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Tina It is a bright and peaceful Saturday morning in El Dorado, but inside the church it is considerably less peaceful. Tina is cleaning the auditorium floor with an ancient pre-war vacuum cleaner that occasionally sputters and even more occasionally makes more interesting noises, then goes right on working like nothing's the matter. It seems that even nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners are loud. Occasionally the young nun can be heard humming a hymn, but the vacuum drowns her out more often than not.
Celeste     The sound of that vaccum is perfect for masking any sounds that Celeste creates on her way into the church. She enters as silently as any quiet person would, and she takes a few steps forward, finding herself a seat on a pew in the back, sitting on the inside and close to the aisle. Her hands rest together, fingers entwined in an almost nervous way, and the young woman watches Tina, keeping silent for now. It wouldn't be much help to speak right now anyway with that vaccum going.
Tina Tina takes another five minutes in her work, which seems to keep her back to Celeste as she works her way up the main aisle. Finally, mercifully, the vacuum is shut off, and she pulls it over to the stage and sets it there, while humming 'Amazing Grace'.

As she turns around, she realizes Celeste is there, and jumps with a little gasp. "Oh, my... you gave me quite a fright, Miss Celeste," she says, giggling sheepishly. "Welcome to the church, and forgive the awful noise, please. How may I help you today?"
Celeste     The look in her dark eyes is apologetic when Celeste realizes she has scared you, and then she giggles, bititng softly into her lower lip to try and silence it. "I'm sorry," she offers, her smile showing afterwards. "I didn't mean to startle you.. Would it have been worse if I had snuck up behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder?" she asks, starting to grin.

    The blonde gives another soft chuckle before glancing away and around the room, and when her eyes land upon Tina again she says, "I'm not sure.." She pauses, watching the other. "How.. can you be sure that praying works? I mean.. How do you know if it does, or if it's just a coincidence if what you pray for happens?"
Tina Tina approaches Celeste, clasping her hands loosely behind her. "Possibly. I wonder what I would have done afterward? I may be a nun, but I'm not a /saint/... perhaps I would have tickled you to get my revenge? It's been a long time since I've done something so silly and random and fun. Or maybe I would have just screamed in fright. I'm not sure, and I'm even less sure I should suggest you try it another time, just to see what I would do." She pauses, then shakes her head. "Please, forgive my silliness. I'm sure you didn't come here to be tickled."

She pauses next to Celeste's pew, looking at her thoughtfully. "To be honest, sometimes you don't know if what you are praying for will come to pass. When you pray, you are asking for His help... it may be that it would be better if you didn't get it, or it may be that you were not meant to have it. That shouldn't /stop/ you from praying, though. After all, He may want what you want, and that is never a bad thing."
Celeste     Laughing, Celeste says, "No.. I didn't come here to be tickled, but if you ever feel the urge to do so.." she shrugs, laughing again. As her laughter calms she listens to what is said about praying, and it makes her wonder, "But.. If you pray for something and it doesn't happen, couldn't it just mean that there's.. no point in praying? For instance, if.. say.. you were sick and I prayed that you'd get better, but you didn't, do you really think 'he' would want you to die?"

    Celeste frowns just slightly, eyes shifting away and back. "I don't know.. You really think praying is worth it, though? Have you ever prayed for something and had it happen?"
Tina "It /could/ mean that... but I don't really believe that. After all, prayer is a matter of faith, and I truly believe that He knows best. For example, I doubt I would want to die from sickness... but if I were suffering, and unlikely to ever get better, it may be that I was meant to die," Tina replies gently, reaching out to take Celeste's hands, if she is allowed to do so. "Death is never a pleasant thing to talk about, or even think about, but it may be a merciful end to a life that has become nothing but pain and torment. To watch a loved one or a friend suffer is equally unpleasant, and I don't even like to think about how you might suffer in such a situation as that."

She gives Celeste's hands a gentle squeeze and begins to release them. "I have, a number of times. Sometimes I got what I wanted, sometimes mostly what I wanted, and sometimes a bit less than that. But it does happen," she explains softly. "And I believe it can happen for anyone who is sincere in their desires and beliefs."
Kaelyn In wanders a different site, a white haired, crimson-eyed, pointy eared female wanders into the church. She glances around curiously, then steps to the side and flops into a pew, where she leans back with arms splayed for a moment before standing and tugging her duster off and going back to flopping.
Celeste     Allowing her hands to be taken, Celeste looks up to Tina and listens to her explanation, focused solely on the woman. She purses her lips slightly, chewing at the inside of her right cheek for a few seconds, and she hmms. "So.. how would you explain people getting things they don't deserve? Or how do you explain good things happening to bad people? Do you think he is in control of that as well? And don't say good things happen to bad people in hopes of changing them, 'cause the same could be said for the opposite. I'm sure a good person would turn bad if enough happened to them that they didn't deserve. They might lose faith.. other things like that."

    Once her hands are released she lowers them to her lap again. "So.. If you pray for something, it's pretty much just.. you hope it works, hm? Is there anything you can do to increase your chances of the prayer working?" she wonders.
Tina "Some things we are simply not meant to fully understand, Miss Celeste. He does not fully control what evil people do, because more often than not their eyes and ears are blind and deaf to Him, whether they believe that or not," Tina replies, a bit sadly, bowing her head. "Sometimes that is true of good people, too... you can be a good person and not be a believer, after all, and it is possible to make a mistake with even the very best of intentions. Everything you have said has happened before, after all, and will probably happen again. All you can really do is have faith and sometimes pray more, harder, or both. I'm sorry I can't give you a more hopeful answer than that. I truly wish I could."

She glances up, noticing Kaelyn. "Good morning, Miss Kaelyn, and welcome. How may I help you today?"
Kaelyn Kae glances up from the pew and tilts her head. "Oooh not much, I've been wandering around, looking into things, am a bit oveheated, so came here to cool off." She says and smiles sheepishly. "Sorry to interrupt your talk on God and all." She says and then glances to Celeste, the odd female's long pointy ears perking just a bit as she focusses thoe crimson eyes on the other female. Finally Kae smiles broadly, showing a hint at elongated sharp incisors "Hallo." She says, her voice sounding cheerful. Next another voice from just below the pew pipes up, it sounds female, but synthesized... "Ooh another person! Hold me up!" Kae holds her left arm up and then the voice statres "Hallo to you other person!"
Celeste     Celeste nods to everything Tina says. She watches her thoughtfully, and when Tina notices someone else in the room she looks away. Celeste glances down to her lap then, staring for a bit, and soon she looks up and over to Tina. She notices Kae, offers her a tiny smile. "Hello," she says, blinking then as she hears another voice. She chuckles as she sees where it comes from, and she adds, "Hello to you, as well."

    Brown eyes shift to Tina then and she wonders, "How do you pray then? Just.. Say it out loud or in your head or.. what is the best way?" she asks, looking midly embarrassed that she has to ask such a thing.
Tina Tina stifles a chuckle as the customized Pip-Boy pipes up as well. "Hello to you, too," she says warmly. "Feel free to stay and cool off as long as you like, you two. Or talk with us if you like."

She looks to Celeste, taking a knee to gently hug her. "Whichever way you are most comfortable with, Miss Celeste. What matters is that you are sincere in your wishes, and that you believe."
Celeste     Celeste nods to Tina and returns the hug. As she gently releases her she smiles, gives a soft, "Okay.. I'll try," and then she closes her eyes. She's not about to say whatever it is she prays for. She just does it, silent and with eyes closed. It takes several minutes, and once she finishes she rises, offers Tina another hug, then departs with a, "Thank you, Tina. I'll be back soon.. have a nice day."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head then pipes up "Well from what I've studied on CORA's data storage. God, as she would call it, Yaweh, what have you gave humans the ability to chose for them selves... Free will as it were. And gave a guideline of how to live through the good and the bad times. THe bible also makes mention of making life what you will of it. But if you abide by the tenants and are pious, and live a good life, you will be rewarded not in this life, but in the afterlife." Kae adds, then glances to Tina curiously, then grins "I was curious about Christianity, and Judaism and all so studied a few databank on it...." she adds and grins slightly. "Sorry for the bad paraphrase."
Tina Tina gently releases Celeste. "Take care, Miss Celeste. Thank you for coming by," she says warmly, standing and looking at Kae wth interest. "That is well said. While belief alone is enough, a true believer should /want/ to live the life as the Good Book says to. To lead others to Him by being a good example. And don't worry about the paraphrase. It's one of the better ones I have heard."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Tina curiously, she then beams happily "Yay, got something wright for once!!" she calls out, and CORA pipes in "Bout time you goofy girl." Kae smirks and taps the screen of the pip_Cora who's avatar bounces around as CORA calls "Hey!" And promptly puts hands on her hips. Kae glances to Tina and asks "So how is your day?" curiously as she rolls her duster up and puts it behind the nape of her neck so she can support her head while leaning back in the pew.
Tina Tina stifles a giggle as she watches CORA. "That pip computer is just adorable. I love to watch you two," she says. "My day has gone well, really. I had some work to get done, but it wasn't a terrible ordeal, and I've gotten to talk to two friends... or maybe three, right Miss CORA?"
Kaelyn CORA gives two thumbs up! It might be hard to see but her avatar there on the secondary screen is quite visible "Ayup!" calls out the goofy A.I. Kae blinks and shrugs smirking slightly "I really gotta get her a physical adjunct at some point." She says and rubs the back of her neck. "Also I should find my self a permanent residence too." She adds with a slight smirk... CORA then pipes in "That would be a good idea!"
Tina "Perhaps I could ask around among the congregations and see if anyone knows of any vacant residences, or has space to loan or rent," Tina muses, chuckling softly at CORA. "It's possible nothing will come of it, but you just never know... and it's no real trouble for me to do it."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Tina curiously, she then nods and grins "Would be appreciated." she says as the girl stands up and slings her coat on... "I'mma gonna have to go wander around now... I wish you the best of luck and all." she says and bows. "Stay cool, don't work too hard, stay safe." She adds and winks before the lush-figured female starts to wander to the door.
Tina "I shall do my best to do all three. And I hope you will, too. Thank you for coming by, Miss Kaelyn," Tina replies, waving as Kaelyn turns to leave. "And please do come again. We always have room."