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Katherine Caine The meeting room of town hall has been setup just for the occasion, even the old projector has been hooked up to a Pip-Boy to display a pre-war map of New Mexico and the adjacent regions of Mexico to the United States of America.

At the end of the map near the western coast of central Mexico is a red dot on the coast marked 'Poseidon Energy Research Facility?'.

There are enough seats for just over a dozen meaning many will have to stand. Katherine for her part seems to be fiddling with the projector while everyone arrives.
Jude Arriving for the meeting, Jude is dressed in his militia uniform, hat in his hand. He moves over to lean against one of the walls. The seats might be generally full, but he's an engineer! Helping walls stay sturdy is in the job description. His eyes glimmer as he watches the Mayor fiddling with the projector and pip-boy. It's a gearhead thing.
Aralyn Perhaps a familiar site to some, but maybe odd. A tallish, rather well built female figure can be seen casually sitting in a back corner of the building, occupying possibly one of the back seats. They currently have a cap on, and that cap is pulled down slightly as they relax. She's wearing something akin to web-gear. A simple mesh vest that has a large numbe of pockets, over a camoflaged muscle shirt, and of course leather reinforced camo pants. The odd thing about this character might be the long, thin tapered ears sticking out from under the cap, or even the lightly violet-colored ponytail hanging out the back of the cap. Or maybe, it's her deep violet eyes which seem to be taking in the area, studying it and the people inside in small detail. Next to her is a massive case made of dark grey impact resistant plastic, what's inside it might be abyone's guess, but to those in the know, it's probably some large dissasembled firearm or several.

Casually the female examines a wrist-mounted computer, before lifting a booted foot and resting her ankle on the opposite knee as she now studies the map curiously, staying silent for now as her tanned features for the most part remain fairly passive.
Iris Lark      Iris walks in slowly and takes a seat, folding her hands in her lap and glancing around at some familiar and some not so familiar faces.
Camilla     Camilla is in shortly after Iris, and is an entirely new face in the city. As she really has no idea what's going on other than what she's been told by Iris, she takes a seat next to Iris and goes quiet.
Emily Emily makes her own way into the meeting hall as people begin filtering in, her gaze drifting over the various others showing up and settling in at one of the seats, her attention lifting up towards the big displayed map on the wall.
Fantasma     From the back of the room, the mysterious masked man known as La Fantasma had his arms folded over his poncho, regarding the map even as he reads the words and letters. 'Poseidon' caused his right brow to raise beneath that quality white mask of his, even as he spoke with that deep baritone voice of his.

    "'Poe saydon'. I have never heard of this place, what is so significant about it?"

    Even as he spoke he briefly and warily regarded the others in the room, looking over the company intently all the while.
Carter Griffin Carter has arrived after getting himself worked on, his last adventure didn't go as planned. But the NCR wants them to find out what's going on with the mutants in Mexico, so he will go and find out what is going down, regardless of his status or not. He arrives at the designated meeting spot, slipping into the back of the room and finding a chair, sitting down and taking his helmet off.
Archene Caine Not long after, a familiar, or maybe not so familiar face, comes in. He is wearing his usual duster, his usual sunglasses and his usual hat, as usual. He doesn't seem to look at about anything before walking over to a seat. Only then, he looks at what the projector projects, but not for look long as his eyes look at the people about and incoming people.
Ashur "I will not teach you now, child," growls Ashur, striding into the meeting room with some rascal hot on his heels. "There is business to attend; go scurry about with your friends, and I will tend to you later." Stripped of his usual power armor or toga, the man is sheathed in the molten plates of armor forged from one of Dunwich's very own hellclaws; it's a vivid thing, a dark mix of fiery colors, with some spike-like ridges near the shoulders and an actual spike jutting out the side. It moulds to his shape near-perfectly, rough-textured and gleaming like a carapace, black and red with bits of yellow and orange.

It is a lovely thing. And being near it is distinctly uncomfortable, in that way Dunwich itself is uncomfortable. But, oh, Ashur loves it.

"Shoo! Away with you."
Fiona Fiona doesn't bother to look for a seat, slipping her hat off as she enters. The duster worn open, the hat hangs by the brim from her left hand. The militia woman chooses a wall point near the back of thr seats to lean on. Her arms cross, right hand inside the duster. Eyes starting to coolly study the room. A few glances at the map, a few mote at the doors. Msybe a longing look to the Pip-Boys.
Fern     Bopping along with a spring in her step comes Fern, feet switching with tiny hops that pump the girl forward at a slow pace so she is able to stay beside Ashur while following him into the meeting hall. The kid looks like her usual self, but right now she has the addition of large boxing gloves strapped over her hands. She baps them together now and then like she's ready to fight, but she looks like she hasn't a clue what to do with them. They're more decoration than anything at the moment.

    As Fern moves with Asur she looks up at the giant, saying, "Yeah, well, we have a deal goin' and' I'mma make sure you don't forget, right?" she says up to him, huffing as she does. "Skull. Right? A big one. Big enough, yeah?" she says while holding the gloved hands up to indicate how large a skull she hopes he returns with. "Just don't forget or I'll learn how to use these on -you-!"
Katherine Caine Katherine waits for everyone to take their seats as they arrive or to stand if no seating is available as many people whether or not they intended to be part of the expedition and risk their lives are also here to observe out of curiosity or necessity.

"Thank you all for coming. I won't waste time with pleasantries so I'll skip to the details." Katherine said with an air of authority, "Months ago, we first learned of 'The Mutant Horde' from Knight Caldwell of the Brotherhood of Steel, it was also then some of us learned of the Poseidon Energy Facility. I got Caldwell to look at a map and he stated that the facility they had been to was somewhere in this area." Katherine pointed to the marking on the map.

"Further information that's come up over the months has supported this and before I was elected Mayor, I was already planning an expedition there, before I had any idea how important it might be to the current events." Another slide was placed on the projector which showed a route from El Dorado to New Rome down through Arizona and into Mexico towards the Western Coast passed Hermosillo which had a red splotch over it on the map, "We believe the Bulk of the Mutant Horde is this far based on information provided by Lone Star Caravans and survivors from the region, it's here you're going to face the most resistance in your journey and it will be up to the expedition to figure out the best way around or through the mutants if the information is correct. If it's not? It likely means you will be encountering the mutants sooner."

Katherine continued the explanations while the map was left up, "We know very little about The Mutant Horde only that they originated south of the border unlike the mutants on the West Coast. Rumors suggest they were part of an Enclave experiment with the Forced Evolutionary Virus or FEV, the Virus that creates mutants. Experimentation which took place at the very facility the Expedition is hoping to reach. I have no clue what you can expect there in terms of resistance except for mutants or what you're all going to find. I'm hoping it's a weapon of some kind we can use against the mutants, if it's as bad as we've all been hearing, we can take any help we can get."

Katherine took a deep breath and stepped to the side, "Marshal Manuelito will be officially in charge of the mission with several others to be named. He's unable to be here at the moment due to undertaking preparations with the Militia, if anyone has further information to share that might be helpful, now would be a good time. I'm afraid, I don't have a great deal more information to offer myself, except for the hope that whatever happens on this expedition and whatever you find turns out to be for the good of El Dorado."
Frank Frank enters the meeting hall dressed in his usual slick set of threads. The casino gig has been going well, but this talk of an expedition to Mexico has piqued his interest. For one thing, there could be money to be made and new connections to form. For another, for better or worse, he was somewhat involved in this matter now, ever since he helped fight the Mutant Horde.

He flashes a smile to those gathered, then takes a seat as Katherine begins to give her speech. He is still on the fence on whether or not to throw his hat in, but hopefully this meeting will help him find out for sure.
Jude As he listens to the Mayor give the run down, Jude compares notes with what he has down in his pip-boy. He nods a little now and then, making a few adjustments here and there to reflect how she's put it together compared to the disparate bits and pieces he's collected in his own investigations. After she's done, he leans his head back against the wall and gazes up at the ceiling as he let's it all rattle around some in his brainpan.
Aralyn The purple-haired woman jots down notes in her own pip, the woman also taking a picture of the map and starting to try and dig up geographical data of the regions they will be traveling in as she listens to the briefing. She frowns at the mention of FEV, not really liking to mess with those mutants. Still though, a job is a job, and having been sent by the NCR to help, the woman isn't about to walk away. Aralyn also notes Fern followin behind someone who could quite possibly pass for a super-mutant. The woman raises an eyebrow, studying him, then Fern, and smiles just slightly at Fern's antics.

Aralyn then turns back to the front, eyes taking in everyone and their reactions as she casually waits for more information on this whole thing.
Ashur "If the facility held some weapon to stop the horde," Ashur rumbles, "I would question how it was lost to them to begin with; why did the Enclave not wield this tool and strike them down before they became a threat?" He folds his arms across his chest then and shrugs, glancing briefly down at Fern as she insists he bring her back a skull. "Or why they would not have destroyed it if it poses a threat to them." He is a little skeptical of the mission's stated purpose.

Not that he won't go. That would be unmanly. And then he wouldn't be able to test this armor out in battle, and that's just unacceptable. It deserves to feast on blood and pain.
Emily Emily listens to the big briefing on the Poseidon Energy Plant, and the super mutant experiments, at least what's known of them currently, quite attentively. Once the floor is opened to questions, she lets her gaze drift a bit, turning towards Ashur as he offers a bit of insight.
Fantasma     Fantasma had heard stories, tales from the monastary about powerful green men, who screamed psychotic things and lived only for carnage. They were considered dangerous, but an exciting fight for those dedicated servants of La Mascara, those who have taken the teachings to heart, and shed their souls of ego.

    The masked man himself had never encountered creatures like these, nor had he ever been to this 'Mexico'. But the prospect excited him, and he inhaled deeply before speaking.

    "I will accompany you on this quest. You have the word of La Fantasma!"
Fern     And then he might not be able to bring back a demon skull, too. Fern stands beside Ashur now, her arms sorta folded across her chest as she watches him with narrowed eyes. It's like she's trying to burn a hole through him with her intense gaze. She looks away to glance around a bit, and she adds, "Yeah," to what he says, like it was partially her idea as well.

    Fern looks about again, taking note of those she knows and doesn't. Iris gets a too-serious nod and then the kid is eyeing that purple hair on Aralyn. Interesting.
Sparrow Sparrow's been about but sometimes there are emergencies that take her far enough away making it on time to anything is nigh impossible. But she steps into the meeting room holding a leather wrapped largish item in her hands as she arrives and glances around. She smiles, lifts a hand and tries to find a spot to both be out of the way but within conversational distance and waits her turn.
Camilla     Camilla slowly, and shyly, raises her hand. "How, how many medical people do you have for this?" she asks, loud enough for everyone to hear the question. She's also trying her damdest to keep her eyes off of Ashur, for anyone that's paying attention to her. "I uh, I'm new in town. I, came in on a caravan a few days past, it was destroyed by raiders out in the wasteland before we made it to the city and seeing as people here saved my life and offered me aide, I'd like to be able to offer what I can, but all I have is my medical skill."
Vector     Late. Late. Late. Vector's late, because, well, reasons. He's a bit more grease and oil streaked than usual, which might be one of the reasons for it, or maybe he just forgot what time it was and when he finally got the time, he came creeping in -- not really, the door audiably creaks and the man's footfalls give a 'thump thump thump' as he walks in on the back.
Apostle     Meandering in behind Vector is Apostle, the sound of her rebreather heard long before she's actually through the doorway, her hood pulled lower than usual and stark golden eyes guarded by what appears to be some sort of welding goggle. Her pace is easy, unhurried, uninspired. Her hands and clothes are smudged by grease and rust, and the smell of her is like she just crawled out from inside one of those car-casses along the highway. She doesn't say anything, apparently content to lean against a wall and watch the others speak.
    Hssk. hssk.
Carter Griffin "From my own investigations," Carter says, as he stands up, "The strain of FEV that was used to create these mutants is one unique to this facility." He takes a moment, before he continues, "If we can make it to the facility we should be able to destroy the source of the virus."
Fiona Fiona listens to thd briefing, but only occassionally glances towards the presentation. Things are noted though, the marshal has healed enough to take charge. There is a virus. There might be fancy Enclave toys.
Fiona nods to her numerous cousins in the Caine family. Mostly though she maintains a slight eye squint, watching for threats to cousin Katherine. Just lean and leer, Fiona is a good soldier.
Jude Jude glances over and notes Fiona. He offers the fellow militia member a nod and stands a little straighter. He stops daydreaming then and joins the higher ranked Caine in being watchful and alert, just in case.
Camilla     Camilla puts her hand back down and looks at the floor while putting her hands in her lap. Nothing else to say or add here for her, so, she just goes quiet again.
Sparrow Sparrow coughs at Carter's words. "Before we get all up in arms about destroyin' things we find there without thinkin' it through. I was given some information and also a little bit of aid." She pats the leather wrapped item she's holding and smiling. "Well aside from what I already know from bein' at Hopes Crossin' and the wasteland rumors, I've been told that the Enclave was performing some pretty rigorous FEV Experimentation at some point after the destruction of their oil rig that was out in the water. The reason why they had to move from the rig to the Energy Plant is that the Enclave needed the power from the energy plant to complete their experiments. Says may not be the only energy facility with such research. There's supposed ta be a possible antivirus but we don't know until we get both the possible cures from the Facility as well as a live specimen in this. Now you'll can't get live specimens from the bodies or anythin' after because they'll dissipate ta goo once you've murdered them." The blonde haired cowgirl says quietly. "Also, I only get one shot with this so I need ta make sure that I'm hitting something that clearly has the infection when we go." She offers the gun over for Katherine to have a look at. "I've let Iris and Jude know my plans, incase I get ... Incapable of the sample they'll be able to help. I have confidence if we can get the virus and the cure here we've got some very intelligent scientists, Percy and Qwillis, that can work with the doctors in this town and come up with an inoculation. If not a cure altogether."

" Also, I've asked Jude for help when he's done helping get El Dorado Proper defended, to draw up some walls. We need to help our smaller outside town fortify, lest they simply become fuel for the fire when the Horde in full arrives. Avalon's gettin' walls, Hondo, Tinnie and Piancho need clearing out and some defense. I'll be trying to work on that when I get back but if I don't.." She shrugs and then look around and falls quiet again sitting back in her chair. Sparrow does try not to talk too much all at once and it looks like she's done for the moment.
Ashur Ashur remains steadfast, his massive arms folded over that bulging, lava-armored barrel chest. A hand lifts and his fingers comb through the bristles of his dark beard. "Rather than a weapon, then, we seek medicine from Poseidon?" The former Legionnaire scoffs and snorts, nostrils flaring bullishly. "It's all well and good to stop their numbers from growing, but they are called a Horde for a reason; already is there an abundance of the Profligate beasts, and even should they lack the ability to replenish their numbers, they will still carve a bloody channel through all territories in their path."

The hand falls away from his beard, fingers lightly caressing the heated surface of his armor, unconsciously. He looks toward Sparrow. "If all you need is a specimen, why bother with the syringe? When we find a mutant, we can break and chain it, and drag it back here. You and your friends can experiment on it at your leisure."
Apostle     Hssk.
    "Velocity will howl the wind." Apostle interjects, as though this should help make sense of everything, even nodding once toward Vector as though he had said something. "Step follows step, Hope follows Courage, Set your face towards danger, Set your heart on victory."
    Hssk. A pause.
    "From my place upon the shoulders of God, I shall bare witness to your deeds -- through the scope of my weapon, I will see your back turned and the nemesis that approaches from behind." Hssk. There is no motion from the woman, only that tinny voice that suggests any sort of humanity within the weathered coat-wearing figure. "You will fly free with us, and we will not allow you to fall. This time."
    Sniff. Hssk.
    For those that can actually see into the dark-lensed goggles she's wearing, there's a quick blink, barely a flicker, like the threat of blue-screening on a computer that makes the breath still until the promise of failure has passed. "What do scientists mean when they talk of a virus? This is not quite so elementary as some people might believe. In The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, a virus is defined as "a morbid principle, or a poisonous venom, especially one capable of being introduced into another person or animal." The dictionary takes its cue from the Latin virus, which denotes a slimy liquid, a poison, an offensive odor or taste. It is a colorful definition, redolent of medieval notions of disease origins in evil emanations, but it offers little by way of scientific understanding... yet, I know another that might help you make sense of such a thing. Another doctor, a man that has studied this virus specifically. I will guide the way to him, when all is said and done. You will ride with us. You will ride, and you will arrive."
Aralyn "That might stop the creation of new FEV Mutants of this strain, but how does one remove the rest of them?" Asks Aralyn, as she recrosses her legs and glances around from person to person. "Putting an end to the creation of new ones though, would mean that through proper tactics the rest could be removed over time however.. That would be a more advantageous position than trying to fight an unending hoard of creatures." Aralyn then silences and listens to the he others, Then she glances back to Sparrow "An Antivirus would definately put a stop to it, specially if it could be rendered airborn" She adds. She then umms "Of course the anditvirus would make a great weapon..."
Katherine Caine "I'm sure the Expedition could use more Doctors, folks get hurt enough around here, I expect they'll be getting hurt more down in Mexico." Katherine replied to Camilla, "Make sure you pack yourself some supplies and try to make a few friends." It was the best advice the new girl was going to get, even if everyone was going for the same overall purpose; she was sure people would have their own personal reasons or motives, some which not always be in the best interests of others.

"We'll see what we can do about helping the smaller settlements, I can't make any promises though, other than that they may have to retreat to El Dorado when the time comes, if it comes to that."

"A Cure, an inoculation, or a weapon. These are all possibilities, along with God only knows what else may be there. If the Brotherhood were interested in it, there has to be something of value. If you all find nothing, then we fight the mutants the same way the last Mutant Army was fought, with guns, with knives, our fists and a whole lot of hope."
Katherine Caine Katherine also nodded to Fantasma in acknowledgement, "I'm sure your aid will be appreciated as well. There are plenty of seats..." Finding volunteers had been harder then expected.
Emily Emily continues to just sit there and listen, focusing intently on Sparrow when she speaks up and presents the unusual gun to the Mayor, then over towards Apostle. She hmmns sfotly to herself before rising up a bit, "I'm not sure if it's important or not." She says, "But the other day I was out scavenging, I ran across some of the mutants, the same sort we saw down at Hope's Crossing. Some Deathclaw sorta leaped out and started attacking them as well, helped me get out of there. Then the funniest thing happened, the Deathclaw just kinda looked at me, then wandered off. I can do first aid, and some other stuff to help out on the trip, plus I know my way around the Wastelands better'n most."
Fern     Fern glances up to Ashur again, gives a little grunt, then turns to start wandering off elsewhere so she can find a place to sit. Or stand. There are lots of people here, after all. With the adults busy talking and making plans and all that boring stuff, Fern amused herself by taking another look about. this time she spies Fantasma. Mask? Odd. Odd and cool. She starts heading his way now, moving about slowly and brushing between people on her way over. Soon enough she's standing near him, but not too close. Gotta stare from afar, you know? Check things out before getting closer.
Fiona Fiona gives a light smile as Jude joins her, not taking her eyes off the crowd and the exits. "How's the wall comin?" The blonde woman asks of him in a softer tone. Then adds, "Where's your stripes? I'll have to check with the Captain." The other talk of medicines and such doesn't appeal, there will be orders from the chain, if not, well killing giants does make a great boast story.
Vector     In response to Apostle, Vector raises up his left hand and jerks his thumb towards the woman, showing that his mindset is the same - if not of the entirely same style of speech. He holds his thumb there, before he lowers his hand down a bit, letting it flop back onto his thigh.
    "We'll drive, sure as sure. Velocity doesn't have as many seats as a convoy. So, space is limited - and we're mounting a gun on it. So size is limited, but, we drive."
Camilla     Camilla, simply looks up at the Mayor and nods. "As you say.." she adds in reply to Kath before standing up slowly and bowing lightly to everyone. "If you will excuse me, I will take my leave and prepair for the trip." She slides away from the chair and motions to it if someone else wants it. Without any other delay she begins to make her way for the doorway, attemping to dodge Ashur on the way out, if at all possible.
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder frankly to Ashur and Aralyn, "Innoculation prevents makin' of more and a cure could revert some of the visrus progrssion in the lesser effected ones. Also, I might just make a serujm that explodes them on impact, making their cellular structure stable. I'm a Doctor and one, We do not need a source of the outbreak within our walls. I suggest anyone who goes and has the possibiltiy of infected have plans for what you're gonna do if you come back and are. Also, that is why I am going to the facility, I just don't want anyone blowin' me up before I manage to do that. I'm sure after I get that and we've looled for a possible way to stop the virus those of you interested in the weaponry and making things go boom can have your chance."
Frank Frank props his legs up on the back of a chair. "Apostle, do you practice in front of a mirror every day, or do you improvise?" he asks, poking fun at his fellow Lonestar employee. He thinks about Mexico. He heard wild stories of a legendary ghoul gunslinger coming out of there, but they were just legends. "Seems like another planet entirely, Mexico," he says to himself. "Uh, about how long of a journey is this, with vehicles?"
Jude Jude looks somewhat horrified as he's mentioned by name. The blush glows bright before he pales and gulps as it sounds like he might be headed South after all. He loses the conversation, as he is saved by Fiona. He returns the smile and shrugs. "I think I'm about ready to get folk together to clear out some areas and get the foundations set. That there's gonna be the harder part, I reckon. Actually puttin' up the walls'll go fairly quick like. I don't wanna half ass it and end up having some crazy horde burrowin' under it or something dumb."

Jude gives a little shrug and looks at Fiona. "Stripes?" He pauses and whispers, "I ain't did much to deserve those yet. Maybe if that there wall goes up?"
Fantasma     Fantasma looks at everyone, studying Ashur's aggression and listening to the intellectuals of the room discuss this FEV.

    "Is this Eff Eee Vee contagious? Will touching these green men cause us to suffer similar fates?"
Apostle     Apostle stares toward Frank wordlessly, then goes back to watching and listening to others.
Vector     "The Boss is usually guts deep in Velocity, bit hard to practice there." states Vector, before giving his face an idle wipe with his sleeve. "I don't have any plans on getting near any of them. I'll be in Velocity. The footslogging will be for you lot, I assume."
Ashur As the tall Camilla wanders past him, taking a conspicuously wide berth, Ashur levels his eyes at her in dead silence. Unblinking, fiercely-aspected, the bull stares with invasive intensity as she scurries off. He snorts again, and turns his head, satisfied by the meekness.

"We need not bring the monsters within the settlement's walls," he remarks, "but surely a living one creates more opportunity for study than one delicate vial that could spoil or break."

He shrugs again, and pivots, staring toward the exit. "I have grappled with the creatures in hand-to-hand combat," he calls to the masked man. "And no sickness plagued me. Perhaps ingesting them would make you ill, but contact, I think not. They die like anything else; clean and easy."
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to Emily as well, "It's about a week's worth of driving assuming you can make a hundred miles a day or so on average. Lone Star Caravan's best scout helped draw up the route, says that the roads he's selected are still serviceable for vehicles. Of course, the first leg of the journey cuts through legion territory but Lone Star still has an accord with them so there should be no troubles unless anyone starts any."

"As for contagion? From what we know, you can get a nasty infection the Docs need to treat if you get a bad enough wound from some of the mutants but you won't turn into one. From what the survivors at Hope's Crossing said, they were feeding them to the big Abomination Thing which was spitting them back out as Mutants."
Vector     "Can we assume to be somewhat compensated for fuel costs if we're doing a hundred a day? Traversing long distances in vehicles can be precarious for their health, even Velocity isn't going to be immune to the damage that will result from such harsh travels, even with the Boss giving it such well treatment." offers Vector from the back.
Fern     Fern eventually looks away from those nearby when she catches sight of Ashur heading towards the exit. She's quick to bound in that direction and start following him again. He's done here, right? So that means he is free to be pestered! Yay! Fern wears a wide grin as she starts to smack her boxing gloves together, picking up that bouncing gait once more as she follows after the giant.
Camilla     Camilla stops in her tracks before fully leaving, hearing that they're going through Legion Territory from the Mayor causes her to freeze in place. "I, I can't go through Legion Territory. I can't, I just can't, I'm sorry. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the Clinic. If you have any need of healing before you leave, come see me and I will do what I can for you free of charge." With that said, she finally makes her way out of the building fully, shirking in what is obvious fear from Ashur and doing her damdest to not be near him as she leaves.
Katherine Caine "If you recall." Katherine said to Vector, "The very very large sum of caps that would have been needed to repair your vehicle were supplied for you in the form of parts in exchange for your help on this expedition, the city can't afford to put anymore money into Velocity. I expect you to follow through. The Militia will be carrying extra fuel, but unless arrangements were made prior? You're expected to insure there is enough fuel if you're bringing a vehicle."
Vector     "Not a fan am I of the Legion's Territory as is, but if we're driving full tilt, I don't think the Legion'll be too much of an issue. Shall it?" Vector pipes up from the back again, "Ah, you have me." He raises his hands in defeat to Katherine, "It was worth a shot." The hands lower, with the man giving a small smile.
Sparrow Sparrow looks to Apostle and Vector, "The person you know is welcome as well. I don't think I can do this on my own. But we have good doctors and scientists in El Dorado. After I come back witht he sample I intend to take it to a lab and hopefully from there we can all come together on it to work some on it." A glance to Ashur and she looks to Katherine and then to the Ex-Legion brute, back and forth a couple of times. Honestly, not her call.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Camilla as she walks out, a slight frown on her face. She doesn't speak up though, instead she turns back to the conversation and folds her arms over her chest.
Carter Griffin As Cami leaves, Carter frowns. He didn't get a chance to even offer her his personal protection in Legion territory. He doesn't go out of his way to look for fights from the Legion, but he has no problem putting them down when they kick off.
Katherine Caine "Carter, why don't you reassure her. I think the extra Doctor would be helpful. Legion territory is very different from a Legion invasion, we have no idea what it's like right now but Lone Star is assuring we'll be able to get the Expedition through there safely which is going to save over a 100 miles of travel." Katherine explained.
Fantasma     Somewhere in the mass discussion, a certain masked stranger has left the room quietly, disappearing into the world proper. He would make his return, however, when it came time to accompany this expedition. He never had any intention of negotiating cost, once he gave his word, he intended to keep it.
Carter Griffin "You got it, mayor." Carter says, as he gets up to his feet and goes after Cami. He hopes he can catch up with her before she gets too far from the meeting room.
Ashur Ashur snorts. "A taste of proper civilization, and she panics in fear; once a slave, always a slave. Come, Fern. I tire of talking-- let's teach you how to throw a punch." And with that, Ashur walks out.
Jude Jude watches as the former slave heads for the door. It gives Jude pause, causing the Vaultie to chew his lower lip for a moment. He gives Fiona a smile and moves over to take the seat vacated next to Iris. He looks over at her, smiles and leans over to bump her shoulder with his.
Fern     Cackling with her grin as wide as her eyes, and excited Fern exits after Ashur, chanting, "Yeah, yeah.." as she goes.
Fiona Fiona glances towards Kate, the concept of a creature that eats people and spits mutants is horrifying even to the normally calm warrior. Talk of costs and feul are less meaningful, though Vector's mercenary request causes her to study him. "I prefer to just shoot legion on sight." The words just spoken to Jude likely. "The job needs the grade, Jude. Rank is not a trophy. On this project, a tool same as a shovel." Her eyes follow Fern, a slight shift to Ashur. Then back to watching the others.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and shakes her head. "Honestly, if this is what I'm going to have to go through going down there, I may not go." She says quietly to Jude, sighing softly.
Aralyn Aralyn stands now, picking up that giant box of hers. She then approaches some of the others, then glances from one person to the next before offering a slight nod "I'm Aralyn Silver.. NCR" She says calmly, rather evenly as she looks from one person to the next "Thought, since I was going I should introduce my self. For Sake of propriety." She adds and then glances around at the talk of shooting things while she tilts her case on end, and leans on the massive thing.
Apostle     Apparently Apostle sees how it is. She knows now that Iris hates her!
    Huff! Hssk, hssk!
    With her bit said, and Vector's greedy grab for fuel shot down, the strange woman turns and makes her way toward the exit, apparently finished with the event and the people attending it. Sparrow's comment about the good doctor is noted, so perhaps she's off to find him.
Sparrow Sparrow slips the pistol back in her pocket, tucking it away in the leather then into her duster. She stands as well since the room at large seems to be breaking up. She's not quick about it though and her expression is troubled to say the least. Ashur gets a little shake of her head as he leaves though. "Evenin' Kitty, Iris, Jude." She murmurs on her way out the door. Vector and Apostle get breif nods as well but the cowgirl's expression is drawn.
Vector     Turning his head, Vector gives a nod towards Apostle as she makes her way out. The self-appointed mercenary driver turns to keep watching the conversation, however, with a self-indulgent smile. "I don't think we're going to be stopping and asking for directions." He states, as he casually begins to pin his veil back up and over his face. "After all, I would have to be upset if someone thought about enslaving the Boss. I'd have to gutshoot them and leave them in the desert, for starters."
Jude Jude gives a little nod to Iris, rising to give her shoulder a bit of a squeeze. "Won't be ridin' with most of these folks. I think we'll be alright." He flashes what he hopes is a brave smile. He sighs then, noting Sparrow leaving. He gives a nod and smile to the blond cowgirl. "See ya soon, Sparrow."
Emily "So who all has a vehicle they're taken with 'em down to Mexico?" Emily asks as she starts to rise up from her seat, "I could use a spot to ride, and figure out how I might help out with whoever's drivin' and all."
Katherine Caine "Worst case, you ride with the Militia. Otherwise you may want to speak to Apostle and Vector or even Iris or someone with Vault Team Six." Katherine said before shutting the projector down, "Thank you all for coming and considering heading to Mexico."
Jude Jude sighs and wraps his arm around Iris's shoulders. He walks her out and heads on home, waving to the folks left. Seems he has something to think on now.
Aralyn "Guess I'm ridin' with the Militia?" Aralyn states, then sighs, before picking up her case.. "I'll see y'all when yer ready to leave, otherwise, I'm going to look around town. First time here." she states before she turns toward the door. The odd female looks veeery close to someone who came here probably none too long ago. Ara shoulders her case now and starts to head toward the door... "Night folks..."
Vector     "You'll probably be riding with the militia. We'll be full." states Vector. "Four seats. One driver. Boss. Doctor. Blind-man. Four." states Vector as he hauls himself up from his seat. He pats the butt on his revolver as he turns, humming 'Over the Hills' as he goes into a military-march out of the building, off towards Velocity - most likely.
Archene Caine Archene, who certainly didn't manage to dooze during the meeting, glances at the remaining people before standing up with a sigh. "I should get my, things ready then." He pats his duster a bit before walking out.
Katherine Caine "Night! Be sure to enjoy yourself before heading off." Katherine said to Aralyn as she gathered her things.
Fiona Fiona approaches Katherine as things start to wind down, shifting her right hand to the duster pocket. "I found this. You should keep it safe here. And you should ask about Uncle Max's bank box. Ask Milton about it, it belongs to you anyway." She comments with a sigh.
Katherine Caine "Yeah, Milton and I were speaking about it. Whole expedition thing kind of put it to the back of my mind. Thanks for the reminder." Katherine said to her cousin with a smile, "I'll keep the fragment safe, got a few others I've been holding on to. You heading to Mexico with the Expedition? If so, try to see me before you go and see if I've got anything you might be able to use on the trip put aside."
Fiona "Of course I am going K. C., somebody has to watch those mercs. Besides, I've never seen one of those mutant giants." The 'cousin Caine looks to the door, "See you before tomorrow's meeting? I doubt there will be much time for a swim after, so I am going to head to Bitter Lake before turning in."
Aralyn Aralyn pauses at the door now, still shouldering her case, before she glances back to everyone "Night everyone, look forward to seeing you tomorrow." she states, and finally the odd purple-haired female walks out.
Katherine Caine "Enjoy the swim, and if you get a chance, don't forget to check out the Ocean when you're in Mexico. You guys should be right up on the Coast when you hit Poseidon Energy." Katherine smiled at her cousin before giving her a hug, "I'll see you at the meeting before you all head out. Keep an eye on Joe for me to."
Fiona "I will make a point of checking on the ocean." Fiona says with a quick squeeze in the hug. "Of course, but don't worry too much about him, he is good at what he does. But, I will look out for him. You be careful here with us gine though."
Katherine Caine "He is." Katherine agreed as she released the hug, still holding on to the map fragment, "I'll see you tomorrow, make sure to swing by and let me know if you need anything I've got handy."