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Ashur The trip was long and passably enjoyable; Celeste and Ashur had hitched a ride with one of the caravans that make frequent trips between El Dorado and New Rome, run by a New Rome native Ashur had known during his Legion days. Out of respect for his bride, they don't openly talk about their history or what they've done together-- instead, it's a shared camraderie, and shared optimism for New Rome's future.

He's a good man these days, that Brutus, though he's put on some weight from a lack of exercise and a newfound alcoholism. Like many Japanese, he struggles to hold his liquor, and is often red-faced. But he likes to pass the time with cards, and stories, and whittling bits of scrap wood.

It was a pleasant time.

But now the trip is over, and the couple has made it to New Rome. Before seeing any of the sights, Ashur brought her to the temple of Mars that dominates the settlement's center, a massive white-painted building of clay styled to look like marble. There's a quiet, holy hum in the air, a sense of reverence; unlike so much of the wasteland, old and withered, this temple is kept clean, well-lit, a relic of an older world.

"Behold Mars, my bride," the giant rumbles, his hand around hers, standing beneath the imperious statue. Its base is slick with blood old and new. "The god of war, who cleansed the wicked earth in fire."
Celeste     Celeste looked as though she had enjoyed herself on the way from El Dorado to New Rome. She laughed and joked, shared conversation with Brutus and Ashur, and simply had a good time. A request was given to Brutus in the way of Celeste asking him to whittle a doll of her, and as she said goodbye she thanked the man for agreeing.

    Now standing at Ashur's side in the temple, the blonde looks up and stares at the statue they stand before. "I haven't seen anything like this before.." she murmurs low, her voice kept soft and almost quiet. They're in a temple, after all, and it just feels right.

    Celeste glances over to you and lifts her brows, murmuring, "This is impressive.. Thank you for bringing me." Her hand gives his a soft, lingering squeeze before she releases it and asks, "Do you mind?" The blonde smiles and then nods towards the statue before she moves towards it, stopping just inches away. She closes her eyes and listens to the silence in the temple.
Ashur "Outside the Legion, many have strayed from faith," declares Ashur-- his voice booms like cannon shot even here. "The tribals have their animist beliefs, and some still hold to the Christian God of old, whose word is written in the Good Book; Sister Tina, a nun in El Dorado, once told me of it."

He walks forward, releasing her hand, and draws toward the shadow of Mars. The tip of his divine spear is thrust to the ground where Ashur now stands. As if in defiance of that godly will, the bull lifts his gaze to the statue's face-- and how similar they are in aspect, the gods of war, fierce and dominant. Ashur may believe in Ares' divinity, but he does not offer him service or subjugation.

"Take your time, mine," and he curls a finger along the back of her neck, teasing at the metal there. "Mm.. this temple should be greater, and with a greater splendor; I have heard a few of the priestesses mention robbers taking holy items. The walls, the pews, the alcoves-- all should be adorned in tapestry, and shield, and the vestments of Mars." He clenches a hand into a fist. "After Mexico, I will help hunt them down."
Celeste     Your words are met with silence for a moment until Celeste's eyes open and she slowly turns around to face you. Her lips tug to a gentle smirk and she says, "After Dunwich as well, mm?" She gives you a teasing grin. Is she being rotten? Yes, she is.

    Celeste moves away from the statue then and takes your hand once more, lacing her fingers between yours as she moves. "Show me more of this city. I want to see it all.. Show me where you were thinking of staying," she requests with an upward glance and a soft smile.
Ashur Ashur turns, smiles, and flicks your forehead, looking down at you. "I heard it said that the magnum chasma-- the great abyss-- is where Mars' spear struck the earth, and from that terrible wound bled all the fires of Hell."

His golden eyes shift and alight upon that spear. The artistry in its creation is evident, yet it could not cut the earth; it is fire-seared clay, stone at best. For all the stories, the spear of Mars is as lost as the Lancea Longini. What is here is pale imitation. But, oh, it is fierce looking, indeed.

"Come. There is much to see, my little one; we'll spend a day or two here."

The braided bull turns and strides out, one hand holding yours, the other folded behind his back. His pace is stately-- it makes up for his legs being so much longer than yours.

The godly statue fades into the background, shimmering in the coruscant light of the stained glass.
Celeste     Celeste is happy to follow after you, and she move along easily, only pausing once to give a last look towards the statue before she steps out. The young woman remains at your side, taking in the sights of the city as they move.