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Martin     Martin Has been getting seattled into the area. Trying to get a meeting with the mayor is proving to be a bit tricky. Though she is probably a very busy lady, with her business on top of her civil duty. And in the mean time, his estate is still tied up with the Legion, Martin's saving are starting to look a bit thin, and hes trying to make ends meet up with doing a bit of trading. He's taking up the ammo trading game, and making lists of the resident list of who has whats. And its just easier to do things softly.
    Its like fishing. You can try to fish with ten lines, all over the lake, but you'll get way more fish know where to sink the line. And hes manage to get contact with Zealot Shreya, that he has some .308 ammo. Martin doesn't know for certain that she uses .308 but he feels pretty strongly she does, and manage to get a meet out here, of all places.
    One of the defunct and cleanly picked ghost towns around El Darrdo. It should be save enough. And in the mean time, Martin has gotten something resembling a chair, and something resembling a table and something resembling umbrella, as hes waiting in the Chihuahuan desert for her.
Zealot Shreya It wasnt particularly skillful to know that the woman walking around everywhere with a .308 sniper rifle on her back might need ammunition for it. Rumors tell you that she has is most often seen around Roswell and is establishing some sort of cult settlement there. Its easy to spot her as she trudges down one of the cleared streets. Most of the citizens of Roswell are ghouls. Your smooth skin makes you look out of place. Shreya is not a ghoul but with her bizarre facial tattoos and strange robes, its easy to pick her from the rest. She approaches you though of course not on purpose.
Martin     Martin 10mm pistol is on the table, in an easily grabbed position incase the locals got a bit upitty. He says, as she walks by, "I never had much trouble with ghouls. I've worked with plenty of them. And everyone that still has a mind to them, has so many stories they like to share. Its a damn damn shame when they can't share those stories anymore. He says to her.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks over at you as you draw her attention. "Oh...I did not see you there. The Forsaken of Atom begin in this way, those who refuse to atone and use the immortality given them in order to spread the word are forsaken. What you call feral ghouls. I am here to save who I can ere we are all reunited in glorious division. What are you selling?"
Martin     Martin holds up one finger to her, as he reaches into his satchel then pulls one shiny .308, then another .308 and then another. "I've heard a few things about yea. And well, I'll be honest most of its not my bag, but I do see you carry a mighty big gun. And its always good to have ammo on you." He says, as he starts to play with one of the rounds in his hands. "I just happen to have twenty five rounds of .308. Not a single bit of pitina on the casing. I was curious if you were interested in it?" He asks, gives her a wide smile.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Yeah I might be for the right price. I can find them almost anywhere for 3 caps each. I assume you are going to offer me something better I wouldnt find in El Dorado?"
Martin     Martin nods at her, "Yes, you are correct ma'am." He holds up two fingers to her, "2 resources each. Every 3 bullets you buy from me, is like getting one free." He tries to sell her on the sale.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes one of the bullets and examines it closely. "Yes the quality does look well enough. You have a deal." She looks over his table. "Is that all you sell is ammunition?"
Martin Martin says, "For now. I'm moving into El Darrado. Though if it shows to be a good bit of pick up cash, I'll probably be keeping it up. Eventually, I'll be opening up a place for my own. And ghouls are welcome. Though please understand, not these one here. Its not that I habor any malice to them, they just forgot how to spend caps, and have a tedency to eat people."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya snorts. "There are many ghouls here you could trade with, the problem is that there are both. You see the ferals dont attack ghouls as they see their own I think. Good insurance to keep scavvers and raiders away for them. But its ok, they probably dont like you much either. Cant argue with the price though. There is one other thing."
Martin     Martin tries to keep a steady smile, but places both hands on the table, making them closer to his gun. He plays it off as twirling his finger around one of the rounds. "Oh whats that?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "If you sell me bad ammunition and I dont die, youll be getting a rather unfriendly present from me. There is no law out here wastelander." She counts out the 50 caps from her purse onto the table."
Martin Martin claps his hands together, "I couldnt sell very much if what I sold blew up rifles. Its fine. Its good stock." He says, as he pulls out the rest, and places it on the table. "And I hope to be selling more to everyone in the future."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya winks and begins filling magazines from her satchel. Apparently she used to have more rounds that were fired. The one in her rifle must be full as she doesnt touch it. "If its good we will do business again."