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Iris Lark     Darkness has fallen, and one woman, though afraid of the dark sits in the corner of a small shack - her back to the wall and her legs pressed against her chest. She stares at a patch of moonlight that shows through the open door, blinking slowly as she quietly thinks.
Camilla     The silence is shattered by a gentle rasping, a light knocking against the doorway or it's edge. A soft voice calls out simple, "Iris?" from outside, just loud enough to be heard. They've only met once so far, but the voice might be familiar enough to the young woman sitting in the shack, as it belongs to the young woman that just entered in to the city, Camilla.
Iris Lark     "Come in." Iris calls out quietly, pushing to away from the wall to her feet. She loosely folds her arms over her chest and waits, knowing the girl will step into her sanctuary in a moment. She takes a bracing breath and when the ebon haired woman is inside, she doesn't beat around the bush. "So..Camilla, how did you get away from the Legion?"
Camilla     Camilla, as she enters, appears meek and reserved. She keeps her hands clasped together around her stomach and says nothing at first, though the distinct lack of bush beating causes her to recoil just slightly. She seems lost in thought for several moments before she sighs and hangs her head to the floor. "I, saw an oppertunity while I was healing from my punishment and I took it.." she replies, saying nothing else.
Iris Lark     Iris is impassive, her face not showing any emotion as she watches Camilla for a few moments. She sees the recoil, and the tense ready-to-run set in her body. She knows it very well, because a few months ago, this was her. She swallows and then she does the only thing she can think of at that moment, she opens her arms. "I'm glad that you were able to get away." She says, her voice near a whisper.
Camilla     Camilla's entire body is, fully and completely, tensed and ready for the flight response to kick in. It takes a great deal of visable energy for the young woman not to bolt out of a sense of fear, or shame, or any other number of emotions. Thuogh, the pause that is followed by Iris stating that she is glad that Camilla was able to escape, that is something she did not expect. She turns her eyes up slowly, as a slave would do, keeping her head pointed to the groun as much as possible until she sees the open arms and the gesture it /could/ mean. She, simply doesn't know how to react to it, it's, such a first for her that she simply stays put right where's she standing, head and eyes facing the ground. "I, never meant to cause you any pain medicus..." she says softly. "I, am so very sorry..."
Iris Lark     Iris lets her arms drop and she inhales through her nose, holding her breath for a moment before she takes a slow step forward. She reaches out and places two fingers under Camilla's chin, so that her pale green eyes meet the dark haired womans icy ones. "Firstly, call me Iris. I am ..the name medicus.." She lets out her breath with a sigh and shakes her head. "We are equals here, the people in this town and in El Dorado? They're free."
Camilla     Camilla looks up slowly, guided by those fingers and stares back, the slight puddles of tears that were forming in her eyes now visable. She sniffles a new times and nods, "I, it is nice to meet you Iris.." she adds letting out a deep breath of her own. She nods in understanding to the statements that follow, "I know."

    "I've, been on the run for two years now" she adds, still trying to hold back a complete onslaught of emotions. "I, have, literally nothing. The legion destroyed my tribe outright when I was nine years old.."

    "I, figured maybe it best I just, tell you that. I, know that the people here are free, but it's best you know that for nine straight years the legion was all I had.." she clenches her teeth visably, "So, it's just, I need people to understand that I can't simply get over nine years in the span of two. I know I am weak, and I am sorry, but, I wanted to explain myself."
Iris Lark     Iris guides Camilla over to the bed in the room and sits her down. After a minute or two, Iris sinks down beside her. She gazes at the stool across the room as she speaks, her voice steady and quiet.

"I was born in the camp, I have no clue who my mother was - nor my father. I was with the Legion for over twenty years." She turns her head slightly to gaze at Camilla, and she falls silent for a moment before she gazes back at the stool. "I know what you've suffered in those nine years, and..I will tell you that most people here will try, and pretend that they do..but in truth - they really have no idea."

"You're not weak, you're dealing with things the best that you're able. I can tell you that the nightmares never really go away - I've been free for a few months now - a beast lord rescued me in a raid. I still wake up expecting to be fettered to a ring, or worse."
Camilla     Camilla can't help but be suprised at being guided and sat down, but she's still very much in the mindset of either run, or do as your told and there's no resistance at all from her. She plops down on the bed and only stares at Iris when she joins her.

    She listens to Iris's story in return, intently, exhaling deeply as she tries to fight back the myriad of emotions she's still dealing with. "I, do not know what would be worse. To have never known your mother and father, or to have watched your mother and father, and both your brothers, murdered infront of you." She also turns to stare that 1,000 yard stare at the wall. "No, no they don't. The Caravan I was with, the one that was destroyed, they were kind to me and understanding and tried to do what they could, but I still felt guilty every sleepless night and every night spent waking up screaming and in tears and scaring everyone." She sighs again and attempts to catch her breath as she turns back as well to face Iris.

    "I am. I am weak. I know this now. I know that everything I was taught was true and that I am the weak woman that ran from her duties, but I can not forgive them what they did to me when I came of age..." she shudders, visably. "Anyroad, I know that the nightmares wont go away, though I wish with all my heart they would." Another, deep sighing exhale. "I, that is, to have someone save you..I would have given the world for that. I took life to save my own, and I know that if they ever catch me? My fate is on the cross..."
Iris Lark     Iris chews on her bottom lip and after a moment she nods, her eyes moving to her knees. "You had it worse. I grew up and thought that was the way life was, didn't know anything before it. The atrocities..they were a way of shaping someone who didn't know any better. Years of it has made me a bit numb when.." She scrubs a hand over her face and shakes her head. "You won't face the cross, I've seen..false Legionnaires here, and ones who have left the fold. I don't think any will come closer than that, they are not wanted here." She glances at Camilla. "I won't say you're safe, none of us are, but you won't have to go back to *that*."
Camilla     "I, if you fell that way.." she replies to the comment about her having had it worse. Camilla exhales in a deep and long winded sigh. "I, I can only imagine what it would have been like for you, to grow up in the legion. To have seen far more than what I've seen and far longer."

    "No, no I wont go back to that. Ever. I'll take my own life before I go back to that.." Cami adds in reply. "Though, that might be sooner rather than later. I met, with a man, named Ashur. He, scares me. He is true legion and sees me as a legion man would see any woman. I am, terrified of him. I, truly believe he'll try something with me.."
Iris Lark     Iris raises both eyebrows and glances over at Camilla. "If you don't welcome someones attention on you, you can say no. If they don't listen, then you go to the Sheriff." She folds her hands in her lap and sighs. "Just..don't be alone with someone if they make you uncomfortable, all right?"
Camilla     Camilla just nods to what Iris says. "As you say..." she replies plainly. "I, will do the best I can and if needed, I will seek your sheriff. I assume, that person is the Law in the city?"
Iris Lark     "Yes, his name is Stockton, he was in the clinic the other evening when you were brought in." She shifts her gaze to Camilla and she jerks a shoulder as she shrugs slowly. "I rarely ever see Ashur around town, so I think you'll be okay." She reaches out and pats the woman gently on her shoulder.
Camilla     Camilla sighs again, "Ah, well, I will seek him out then if I need him." She turns slightly and forces a smile, I did not expect to run in to the man in the metal forest" she adds. "I, will just do as you say and try and stay away from him."
Iris Lark     "Camilla, what is it that you're wanting? Do you want to stay in El Dorado..what are your plans?" Iris asks, getting to her feet and moving to shut some of the cupboards before she puts on some water for tea. "Do you have any plans? Are you just playing it by ear?"
Jude There is a rap on the door before it opens. Jude's militia hatted head pokes in, glancing around before his eyes land on Camilla and then Iris. "Oh, geez. Sorry." The door opens more fully so he can level a smile and wave at Camilla. He glances at Iris and suggests, "Y'all busy? I can drop on in later if'n y'all are."
Camilla     "What do I want?" she asks, looking at Iris in suprise and obviously not really able to answer that question at the moment, though she tries and is about to open her mouth when Jude raps on the door causing her to quite literally scream in suprise, even jumping a little on the bed. Her right hand comes up to her chest and stays there as she pants and tries to calm down.

    She looks to Jude and forces a smile, waggling a few fingers on her left hand in a return greeting. She turns away from him again and sits there, panting, trying to calm down from having the beejeebus scared out of her.
Iris Lark     Iris jumps when Camilla screams but then she spots Jude, she waves him in, her eyes narrowing slightly. "What did you do to your head?" She asks, taking his hand briefly and pointing to Camilla. "Jude, this is Camilla.." She reaches out and squeezes Camilla's shoulder to get her attention. "This is Jude, I'm staying with him, he's a very nice man, wouldn't hurt a fly."
Jude Jude blanches at the scream, for a moment confused by Camilla's reaction. Then at Iris's question about his head, he takes off his hat and brushes hair that's matted with blood out of the way. "It ain't all that bad. Promise, ma'am," he says, thinking that the wound caused the reaction from Camilla. "I ain't from Dunwich or nuthin'." He offers another smile, nodding in agreement with Iris, quipping without missing a beat, "Not near fast enough to catch me a fly. Quick little buggers. A box of Dandy Boy Apples though? I'll destroy me a pack of them."

Then to Iris, Jude explains with a sheepish grin, "While I was helpin' to clean out Lincoln, some feral ghoulies jumped me. I was doin' well, usin' all the trainin' that the militia's been givin' me, but... I wasn't lookin' where I was ducking and feel down a... well... a cliff. A small one though!" He beams and tries to joke, "Fortunately I fell on my dumb ole head. Cracked a small boulder. Coulda been way worse." He frowns a little. "The rest of that patrol isn't gonna let me live that one down for a long spell."
Camilla     Camilla takes a few moments to clam down and slowly turns to face Iris first then turns to Jude. "Hi.." she says softly, eyeing the wound on the mans head for a moment.

    "Dunwich?" she asks, confused and showing that she's not from around here. She also blinks at the comment about Dandy Boy Apples, never heard of em obviously. From that, she just sitens and listens to his story.

    Camilla blinks, several times and pops up off the bed and moves over to Jude to start looking him over. "Are, are you ok? Here, let me look at that, you could have gotten a concusion.." she knows what that is, joys of Legion medical training. "We'll need to clean the wound up, make sure you're not in danger of having that concusion I mentioned. Make sure there's no chance for infection and..." she trails off, going to town on the whole caregiver thing. She kinda forgets that Iris is the actual doctor here...
Iris Lark     Iris watches Camilla interact with Jude and after the speech starts she speaks up, standing near the door. "I'll keep you awake to make sure you don't have a concussion, Jude." She says, her tone slightly playful, even if a blush colors her cheeks. She opens a cupboard and pulls down some petals for tea, but also some bandages and salve, setting them out for Camilla to use. Once that's done she turns and busies herself with the steaming water and the petals, setting out three small mugs , one for each of them.
Jude Jude knows the drill well enough that he sits down and turns the wound towards the light, letting Camilla look at the wound. He glances over at Iris, face looking a little strained until she makes him blush and starts on the tea. His eyes fall to her behind for a moment before he blushes a little deeper and tears his eyes away, saying in a slightly lower voice, "Yeah. Best make sure. No sleepin' for a while." He clears his throat, getting his voice back to normal.

Jude turns his attention back to Camilla and smiles. "Well, I picked all the gravel out with some tweezers." He wrinkles his nose and confesses, "I bet it needs stitches though. I only can mend clothes really, not so much with the doctorin'."
Camilla     Camilla is so lost in looking Judes wounds over that she just doesn't seem to pay attention to the comments. She hears them, but she seems unable to grasp the sutble nuiances of the whole, /staying awake/ thing. "Yes, you need to stay awake and Miss Iris can help with that..." she adds as she turns on heel to reach over to the medical bag she brought with her. She turns back around and points at the bed, "Sit." Seems she can get bossy when she's in the whole, /gonna heal you up/ mode. She takes all of the supplies she's gathered out of said bag and gets to work clearing up, cleaning up, and stiching up his head wound.
Iris Lark     Iris turns and she spots Jude's eyes on her bottom and she lets out a startled burble of laughter before she turns her attention back to the tea. After a few minutes she carries over three cups and hands them out before she leans aganist the counter. "That looks a lot better, you did a good job Camilla." She murmurs, raising her tea in a toast to the other woman. When Jude meets her eyes, she winks at him briefly before she leans in to take a sip of her tea.
Jude Jude blanches and snaps to when Camilla gives him the order. He takes off his heavy militia duster, uniform blouse, and then draws the zip of his vault suit down. His chest and back are covered in fairly deep claw and bite marks, but they're strange. They don't look like they were made by any animal anyone's ever seen before. He blushes a little as he murmurs, "No idea what all did all this. Keep dreamin' about big ole lizard people, like red and scaly with horns and hooves and stuff." He gives a shrug as he sits and lets his shoulders fall.

Jude sits patiently as he's worked on, careful to keep his flinching and groaning to a minimum. Finally he grumps, "I done liked this much better when I wasn't gettin' hurt all the time. Done did better when I was goin' out with just a knife." He wrinkles his nose and gently touches the stitching. "How long til I can shower with the stitches and all? I bet I'm gettin' pretty ripe after goin' without all day."
Camilla     Camilla sets the offered tea aside and continues to fix Jude up, smiling warmly and nodding passively at Iris's approval. "Thank you Medicus.." she replies plainly without taking her attention away.

    The bite and claw marks though, once his vault suit is undone has her step back and just stare. "Quod inferno accidit..??" she spits out in the language of the Legion. This one was learned and read, which is no doubt one of the reasons she was punished. The legion don't take to kindly to smart slaves with books and knowledge. "What, in the hells happend to you? That, I've never seen anything like that..." she adds, turning to look at Iris in utter confusion as to what to do next and utterly ignoring the rest of Judes statements.
Iris Lark     Iris eyes Camilla as she steps closer to Jude, setting down her mug as she gives the Vault dweller a visual check up. She reaches out and touches one of the wounds, her brow furrowed. "I'm not sure, Camilla." She murmurs, and then she quirks a brow at Jude and frowns. "Did you say that you've been going out to Dunwich?" She asks quietly, pushing the salve towards the other Healer. "We'll salve and dress them like any other wound, see if it helps." A few moments pass as she works on some of the wounds, her hands steady. "Also, my name Iris." She huffs out a soft breath.
Jude Jude shakes his head with a look of profound confusion. "I have no idea," he admits. "I was pokin' around by Dunwich, I thought I was close enough Lincoln..."

He shakes his head and focuses. "I thought I saw somethin' movin' and I was turnin' around... and that's all I remember. Woke up and all my clothes was on, but.. I had these wounds all over. Down to my thighs I reckon, although down there they ain't so bad." He wrinkles his nose and gives a shrug. "Don't make no sense at all." He thinks and shrugs. "I saw an alien space ship grabbin' brahmin the other day. Maybe they had to teach me a lesson or somethin' for spyin'?"
Camilla     Cami takes the Salve and listens to Iris question Jude a moment, though the final statement causes her to recoil slightly. "I, yes, right, forgive me Iris..." she replies before stepping back to let Iris have that closer look.

    Everything else Jude says just causes Cami to stand there, silently, pretty well confused. "I, well, umm..." she's got nothing else to say, she'll just help Iris work on the man for now.
Iris Lark     Iris leans in and gives Jude a gentle kiss on the cheek. "We'll talk more about all of this later." She murmurs quietly, as she finishes dressing his wounds. "You worry me sometimes, you know that?" She says, shaking her head slowly as she turns a brief smile on Camilla. "Where are you staying at the moment? Still at the Clinic?"
Jude Jude smiles as Iris leans in and kisses his cheek. His face softens and his eyes light up. He reaches up and rests his hands lightly on her hips, leaning forward a little to return the little kiss on the cheek. His wounds are all but forgotten in that moment. It's another moment before he blushes a little and nods. "Yeah. We can talk about it later. Although..." he gives a shrug and sighs. "Although I reckon I won't have much time for scavenging so much no more. Betwixt Mexico and then buildin' them walls, I reckon I won't have the energy to go all that there way." He sighs again. "Even now that we have us that there motorcycle." He shuts up then, letting the two women work their magic on the odd bites and talon marks that were carving satanic looking doodles in his flesh.
Camilla     Camilla wawtches and then turns to Iris, a few blinks in her eyes before she snaps to properly and shakes her head no. "No, I was, sleeping outside it.." she replies plainly and truthfully to the question. Old habits and expectations it seems.

    To jude she turns and watches again and exhales deeply as she clasps her hands together at her stomach. "You're not doing anything for a few days at least.." she chimes in. "Oh, well, umm, lest Doc Iris says it's ok for you to, yeah, umm..'scuse me.." she adds as she turns about and grabs the tea that was made and begins to sip on it quietly.
Iris Lark     "Camilla?" Iris says, turning away from Jude briefly to look at the girl. "I haven't been staying in the Clinic lately, and..I wanted to offer the use of the bedroom and backroom there, if you..if you wanted a place to stay until you settled into something?" She flushes pink and gazes down at her feet. "It isn't much, but you're more than welcome to make it home ..for now.."
Jude Jude says softly, agreeing with Iris, "Safe and secure is better 'n nuthin' in this ole world." He reaches out and runs a hand over the small of Iris's back lightly. "And it ain't so bad, until you figure out what a shower is." He gives a little wink and giggle.
Camilla     Cami just, keeps up the blinkyness. "I uhmm.." pause, beat, "that is very, very kind of you.." she replies to Iris. "I, I will do my best to pay back your kindness Iris. I, would like to work with you in the Clinic full time if you'll have me? It's, really, all I can offer."

    She turns slightly to Jude, "A shower?" she asks, looking very much as though all that book reading and knowledge didn't teach her everything.
Iris Lark     Iris hides her smile and she nods to Camilla, finally allowing herself to chuckle softly. "Showers are a glorious thing, it isn't the only thing that turned my eyes Jude's way, but it helped." She glances back at him and then she finishes her cup of tea. "If you want, we can go set up the back room so you can get to it." She leans against the bed and she gazes back at Jude with a smile. "You let me know what you need to help with the walls, I won't let you do that alone, okay?"
Jude Jude smiles and looks on as the women have a moment of generosity and caring. It's not so common in the wasteland, so he takes a moment to bask in it, sitting quietly. He nods in agreement with Iris's assessment of showers. "Very glorious. If I do good with this here wall, might be that I can talk the Mayor into putting in runnin' water topside. Maybe an aquaduct or even findin' an old water treatment facility for El Dorado. Get it workin' maybe..."

He trails off a moment, mind humming with random thoughts down that trail. He blinks and blushes, murmuring, "Sorry." He clears his throat. "Yeah! I'll be glad for the help. I'll be lookin' for folks. Post somethin' up around the area. For somethin' like this, I reckon it'll include pay. It should go pretty smooth though." He gives a confident nod and stands up, wincing as he pulls his vault suit back on. "Y'all wanna take the bike? Y'all can take it back to the clinic, s'long as Iris comes to fetch me once all's settled up."
Camilla     Cami really doesn't know what else to say at the moment. "I uh, I would, yes..." she stumbles out fully. "I wanted to go in to town and purchase a few things anyway. I uh, would like to find a gun and some armor to protect myself. One of the mercs I traveled with from New Vegas taught me how to shoot." She pauses a moment, "Sorry, tangent. Yes Miss Iris, I would be so very honored and love a place to stay. I will do everything I can to help you in the clinic."
Iris Lark "What kind of gun do you use?" Iris asks as she walks to pick up her rucksack and fling it over her shoulder. "I might have something you can have until you're in a better position to buy a better one."

She gazes at Jude, her eyes wide. "You trust me to drive that? What if we fall over, or crash or.." She swallows visibly and blushes a bright pink.
Jude Jude smiles and says with utter confidence, "Then we'll rustle y'all up a doctor and I'll fix it. Machines are easy to fix, darlin'." He gives a wink and pulls out some caps for each of the women. "Here ya both go. Thanks for patchin' me up, ladies." He smiles and tugs his uniform blouse on. "I'll be here at the store. See you in a while, Iris." He turns to Camilla and offers his hand. "It was a pleasure to meetcha, Camilla. See you soon."
Camilla     Camilla turns to face Iris and smiles, "I was taught to use a pistol and a rifle. one of the mercs had this really neat looking pistol. She said it was from some place call new cannan?" she adds. "Called it a point forty-five autoo or something. One of the other mercs let me use a rifle, it was all black and long and had this thing called a magazine. The merc said it was some sort of assault carbine or some such? I don't really know the guns, I can only use them.." pause "Though, I actually have money.." she adds tapping on her bag and smiling. "Joys of keeping a band of mercs alive and kicking for over a year." She beams with delight at that, proud of her work.

    "Oh! Umm, nice to meet you as well.." she says turning to shake Judes hand. "Never been on a, what did you call it again? Motorcycle?"
Iris Lark     "Guess it's a first time for both of us, when we get to the clinic we'll discuss guns more." Iris says, grinning at Camilla. "Lets go get you settled in?"