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Owner Pose
Iris Lark     The sun is setting in Shantytown, and if it wasn't for the smell of the place it might be charming. The light glistening off of the rusted buildings is charming, if you're not downwind.

One of the cleaner buildings in the morass is the Clinic, Iris doesn't stand for dirt, grime or blood on her floors. She moves around the clinic, giving dinner to some of the patients in for a while as she gathers supplies, just in case.
Archene Caine At such time, a not actually blodied person comes walking in wearing a rather dusty duster. Though by the way he has a hand over an arm, he is more than likely hurt. The pained, moderatedly pale face and the unsteady steps probably are also a clue to his current situation.
Iris Lark     Iris turns and spots the man limping in and she wordlessly gestures for him to get onto one of the examination tables. "So what did you do to your arm?" She asks, pulling the table with the supplies on it closer. "Take off the duster, and let me get a look, if you please?"
Archene Caine "Just a little thing," He says. He follows over to the table bfore sitting on it, "I thought it'd get better soon," he said. And then he took off his duster. Well, there is a boatfly bite on his arm. The wound is more than clearly infected. Really, it is hard to think how someone would think something like that would just get better.
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at the wound and then at Archene, an eyebrow slightly raised. "You thought this would get better soon? Oh well, sit back now, I'm going to have to drain it and then pack it with some poultice. You'll need to come back for a bit of a follow up." She pauses as she gets out a sharp knife. "Do you have something to bite down on, by chance?"
Vera Off in the waiting area, snoring can be heard. Yes, there off in the corner, with her hat pulled way down is Vera. Has she been there since last night, hard to say...but she is there at the moment snoozing away.
Kaelyn Kae wanders into the place, the big girl still sucking air a bit as she walks. When she steps to the middle of the room, she takes a deep breath, wincing a bit before she grips her ribs somewhat, the girl's arms crossining under her bustline while she glances around... "I feel like I got hit by a truck.." CORA comments "That giant worm thing was bigger than a truck, so close!" Kae blinks and frowns "Gee, thanks."
Jacqueline The door opens again, just enough to accommodate a peeking face. Jackie steps in a second later, shutting the door behind her. "Hello again! Oh, wow... Kae, you look awful. Does it hurt very much? Is there any way I can help?"
She looks over the nearby man as well, frowning thoughtfully. "I guess you're hurting too, huh?" she says sympathetically."
Archene Caine "How'd I know that this time I'd get worse?" Archene groans slightly before sitting back down onto the table, as for the next thing he did, he took some some little bundle of textitle from a pocket before well, biting on it. With that he only looked at the doctor... hoping that this would be more likely to end soon.
Vera Vera makes a yawning noise, almost dropping her carbine...pushing back her hat just a bit. "People still bleeding around here?" As she stretches out her arms a bit.
Iris Lark     Iris turns and winces as she does, catching sight of Jackie. "Oh good, a body. Come over here and hold him down, I need to lance his bite." She leans in and puts herself bodily on Archene, grabbing his arm with one hand and without much preamble, drawing the blade against the bite. Pus spurts out and Iris cocks her head to the side, gazing at the oozing wound in a fairly clinical manner. "More pus than I thought."
Archene Caine Archene tilts his head slightly as he looks at Iris with a face that very like means to say 'you don't say' even as his teeth visibly grit harder at the miscellaneous textile bundle.
Jacqueline "Okay..." Looking a bit uncertain, Jackie moves to hold down Archene's shoulders. "Though I guess I should point out that he's a /lot/ bigger than me..."
Iris Lark     "If he hits you.." Iris says, leaning back and squeezing at the wound. "I'll club him with the slugger." She reaches for some whiskey and sighs. "This is a waste of good booze, but ..this is rather infected." She glances at Archene and then back at the wound. "Surprised it took you so long to come here."
Archene Caine Archene blinks at the doctor's statement, but seems rather comfortable with the not-tall girl helping to hold him down. He doesn't struggle that much though! He does wince and grit his teeth a bit more, certainly, he is sad at the wanton waste of whiskey. He looks a bit down at the doctor's last words. He only certainly came BECAUSE it got that bad! Why'd he come if it wasn't a bad situation?
Jacqueline Being slender in addition to not-tall, Jacqueline can only do her best to hold the wounded man down, lacking the muscle and the sheer /mass/ to have much effect. "Doc... hurry..?" she requests, even though he's not struggling that much. Even that rocks her from side to side!
Iris Lark     Iris sees Archene watching her, and she gazes right back at him, shaking her head back and forth before she pours the whiskey on the wound. She then begins to clean it up, and after packing it with a poultice, dresses it. "Next time, do come before it gets this bad - pus is usually a sign of something bad. It being red for longer than a day or two, another sign." She stands back once the bandage is on and smiles at the man. "That will be fifty caps."
Vera Vera stand up from her chair, "This place really does seem to get a lot of businesss, doesn't it? Might want to think about franchise opportunities."
Kaelyn Kae glances back to Jackie "Ribs..." she says matter of factly and gives a pained smile... "It'll be good, CORA says bruising and the like, so just need to get checked up and get a little rest." She says, then watches Iris work on Archene curiously. "Yay for blunt force Trauma huh?" She adds and starts by at least getting down to her skinsuit so she can be checked by the dock, when she gets around to the tall pointy-eared fem.
Archene Caine Archene lets out a sigh after the wound is dressed, taking the bundle out of his mouth, wiping his mouth with it then putting it in his pocket. He looks at the Jacqueline before giving her half a smile, "Thank you for that, and sorry if I rocked you too hard." He chuckles quietly before he starts digging caps off his duster and hands them over to the doctor, "You know, that kind of whiskey isn't that expensive at the Saloon, you know?" He says half-jokingly as he hands over the caps.
Iris Lark     Iris pats Archene on the shoulder and shrugs. "I don't get to the Saloon very often." She says, stuffing the caps into a pouch. "I want to see you back here in four days, so I can check to make sure you're not getting sepsis." She waggles a finger at him. "I'll come find you if I don't see you here. Fair warning."
Jacqueline "Sometimes I think she has a point," Jackie admits, nodding in the direction of the formerly-snoring soldier. "You get a lot of people through that door, Doc Iris."
She glances at Kae, wincing in sympathy. "I know how you feel. I'm still nursing a broken rib. At least the meds and the wrappings keep it from hurting so much."
The sigh brings her back to Archene, and she lets go, shaking her hands to get some feeling back. She'd been gripping so hard she'd lost circulation. "No trouble. Okay, not /much/ trouble, but you were hurt and all. How'd you get that, anyway? It must've hurt!"
Kaelyn Kae smiles and looks from person to person now, and glances to Iris "Soooo, can I get me a good rib wrap and get checked out now? Was kind of murder walking here from where I got this." she says, the girl then chuckling a bit nervously... "Got smacked by the tail of some kinda worm/snake thing that was bigger'n a buss..."
Archene Caine Archene chuckles quietly at Iris before saying, "It is a good place, if you do need to find me, I'll be there. And would be quite glad to pay you a drink. After we are sure that there is nothing that will making my arm fall off." He chuckles as he stands up, putting his duster back on, after a try, or two. Who'd count?

He looks over at Jacqueline, "I was taking a walk, then a boatfly bit me, then it was dead. Then I keep having my walk. I thought it would be fine, went to have some drinks, then woke up and it wasn't as fine as you were able to see." He chuckles.
Iris Lark     "Of course you can get checked out and wrapped up, but keep in mind, I was in the same place with you and I have two cracked ribs as well." Iris takes a breath and rubs at the bridge of her nose. She doesn't get many breaks. "Hop up on an exam table, I'll take care of you, and then see if I can find someone to wrap my ribs up." She eyes Archene and smiles at his offer for a drink, but walks away without saying if she'll show up for it.
Jacqueline "Bloatfly? Ugh! Those things are totally gross!" Jackie exclaims, grimacing painfully. "I mean, they're so full of gas they blow up when you hit them, and they shoot disgusting /maggots/ at you. It makes me sorry they make such great sandwiches when you cook 'em right. You were right to come get that treated, Mister... oh, right. We haven't been introduced. I'm Jackie!" she says, almost bouncing as she offers Archene her hand.
She glances back at Kae. "I hope I don't have to hold you down, too. That'd hurt... and I like you too much to want to hurt you, Miss Kaelyn."
Kaelyn Kae smiles and hops up on the table as directed, the girl only in that skin-suit of hers now, the hexagonal weave of the fabric shining lightly, and yah, it's skin tight, so the whole rather rediculous figure of the female is quite on display at this point. She holds her arms out to the side nad nods to Iris "Yup, I remember that... If I was trained as a Medic I'd help..."
Archene Caine "Sadly, I'm no cook and, I was in a hurry.. else, on hindsight..." Archene hmmms, "But really, they are only bad if they hit you, like this. Otherwise, they are as tame as the wasteland can be." He chuckles before smiling at her say, "I'm Archene Caine, pleasure to meet you Jackie." With that, he takes her hand, shakes it as far from roughly as he can.
Iris Lark     "Yes, always the doctor, never the patient." Iris murmurs, sighing softly before she works on wrapping Kaelyn so her ribs won't move and possibly puncture a lung. She finishes and holds out a salve. "This will keep the bruising from getting out of hand, it's got something in it to help with the pain."
Jacqueline "They're /still/ gross," Jackie replies, sticking out her tongue and making an awful face. But in an instant her smile returns. "Cool to meet you, Mister Archene!" she adds, shaking his hand. "Hope you'll remember to come again next time you get hurt... /after/ you get hurt, not later. Works better that way."
She looks to the treatment taking place, wincing in sympathy. "I didn't know you were hurt too, Doc. Is there any way I can help?"
Her eyes stray to Kae. "Nice outfit, Miss Kaelyn! Where'd you find that?"
Kaelyn Kae glances to Jackie and laughs "I came with it when I left the incubation chamber. It helps CORA keep track of my vitals.. Also helps to better regulate temperature than regular clothes..." She then grins slightly... "And even better? It kinda looks good."
Jacqueline "Um... you might want it out of the way so Doc Iris can wrap your ribs, Miss Kae. Otherwise, going to the bathroom might be kind of a problem 'til they heal," Jackie points out, covering her mouth to keep in the giggles. Her dark eyes still twinkle with suppressed humor, though.
Archene Caine Archene chuckles quietly at Jackie before grinning a bit, "I'll try to come around quicker next time, don't worry. For now, I should go back to the Sallon, bets to bid and drinks to drink." He begins to stretch his arm before wincing, taking a deep breath before even saying, "But before then, some rest. This was my drinking arm." He waves with his other arm, "See you sometime, Jackie. Doctor."
Iris Lark     Iris steps back, having already completed the wrapping and she turns to nod Archene, raising her hand to wave to him before she turns back to Kaelyn. "That will be fifty caps, please." She murmurs, turning briefly to put away her supplies.
Kaelyn Kae doesn't have much, but she digs through and pulls 50 caps out of her pocket.. "Doesn't leave much left." She mutters, but hands them over... "Here ya go..." she says and holds them out to Iris before offering a bit of a sheepish smile.