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Qwillis     It was a long journey from the city to where the ancient map lead. A few hazards along the way, although the group was lucky to avoid most of them. Now? They stand before the giant metal doors to the building they saught. There's silence within and the very area around them is still. A massive stone.. thing. That use to be a stone face, stands mute testimate to the building they're near. It's mostly collapsed into from a mountain nearby. Yet, enough of it stays to make it seem there could actually be something inside.

    Qwillis takes one last look at the laminated map, nods and puts it away before looking to the others. "Alright. So.. this is the library, per the map. We just need to figure out.. how to get in and see what we can find." He'd point to the door then, which has a computer console next to it which is innert. "Anyone have any ideas?"
Iris Lark     "Well hopefully someone here is skilled with computers and can possibly jimmy the door, otherwise, I don't know." Iris says, gazing around the building that they entered. "I just hope there isn't anything scary behind that door."
Camilla     "I'm just here to patch people up and keep people breathing, not really sure outside that" Chimes in a fairly worried and confused looking Camilla. "I mean, I only offered to come along to make myself usefull to the town, so, yeah..." she adds as she stands there. Her gaze turning in to a slow scane of the interior of the building.
Emily "Could try hooking my Pip-Boy up to it." Emily says with a little shrug of her shoulders as she looks at the door, having joined up with the library crew in their hunt underway. "I'm not really an expert at it, but I can give it a shot.. unless anyone else is better, or has a better idea?"
Fiona Fiona frowns at the door, glancing to Iris as she speaks up. The soldier takes a step back. "I... I got nothing. Not yet."
Lucky somewhere along the way out, good ol' Lucky got caught up the journey to the library that Qwillis and the others were seeking out. On through the wasteland he wanders alongside the group, hands pressed together against the nape of his neck; eyes scanning the horizon quietly.

His mind wanders up until they come to the library door, his eyes looking up and down before giving a soft whistling tune; hands moving from the nape to his front, folding. "I think Iris is right. I'm good with lockpicking, but .. hacking? not so good at." He shrugs a moment "What the hell." He mumbles and walks over to the console, withdrawing a cable to link up with the console from the pip-boy.
Qwillis     Lucky tries to get his pip-boy to interact with the console without any success. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem the system is responsive. Everyone looking around, has Emily and Camilla actually spot some wires in the wall. Tracking them, they look to lead to the console and tracking it the other way, it looks like there might be a way fix them so that the unit gets power!
Camilla     Camilla, feeling useless, starts to look around and as she notices the wires, she also notices that Emily notices the wires and reaches a hand out to point at them. "See what I see?" she asks of Emily. "Might be something to take a look at? I'm not really great with this tech stuff..."
Lucky Lucky taps the console; once, then twice and frowns. "Hello computer?" He states, with a hrm. "Well, shoot." He mumbles. "Huh?" He says curiously, tilting back to watch Emily and Camilla. "Hey Emily, what'cha find?"
Iris Lark     Iris folds her arms over her chest and watches passively as the group works to open the door. She keeps an eye on the horizon behind them, making sure nothing is sneaking up behind them. "It's okay Camilla, hey, we might find some neat medical books inside? Maybe."
Emily "I guess I shoulda kept that toolkit I found the other day with me." Emily says with a little huh as she nods her head towards Camilla, "I bet if we connect those wires up proper we can get that thing to turn on again.. anyone know how to fix things, Or wanna try and, I dunno, something?"
Qwillis     Qwillis is looking over the door as the others look about. When they'd point out the wires, he'd muse, looking at them and the door. Walking over to the others, he draws a tool from his own toolbelt. "Let's see.. I might be able to do something with this.."
Fiona "Eh, if there is nobody better.. I do know how to tinker with things. I am not fond of electrics, but." She steps over and squats down to stare at it earnestly.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Fiona and is glad to accept the help. He'd use the wrench basically as a stop gap, crossing the split in the wires with it so that the power can flicker to life on the console. Nodding slightly, he'd hold the tool steady, as if it moves, power stops flowing. "Alright.. I got power. Lucky, if you want to work on the console?"
Camilla     Camilla just, nods at Iris, "Mmmmhmm, Maybe..." she replies plainy. "I'm way out of my element here..." she adds for everyone else as if they didn't all already notice.
Fiona Fiona backs up as she straightens when the power comes on. "Yea, okay.. I am going to watch the door." She lifts her service rifle, waiting for the door to open. "Watch for robots." She offers to explain why she looks like she might shoot the place up.
Lucky Lucky looks over to Qwillis, nodding before glancing back to the console. "O-key dokey." He responds, fingers tapping on the console. "Hey look, it works! now then, let us see if we can open it up." He murmurs, connecting the pip-boy to the console.

Working on the console, some fair negative noises comes from the console as the young ranger works on it. After a minute or more, he finds success. "Hahah!" He exclaims, stepping back and in front of the door.

Pressing a button on the pip-boy (which is still connected), he extends his arms outward, fingers spread and states "OPEN SESAME!"

A click, then the doors begins to open, revealing access to the library.
Emily "There we go!" Emily says, flashing a little grin as the door clicks open, shifting her things and taking hold of her submachinegun as the door starts to open, "So, whatcha think we're going to find in there?"
Kaelyn And suddenly, Kae is there! She taps Emily and Lucky on the back, before blinking "Whatcha workin' on?" She asks curiously as she glances from one person to the next... CORA then pipes in "Nice ya got the door open! Someone who's better with computers and such than Kae!" Kae then blinks and winces a bit... "Thaaaanks." She mutters then glances around curiously as she checks her carbine.
Qwillis     There's a hiss of air being sucked into the place within as the door slowly grinds open on ancient gears. It's dark within. The heady scent of paper, mold and 'other' comes oozing out as well as the faintest traces of a mist, curling at the feet closes to the door. Once it's open far enough to allow two in at a time, Qwillis recovers his tool, turning off that console again. A small nod is given to Fiona at her comment and he'd get his needler ready. "We don't know what's inside, or how long it's been sealed. The sucking in means a vaccuum. So.. there may actually be perserved things in here. I recommend going carefully. Just because this console was dead, doesn't mean power within is dead.. Anyone have a light?"
Iris Lark     Iris taps on her Pip-Boy and the flashlight ticks on. She gives a glance to the others who are equally blessed with technology and she takes a slow step inside. "We should probably stick close together.." She murmurs, raising her hand to shine the light further into the building.
Lucky With arms still extended out in style, he looks to Qwillis, Kaelyn, Emily and Iris "huh? huh!?" he states regardin his prowess of opening the door with a secrete password; grant it, the reality was that the computer opened it, but still! However, the awesome command and pose seems to go amiss as the intrept friends eyes all settle on the door and what could lie beyond.

If this was an anime, a tear drop would've came down from his brow as he mutters "aww." he groans, arms falling to his side. Moving a hand, he disconnects it before turning on the flashlight.

"I've got light via the pip-boy that could help illuminate some." He notes, looking to the group.
Qwillis     Qwillis nudges Lucky in passing, a small smirk sent his way at the pose. Shaking his head, he'd peer inside, then start heading in with them. He'd casually re-check his needler, sighing softly as he'd look around. "it's so dark and quiet in here.. Let's make sure to stay together and keep quiet. Who knows what may be in here.."
Emily "I really should get like a light or something." Emily says with a little frown to herself, glancing down at her older style PIP-boy as the others light up, shaking her head a little, "I wonder if I can get one of those nice ones from one of the vault boys."
Camilla     Camilla is just, well, gonna find someone to stick to like glue, more than likely Iris.
Fiona "Just keep careful." Fiona offers as she steps forward, leading with the rifle barrel. The amber eyes squinting in the low lighting. "Is there a light switch?"
Iris Lark     In response to Camilla creeping close to her, Iris reaches back and takes her hand, pullng her close so they can share her light. "I just tended your shoulder, so do us both a solid and stay behind me so I don't need to treat you again." She jokes, keeping an eye out ahead of herself.
Lucky Qwillis is given a small smile, head nodding a bit as he looks towards the entry way. "Right into the creepy dungeon we call a library we go." He states. Glancing to Emily, he says "Well, I can share some of my pip-boy light if you'd like." He says kindly to her.
Kaelyn Kae turns on her pip-CORA light at this point and shines it around whil holding her assault rifle in a ready position. She also still has the little sub machine gun she found not too long ago! Kae shines the light around, the girl looking around curiously, mostly for something to power on the lights, as well as examining anything she can find just in case there are traps or some-such... "So whatcha think? Gonna run into some crazed librarian robot?"
Qwillis     Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to come up with a lightswitch. The lights flickering around just shows rows and rows of shelves. With dust on them. Here and there are some tougher books, although it's virtually impossible to make out what they're about in the pitiful light.

Everyone can hear and feel the low shudder that just rippled through the floor of the room, a hum the metal floor gives as a low, dark hiss seems to echo all around them. Coming from no where and everywhere at once.
Camilla     Camilla, is, actually, affraid of the dark...and so much so that she clings to Iris like a little girl would cling to their parent. Not only that, but she's also quite noticeably shaking at the moment and being that she's attached to Iris, Iris can more than likely feel it. "I, really, really, /REALLY/, have a bad feeling about this...."
Qwillis     For those who can see, there's a massive.. creature.. thing. That's moving about. It's amazingly fast for it's size, moving from top of shelf to top of shelf. The hissing is coming from this thing as it'd circle about the group, the vibration from it's weight moving between the top of the shelves.
Kaelyn Kae's eyes go wide, and suddenly she's slinging her assault rifle, and snapping her sub machine gun into the frey. She doesn't even raise the thing to her shoulder, instead she gets it to her hip and cuts loose with a burst of fire, sprinkling the creature with a hail of bullets. "Big wom-snake thing folks! Keep yer heads up and watch out it's trying to circle us!" She calls out while trying to keep it highlighted with CORA, meanwhile CORA chirps out "Ooh, I've never seen anything like that! I am going to record it for posterity! Oh Kae? Don't Die so I can at leas tleave this drabby library!"
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, can't quite track what the others are talking about. Backing into the group, he'd wince at the noise of the guns firing out, shaking his head as he'd look around. "There has to be some way to slow this thing down.."
Fiona Fiona moved forward cautiously, trying not to trip over something. Then she spots the motion, "CONTACT ahead!" That is really all she manages, leaving the description to Kaelyn. Squeezing off six rounds in half that many heart beats. She crouches a bit. "Watch your front sights, kill it."
Camilla     Camilla drops to the floor and covers her ears, she's frozen up. All the weapons fire, the thing she can't see, the darkness, it's all just a bit to much.
Iris Lark     Iris hears something coming and she automatically raises her pistol and fires, squeezing the trigger in two quick motions. She hears a hit and moves back a bit, shielding Camilla behind her, as the girl is now prostrate with fear.
Lucky Off into the scary library dungeon we go! Lucky thinks as he follows the others into the library. He glances to Iris and the female clinging to her arm. She was new. Looking to Emily, he smiles ever so slightly as he shares the light with her.

"Uh.." Lucky mutters, raising a finger to point at something. "What in the hell is that thing!" He exclaims, blinking. It was a worm; or a snake.. or some kind of combination of the two possibly?

Raising the Colt he has at his side, he takes aim and open fire; after all everyone is firing! The trigger is tapped twice; two bullets departing the chamber, on its way to the wormy-snakey-thingy.
Emily "What is what thing??" Emily asks, appearently not particularly seeing very well what it is people are shooting at, but there's been a lot of fire, and a nice laser and such to help her zero in, at least a little. She tries to take aim at those cues given and fires off a shot, if she hit it she can't really tell. It's dark.
Qwillis     The beast roars as it'd be shot and/or burned, depending on the gun being fired at it. Lashing about, those wounds ooze some sort of green blood that seems to.. melt. Whatever it touches. The shelves are corroding and the books, what few are on those shelves, are getting damaged too! In a cry of pain and rage, the worm would zip past the group, lashing out it's massive tail at all those still standing up!
Kaelyn She's hit, Kae is sent tumbling backward, and as she gets back to a kneeling position, she brings the smg up and just unloads. She fires one long burst, again from her hip, this time flinging multiple multiple rounds into the creature, with rather frightening accuracy. Then she raises the weapon to her shoulder and cuts loose with another massive burst, or did she even stop? There wasn't much time from when she fired the first long burst to when she brought the gun up and if one was looking there might not have even been a gab. She just unloads so much 9mm amunition that it might be hard to even walk on the floor now for the sheer amount of 9mm bras sshe leaves all over the place. If one were to look close, they might see a slight either desperate smile, or maniacal smile on her face as those crimson eyes narrow and she bores in for her firing
Qwillis     Qwillis freaks out a bit as the mega book worm clobbers everyone still standing. Camilla screams and Qwillis keeps low, scrambling to protect the terrorized slave girl as the rest of the team works to kill the beast!
Fiona Fiona fires directly at the worm while hunching up on the rifle. She should have pulled back instead of hip firing. Still, she got it some. Then again she did lose a bullet wise, if she weren't busy, and fighting some thing. Then it might have been different.
Iris Lark     Iris is knocked ass over teakettle and she goes down hard, something went crack in her ribs. She struggles to her feet and aims at the worm, cocking her head and squeezing the trigger. The beast roars and she ducks her head, scrambling for cover.
Qwillis     With that last shot from Iris, the worm gives one last, agonized roar before collapsing off to the side from where the main group was huddled at firing. It takes a few moments after the final shots for it to really be realized.. it's dead. A good bit of the library lays in shambles, both from it scurrying around and the acid of it's blood. But they should be able to find a few things of interest here!
Lucky Hey wait is that blood singeing books and melting them!? Lucky looks up above as blood starts to drip down toward him. "Yikes!" He exclaims, ducking in a roll to dodge the blood. Coming back up, he stares at dripping blood, frowning "Man that was close. Note to self, do NOT touch the deadly acid blood of doom."

Zing! a bullet clips past Lucky's ear, barely missing it by less than an inch; had it hit the lobe, Lucky would have his very first ear piercing, bullet style! Looking to Fiona, just staring at her dumbfoundedly "Boss is that way?" He says, pointing up to the wormy-snakey-thingy before she takes a second shot. As she fires again, his head nods before looking back to the beast.

Raising his gun, he watches Iris take the last shot, killing the beast. Smiling, he lowers the gun back inside the duster and looks to her; hand raising up to gives a thumbs up "Way to go Iris!" He exclaims.
Kaelyn Right now, Kae is busy trying to get her breath back now, meanwhile CORA Is reading damage locations up on the screen "15g impact detected, damage over entire rib cage, musculuature, and possibly some internal bruising. Kae? that was close!" Kae on the other hand is having a coughing fit as she kind of chokes while trying to get her breath back, yay for adrenaline allowing her just that few seconds to fire. Eventually, she straightens her back and finally gets it back, before sighing... "Way to go everyone." She adds and frowns a bit as she starts to stand, then ends up slipping and sliding across the floor on all that brass she deposited....
Emily Emily has her ass knocked the hell down by the big worm thing, her armor only absorbing so much of the tailswipe and she just kinda groans a little bit where she lays, "What was that?" she asks with a wince of pain.
Qwillis     Qwillis slowly uncovers the passed out Camilla. Shaking his head slightly, he'd get to his feet, then start checking on the others. "Everyone ok? That was crazy! We should see if there's anything else around here we might have to deal with.. and see what books we can recover."