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Ferret     The sun hung low over this part of New Mexico.

    El Dorado was close - about a mile or two off thataway, with the sun - starting to track its way towards the horizon as the sky got ready to start setting in an hour or two - miserably hot. But people were probably used to that. Especially during summer. Things skittered between barren bushes and craggy little outcroppings of rock, the barren landscape providing minor shelter - if you were something that could fit under a couple of inches of rock.

    Ferret, unlike her namesake, was not one of these things. Wearing clothing, and a hooded, loose cloak to keep the sun from scalding her, the young woman crouched atop the husk of a pre-war car, a pair of old swim goggles pulled over her head as she peers out. A radscorpion stood atop a little outcropping of rock, about four or five meters away from her car. It wasn't being aggressive, but it also wasn't moving.
Lucas Lucas doesn't have much armor at all... At least not with him, but he does carry an AEP7, out here his hand rests on the weapon, his head on a swivel, he takes in his surroundings. He would look like a farmer or a down on his luck scavenger, if not for that damn AEP. He slows to a stop as he spots the radscorpion, one doesn't get close to a radscorpion, one doesn't let a radscorpion spot them, but there is someone nearby. He grabs his laser and moves around to try and get closer without being spotted, he might just be able to drop it if he can get the right angle of attack.
Ferret You had to have your head on a swivel out here.

Never know when a Deathclaw could rear up, or a buncha raiders pissed off and looking for something new to bother them.

And so it was, when Ferret spies Lucas, her eyes widen - and as opposed to staying on the top of the husk of the machine, she starts slowly moving towards the back, letting her eyes track from radscorpion to Lucas and back again, her narrowed eyes trying to discern the intentions of the man.

As best as one could, from a distance.
Lucas Lucas seems purely focused on the Radscorpion, there's a reason for this, it's not smart to let giant, radioactive insects out of your sight for long. He has the look of someone working to turn their fear into focus, into something constructive rather than panic. He glances over very briefly as Ferrett begins to move, only then does he begin to move back, still keeping low and slow, his weapon never leaving the potential threat.
Ferret Ferret hits the desert floor, the car between herself and the radscorpion. Turning her eyes over towards the man - Ferret almost seemed more anxious of him than she had been of the scorp itself, sunning itself on the rock. Drawing low to the desert floor, ignoring the scratching arms of plants reaching up to her, she starts to kinda skulk away from car and radscorp both, on a right angle away from Lucas, the hood of her cloak turning to watch him.
Lucas Lucas makes possibly the most dangerous move he's made yet. He moves around, soon reaching the that Ferret had put between herself and the scorp, he places himself there, between the scorp and the woman. He's just praying she has the sense not to try attacking him while the scorpion is nearby. He isn't drawing attention to himself if it can be helped, he is however making sure he can get a shot on the radscorpion it can get to Ferret. Someone focused more on his protect humanity part of the BoS propoganda than the kill abominations part it would seem.
Ferret Ferret also had an issue with the whole... abominations thing. She wasn't one, truth told.

As for what Ferret was trying to do - she wasn't going to attack nothing, though. The radscorpion itself, sunning away - starts to rear up, suddenly, its tail snapping up from where it lay against the rock to point straight in the air. It was still pointing away from both Ferret and Lucas, however, looking in the 'wrong' direction.

And she was - now that a certain amount of distance was between herself and the car - she rises up, and starts moving in a brisk sort of jog away from car and lucas.