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Augustus Nielson After a fair amount of time searching for it, Augustus had finally found his way to Iris Lark's medical clinic. He thought it was a bit strange that it was located in Shantytown, having previously met Iris near Vault Town, he had assumed she would be located in El Dorado. This probably explained why it took him so long to find it. Shambling up to the front door, cane kicking up dust as he moved, Augustus opened the door slowly, wincing in pain a bit as he raised his arm to do so. "H-Hello!?" he called out as the door was opening.
Iris Lark Iris glances towards the door and when she spots Augustus she waves him in, indicating that he should lay on a table. "Come in, come in!" She says, moving to help the gentleman at the door. "What happened to you?" She asks, her voice hushed and slightly nervous. "Nothing that's going to follow you is it? Achilles isn't here if something bad shows up."
Augustus Nielson Holds a hand up towards Iris, signaling her that he doesn't need help, even though he should probably accept it. "Oh you know...just the general beating you get when you're in the wasteland to long." he says with a smile, shambling towards one of the beds. "Last time we met I you mentioned you were a doctor, so I figured I'd come to you instead of shooting myself up with stimpaks until the pain went away." he says, chucking afterwards.
Iris Lark "Stimpacks are good for...the little stuff?" Iris says, folding her hands and letting Augustus make his way to the table. She shifts nervously on her feet, noddling along to his words as she holds out her hands wanting to help. "Did you meet ghouls or something Mister?"
Augustus Nielson "A few ghouls.." Augutus nods his head. "Maybe a bullet or two." Augustus groans as he sits down on one of the clinic beds, it was clear that moving in even a simple way like that was painful. "And I fell off a-" Augustus stops himself mid-sentence, shaking his head quickly. "Fell /down/ a pretty big hill running from a large pack of ghouls, bruised my left side up real bad."

Augustus began to cough of bit and immediatley grabbed his left side and winced in pain while coughing. "Shit!" he cried right as he finally finished coughing, a look of agony on his face. "Maybe a cracked rib or two also. It's really not as bad as it seems."
Iris Lark Iris' eyes get wide and she grimaces slightly as she shakes her head. "Not bad, eh?" She repeats, gathering her supplies. "I'll tackle the bullets first, did they come out or are they stuck in tehre still?" She asks, pulling the stool over to climb up on the bed.
Augustus Nielson "There might still be one near my hip, but I have no idea." Augustus takes a deep breath, this wasn't the first time he's had a bullet dug out of him, and it never got easier to to deal with no matter how many times he'd had it done. "Anything to drink?" he asks. "You know, for the pain." his tone would be a good signal that he was kidding, but deep down he hoped she'd have something.
Iris Lark Iris considers for a moment and then she hops off her stool and disappears to othe back. When she comes back out front she's got a bottle of something that Achilles brought home from the saloon. "You can have some of this, but if you finish it, you have to talk to Achilles." She says, setting the bottle on the bed. She climbs back on the stool, grabs her tools and sets out a shallow metal bowl. "Okay, take a few swigs. If you want a strap to bite down on, let me know." She says, a patient smile on her face.
Augustus Nielson Augustus looks at the bottle with an odd look for a moment. "Well, it's better than nothing." He wraps his lips around the bottle and takes the largest drink he can manage. His face tightens up a bit as he groans at the burning his throat. "Good enough, lets get this over with!"
Iris Lark Iris chuckles nervously and begins to dig into Augustus in search of a bullet. Blood flows slowly and she only pauses once or twice to wipe it away. She leans in, all business, her hands moving steadily and slowly. "Keep taking breaths." She instructs, glancing briefly at Augustus.
Augustus Nielson Oh shit, here we go.

Augustus squeezed his eyes shut and gripped each of his knees tightly. His breath stammered as he tried to keep his breathing steady. "Goddamnit." was the only clear phrase over the various cursing he choked out through his clenched jaw.
Iris Lark "Keep swearing." Iris says calmly, her eyes squinted as she digs into the wound. "I find that it helps, a lot. If you feel like you're gonna clench your teeth to cracking, give me a heads up so I can give you a strap." She adds helpfully. Oh, there is the nasty bugger. She licks her lips as she digs and you can hear her murmur. "Neearrrly..theere.."
Augustus Nielson Augustus was trying his hardest to sit still, his legs squirmed and shook. He grabbed the bottle again with a shaking hand and took another large drink. "Ah! Shit!" the combination of medical tools digging around in his bullet wound and the burning from the alcohol may have been to much for him.
Iris Lark It's at that point that Iris pulls the bullet from his hip. She holds it up with a grin on her face. "Lookie, Mister! I found it!" She announces, dropping it into the metal bowl. "Worst part is over."
Augustus Nielson Augustus exhales loudly and slouches down slightliy. Breathing heavily he nods his head and tries to push some words through the panting. "Th-Thanks."
Iris Lark Iris moves to tend his other injuries, her hands moving with subtle grace as she makes sure she gets each and every wound. She hums to herself as she works and after a few moments she asks. "So...looks like you're sticking around town?"
Augustus Nielson Augustus shakes his head "I found myself a place in Acme, actually. Nicest house I've ever seen, owning it feels surreal actually." He winces slightly as Iris continues treating him, though it is nowhere near as bad as the bullet was. "I actually thought you were located in El Dorado, it took me a good while to find you." Augustus's eyes shift around the room before finally falling on the large chair in the corner of the room. "Who is Achilles, by the way?"
Iris Lark "Achilles is my protector, and I don't like being in the city. It's too loud and too crowded." Iris says, using bandages to patch up Augustus' wounds. "Alright Mister, that's fifteen caps." She says, holding out a hand.
Augustus Nielson Augustus stands up of the bed, groaning as he rises. Feeling around in his pocket he pulls out a handfull of caps and hands it to Iris. "Here you go." Augustus smiles "Thanks Doc."

Augustus grabs his cane which had been resting against the wall and begins to shuffle his way back to the door, still clearly in pain, but at least he'd recover a lot easier now. "It was good to see you again Miss Lark." he mentions as he makes his way towards to door.