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Carter Griffin It was not his best plan ever, trying to scavenge in Dunwich. The warnings were posted and he ignored them, and now he had managed to make his way back to El Dorado, and to the clinic. He was still bleeding from some of the stab wounds and had his leg wrapped with the robes from one of the cultists he killed, it doesn't look sanitary.
Camilla     Camilla is, for a lack of a better word, bored. She's here in the clinc milling about taking stock of resources and seeing what she has available when Carther walks in. She turns about and stares a moment and moves to him, "Oh good lord, what in the world happened to you?" she asks as she moves to wrap her arms around him to help him stay upright and steady. "Room three, we'll get you on the table and get you fixed up..."
Carter Griffin "Crazy cultists with lots of knives." Carter replies, "Plus...Something. I'm not sure what. Maybe a Deathclaw?" He says, as he shuffles his way into Room 3, and then gets up onto the bed, laying back on it, "They got me pretty bad, but they're dead and I'm not, so I'd say I came out better in the end.."
Camilla     Camilla just shakes her head, "Why is it that you wastelanders love nearly getting yourselves killed, just to walk in to a clinic and ask doc to patch you up, only to turn around and go out there and do it again. I will neve, for the life of me, get it." Camilla turns away from Carter after she finishes her ranting and starts grabbing what supplies she's knows she's going to need, and then turns back and goes for the stab wounds first. Salves, things to stop infection, bandages, the whole nine.
Carter Griffin "That's just how life is out there.." Carter says, as he lets her get to work, not one to interfere with the work of the medical professional, "Besides we help keep you guys safe here in town...It's sort of a weird symbiotic relationship."
Camilla     "Yes yes, I know, there's a relationship there. Those of us not suited for it keep you lot alive and kicking so you can keep us safe, I just, I worry about loosing people.." pause "for, reasons..." she adds, sighing deeply. She moves over to grab up a medkit as well, moving to take a look at that leg and doing what she can for it. "I'm Camilla, by the way. Only been in a town a few days now.." she adds as she keeps working to finish up what she can. "Ok, so, I've closed up your stab wounds and done what I can with fresh bandages for them and your leg, but, and this is a big but" she pauses to glare at him with Icy blue eyes, "You are not at full strenght yet. So, please, be carefull for a few days ok? Come back tomorrow and see me again and I'll check your bandages."
Carter Griffin "I'll be careful." Carter says, as he sits back up, reaching into his pack and pulling out a handful of caps, "Here's a bit extra for all the help, doc. I'll see you tomorrow."
Camilla     "Iris is the Doc, just call me Cami.." she replies plainly as she takes the caps and smiles. "Thank you, and again, BE CAREFUL!" she adds. "I'll see you tomorrow.
Carter Griffin Carter offers a grateful bow, "Okay Cami. I'll see you around." He grabs his pack and his helmet and heads for the door...After all he has places to be. The life of a Ranger is never dull, that's for sure.