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Aralyn It's night and all, but she'd just arrived. Currently another long-eared odd-haired, odd-eyed, dark-skinned woman is sitting in the diner? If it werent for the hair and very slight build differences, this 'creature' could easily be confused for another person much like her. The woman is currently seated at a table, working away on fries and some gravy it seems as she sips water every now and then. Next to her is a massive dark grey impact plastic case, most likely for some kind of firearm. Not to mention, she has military cammo, web gear, the matching pants and a Hat, seems she's some kind of scout for the Rangers judging by the markings on the soulder of her web gear and the hat.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes on weary from the road. She pauses when she sees Aralyn. Her eyes narrow. She has seen this sort of creature before. Moving more cautiously, she approaches and sits nearby waiting to be served.
Aralyn Aralyn's violet eyes drift in the direction of the new person. She studies them, but otherwise says nothing as she casualy sips on her water. Meanwhile a waitress makes their way to Shreya and looks back at Aralyn "Uncanny isn't it?" She says.. "Looks almost exactly like Kaelyn." She says, and Aralyn glances over, before sighing. In her mind it was a matter of time before she runs into another like her... There were multiples made after all. Still the odd female doesn't show much more reaction than a casual glance, as the Waitress glances to Shreya and asks "So what'cha want shuga?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya narrows her eyes. "Anything but Iguana. Are there many of those....creations?" She gestures to Kaelyn. "Whoever is making them, he is in need of...something."
Aralyn The Waitress glances to Shreya and then shrugs "I think these 'creations' are pleasing to the eye at least... Maybe that's what he wants? Though judging by how that one acts.. Well she seems like she's spent a lifetime in the military." Before the waitress shrugs, and tilts her head "I'll grab ya some stew then.. " Next the waitress slips into the back, while Aralyn continues chewing on some french fries... She then glances to Shreya curiously, those violet eyes studying the other being.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stares back. "I met a girl like you, those ears, lighter. Where do you all come from. Id like to meet the man. Do you remember him at all?"
Aralyn Aralyn glances to Shreya curiously, then shrugs "Never met a man, prior to leaving the incubation chamber and after my only experience is with machines. Though I'm certain someone was behid the designing of us. That being said, I couldn't tell you where the lab was. I and a few others in my series were released in several areas along California, Arizona and NewMexico after we had served as a small strikeforce for the lab we were working at. Once done with our 5 missions we were allowed to be free..." Aralyn tilts her head the other way. "We never had contact with any other beings besides others like us. So who is this other female? Should I meet her?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks skeptical. "Well that depends on if your lying doesnt it. Maybe your here to take her back. I dont trust machines. I think its awful what happened to you all. Maybe you do too, maybe your no longer capable. It is an abomination."
Aralyn Aralyn smirks and tilts her head the other way "The truth is so much better than a Lie, and nothing was -done- to me. I was litterally grown in an artificial womb from a modified baseline dna sample. Subtle changes are made for each one of us in the series depending on what our required duties will be. According to the A.I's, we're made from a baseline of 3 people, there's number 1 number 2 and number 3, they were all modified humans. We're made from their baseline genetic samples... Actually even 2 and 3's modifications are based on what was done with number 1." She says evenly, not really having a ton of emotion in her words. Aralyn noms down another fry, as Shreya's stew is delivered. The Waitress looks between the two, then dissapears in the back again while Aralyn studies Shreya more "If you're speaking of one of the one's that had something 'done' to them, then the only possibility it is, it was one of the base three. If that's the case I would love to meet them. However, I have no intent to take anyone back anywhere. I am here in support of the mission to Mexico. There's a high probability I may not be back here in quite some time, or at all."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes a bite of stew, chewing as she listens. "The mission out here to New Mexico. What mission are we speaking of? From whom?" She sips her water. "I am here to carry out the will of Atom but you...who knows?"
Aralyn "The NCR has ordered me here to support the mission to Mexico." She states matter of factly "That is my purpose here, to help with the mission and see it through to its completion. That's my immediate purpose. However, I think before I go to sleep, I shall find this other like my self and talk to them." Aralyn states.. She's not near as expressive as Kaelyn is by any stretch.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I will let her know your hanging around this place. Maybe she will want to meet you. Maybe not. Does the NCR know what you are? I have a friend with them."
Aralyn Aralyn tilts her head "I'm a living being, a modification of homo-sapiens sapiens. What the genius should be, I know not.. I do know if I were to take a mate, and have a child the children's features would be dominated by my genetic differences, They would be dark-skinned, female, and have a haircolor that could be anything from black to green, to blue, purple, white or even red. Eyes generally will vary between black, red, purple, blues or greens. Usually solid colors. That's what will happen. I've told many members of the NCR just that. However they would have a few traits from the father as well. What does it matter that I was conceived and grown in an incubation chamber, instead of a natural womb, or that my baseline genetic structure originates with someone else?" Asks Aralyn with a slight shrug. "I am here, I help with the NCR, I fight for them, and am willing to die for them, or for those they ask me to protect. Does there need be more?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head and waves a hand. "You are what you are. The other explained it differently but I am not come to judge the created. If you are willing to help the NCR to bring order and peace, that is a good."
Aralyn Aralyn nods and smiles just slightly "If it makes you feel better, you appearing to be a person who follows the Atom and all, the program to generate my kind was altered after the bombs fell. We were made and adapted for more specialized applications. So fundimentally we were changed also by the fallings of the bombs... Of course those of us who are out here, have no clue how to get to the vault-like location that houses where we are grown."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks again. "All were touched by his glow, faithful or no. To me it seems like you were made for pleasure but perhaps not so if you were part of a strike force. Beauty has a way of distracting most."
Aralyn "Well our base genetic profile is harkens back to number 1 with a little bit of 2 and 3 mixed in. Then we're adjusted while growing to fill a specific roll." She says and shrugs "I was made to shoot guns at long distance and infiltrate. There are thos of us that can be assassins, or courtesans if you will too... Rolls for all of us I guess." She says and shrugs. Aralyn then eats another fry after dipping it of course. "There are those of us even trained for cooking and being chefs, but their physical characteristics fall more inline with our baselines... "
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "And so now you infiltrate for the NCR I imagine?" She looks very skeptical of you. "What sort of infiltrations do they need? The NCR always seemed more like an honest bunch to me."
Aralyn Aralyn tilts her head "Sometimes Legion, sometimes sneek amongst hords of mutants, figure out what's going on by listening. If it's enclave maybe them... Or go into enemy territory, infiltrate it, get high on an outcropping or into a covered location and remove a singular person. OR just scout out the area... Infiltrating and reconnaisans is what I do." She says and smiles again. "It's amazing what you can do looking through the scope of a rifle, and what you can see."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Most reconnaissance types I have met tend to not talk about it. But I suppose if your just creeping around with a rifle and not trying to join them maybe thats it. Im not bad with a rifle myself."
Camilla     Someone is hungry, and desperatly so, looking for something, anything, to eat. It's brought Camilla, the young woman with raven black hair and ice blue eyes, all the way in to the city from Shanty Town looking for said intake of yummies. So, she's all to happy to /score/ and see a place that serves food and just so happens to have people inside. She steps in, takes a moment to look the place over and then makes her way towards who ever is closest to her.

    "Umm, apologies for bothering, but, I uh.." pause "is this place still serving food?" she asks of them all, smiling warmly with her hands clapsed together at her stomach.
Ashur It starts with ripples in the water of glasses; it starts with subtle vibrations that crawl up through the bones of the earth. Next is the thumping, the thunder-rumble that rolls across the ground like the treads of a tank, and then through the diner's entrance swings the loud and enormous Ashur. The braids of his thick black hair swing behind him, adorned with bits of bone; his beard is fresh-combed, and sharp as a boar's bristles. He lumbers more than walks, more charging bull than graceful man, even if the chalk-whitened toga that wraps around him and the elegant white cloak that tickles his heels suggest some sort of class.

The first thing he does is look at Aralyn, seated where she is, and booms: "Kaelyn! I wished to ask your computer something. I heard you were here."
Aralyn Aralyn shrugs at Shreya and tilts her head "I've not given away exactly everything I do." she says, then turns and nods to Camilla "Yup they're still serving good food." She adds and takes another french fry, nomming on it as a waitress wanders out of the back and looks to the new person "Sit where you would like honey, what would ya like to drink?" asks the server. As Aralyn now studies Camilla, those violet eyes studying them a moment, before the same violet eyes shift to Ashur "I am not Kaelyn." Aralyn states, "I have no talking computer either... Just a regular pip-boy... However You're not the first person who has called me Kaelyn though... I am Aralyn." She then glances around curiously "So who is this Kaelyn?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya answers. "Well you seem to already know since you know she has a pip boy. Why dont you tell us who she is." The entrance of Ashur garners a frown and she seems to shrink into her bar stool seeking to avoid notice.
Camilla     She hears the voice, and before Cami responds to the Server, she spins around and stares at Ashur. Anyone in here can notice it, that instant tension, the fact that she's looking for an imediate escape route. "Ya know, nevermind, I'm not hungry..." she says in response to the waitress. With that, she starts walking towards Ashur, with the intent to move around him and leave.
Ashur The man folds his arms behind his back. The movement tightens his shoulderblades, thrusts out that barrel chest, heavily scarred and bare beneath the heavy, stiff toga. "You are clearly Kaelyn," he responds, voice a mildly annoyed growl; it bubbles up from his stomach like fiery pitch. "No games, girl; I am in a hurry. Ask your CORA about deathclaws and mutant variants, particularly those who breathe fire."

As Camilla stares at him with that wounded deer in headlights look, the bull rolls his golden eyes, lifting his right arm to bar her way. "Enough!" He commands, that growl turned sharp with militaristic severity; he bears down on her with all the imperiousness of Caesar. "I tire of this, brat. Your queer behavior around me has made people stare and wonder; I care not for whatever rumors might spark. Turn, sit down, and fucking order something to eat. I have done nothing to you and there is nothing I want to."
Aralyn Aralyn stares at Ashur curiously "Look closely? I resmeble this Kaelyn so closely that you cannot tell the diffrence between me and them?" she asks, eyebrow qwirking before she removes her hat now, letting her shoulder-length violet hair fall free as she studies Ashur with those violet eyes of hers. Looking close enough, one might be able to tell that Aralyn is just slightly slimmer and less full than Kaelyn is, probably a tiny bit more muscular, as if she had been working longer than say Kaelyn had.

Aralyn then glances over at camilla curiously and glances to Ashur, and back to Camilla "Yer safe here, may as well eat." She says and tries to give some kind of reassuring smile. The purple-haired person then glances back at Ashur "However if you cannot tell the difference between us, this is one person I must meet." She also demonstrates she's not playing games by showing just a regular plane jane pipboy 3000 that is currently strapped to her wrist... "See, nothing special about this that would allow it to talk and carry on conversation."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya speaks quietly but her voice carries over the din. "Maybe she wants to leave. She never said you did anything to her though the way you seem to want to intimidate her into staying makes one wonder if it wasnt violence. What care have you if she runs?" She crosses her arms as she has now finished eating.
Camilla     Being yelled at like that, Camilla visably jumps and looks utterly terrified. She pauses a moment and then bows her head to the floor, "Yes Sir." She moves and sits down at a table, quietly, without doing anything else other than asking for some random drink and some random food.
Ashur He continues to stare daggers at the girl until she does as she's told, jaw clenched tight in irritation. The berserker is livid, lips curled in a sneer that reveals the edge of a sharp tooth, nostrils flared, pupils dilated; even the breath that lifts his shoulders and swells his stomach is angry.

So intense is his anger, and such intensity does it lend his single-minded focus, that he almost misses Shreya's interjection. Ashur has the stillness of stone for a long moment, breath forcibly suppressed, until his neck turns with such slowness it is like the creaking of rusted gears. He looms and stares at her without speech.

Aralyn? Well, Ashur's noticed the Pip-Boy and the minor physical differences between her and Kaelyn, but 'it's her, she just exercised a bit or is dehydrated or something' remains a more sensible conclusion than 'she is a one-of-a-kind fairy tale beauty's long-lost twin sister'.

As for the rest of the diner? Well, they're in the distinctly uncomfortable position of having to pretend not to notice the rather well-known Ashur (known mostly for things like 'ripping apart men in power armor with his bare hands' or 'surviving a hit from the main gun of a tank') and his anger, lest they be forced to deal with it themselves.
Aralyn Aralyn stares quietly at the giant, then glances to the wait staff... "Would you please get the man a drink? Also could umm, someone go find this Kaelyn for me and have her come here maybe?" she asks curoiusly. Then she looks to Ashur curiously "I'm sorry there is some confusion sir, but I only just arrived here today. I was in the briefing today and I will be going with you and the others to Mexico..." States Aralyn, her voice calm as usual, not much emotion being shown at all. As Aralyn says this, one of the buss-boys is sent off in search of Kaelyn now in hopes to keep the giant person from exploding like Vesuvius and burrying the place.

Meanwhile Aralyn glances at Camilla curiously as the person obediently orders food? Ara, then turns and looks at the Zealot now, purple eyes studying them and their reactions as well... She judges immediate need is to get Ashur to calm down... "Please sir, would you sit with us and chat? Perhaps I can convince you I am not whom you think I am? Maybe the person they sent can find this Kaelyn and have her brought here so we can stand side by side and you can see we are different people?" She then tilts her head and smiles slightly before pulling 5 bottle caps from her pocket "Perhaps a wager on it?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands and snugs her rifle sling so her weapon rides higher on her back before picking up her walking staff. She seems to be preparing to leave as she leaves caps on the bar to cover her meal.
Camilla     Camilla, chooses to continue to remain quiet and simply enjoy the food and drink she ordered. She takes a few caps out of the medical bag she has slung around her shoulder and hands it to the waitress. "Thank you" she says to her, softly, a smile on her face as she does so. She does turn her gaze slowly towards the rest of the main people present, eyeing Aralyn and Shreya more than Ashur before turing back to her food and eating quietly.
Ashur A crazy cultist is butting in, Kaelyn is indulging in childish roleplay.. at least the slave brat did as she was told. But all the same, especially on the eve of long travel and battle, these annoyances have pushed Ashur far enough. He looks at Aralyn and bites back the urge to scream and throw his hands into the air. Instead, he grits his teeth, pinches the bridge of his nose, and forces a slow, deliberate exhale. "Spare me the madness of the Dissolute," he says to none in particular, and turns on a heel. His cloak twirls and flares out behind him as he stomps off, the lot of them put out of sight and out of mind.
Aralyn At this point the runner who was sent out returns "Umm Miss Kaelyn is currently drinking in the cantina next to the Casino...." They say, and then glances to Aralyn "Or is she here? I'm getting a headache!!!" At this point he runs into the back to avoid sudden explosions, and Aralyn blinks as she glances around... "Mayhapse I should go to the Casino?" She says and places hands on her hips, before she picks up that giant case of hers and shouldering the thing before starting to head toward the door, of course she leaves a few caps for the food and the waitress, and she looks to Ashur... "After you? I'm going to go meet this person..."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya pushes her way back out the door to the street and the darkness beyond.
Ashur Ashur doesn't even acknowledge Aralyn. He'll have a stern glare and choice words for Kaelyn when next he sees her.