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Lucky It was a beautiful summer day with a pleasant warmth to the air that made it comfortable to handle. The sunlight shines brightly down on the wasteland; on Lincoln.

The town of Lincoln is a settlement that is mostly intact, however completely abandon at this very moment. It was strange to see a perfectly usable town in such an abandon state. Good housing, good building for shops.

Very .. weird.
Emily Into Lincoln comes Emily, decked out in her wastelander attire, armor strapped on and secured as one would for a trip out into the wasteland, and her revolver sitting on her hip as she wanders. She starts to explore the settlement, peeking into houses, rooting around in mailboxes, etc.
Lucky The air was dry as some of the wasteland desert was swept up blowing across the broken streets. Birds flew across the sky; three feet tall rabbits hop down the street; a wild dog or two scavenge for food. Yet, there isn't a person in sight.
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, has that dull click of metal every other step signify his approach. Needler in one hand, just in case. He's looking around for what he can find to help with his project. It's important to keep resources coming in, as well as good materials to build off of. The place was empty.. It almost made him want to try taking up a spot for a remote lab.
Emily Emily has found herself inside one of the buildings by the time that Qwillis has made his way into this part of Lincoln, rooting around in some piles of junk, and generally not finding much of note, it would seem. She is on her way out of the house when she hears the strange sound, her revolver coming out as she lurks a little, only to come around the corner and spot a familiar face of Qwillis, "Oh! I thought you were some kind of robot or something!" She exclaims.
Lucky Two wild dogs glance up, toward the south before turning and heads the opposite direction quickly. Rabbits scurry away suddenly, disappearing. The wind continues to blow steadily, sweeping up dirt from the grown and cooling the area.

"AAaiiee!" Comes a high pitch scream from down the road; though the screamer cannot be seen just yet.
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses as it sounds like something rummaging in one of the buildings ahead looms out of it's interior. That needler comes up, ready, only for him to relax as Emily steps out. He'd chuckle lightly, shaking his head. "Ah.. yeah. That is an unfortunate side effect I haven't quite figured out how to get rid of.." Pausing as some..thing.. screams to the south, he'd frown, glance to Emily with a shrug, then start that way. Animals are running away from.. whatever it is. So maybe better to try and hide first, then scout out, right?
Emily Emily sighs, just a little and double checks her revolver before following along after Qwillis towards the sound of the scream, "I dunno.. you think someone's in trouble, or you think it's like some raider trap thing?" she asks, moving in the direction of the noises along with Qwillis.
Lucky The sound of footfall can be heard as someone runs down the middle of the broken street. In a few moments, the shape of a figure can be seen running toward them as fast as he possibly can. "Ah shit, ah shit!" He shouts, looking over his shoulder.

Three dire wolves chase after him. Mouths open, drool dripping off the fangs as they growl and attempt to nip at the elusive prey.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head, glancing back to Emily with a shrug. "Out here? who knows." He'd stick low, gripping the needler carefully as it sounds like.. whatever it is.. is heading their way. He'd frown watching some figure get chased by three dire wolves. Narrowing his eyes, Qwillis would lift that needler. "Looks like they need help.." And with that? He'd take a shot on the dire wolf at the back. Maybe the others wouldn't notice?
Emily Up comes that revolver of Emily's as Qwillis shoots at one of the wolves, "Jeeze.. I guess here goes nothing." She says with a little frown, "Those look like pretty big dogs." She says, squeezing off a shot at the same one Qwillis just needled.
Lucky Running as fast he can, Lucky is able to gain some distance between himself and the wolves. "Alright! Lets see what this Colt can really do!" He shouts, sliding to a halt and turns. "Here goes nothing!" He exclaims, pointing the gun.

He fires the gun once, missing the Dire Wolf. Lucky blinks "What!? No! Damnit!" He states, pointing again and fires the gun. this time he hits the Dire wolf in the head; killing it. "YES! YE-OH SHIT!" He shouts as the weapons fire doesn't detour the two wolves. Turning once more, he runs "Crap, crap crap!" He exclaims as he runs.

Then two gun shots ring out from up ahead; one of the Dire wolves Emily aims out goes down as the head explodes, the second takes a hypodermic needle in to the front left leg; the poison, for whatever reason, doesn't eject into the wolf's system. It yelps, pausing mid step and comes to a halt growling loudly; bitterly.

Lucky doesn't look back, he just keeps running toward Qwillis and Emily.
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns as the dog would stop going after Lucky. Once more he'd shoot that wolf in the leg with the needler, seeking to either drive it off, if not stop it cold. It seems to be tough enough to ignore the poison of the needles, but that didn't stop Qwillis from at least trying to give Lucky cover fire.
Kaelyn There is a zipping noise coming from somewhere left of Lucky's shoulder, followed by the sound of a bullet impact on the wolf behind him. Then the report of a rifle. Shortly later, another zipping noise from the same vector, an impact-pop, and a report of a rifle some few seconds later, as iff someone were firing from far enough each distinctive noise could be heard? There isn't so much of a ploom off in the distance. Then a tall figure, wearing a brown trench coat with a hood can be seen some 450-500 yards off, now casually checking what appears to be a rifle, before they can be seen casually strolling toward the group. Not much can be made out, cept they have a very long pony tail and possibly white hair?
Lucky The wolf is hit once more by the needle, then the two bullets. The wolf should be dead, but somehow it stands again and runs off in the other direction; whimpering as it goes off.

Lucky slows to a halt in front of Qwillis and Emily, shoving the colt into a pocket in the duster. Bending over, hands are placed on his knees as he breathes in and out; the running having winded him.

After a minute, he looks up to Q and smiles awkwardly "Hello Q." He says with a hehe, glancing to Emily "Well Hello.. uh beautiful." He says with a blush, glancing back to the ground and takes in a breath. Releasing it, he leans back up and sighs. "Whooo, that was a close one."
Emily Emily lowers her revolver once it's clear the person with the rifle isn't going to start shooting at them next, and she starts fishing out new bullets to replace the expended ones in her weapon, "Heya." She says to Lucky, flashing a little grin at the man, and she certaintly seems to fill out her armored breastplate a little better then the last time Qwillis saw her, no doubt thanks to the wonders of modern medicine available at vault town. "So.. this is a popular spot huh?"
Qwillis     Qwillis raises a brow at the shots done, then nods slightly and stands up, drawing out a few needles himself to reload that needler before stashing it. "You really are lucky.. at least.. Lucky to have someone around to help you out, huh?" He'd chuckle, grinning at Lucky, before lookign to Emily. There's a certain extra lingering appraisal there, but nothing said at the moment. Drawing the lab coat a bit closer, he'd nod. "Emily, Lucky. Lucky, Emily.. why were the wolves after you anyways?"

    With the approach of the other figure, Qwillis would watch them close in on the trio. His hand wasn't far from the needler, but.. that white hair? that looked familiar.
Kaelyn Kae eventually is like maybe a couple hundred yards off before she calls out and waves "Heeeey! Everyone alright?!?" she shouts, still slowly sashaying her way toward the group, and not really wanting to walk. At least she's got long legs to cover the distance better... As she gets closer, Kae adds in a quieter voice "Y'all allright?" She says and glances at Lucky curiously "Looks so!"
Lucky Looking to Qwillis, a hand reaches to the nape of his neck, awkward smile being given to him. "Hmm, maybe a bit of both?" He replies, chuckling hand lowering back to his side as he looks over to Emily as introductions are done by Qwillis.

"Charmed to meet you." Lucky replies, hand extending out to Emily. A warm smile crosses his face, cheeks tinting just a little "Thanks for the aide." He adds softly.

After the hand shake, he looks to Qwillis, saying "Well.. Funny story on that." He pauses though as Kaelyn shows up; a bright smile crossing his face. "Elf!" He exclaims, nodding to her "Yeah, just a bit of bad timing with the wolves." stepping back, he tells the three his story:

"I was out here in Lincoln exploring and scavenging when I came across a cave just on the outskirts of town." He jerks a thumb back the way he came. "Started to dig around in there and I found this." He pulls out a Nuka Cola Recipe Fragment. "I grabbed it off a skeletal remains of some person; however, taking it cause the skeleton to fall apart.. and well, awoke the dire wolves using it for a den." He says chuckling. "And well, you know the rest."
Qwillis     Qwillis laughs, shaking his head as he'd pat Lucky's shoulder. Glancing to the sky, he'd muse then look around. "Well.. keep track of that cave. As for me.. I need to get going. I got an appointment I actually need to get to. But, I am glad I was able to help you out." Relaxing as Kaeylyn turns out to be.. well.. Kaelyn. He'd wave her way. "Hi Kaelyn, CORA. Thanks for the help too." Chuckling, he'd head off himself, heading back towards El Dorado.
Emily Emily offers out her own hand, shaking Lucky's, "Yeah, nice to meet you too." she says to the man, her attention turning towards Kaelyn as she makes her way up to them, "I found a couple of those scraps too.. I'm pretty curious about this lost recipe, think they'll start brewing again once it's complete?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks quietly at being called an elf... again... She glances down to CORA who snickers. Kae then shrugs and tilts her head curiously, before smiling, and holding up a sub machine gun she was carrying on her back. "I found this, and some ammo." she said cheerfully... "My little adventure was a bit crazier, and involved some sun-baked feral ghouls.." She says and shrugs slowly... "Am just glad y'all are all right. Ya know, we all are getting really close to gettin gthis area all cleaned out!"
Lucky Looking to Emily, he smiles warmly. "I wasn't aware of this lost recipe until today." He tells her, looking down to fragment. "Where would I take this to?" He inquires, looking back up to Emily.

Looking to Kaelyn, he nods "Sounds like something I'd enjoy hearing about." He tells her still smiling warmly. Looking around slowly, he hmm's. "Perhaps I'll stay around here for a day or two, see what I can do for Lincoln. Place looks good for a settlement for El Dorado.."
Emily "There's an uh, old factory down the way back towards Roswell off the Highway." Emily says to Lucky, "You should be able to see the path towards it from the road I think." She gives a little shrug of her shoulders at him.
Kaelyn Kae nods to those here "Well with that, Imma gonna go clean out more critters... Y'all have fun now and take care, okie?" Says the odd girl, before she wanders off in some random direction