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Konno     Kasumi had asked Konno of places to make money, and himself considering she was able to hold her own suggested- "I worked a gig in a place called Jack's Town. Fight club, no weapons. Put on a nice show, get paid." and having apparently caught some level of interest, begun the trek there from El Dorado with Kasumi following.

    He opens the door for Kasumi to follow him inside the club proper with a nod, "It's here. Any consideration what sort of theme you might take on?"
Kasumi     Kasumi considers for a long moment. "Swordsmanship. I am...decent with a blade.", she says. THe woman gives a small smile. "Wait, you said no weapons...Umm, what are the themes then?", she asks.
Konno     Konno smiles to Kasumi, and then answers. "Themes, it's whatever you think you can project. Think of it like part boxing, part acting. Professional fighting, goal's to make it entertaining." he answers.
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Konno a long moment. "Isn't that called Pro-Wrestling?", she asks. The woman looks confused as she watches Konno. "I mean, do we declare whose going to win now? And then act it out? Then why is there betting?", she asks.
Konno     He blinks. "Pro what? Not sure what you mean." hmmmn. Loss of culture! "It's real fighting, just some playing around thrown in. Pretty sure the audience can smell weakness."
Kasumi     Kasumi sighs a bit. "Before the bombs, there was an industry called Pro Wrestling. It was all staged fights with stories. Male Soap Operas. Big muscle men grabbing each other while in oil, acting like they were beating each other up.", she explains. "And no, I will not put on any baby oil on me."
Konno     Konno listens and thinks about it. "Sounds.. appealing to certain groups I'd imagine. But, fights here are real enough. I think I was close to having broken rips or something popped inside my last fight. Then again, that guy was less man than mountain. I bet he'd beat a deathclaw to the ground." he notes. "Now then, do you have an image or persona you're thinking to use?"
Kasumi     Kasumi just looks at Konno. "Ummm, no. I didn't think I would need such things. I mean, I'm probably just going to get beat up out there. I...don't have terribly good hand to hand skills. I'm more stab or shoot it to death, and if it twitches, go to town.", she says.
Konno     Konno chuckles. His eyes go to the ring where a pair of gruff blokes are hammering punches into eachother. Then he walks closer while beckoning Kasumi. "Feel like getting a spar in, then? Warmup should be nice regardless who wins." he chimes
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Konno. "If you fight in there, you'll probably beat the crap out of me.", she says. THe woman sighs. "Alright. I need to get my ass kicked a few times, to see how I stand.", she says. THe woman stretches out.
Konno     Konno smirks. "You honestly think you wouldn't be able to keep up? You're much more imposing than I am." he teases, flashing a pouty wink to Kasumi. He'd have a hard time trying to look intimidating, it's true.
Kasumi     Kasumi just looks at Konno a long moment. "Unless something changed last night, I have these things attached to my chest. Kinda makes big men stare until I kick them in their junk, then shoot them. Thats usually how I handle fist fights.", she says.
Konno     He smirks, "Sounds like an effective strategy." he muses, standing just at the edge of the ring impatiently while the two men up there spend a long moment staring into eachother's eyes, bleeding and about to fall over. Neither seems ready to end it, but neither has the stamina remaining to do anything more. Enough for Konno to watch, confused, curious.
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Konno a moment. "What happends if I just take a two by four, and smack both of them in the head?", she asks. "They arn't going to move for a little bit, and I don't like staring contests.", she says.
Konno     Konno's about to answer before the two men collapse against eachother and fall to the ground in an unconscious heap. With Konno smirking, a moment spends with him positively glowing, then letting out a boistrous giggle and a hand over his mouth.
Kasumi     "Alright, lets go, Mister Giggles. Just try not to laugh too hard as you beat me up.", she tells. The woman moves towards the cage, looking a the two men. She gives one a kick in the arse. "At least I can claim I kicked one ass tonight.", she tells.
Konno     Konno giggles a bit more. "Indeed you can." and then he leans in to whisper to the announcer, flashing him a thumbs up. The man announcing steps up as Konno and Kasumi get onto the stage.

    "Tonight we have another visit from DOCTOR LOVE! His fight with the bull has left him changed- no longer down in his past he has a new lease on life!" with a bit of cheering- Konno had left an impression in his last fight. And then, "Tonight he's showing a newcomer the ropes, POPSICLE GIRL!" Kasumi gets a few catcalls, she is pretty but is otherwise not known.
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a few times as she goes over to her corner. She blinks a few times. Popsicle Girl? And then the catcalls. Oh, no, he didn't. And with the crowd talking like that? Kasumi just gives him this look. "Doctor...Love? Really?", she asks. The woman facepalms a little bit. "I think somebody has had a few too many creamy popsicles...", she comments. The woman lowers her head slightly, and her hands instinctively reach for a blade on her hip...Where there is none...
Konno     Konno giggles, "You didn't give me anything to work with. Popsicle fits, you said you were chilled right?" he offers. Rather than taking a fighting posture he straightens up and adjusts his vest. "Ready to start when you are, let's make his fun." he chimes.
Kasumi     Kasumi rushes forward. Right away, Konno would notice that Kasumi isn't used to fighting without a blade or a gun. Her style needs a weapon. She rushes forward, and her arm swings out, way short...
Konno     Konno's a bit more used to that sort of combat, and so the short swing is caught by Konno. He's a playful fighter anyway, and he'll use that grip to pull Kasumi in close with an amused expression and a knee raised for her belly, "You need to come in closer if you want your hits to count."
Kasumi     Kasumi growls a bit before the air is knocked out of her. She gasps a bit, but twists her body, going under Konno's arm. If she was carrying a blade, that would of went through his stomach, save...once more, Kasumi misses again, cause she has used weapons for far too long. She only really knows how to fight with weapons, then when her fists.
Konno     Konno glances down and blinks. "It looks like I'm going to have to teach you a few things myself!" making a small bit of distance and skittering to the side. Circling Kasumi a short bit before he skips forward to move in and hit a closed fist where his knee had struck when he hit the ground to shove her back.
Kasumi     Kasumi squeaks a bit as she's hit again in the stomach. She stumbles back, and takes a moment to adjust herself. Her instincts have her sheathing the imagined blade, dropping into a draw stance. She's starting to get a little irked as she tries to control her breathing.
Konno     Konno watches, shifting himself into a different stance, "Come on." he invites, "Get a nice hit in! Let's not keep this one sided" he cheers, "Maybe I have been having too many creamcicles.."
Kasumi     Kasumi slides her foot forward, then she shuffles the other up. She keeps walking towards him, as if she has a sword. The womn isn't quite learning, before she tries to do a sidekick at Konno. As if thats really going to work....
Konno     Konno gets clipped by the kick and leans into it, curling around Kasumi's leg as much as he can with a groan. A heated sound that has his hands gripping her calf and knee during to keep her stuck on one leg right there. "Better." he chimes
Kasumi     The woman grins evilly! Yay! He grabbed! The woman jumps towards Konno, trying to use her own leg as a platform. Kasumi turns her leg, and tries to kick Konno in the back of the head, and then drops her wait as she grabs his wrist. She's going for a one arm armbar.
Konno     Konno's surprised by Kasumi's agility, given a nice headkick and losing his own balance. Starting to fall as she goes for that grab- he spins during his fall to land on his back rather than his face so he can atleast attempt to regain sente while staring up for Kasumi- provided she didn't get mushed under him!
Kasumi     Kasumi watches as he lands on his back. As the woman is falling, she twists, and lands back first, dropping both heels down, one towards the face, and one towards the stomach/just beyond the border area. She sits up, and tries to drop a fist on his chest. She...hits like she's like a teenage girl though...
Konno     Konno makes a protest as he curls to the side to avoid the faceheel, suffering the other one fully as well as her girlypunch afterwards. Instead of making a counterstrike he darts hand out to grasp at Kasumi's shoulder and swing her overhead to pin her onto the floor and keep her in a hold- failing that it should be a good time to get somewhat onto his feet.
Kasumi     Kasumi gets tossed over, and she rolls up to her feet. She gets back into that sword stance. The woman is breathing very heavily at this point, and looking worse for wear. She mutters a little bit.
Konno     Konno comes back up to his feet, breath catching a little. "You ready to give in yet? Or are we still going?" he chimes brightly and flashes a bright smile to Kasumi.
Kasumi     Kasumi just glares daggers at Konno. Yeah, it better be one hellva date. She's been royally embrassed. And royally pissed.
Konno     Konno remains patient for the response, straightening into his 'fighting stance' again with a wink. "Are we done?" he chimes brightly, "One of us has to lose, unless we're both going to fall over out cold."
Kasumi     The woman rushes in. She gets close enough, she throws her fists in almost a child like tamtrum with little skill in it, save for that knee that is rising quickly at Konno's....junk region....
Konno     Konno's fine with the flailing, it's that knee that gets his attention. Again he curls around Kasumi's limb and squeaks, "Hey, careful with that!" he exclaims, his tone having gotten.. steamy. "You might just make it harder for me to keep control."
Kasumi     Kasumi tries a backhand. Openhanded. Yes, she just tried to slap him like that. The woman si not a hand to hand fighter, and everyone is starting to realize it....
Konno     Konno interrupts the backhand with a strong, straight rise of his arm to block it. "I forefeit! Her passion is too great for me to cure." he admits, getting confusion and a couple giggles from the audience, and a few jeers. While the lad offers a wink to Kasumi. "Let's head home." he murmurs.