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Owner Pose
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine drags a bag of spare and used and dusty and above-all-else Broken parts into the shop. "Hey Roman! *drag* *drag* *drag* I got some stuff to go through"
Ruane Roman Raune for his part is just knee deep in parts and junk as he fishes around for what appears to be a small peice of metal to go onto a deactivated robot on the counter of the store. The good news is that for the most part the robotlooks mostly complete.

"You are back. Wh-oh! You brought parts. I guess you can stay." Roman will comment idly as he continues to fish through things in the store.
Jacqueline Just passing by outside, Jackie pauses in the street at the sight of Lilly dragging a massive sack through the door of Chips'N'Bits. It certainly looks heavy...
She hurries to catch up. "Lilly? Hey, need a hand?" she calls, waving overhead as she comes up beside her.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, letting Jacqueline help her drag the bag of stuff over to the counter. Lilly begins pulling bits out and setting bits on the end of the counter. She begins picking bits of of the parts. A slowly growing pile of roach husks and lizard tails forms at her feet. "Aunt roxie calls that 'seasoning', so keep any bits you find."
Ruane "Right. Add that to the food processor." Roman responds rather dryly as he moves to look over the small bits and bobs that Lilly has managed to get for him. To get there of course has him waiding through machine parts and the like which cuases metal to clunk and drop to the floor before he is there. Yet here he is, working hard. "You her friend, Lil'Caine?" Roman inquires, not looking at either of them as he is now looking at what appears to be a blown gasket that Lilly had brought in before tossing it over his shoulder into the pile. "Need Fishion batterys or a servomotor of some sort. Current one in my next project is on the fritz."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose was on her way back to her place at the mechanic shop. But curiousity got the better of her passing the Chip'M'Bits and being the technically inclined sort that she is she decided to actually take a look-see inside. "Hello~"
Jacqueline Jackie helpfully holds the bag's mouth open, watching the process of stuff piling up both on the counter and at Lilly's feet. In between, she looks around the shop. "Wow. The inventory's really grown since I was last here. I could check my stuff at home, see if there's such a thing in it."
The sound of a singsong howdy-do from the door draws her gaze around that way. "Heyoooo!~" she calls cheerfully in response, lifting a hand to wave... and causing the sack's mouth to fall shut. Blushing, she quickly leans over to open it up again.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine begins looking through bits. She hops up on the counter, spins around, and begins diving into the pile of stuff in the back. "and you leave them bits alone. Roxie says tails make men strong, or something like that" She begins hunting for some of the bits Roman needs..
Ruane "Busy place. Project will have to wait." Roman states rather dryly then before his chin lifts to look over more of the machine parts. "Likley Untrue. Roxie has demonstrated a tendancy for exageration. Also says things that are inappropriate as apologies." Roman lists off then before looking to Jacqueline then, and then to Dusty. "Welcome. Anything you desire here?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose peers at the going-ons for a moment, but then her attention is drawn by being spoken to. She shrugs a little with a small grin in return. "Dunno. I just got here, haven't had much time to look yet. Quite a setup by the appearances though." She is trying really really hard to be good and not just go poking at everything she can find.
Jacqueline Not having been remotely tempted to pocket any of the organic detritus, Jackie just shrugs at the rebuke, glancing down into the sack to see if there's anything else mechanical that should come out, though not without a slightly sheepish smile for the newcomer.
And the owner's being the polite host! She offers a smile of her own. "Sorta just got here, too. Is everything here for sale?" she asks, looking around at the clutter. "And... that sounds likely, actually. My Mom's a great cook, and she's never said anything about lizard tails having any effect on anybody... well, other than tasting pretty bad."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "just seasoning. spicing.. ", lilly offers. "..though, I'd be careful if you dont recognize what she's cookin.. noodles especially. ya never know" Lilly begins delving deeper into the piles of parts."
Ruane "Everything? Most things I suppose are for sale." Roman observes as his hand reachs out to flick at the chasis of the robot sitting on the counter. "This one though is my own personal project." He responds to Jacqueline then before he moves to step behind the counter then, no doubt joining Lilly behind there as he kneels down to pick up a small spanner and begin loosening bolts around the frame.

THe robot looks like an arachnid of some sort with a tail grasping pincer that has been cased up in a most haphazard fashion. "Got a Mr.Handy Model in back though if you are looking for something like that. Comes with a tophat."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose ooohs softly, leaning forward to look at the robot herself. For the moment it's distracted her from looking around the rest of the shop. Though she's got to resist wanting to poke that 'tail' and it's pinchers. "Is that your own design or are you repairing one that you found somewhere?", she asks, curiousity evident in her voice.
Jacqueline "I'll keep that in mind, Lilly," Jackie promises, wincing faintly. She peers over the counter, trying to see what the other girl's digging through.
She turns her attention to the robot, leaning forward and to the side to look it over from all sides. "Ooo... cool! I've never seen a robot like that before. What's the tail for?" Though the idea of a Mr. Handy is also very interesting. "How much would you take for the Handy? They're seriously useful around a shop, if you keep an eye on them."
She looks at Rose, grinning infectiously. "You're a wrench-bender too, huh? Nobody else'd ask a question like that."
Ruane "Lacked hands. Had lots of legs. Decided to make something useful." Roman recites rather simply, no sense of pride or shame in his voice, only a dispassionate sense of curiosity foro the time being as he describes his creation before he glances aside to look at Lilly. "Do not to-please do not break that." Roman will exhale then before glancing back to Dusty then. "Twenty-Five Hundred Caps. Steal really. Just sell them to get enough caps to start working on a second robot." Roman observes then dryly in response to Jacqueline. "Also got little odds and ends to throw together something custom if that is more your desire. Been working on these things all my life. Fucking with the code though is unusual. Difficult."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose oooohoooos at the explaination. "That's... that's really clever. It's already pretty stable with multiple legs, so it'd be able to balance holding things in a 'tail' I bet." Then she looks up to grin at Jaqueline. "You bet I am! Work down the street at the mechanic shop... well, when there's work." She shrugs a little. "Not many vehicles round these parts save the occasional traders passing through, so I spend more of it doing odd jobs fixing things, or out scavenging. Name's Dustina Rose. But y'all can all me Dusty like most folks do."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine ahhah's, brandishing some small part like it was frakin excallibur. She makes her way out of the corporial archives and sets that on the counter beside Roman.. then moves to lean on the counter, panting a bit.. well, she cant take deep breaths so that'll have to do
Jacqueline "Good point!" Jackie says, with a smile for the redhead. "It'd be like those crane things I saw in an old book once. They were for lifting heavy things. Some of them had legs, too!" She offers a hand to Dustina Rose. "Jacqueline Wayne, but just call me Jackie, please. Cool to meet you, Miss Rose!"
Roman's price quote draws a wince from the dark-haired girl. "I think I'll be saving up for a while... sorry. But I'll keep stopping by, just in case something else looks cool."
Her attention strays to the gasping Lilly. "Lil? You okay?" she asks, moving over for a better look.
Ruane "Please do not bleed on the parts." Roman observes of Lilly then with a small frown playing across his lips as he studies the woman at his side then before shaking his head and resuming work. "If you need tools or odds and ends. We can assemble those as well. Actual process is unclear." Roman observes before lifting his shoulder then before looking at Jacqueline aagin. "Jackie. Right. Well, Window shopping is free. No windows. Floor shopping perhaps? Floor shopping is free."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose grabs the offered hand and gives it a good firm shake. Wrinkles her nose a little at being called Miss but doesn't object. It just makes the introduction sound fancier. Then glances in Lilly's direction. "Easy there girl. Don't work yourself into collapsing." She pauses, then blushes for a moment as she rubs the back of her head. "Trust me, been there. It ain't pleasant."

Then her attention goes back to Roman. She almost laughs at the window/floor shopping, but stops when she realizes she can't tell if it's a joke or not because of the way he speaks. Instead she "hrrms" softly and goes back to browsing around the shop. "Anything else of particular interest?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine grumbles to Rowan, lacking any real heat, "Aint nuthing that aint been bled on before". She smiles. "I'm fine, Jackie.. just gotta move slow and cant bend much at the moment. She then turns her back to the bar, hops up on it, and gingerly spins around so her legs hang off the customer side. "I'm gonna have to make Sproket do all the scavenging work. She likes that. She just kicks stuff till it falls apart."
Jacqueline "Free window and floor shopping... neat idea," Jackie says, just a touch distracted in her worry. It's a moment before she realizes it's a wound, one she's heard of before, that's got Lilly under the weather. "I see. I wish I could help, but I'm a lot better at fixing stuff than people. Even Wesley's training wasn't more than what not to do, mostly. Who's Sprocket?"
She looks back to Rowan and Rose, and the assorted stock around. "This looks neat... Do you allow trying-on?" she asks, fingering the strange material of a vault suit on one of the shelves.
Ruane Roman just shakes his head then before he offers a small chuckle. "Trying on Vault suits? Perhaps. Depends. I also have a pip-boy in a case locked up around here somewhere.." Roman trails off as his eyes wander for a second. "Somewhere." Of course the merchant and roboticist is soon back to work as he removes one of the panels on the legs and starts to look it over, grumbling as he starts to unscrew the robots joint. "Also Medical kits. Tool kits. Other small things. Tools. Mainly H&H. Some Robco. Some Repconn parts for robots. Very odd really. Either way." A pause to look at Lilly again then. "I hate cleaning your blood off things here. Your mother would also injure me. Possibly yell. So I have to make sure you are not behaving inappropriatley."
Dusty Rose "I've already got plenty of tools and su--Wait what?" You'd almost swear there was a record-scratch sound as Dusty starts to reply before realizing what Roman said before that and snapping back to it. "You do?! I thought those were rare outside of Vault folk or getting damn lucky enough to scavenge off a raider that ganked it from some poor shmuck." Dusty stands and turns a bit, looking around the shop. A case... wait, does he mean a display case, or a storage case?
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles at dusty. "Lotta folks fresh from a vault dont stay fresh for very long, if you know what I mean. Good thing is Pip-boys aren't tastey. To Jackey, "Sprocket is my Horse. She's a good horse, too. Lot like Mom's. Armageddon. That monster will piss on dry ground just to have a puddle to splash you with."
Jacqueline "An actual Pip-Boy? Coolness!" Jackie's eyes light up at the thought. "Those are so cool. I mean, they have maps and radio and play games and everything! Well, you do have to have the games, I've heard."
She glances at Lilly. "Ah, I see. Maybe I should stay away from Sprocket and Armageddon. Me and large animals... not exactly two great tastes that taste great together."
Her attention returns to the vault suit. "Do you have a room for that? Trying stuff on, I mean?"
Ruane "Yah. Model Three-thousand. One of the ones that came mass-produced. In a display case around here. Somewhere." Roman observes then dryly as he moves to pace the motor down before looking aside to Lilly. "Need copper wiring. Small springs. Possibly a paperclip. Also I am suspecting a piston. Keep those in mind." He'll observe for the woman then. "Don't have a room for you. No. They are tight though. Form fitting. Feel like a second skin." Roman observes even as he glances between the pair. "Probably in a pile of metal over there, and no you cannot try it on."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes a note on her pip-boy without even thinking about it.. She is so used to hers that she doesn't even seem to notice the others talking about it. she can be dense that way. She then gets a second thought, checks her pip-boy again.. "there's a bunch of copper wire I got off a transformer over there underneat the vend-o-mat motor and that questionable sandwich experiment"
Dusty Rose "Uh, I think I'll stick to my overalls. But if it suits your fancy Jackie." Dusty wanders to the other side of the shop and starts poking and proding about in the pile of stuff. Snickers a bit at Roman. "Wouldn't want someone trying to walk off with it. Or get shot trying." Pushes some other stuff off to the side. "I've seen a few Pips but no one ever lets me look too closely. Probably afraid I'd try to take it apart or something." Which... to be honest, probably is a smart judgement call.
Jacqueline "I've never seen one scavenge-worthy yet, though I've looked. I've heard they're not always easy to get off..." Jackie starts to say, nodding to Dusty, then hears the sound of... beeping? Her gaze tracks the unusual noise, finally alighting on Lilly. "Oh! I didn't realize you had one, Lil! Is it really handy, like they say?"
Ruane "The Sandwich experiment succeeded. The smell and taste were not variables being tested. Focused on Presentation." Roman responds dryly as he looks aside to Lilly. "But good. Bring that here when you are free. Getting the prototype working is important."

"Most Pip-boys are permenantly attached. Require amputation or death to remove." Roman observes in response to Dusty then as he watches her from afar. "If you took the pip-boy without permission I would likley have to put you to work. Unfortunate really."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles to Jacky. "I forget it's there sometimes,but yea.. oodles of useful" She spins again and moves to fetch the copper wire, not taking so long this time. It isn't buried as deep. Depth becomes a tracking figure.
Dusty Rose "That would explain why they're not often found," Dusty replies as she keeps poking around in the pile of metal and pieces. "Becha most bandits don't know that and end up breaking them." Followed by a soft, somewhat amused snort. "Puhleease. I have too much respect for tech to just, y'know, up and walk off with something... That only applies to taking stuff of raiders. Who probably stole it in the first place anyways."

She decides not to ask more details about 'The Sandwich Experiment'. What's the point of a sandwich if it isn't to eat?
Jacqueline "It looks kinda heavy. How do you forget it's there?" Jackie has to ask, frowning at the device in question. "I can help you find stuff, if you want. It'd probably be easier for me. I've already had my scratch for the week from rooting through stuff," she adds wryly, glancing to Rose as well, tapping her right thigh beside a tear in her carpenter's jeans that's been messily sewn up.
She glances at Roman. "So... what were you testing with that experiment, anyway? An inedible sandwich seems kinda... pointless."
Ruane "Inedible? Disputable. Many things taste bad but can be eaten. Many diagrams and advertisements of the world before the war had sandwiches. Interest has been demonstrated. Experiments conducted. Sandwiches made. We have not found the fabled Roast Beast." ROman observes as his fingers slide into the joint of his robot then as he starts to tug out some wires and look over the ends as he humms softly. "Also Pliers. Were are my pliers?" He'll mutter aloud.

"One Thousand Caps. Cheap. Simple. Efficent. Keeps track of health, water levels. Food levels. Also determines chemical composition in the body. The Pip-boy besides an organizer has many uses." Roman will then glance aside to Jackie. "So that is why it is forgetable.. a weight always on your arm.. useful. Becomes a part of your body."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine returns with wire and moves Roman's pliers to where he can get them. She then just leans her elbows against the bench, pausing to pull a bug out of one her her goggles before setting it back on her head. "My grandpa put this one on my arm. I'd say get one. they're sorta neat. though, hard to scratch your wrist for the first few weeks. After that, you forget you have a wrist.
Dusty Rose "I think I found it!" Dusty grabs what looks to be the right shape for a display case and tries to pull it out of the pile. "Good thing you had in a case, it'd probably be crushed otherwise." She looks at the case and bites her lower lip as Roman states off a price and a few of the specs for the device. It's really tempting. Even though she has other things she needs materials for. "My pa use to trade for books and stuff for me. Never could get a Pip off anyone though... Granted, he probably didn't know about the only attatched to death thing. He just thought some of the Vault people were obsessed with 'em."
Jacqueline "Now /there's/ a sales pitch if I've ever heard one," Jackie observes, meaning Roman's spiel on the subject of Pip-Boys. "But it works. Now I just have to save up the caps for it. My wrist'll adjust, I'm sure."
She glances over, hearing Dusty's triumphant cry. "Ooh! Good eyes, Miss Rose! Is it in there?"
Ruane Roman is soon moving to clip some of the copper wiring off and tieing and twisting it around the wire in the joint as he soon has pliers in hand and making sure everything is all tied together before offering, clearly distracted and lost in his work. "Indeed almost all that people have are in use. Unusual to have a free one. Indicates death of a family member or theft from a previous owner. Only vaults generally have spares." A pause then before he looks over to Lilly for a second.

"I am hiring folks to go find your grandfathers home. Heard interesting things. Generally the technology there will be excellent scrap and technology to salvage." He observes before exhaling then. "It should be in there. Probably. Have no reason not to expect otherwise."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine 's eyes widen. "Wow! I wonder what they make those damn Cases out of!", amazed more at the packaging. she has hers. Boxes, however, boxes hold crap that can be useful if it's not squished all to heck and back and turned into just sad little pieces parts of bits.

Which home? Back in the vault? or, you talking about someplace out here?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose uhs. "He probably doesn't want it opened unless someone's actually gonna buy it. So you'd have to take his word for it... And that is a pretty good pitch, yeah. Up front with the price, then try to reel em in with juicy details." She sets the case down somewhere a little more proper. "And yer lack of emotion makes you hard to read, Roman. That's gotta be great fer keepin' folks from wanting to weasel down a price."
Jacqueline "I guess now I know why you didn't want anyone trying on the Pip-Boy," Jackie realizes belatedly. "It might be a one-way try-on." She looks back at the vault suit on its shelf. Maybe there's hope.
She glances back at Lilly. "There's a search going on for your grandfather's home? Is there any way I can help? I know how I'd feel if my home was lost."
Ruane "Lack of emotion?" Roman pauses then as he looks up to study Dusty for some time then before he lifts his shoulders. "Interesting assumption. Lilly. Make another note of needing more of that magazine.. people skills? Learning Humans? Doesn't matter. We'll find one. I saw one with a column title dealing with this subject." Roman notes before he again is resuming working wiht his pliars, moving to try and twist all the wires together. "Is the Welder ready?" Roman notes aloud before he looks to Jacqueline again. "This search is not official. It is sponsored by this store. Caravan purchases. Brahimin, all of that will be procured and secured for me."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose drums her fingers lightly on the case, looking like she's really pondering. "As tempting as what's in here is, that's also a pretty big investment of resources. I mean, it's likely worth it... But I've got things I want to be able to fix up, too..." Oh, the turmoil of being a tech-geek. Too many projects, never enough time for them or the caps to fund them...
Jacqueline "Even so, count me in. I just hope I can get away for it," Jackie says, nodding emphatically. "The town's not the only thing that needs attention, after all. With all the stories about bandits comin' up from the south, maybe finding this home'd deny 'em a hideout."
She nods sympathetically to Dusty. "Sometimes you have to step away just to remember what else you're working on. I've got a shelf full of stuff, but most of it's waiting on parts that I can never seem to find."
She steps over to the shelf with the vault suit, taking it down and shaking it out to get a better look. "Looks to be a women's suit, maybe a little big for me... maybe they contract or something. They're supposed to be really advanced and all." She drapes it carefully over an old stool near the counter and shrugs off her jacket. "Only one way to find out."
Ruane "DO whatever you want. Please do not release waste products in the suit. This includes Sweat." Roman tries not to look. Honest. He throws himself all the more into his work, grumbling and grunting about soddering and twisting cables. Yet he can't alsso help but look at Jackie then with a sort of bewildered sort of expression before exhaling slowly.

"Many other projects require caps investments, others skill. IF you have need of assistance. My assistant can work with either of you on things you need. As for my own project for the Vault? This city is built partially out of expriates of an old vault. They left for unknown reasons. The memory of its location is hidden and forgotten. The goal is to salvage the tech. Not render it useless."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose would never be able to strip down in public like that. So she politely looks off to the other side of the store. "I'll keep that in mind Roman. Especially when it comes to robots. I've tinkered a bit but I'm not as versed in them as I am other machines."
Jacqueline If it weren't a vault suit, Jackie wouldn't either. But as it is, she's setting aside boots, belt, jacket, jeans, and tee like there's no tomorrow. Where she got the blue vault-issue bra and briefs is anybody's guess. "Somehow I don't think I'll be releasing any contaminants into this. It's safe," she says, stifling a smile. "So Lilly's grandpa was from a vault? Does anybody know where it is? Or have some idea?"
She starts pulling on the suit, finding that it's definitely as formfitting as Roman had indicated. Getting in is going to take some wriggling and wrestling. "Bet this takes practice, if you don't do it every day of your life..." She's careful to ease it over the bandage wrapped around her right thigh.
Ruane "Unknown. Unclear why they hid the location from us. Even descendants are unaware of the true location. Possibly we are exiles. Unclear. Either way, the Vault still sits out there. Possibly an opportunity." Roman observes as he tries not to look aside at Jacky even as she changes. "Unclear. Can be difficult getting use to the texture on the skin. Could cause sweating. Will have to take your word for it however." Roman observes as he finally moves to put down his pliers and look between the pair.

"So what are the two fo you working on then? Something unsual? Dangerous?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose starts ticking off with her fingers. "Well, I have this laser rifle I scavenged that I'm trying to repair. Plus there's the wreck of a vehicle in the outpost a group of us cleared of raiders I might be able eventually get working again. Plus whatever else I find to tinker with. I like taking things apart and figuring out how they work." She grins broadly. "Especially when it's stuff no one else remembers how it does what it does anymore."
Jacqueline "I'm trying to get a motorcycle working, myself," Jackie says. "It looks pretty intact, but rebuilding that engine... it's taking a while. The other stuff's nowhere near that cool, but I'm hoping it'll prove useful."
She finally gets the suit on and zipped up. "I don't think it'll be a big deal in this climate. It's a very dry heat." She moves a little, trying to get an idea of how it feels. "It /is/ pretty tight, but I think I could get used to it. Kinda nice, actually." She strikes a pose. "How do I look?"
Dusty Rose "I know our kind like to try doin' things for themselves, but if you ever need help with that engine all ya gotta do is ask," Dusty replies as she turns back around. "And it looks pretty good on you, Jackie." She glances off for a moment, then starts wandering for the door. "I'll be back sometime I know I have the caps to spare. Or need some advice with bot stuff. Seeya guys."
Ruane "Good, which is rather odd. Looking good in an outfit increases the desires of the people around you to want to take it off. So I suppose good?" Roman observes rather dryly as he looks to Jacky then and dips his chin in response. "If you wish to purchase it, do let me know yes." Roman notes before he looks down at his tools and begins to carefully align them up.

"Thank you for stopping in, Dusty. I will be here."
Jacqueline "I'll remember, Miss Rose. Take care, and contact me if you ever need help!" Jackie calls, standing on tiptoe to wave to the departing redhead.
She turns back to Roman. "Scary thought, in this part of the country. But thanks. I think I /will/ take it, at that. I know I have enough caps." She turns to look into her utility belt for those.
Ruane Roman will pause for a second as his chin lifts ever so slightly before chuckling. "As you wish. What is scary though? Taking clothes off?" Roman considers. "Unlikley, natural biological instinct. Just noting an irony really. Either way, If you leave the Caps here on the counter, I'll be sure to count them over later. Yes? I believe the total is 350 total for the Jumpsuit." Roman addss before looking over at Lilly who is no doubt doing something absolutley terrible.
Jacqueline "350... I know I have that, but it might take me a bit to count them up," Jackie replies, carefully emptying caps onto the counter. She looks them over carefully, arranging them into rows of ten, then twenty when she begins to run out of space going sideways. She doesn't spare a glance for Lilly, not wanting to lose count.
Ruane Roman will just stand nearby then, leaning on the counter before yawning into the palm of his hand before chuckling softly. "Take your time. No rush." Roman offers before glancing aside to his wonderful robobuddy and lifts his soulders. "Anything else you might want here?"
Jacqueline "Hmm... maybe that pair of goggles? No, I'd better not. 350 caps is a lot of this week's budget gone," Jackie replies, counting out the last cap and gesturing to the neat ranks with a smile. "Count 'em if you like: 350 caps. Some of 'em are even Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla. I pulled them off myself." She carefully puts the rest away.