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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's been a rather busy day, folks buzzing around town as preparations are being made to venture into Mexico. Kurokumo's reclining in her office chair, eyes closed as she tries to get a catnap before anyone else arrives. Her hand slides over her abdomen, the slight bulge no longer able to stay hidden from prying eyes as she tries to keep it from getting cold.
Emily Through the door comes Emily, a little pain evident on her face, and she's currently left her armor at home. "Heya, is there a doctor about?" she calls out as she glances about, attention shifting over towards the lounging Kuro a bit and she starts her way.
Ashur Ashur has abandoned the trappings of Rome; the golden behemoth is no longer adorned in the white toga or the titanic plates of steel that comprise his power armor. He is in a simple tunic of thick cloth, that starts at the neck and ends above the knee, exposing much of the man's musculature; he is all brute force and scar and hair, thighs thick as trees, biceps like his bride's torso, shoulders a half dozen people could sit upon-- but most impressive of all is not the godly physique, no.

It is the queer armor he seems to admire with every look and motion. The man's upper body is wrapped in it like coccoon; a molten thing of coruscant reds and oranges, yellows and blacks, living fire that shifts in the light. Its make is some sort of leather, the hide of a monster, and it makes the air around it shimmer from heat, and is warm to the touch.

The piece is one of a kind, surely-- yet there is something Wrong about it, an atavistic dread; it makes the hair of other people stand on end, and goosepimples their skin.. even as it seems to soothe Ashur, and make his golden eyes burn with a fervent light.

"My Kumo!", he calls, pushing through the front door. "Come; before I leave, you are mine for the day."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo jerks in her chair, snorting as a pair of voices yank her out of her reverie. Never enough sleep, until she's dead that is. Pushing herself up from her desk, the Doctor walks out of her office into the waiting room, spotting both Emily and Ashur. She blinks in adversion to the eyesore that her husband is wearing. "Of course, D-" Kurokumo catches herself, eyes darting warily at Emily. "Dear husband. Let me fix Emily up first, and I'll be all yours." Her words are mildy slurred from the brifest of naps.
Emily "Thanks." Emily says to Kuro, flashing a glance towards the man wearing the wierd leather armor before her attention returns to Kuro, "I'll be quick then so your husband can have you back." She says, "I got slammed pretty hard in the chest by this I dunno, mutant worm thing the other night. I kinda wonder if I maybe cracked a rib or something."
Ashur In the dimmer light of the clinic's interior, Ashur's armor settles into a gleaming red-black; he wears it like a second skin, a hardened carapace of steel-like plates woven with brighter red cracks like the mortar between bricks. The texture is hard, bumpy, rigid, and the bits on his shoulders have small growths like spikes-- and one actual spike.

It's reptilian, for those familiar with such. It has the same feel and patterns as a deathclaw's hide, for those even more familiar. And it is an evil, evil thing.

"Mm," the man rumbles, glancing toward Emily. In his hurried lust for his wife and narcissistic self-admiration, he had entirely missed the slender woman. "Never a dull moment, mine; go on, I will wait." He nods to Emily and makes a shoo-ing motion with his hand, directing her toward Kumo.

"Mutant worm?" Now he actually follows; he's curious, it sounds like story time.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Mutant worm??" Kurokumo must still be dreaming, as she motions Emily to one of the chairs while bringing her medkit over. "I swear, ya'll find some of the weirdest shit. I need you to lift your shirt so I can look. Need a private room, or for Ashur to leave?" She still gives a worried look towards the rather gruesome looking armor that her husband wears.
Emily "Depends if you want any clients to get an eyeful or whatever if they walk in the door." Emily says as she starts over towards the chair that Kurokumo gestures her towards and moves to sit herself down. "And yeah, I didn't get a real good look at it, but it was dark. It was eating books or something in a library, I dunno much more then that really though.."
Ashur "I do not like bookworms," the Legionnaire declares, massive arms folding across that barrel chest. His eyes trail over Kumo as she works, displaying little interest in Emily's injury or potential eyefuls of her whatevers; why not admire the woman who bears his marks? "Mm. I will give you some privacy," he decides, and turns about-face, stepping to the side. The sheer width of his body more than obscures Kumo and Emily from any who step through the door, and now he can't see a thing, either. "What were you doing at a library?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      It's still kind of funny, and relieving all at the same time, how Ashur is willing to play the part of 'wall' or 'door' to bar the way to Kurokumo or her patients. "I didn't know Book Worms existed." Her fingers are gently prodding, finding the breaks in the ribs that are indicative of injury. On goes the stethocope over her ears, before the circular cup is used to listen. "No blood in the lungs, so that's good."
Emily There is bruising of course, a black and blue whelt across her torso where the worm slammed into her, and she winces just a bit at the poking and prodding that is going on, but Emily nods a little, "Yeah.. that's good." She agrees, "And I guess looking for books. I was just tagging along to help out really."
Ashur Ashur nods and watches the door, idly passing the time with a stoic discipline. "I will never understand the women of El Dorado," he comments in passing, then dismissing the thought with a grunt.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Ashur earns himself a glare from behind his back, from the Doctor who is now applying the salve she uses for soothing such bruised flesh. "This should help with getting it to circulate a bit better, and heal up soon. Take it easy, if you can." Kurokumo works on cleaning everything up, before Emily's shirt comes down and she's tidying up her supplies.
Emily Emily situates her shirt down once Kuro finishes up, nodding a little at Kuro, "I'll try and take it easy but I'm hoping to get on with the trip down to Mexico in the next couple days. So thanks for patching me up, Doc!"
Ashur Ashur feels more than sees the glare Kurokumo gives him when he speaks of a woman's role; uncharacteristically compliant, while he might bristle internally at Emily's assertion of participation in the expedition, he remains quiet, drumming his fingers along his bicep. Eventually, he'll acclimate to El Dorado's culture. Eventually.

"I have had a few lingering injuries myself, Kumo," he speaks, turning and taking the seat after Emily vacates it. "The touch of phantasms and spectral haunts; I awaken from dreams of battle and blood painted in bruise and laceration."

If examined, that much is revealed true; his wrists are marked as if crushed and held by some fearsome strength, there are cuts on his legs, faint friction burns as if from shackles on his ankles and heels.. they are not combat wounds, exactly.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Anytime, Emily." Whatever irksome mood that Kurokumo was having is wiped away when Ashur presents his 'injuries'. Her face blanches, the sight of restraint wounds looking awfully close to what she's seen and experienced under Raider's hands. Her eyes dart to his, looking both pained and sympathetic as she says nothing and begins to clean them. There are questions she wants to ask, but not in mixed company as the ointment is applied liberally.
Hawk      Hawk strolls into the clinic wearing an outfit of the typical roughspun wastelander attire in tan and dark colors which blend in with the local New Mexico wastes. Beneath this attire, is a black body suit mostly just exposed around his neck. The abnormal bit is the bloody bandage wrapped around his head, his hair tugged back into a pony tail to keep it from getting snagged up in the wrapping.
    He folds his arms and leans against a wall waiting for a doctor to become available.
Ashur Ashur is quiet as Kumo attends to his wounds; ultimately, while they don't look good, they are largely superficial, and do not impose any real physical debilitation beyond soreness and pain. He does reach a heavy hand up and pet her head as she does it, though, pulling her down to him to lay a kiss upon her brow. "As healthy as Mars," he decides when her work is complete, flexing a little to test his strength. "I will be more than ready to safeguard the quest for Poseidon."

He rises to his feet after, looking around and noticing the bloodied head of Hawk, and hrms. "But others are not so fortunate, wife. It seems you'll be busy today."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "That...does certainly seem to be the case." What will happen when everyone comes back? Kurokumo wonders to herself. Up the pregnant woman comes from her seat, walking over to Hawk to guide him to the other seat. "Let's take a look..." After Hawk has been settled and still, the Doctor gingerly unwraps the bandaging so not as to start the bleeding again.
Hawk      Hawk always himself to be guided silently. The unveiling of his head reveals a gun-shot wound which grazed off his temple. He grins slightly, "That one probably had my name on it.. or might have saved my life. They thought they'd gotten me.. left me for dead. Pays to play possum sometimes, fewer bullets flying at you." He gives an almost nervous chuckle.
Ashur Ashur hooks a finger under Kumo's chin and lifts her head before she tends to Hawk, claiming her lips with a gentleness few ever see from him. "I will wait in your office, Kumo," he decides, "and rest; I am tired. When you're free, find me."

He leaves her to tend to Hawk after that, vanishing into her room.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's gaze trails after Ashur, giving him a tired smile. "I'll be right there." She takes her time, making sure to clean every bit of clinging dried blood she can before working upon the wound. "You are lucky." She mutters, efforts made to sanitize, apply the right medications, and rebandage the wound the best she can. "That'll help prevent infection. You might want to check in with one of us Docs tomorrow to just to make sure."
Hawk      Hawk gives a slight nod. "Yea, I thought it might need a little cleaning. It was also pulling a bit when I squinted my eyes.. Hell of a headache too." He smiles lightly as the fresh bandages are applied. "I'll do that.. Thanks for the aid, how much do I owe you for the service?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      "30 Caps should do it..." While currency is needed to keep the clinic running, it's usually the last thing on Kumo's mind. She's cleaning up her supplies, giving Hawk a friendly, yet tired smile.
Hawk      Hawk makes a game of performing the payment. Nimble fingers flit and waggle in the air as cap after cap is produced and laid upon the bed beside himself. "Not a problem, every cap is worth it." He grins after performing a little street magic and then hops to his feet. "Thanks again."