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Owner Pose
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is looking far off toward the horizon as she prepares for the trek home. When you appear she looks up at you with some skepticism. "So you are having some problem? You are a glutton for punishment? Maybe both."
Camilla     Camilla just blinks a few times. "I'm not sure I understand what you're asking me.." she replies plainly, not skipping a beat. Thankfully, having been able to eat, drink, and wait for Ashur to leave, she's able to exit herself and run smack in to Shreya.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and her eyes seem to scan over you for marks. "He beats you doesnt he?"
Camilla     Camilla has scars, several are visable on her face but only barely as though they've had years to heal. Other than that, there's no other marks visable on her.

    Camilla blinks a few times and shakes her head no, "No. He's never laid a hand on me, he just, he represents something to me that is worse than death," she pauses a moment, "and he scares the hell out of me. Seems it's obvious enough to anger him greatly.." she adds exhaling.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods still not entirely convinced but she offers some comfort. "Men like that are terrifying but they tend to burn out and find death quicker than most. Do you live with him?"
Camilla     Camilla nods at the first statement, showing some level of understanding and agreement. She shakes her head no to the question and follows with a reply, "No. I live at the Clinic in shanty town now. Though, I've only been here in El Dorado a few days."

    She takes a moment to pause and let out a yawn, which she covers up with her right hand a moment before returning it back to being clasped with the other hand at her stomach. "I, I used to be a slave. That man, used to be a part of the group that enslaved me. His pressence here frightens me, a lot and I am affraid he'd try to put a collar back around my neck and sell me back to the Legion or this place I hear about called new rome." She pauses to take a breath and then continues, "That's why he scares me. I don't trust him and if he chooses to, knowing that I'm a runaway, I'd end up back in a collar, chains or on a cross. So, yeah, there.."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks sympathetic. "I too have been a slave. A group called Finn's Warlords. That was another life, a miserable life before I found the truth in the Lord of the Glow. If you feel like you need to hide. There is a house out in Roswell where I stay. If you can sneak past the ghouls no one will bother you out there. Plenty of room. I'll tell you how to get there if you like. Atom provides."
Camilla     Camilla has NO clue what Shreya is talking about in regards to the lord of the glow and the atom, but she smiles warmly nontheless. "I, am sorry to hear that.." she replies at first before she bows lightly and shakes her head no. "Your kindness is very much appreciate, but my place, for now, is here in the city. I've a set of skills that are in need here and, if I need to run, I can hide in the clinic where I work now. I, need to be here now. I can be usefull and help people. Again though, thank you so much.." she adds all of this with her head bowed and her eyes cast at the ground.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Well if you ever get there just come to Roswell and hang a shirt in the window of wherever you hole up. I'll find you." She does seem to have empathy for you as a former slave even if she is crazy.
Camilla     Camilla leans upright fully and nods, a warm smile on her soft features. "I will. Thank you." She holds a hand out, "Camilla."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes the hand. "I am called Shreya now. Who I was before I saw the light, it doesnt matter."
Camilla     "I was called something else before the Legion took me as well. I am who I am now as well I suppose.." Camilla replies plainly. "It, was nice to meet you Shreya."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya clasps your shoulder. "You are not forsaken. There is a path for you too. You will come to see it in time. Atom keep you, child."
Camilla     "I, uh, if you say so.." replies Camilla plainly, forcing a smile on her lips. "Please, be safe.." she adds.