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Owner Pose
Harlan      Harlan is lounging on the metal frame sofa staring up at the bottle chandlier. Gray shirt and brown pants, both rough spun.. he's not exactly sharply dressed, but he's comfortable. His thick arms folded behind his head, his foot bobs in the air with his leg slung over an arm rest. The door is unlocked, the blacksmith not really worried about hostile visitors in Acme. He hums quietly to himself and tries to avoid touching his stitches.
Iris Lark     Iris walks in and glances around, looking for Harlan. "Harlan, are you in here?" She calls out as she steps into the living space. She finds him lounging around and walks up to take a seat beside him. "I came to check up on you, how're you feeling?"
Harlan      Harlan beams a grin as he sees his visitor. "Aww thanks, Iris. I'm feeling a lot better. A little woozy here and there, but give me a week and I'll be back up to full snuff." He stretches and scratches the back of his neck then eyes her curiously. "And how are -you- feeling? You about scared me half to death in the clinic."
Iris Lark     "I'm sorry, I uhm.." Iris gazes down at her hands as she fidgets quietly. "The words that she said, they brought back some bad memories and I believe it just overwhelmed me a little bit, that's all." She smiles at Harlan and reaches out to pat his arm. "Thank you for being concerned though, I appreciate you."
Harlan      Harlan chuffs a laugh and shakes his head at her. "Well, I can understand things be traumatizing. Definitely can.. and your welcome. Appreciation is mutual. Though you know.. you are welcome to visit when not on a wellness call." He grins a bit and sits up on the sofa. "Maybe play checkers or something."
Iris Lark     "What's checkers?" Iris asks, shifting until her feet are up and her legs are cuddled to her chest. She purses her lips and shrugs. "One of these days I'll let go of my past, and ..I'll probably be a lot better for it, I think." She glances around and smiles. "I'll try to visit more though."
Harlan      "It's a game.. Just need a little grid and some caps to play it. I'll have to show you some time." He hums thoughtfully and pokes her knee with a finger. "Don't necessarily have to let it go.. Just have to accept it as part of you. It's the fire that has tempered you into the woman you are today." He nods. "Justify past pain by the good you do today."
Iris Lark     "I'm just doing the same thing I was when I was in the camps." Iris replies, resting her chin on the knee after the poke. "The only difference is, I don't get whipped when someone complains that they're still in pain when I'm done with them." She smirks and quirks an eyebrow at Harlan. "Caps and a grid, huh?"
Harlan      Harlan growls a little bit at the mental image of her being whipped. "Fuckin' Legion...". He nods to her. "Yea, caps and a grid. Need two sets of different lookin' ones though. Its a came where you take turns you see.. moving a cap diagonally. If there's one of your opponent's cap there, you can jump over them and take it.. there's a few more rules, but it's pretty straight forward." He hums. "Yep, checkers, a decent drink, and few stories.. That's a good evening, if you ask me."
Iris Lark     "I agree, you can tell most of the stories though." Iris says, her eyes on Harlan. "You don't like mine, I can tell." She gazes towards the door as she continues to speak. "Sadly, I have very few actual happy stories."
Harlan      Harlan nudges her. "If that's the case, we need to work on that. You and me.. or maybe the whole crew. Go and make some good memories and happy stories.. They are nice to have. Kind of.. like a reserve when you are feeling low." He turns to face her. "I like learning more about you, Iris.. I just.. well.. want to knock a few heads when I hear about the abuse."
Iris Lark     "Well for over twenty years of my life, that was my..everything." Iris replies, shrugging a shoulder. "After a while you get skilled enough so that you're not in trouble as often, but people like that will always find trouble with you." She smiles at Harlan and shakes her head slowly. "I agree with the finding and making new memories. I'd really like to get together with the team to do something other than save someone."
Harlan      Harlan frowns lightly but tries not to dwell on Iris's past. "Yea, we should plan something. Poker game.. some storytelling.. some kind of party." He scratches his cheek. "Not I'm exactly a great organizer. Maybe we can talk Alice into it." Harlan looks Iris's way again. "Planned or not, think I'll have to start dragging you out of the clinic to have some fun."
Iris Lark     "You won't have to tug hard, I need some time away." Iris replies, grinning slightly as she gazes at Harlan. "You can teach me this poker and checkers thing, and maybe I can have sme fun with it."
Harlan      "Won't have to ask me twice.. Happy to teach you a few games.. And more then happy to drag a beautiful woman out of her toil to go have some fun.. Call me crazy." He puts a hand over his heart. "It's a hard job.. but I suppose I can do it."
Iris Lark     Iris laughs and she reaches out to squeeze Harlan's hand. "You're too much, Harlan. If keeping me busy and teaching me new games keeps you out of Dunwich, I'm all for it." She chuckles softly and quirks a brow. "There you go with the beautiful thing again."
Harlan      He chuckles lowly and drapes his arm over the back of the couch. "Well, you are.. Iris. And anyone who says different is absolutely out of their gourd." He rubs his chin through his beard. "Or just blind.." He nods, "I made you a promise, staying out of Dunwich.. period."
Iris Lark     Iris flushes pink and gazes down at her knees as she speaks. "Well, thank you Harlan, but it hasn't done me many favors. I'd gladly be homely and plain." She murmurs quietly before she gazes back up at the man across from her. "Thank you for that promise, I do appreciate it."
Harlan      Harlan grins a bit at her blush. "Well, it might not be doing you any favors.. but well, combine it with your good personality.. and it makes you pretty damn good company to keep, Iris." He leans forward, "And if anyone gives you any trouble for your beauty, I think there are at least a few of us who will sock'em good on your behalf."
Iris Lark     Iris covers her face with her hands and after a moment and a burble of startled laughter she shakes her head. "New subject! Lets discuss all the nice things you've been doing for the store. Are you enjoying it?" She asks, hiding her face a bit behind her knees.
Harlan Harlan squints at her. "Not so sure, I want to let you off the hook so easily.. Might like to shower you with a few more compliments." He chuckles playfully. "I guess I can be merciful.. As for the store, that's in my own interest too. It's great to have the outlet. I've made at least some caps through it."
Iris Lark     "Did you ever think this is where you would be, right now?" Iris asks, gazing at Harlan with slightly wide eyes. "I mean, when you thought about your future, surely you figured you would be at a certain place, doing certain things."
Harlan Harlan waves a hand. "Maybe once upon a time I thought I knew what the future would bring.. but that's changed. I find this life a bit easy to live if you drop some of the expectations and just look around.. Take in the good, push away the bad. Otherwise, you get stuck in this cycle of dwelling on things lost or things that never happened." He grins, "That's not to say.. don't have dreams. It just means.. don't be super specific about them."
Iris Lark     "So you have..non specific dreams then?" Iris asks, not budging from the subject. She tilts her head slightly and after a moment, grins. "I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."
Harlan      "My dream is to have good people in my life, and the ability and opportunity to do good work." He nods assertively. "I might have some more.. short-term wants.. but well, that's my dream in a nutshell. Right now, I seem to be living it."
Iris Lark     Iris glances around, as if she thinks someone might be spying and she leans in towards Harlan. "One day I'm going to get a fancy dress." She confides, a grin on her face. "For no other reason than just to have one." She lets out a soft sigh and leans back again. "Lame, huh?"
Harlan      Harlan grins at her. "That's not lame at all. That's a very sensible dream, and I look forward to seeing you in that fancy dress." He gives her a playful wink. "Though if you get all fancy, that means that some of us might have to dapper up too." He squints at the thought.
Iris Lark     "I've always wanted something new, and just for me. All of my clothes are hand me downs, or scavenged." Iris shrugs and chuckles softly as she stretches her legs out. "Too many things to get and buy, it'll be a dream for a bit longer, I think."
Harlan      Harlan gives her a good once over, his eye for detail suddenly being applied to her dimensions. He takes a few quick mental notes just in case he comes across something when he's -NOT- in Dunwich. "Bet it'll happen sooner or later.. Maybe the team could have a fancy party one day."
Iris Lark     "After we get back from Mexico, I think...we're all going to be going, or at least some of us. I don't really want to, but I won't leave ya'll without a healer." Iris states, glancing down at herself. "Eventually I'll need to ..pick up more armor."
Harlan Harlan raises an eyebrow at her. "You need armor? You just need to ask. I've definitely got some armor to spare if you are lacking in protection. Just let me know what you need and its yours, Iris. I'll even make sure it's fitted nicely."
Iris Lark     Iris squirms for a second and shakes her head. "I'll get it from you when I can properly pay for it, I've got leather armor for now, and it's been doing okay." She says, deciding it's a bad idea to mention what happened earlier. "Are you going to Mexico when they head out?"
Harlan      Harlan rubs his chin. "Ahem, if I want to give you armor, you better let me give you armor.. otherwise I'll pin you to the ground and slap it on you." He nods firmly. "I was thinking about it.. Something needs to be done. I'll definitely go if you are going."
Iris Lark     Iris wrinkles her nose and doesn't say anything for a few moments, her eyes drifting around the room as she considers. "I don't want to go, but I won't let any of our team go alone, so if anyone goes, I go." She looks at Harlan and smiles. "I appreciate your..wanting to keep me safe."
Harlan      "Well, I guess we have our policy then. If someone else from the team goes, we'll both go to give them back up." He returns the smile. "And I appreciate you patching me together.. It's a healthy partnership if you ask me." He leans back. "Besides, I can't help myself. Told you I'm a bit smitten. Makes me a little bias."
Iris Lark     "I still think you could do a lot better than a broken person like me." Iris quietly replies, her cheeks pink as she reaches out to gently squeeze Harlan's hand. "You're too fine of a person, and someone better would take very good care of you."
Harlan      He squeezes her hand back between his calloused fingers. "Don't think you are broken.. but even if you are, I'm good with broken things. Fix them up, make them shiny and new again." He rolls his eyes. "I'm all beat up and scarred.. rough around the edges. Think you are giving me too much credit and yourself too little."
Iris Lark     "Could be, or..well, who knows really." Iris says, getting to her feet and stretching, her arms reaching for the ceiling. "I should get going though, before we get too into the subject and I blush myself into a stroke." She grins crookedly and holds out her arms. "Can I have a hug though? I could use one."
Harlan      Harlan rises from the couch and draws her between his arms for a good firm hug. "Better take care of yourself if that's possible to do.. because you are awfully fun to make blush, Iris." He chuckles deeply, the sound a rumble in his chest. "Be safe out there, stop by any time." He places a kiss upon her scalp.
Iris Lark     "You're going to get sick of me if you make invites like that, Harlan." Iris says, rising on her toes to kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you for having me over, next time you come by, either Acme or the Clinic, I'll make you some food or something." She turns towards the door and pauses before she adds. "Or maybe a picnic, that'd be fun."
Harlan      "If you feed me, you can't get rid of me. It's unwritten law of the universe. You'll be absolutely stuck with me." He gains a slight red tint at the kiss on the cheek. "A picnic sounds nice. Let's call it a date. Bet we can find a nice place to sit down and have a bite."
Iris Lark     "I'll see what I can cook up then. Good night, Harlan." Iris murmurs, slipping out of the door.