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Iris Lark     Iris walks in after Harlan, her slightly narrowed eyes on the wounded man. "Didn't we just have a discussion about you not getting hurt? I vaguely remember yelling at you not so long ago." She states, pulling down supplies onto a rolling table. "So tell me what happened, and we'll decide if you're in trouble or not." She says this with a slight smile.
Harlan      Harlan offers a light smile under his bandaged head. "We've just got to stop meeting like this don't we..." He chuckles lowly and then sighs. "I'm done with Dunwich. Never going back there.. Got caught up with some bandits and then knives started flying around.. took one in the leg and then something hit me in the hand from behind. Hardest I've been hit in a really long time.. Knocked me out cold. Bandits were dead when I woke up.. Some woman.. a shaman.. little thing.. woke me up and stitched me up enough to get back here."

He glances away and mumbles, "I may have helped the Militia fend off a deathclaw on my way back.. Can you believe that was actually easier to deal with? It just gave me a scratch." He furrows his brow. "Yea, Dunwich.. Never again."
Jacqueline Jackie hauls the travois and its passenger into the exam room. It takes some maneuvering to get it all the way through the door and up next to the bed. "We'll have to lift her onto this, once I get these lashings undone. I had to tie her in place," she says, setting down the travois and flexing stiff fingers before collapsing into a chair, spent. "Ugh..."
Camilla     Suddenly, worn out jackie and a bloody and unconcious and very much worn out Cami, who is still quite very much asleep and very much out like a light. No doubt the day, the trip, the ambush and being shot has taken it's full toll on the young woman. She is, however, slowly starting to stir back and forth and begining to sweat, perhaps she's in pain and having some sort of fevered dream as well.
Iris Lark     "Well Harlan, a lot of people seem to be running into trouble lately." Iris spots Jackie and gestures towards her. "She got hurt trying to help someone with a Centaur. I got jumped by some group, and now here you are.." She walks over to the sled and gazes into it. "What did you bring us, Jackie?" She asks quietly, her eyes narrowing on the new face.
Harlan      Harlan nods in agreement. "Real string a bad of luck.. Yea, I had a run in with Centaurs recently myself. I'm kind worried that horde is starting to get closer and we are getting the edge of it." He glances down toward the sled. "I'm beat up, but I'm well enough to help you get her onto a bed." He steps over and kneels to get into position.
Jacqueline "She was part of a caravan that got hit by raiders," Jackie says, her eyes shut and her breathing deep. "There were a lot of bodies laying around when Miss Kaedyn and I found the ambush site, raiders and merchants and mercs. It looked like the raiders won by a very narrow margin. She was among the dead, just not one of them."
Iris Lark     "I see." Iris says quietly, and she nods absently to Harlan. "Once you've done that, you take the chair here, and I'll look at your injuries. I hope you mean it when you say no more Dunwich, it scares me that you go there. It really does." She murmurs, opening some salve and setting out a needle.
Camilla     Very thankfully not among them, though, she is finally starting to come to, and does so rather explosively and right as Iris tells Harlan to sit in the chair. She snaps awake, gasping out and going wide eyed. Despite the pain, and the fact that she's more than liekly going to tear apart the bandages that Jac put on her, she scrambles in the bed trying to scramble away from everyone in the room to the point she falls off of the bed and ends up on the floor with a yelp and a thud.
Harlan      Harlan is about to put his burly arms to work when the woman wakes somewhat violently. He stares at her for a moment, shakes his head, and then sits down on the mentioned chair with a light huff. "Missy.. you are in a clinic. No need to panic." He glances toward Iris. "I promise, and I wouldn't break a promise to you, Iris. Consider it done. Dunwich never again for Harlan.. unless I'm having to rescue someone from the team."
Jacqueline Jackie can't see what's going on, but the thump and yelp of someone hitting the floor brings her back fully to wakefulness with a yelp of her own. Seeing the wounded woman on the floor, she moves to steady her. "Easy, miss... you're safe here. Nobody's going to hurt you. You're safe."
Iris Lark     Iris reaches out a hand towards Camilla, palm up, fingers relaxed and simply waits. She doesn't echo what the others have already said, she's content to wait until the woman is steady enough to reach out for help.
Camilla     Camilla blinks a few times, and brings both of her hands up to her face a moment before lowering them back down. She takes a few moments to look around, looking at Harlan and Jackie, and then the pain sets in and she reaches up to grab her shoulder with her left hand to cover up the wound, grabbing at it. There's a few winces before she looks back up at Iris and extends the hand not connected to the shot shoulder. "I, am I in El Dorado?" she asks of them all. "We, we were headed for El Dorado..." she adds again before it dawns on her that she's not surrounded by anyone she knows. "wait, wiat a moment, where are my friends? What happened? There was an explosion, I remember an explosion and screaming and something hit me in the shoulder and Daren tackled me to the ground.. Where, what happened?"
Harlan      Harlan offers Camilla a sympathetic look and hangs his head solemnly. He slowly removes the bandage from around his head to reveal some fresh stitches on the back of his scalp. He then rests his hands on his knees and waits. He doesn't say a word.. never been one for delivering hard news.. and he didn't find her. Nope. He'd let the hero explain what he's pieced together from the brief conversation. Besides.. he has the mother of all headaches.
Jacqueline "Just rest, sweetie. You're safe, and that's all the matters. Let the Doc work," Jackie encourages, gently drawing Camilla's hand away from the wound if the girl will let her. "You're in El Dorado now, in Shantytown, and Doc Iris is the best healer here," she adds, without the least hint of bragging. But she /is/ proud of her friend.
Iris Lark     When Camilla takes her hand, Iris hauls her up gently and helps her back to the bed. "Let me take a look at your shoulder, and we'll go from there, okay?" She says, her voice quiet as she works. "Your group was heading here?" She asks, glancing back briefly at Jackie before she offers Camille a gentle smile. "To settle?"
Camilla     Camilla sighs deeply and looks to Harlan first but her attention is caught by Jackie and she just shoots her a nod. "Ok.." she replies plainly, "I just, I want to know what happend.." she adds letting out another sigh as she looks to Iris. "Oh, ohkay.." she replies to Iris and moves with her to get back on the bed. She nods at first to her first question and then shakes her head no to the second. "No. Not Settle, trying to establish a new over land trade route from vegas.."
Harlan      Harlan lets out a low whistle. "Vegas, huh?" He runs his fingers briefly through his beard. "Six hundred mile haul.." He nods with a grunt. That's about all the big man has to say.
Jacqueline "What happened? I promise I'll tell you, once you've been treated and had some rest," Jackie says, trying not to sigh in exasperation. "You need both, miss." She settles back into her chair, her eyes slipping shut again.
Camilla's not the only one who needs rest, it seems. Jackie's breathing slows and deepens perceptively, and she slips a bit lower in the chair, out like a light in seconds.
Iris Lark     Iris tugs a blanket over Jackie's form and smiles at Harlan. "Can you carry her back to my room, it's not being used at the moment, so she can catch her rest there." She turns back to Camilla and wrinkles her nose slightly. "I wish I knew exactly what happened, but since I don't, I'm just going to treat your wound and we'll figure the rest out later? Okay?" She finishes stitching up the bullet hole and starts to dress the other bruises and scrapes. "Harlan, you're next, I promise."
Camilla     Camilla lets out another long, and very exausted sounding sigh as she watches Jacq pass out and seeing that she begins to feel rather guilty. "I, suppose she's the one that saved my life?" she asks of Harlan and Irisn now that Jac is passed out. She looks to Iris and nods, sighing yet again and going silent for a moment, tensening up at the pain a few times. When Iris says Harlan is next though, she looks over to him and actually notices he's not in great shape either. With that revelation, she waits for Iris to finish and tries to slide off the bed. "Get me patched up and I can help you with the gentlemen.." she adds as she starts to look around and take stock of the supplies. "I'm medically trained as well."
Harlan      Harlan nods with a grunt and rises from his chair. He steps over to Jackie and carefully slips his arms underneath her. With a smooth and gentle hoist, he leans her against his chest and carries the woman to the aforementioned room. He takes a few moments to make sure he has her settled with the blanket situated over her comfortably and staggers his way back to the examination room.
    With a huff, he plops back down into his chair and waves a hand finally responding to Iris. "Take your time.. I'm not going to die here.. and I at least walked in on my own feet."

He offers Camilla a nod, "Yep, that seems to be the story. She found you in the aftermath of a battle." He blinks as Camilla offers to assist. "No offense, but you are a patient right now.. Rather you get yourself unscrambled before you try to help unscramble me." He chuckles lightly.
Iris Lark     "He's right, you're welcome to help...when you're better. The more hands..well you seen it in the main room, things are..busy here sometimes." Iris replies, smiling over at Camilla. "Rest now, help later, okay?" She turns to Harlan and her fingers gently probe the wound on his head as she purses her lips. "Yes, I'll take that promise from you, Harlan. I'd rather you didn't come back from Dunwich without remembering yourself, you hear?"
Camilla     Camilla is going to be doing a lot of sighing by the looks of things. "Yeah, ok.." she replies firstly to Harlan before turning to Iris and giving her a scrunchy-nose look. "Look, I have nothing now. No one. No friends. No Family. No nothing. Least I can do is hit the ground running and doing something worthwhile and meaningfull and start paying you back by helping out here, but no, I didn't see what it looked like outside, I was asleep far as I can recall. Anyway, if you're enundated than you need more healers and well, it's all I'm good for anyway..." she continues her whole tirade of, /let me work so I don't fall apart emotionally please/ and then senseing that the Doc might not be listening as she's working on Harlan, sigh number 12 comes out and she just sits there.
Harlan      "Well, long as I remembered you, Iris.. That might not be so much of a tragedy." He winces a bit as his wound is probed. "I'll probably stick to Lincoln and the -normal- wasteland. Rather deal with another deathclaw then those voices.. and that disembodied grin." He shudders briefly then glances toward Jackie. "This is Doctor Iris Lark by the way.. and I'm Harlan Smith.. Not sure if you got a chance to catch our names." He frowns to her. "Look.. I.. uh.. I understand what you are going through. I've been there." He glances toward Iris. "It's your clinic but.. I take back what I said.. you should let her work." He holds up his hands. "Your clinic.. your rules.. but.. when I lost Harley and the kids.. Well, I spent a LOT of time at a forge.. It helps." He nods toward Camilla.
Iris Lark     Iris had been listening when Camilla was speaking and after a moment or two she gestures out towards the main room. "I'm heading back out there, there is a crowd, so if you're not good with those..just a forewarning." She turns and laces her fingers together as her gaze lands on Camilla. "You are more than welcome to help in any way that you see fit. I may run the clinic but I allow the people who help out here to go as they will. If you respect me, I'll give you the same in return. Are we clear?"
Camilla     Camilla smiles at Harlan and is about to respond to him when Iris turns and gives her the look and the rest of the talking to. She shirks back a little and nods, "Honestas, Industria, Prudentia, Medicus, as you will it, so it is.." she replies to Iris plainly, not realizing that she's just used some terms that might or might not be familiar to those whom have had dealings with the legion. Camilla slides off the bed and slowly stretches out and turns to head for the door. "I will see to any remaining patients.."
Harlan      Harlan gives Iris a smile and nods. "Thanks as always. I'd just be a pile of sad bones without your care, doc." He grins and rises to his feet. "I'm.. going to make my way back to Acme and get out of your hair. Sleep off what I can. Maybe I'll see you around the shop." He blinks a little bit at Camilla and tilts his head to the side. "Vegas... Riight." The Legion thing obviously clicks. He gives Iris another quick glance. "Don't work yourself to death, alright?"
Iris Lark     When Camilla speaks, Iris goes still and for a moment she looks as if she might vomit, but instead the pale woman collapses like a marionette who has had her strings cut. She hits the floor hard, but doesn't seem to be conscious enough to notice.
Camilla     Camilla pretty much sreams as she watches Iris hit the floor like that and she darts for her. "Oh gods, what did I do?" she asks out loud, to no one in particular at all. She begins to panic, and visably so as she starts to check Iris's pulse, breathing, everything. She starts checking for a fever, and begins to start gently tapping on Iris's cheeks. "Doctor?" she asks softly at first. "Doc!" tap tap, gently, "DOC! You ok? Please tell me you're ok, wake up please..."