to Fern... "There ya go.. Take care of that knee, wash it out good before ya put that on ok?" she says with a slight smile.
Fern     Fern nods to Iris and gives her two thumbs-up. Grin. Her eyes cut back to Camilla and she says, "I'm not little. I'm -thirteen-. I'm not worried, either. You look capable of dealing with stuff. Rough days suck ass," she says with a little grunt, looking away then and back. "Need me to beat someone up for you? I've got a pretty good right hook," she notes.

    She swings her backpack off then and opens it up, looking inside before she pulls out.. something wrapped in a few napkins. She offers it out over to Camilla before she looks to see what Kae has. "Sweet!" She beams, hopping up to take one bandaid from the box. She'll let Kae keep the rest.
Camilla     Ok, so, firey little munchkin, gotcha. Blink, Blink. "Oh, well, no, no I don't. Thank you hon..." she says in a very, /very/ sisterly tone, cause ya know, she's older... Anyway, "Oh, no, you keep that. Thank you though for the offer, so sweet of you.." she adds to the handed out thing from the little one with a smile on her face. "I think, I'm going to walk about, get some air and clear my head. If you two need anything from me, well, just look for me here for the time being. I need to find the rest of the people that found me and thank them all later."
Fern     Fern shrugs, opening the napkin to take a little chunk of meat out. She pops it into her mouth and chews it up, then says, "Alright. See ya." She gives a little wave and then turns to Kae, all of her attention on the woman now. "Wanna get out of here? I've seen enough blood for today."
Kaelyn Kae takes the metal tin, closes it and puts it back in her pocket "I find more I'll tell ya about it." She says while smiling, the smile is most definately genuine. "Anyhoo, I'm gonna go to my room and catch 40 winks... Gotta be up early and see if I can't scrounge up some more stuff.." She says, she then tilts her head and shrugs "I'll walk ya home if ya like." Kae offers with a slight grin.
Fern     "Alright. I'm staying with Gale for now.. Let's go," Fern says with a grin as she leads the way out.
Camilla     Cami just, smiles at Kae and Fern and turns to head out for that walk.