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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's been quite the busy day, folks scurrying around as the great expedition to Mexico is almost underway. It meant a long line of eager folks showing to overwhelm the Shantytown Clinic. Soon enough, her own husband will be leaving with that search party, and he'll be gone for however long the threat remains. Kurokumo tiredly leans against the doorframe of the office, watching the front door as she's too restless to actually get some shuteye.
Lucette     Lucette had been in and out of the clinic trying to get a doc's attention whilst arranging her funds and seeing to last minute preparation. It's meant she was walking on her injuries a good deal and probably doing herself no favours in the process. She shuffles back in again after having made some final arrangements and looks around- the familiar sight of Kumo has her waving her hand. And owing.

    "Hey, Kurokumo." Lucette eaks out. She's taking short and sharp breaths. "You busy right now? I need a lot of work done. Oh, and how's the head injury doing?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Blinking at Lucette's curious appearance, she looks a bit out of it. "It's been...going." Her own head has been giving her quite the headache, throbbing at the base of her skull enough to feel like it's going to crack it open.

     It doesn't matter, since Lucette's inability to breathe correctly has the Doc moving forward to lead Lucette back to her office. "Sit down, let's have a look..."
Lucette     Luce winces when she has to move. "I can't keep my fingers steady to feel myself but I am fairly certain I have multiple ribs broken and a lot of contusions with swelling on my arms and around my chest." armour only helps soooo much. Lucette will do everything she can to find a space to sit on while she -very carefully- shimmies out of her duster and goes on to raise her blouse.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo helps the woman out of her restrictive clothing, wincing as Lucette seems to be in quite a bit of pain. Her patient is sitting on the end of her personal cot, Medkit being set down next to her. "Tell me what happened." The Doctor's tone is resigned, as she uses the gentlest of pressure to pinpoint the affected ribs under the copious amount of bruising.
Lucette     Lucette murmurs, "Was ambushed by a group of ferals. House was clear an' they just bust the door down. I might have made it out with just some scrapes an' bruises, but then their heads all start twistin' off in the air closer an closer to me, and then suddenly I'm kissing a wall with my ribs feeling like a crushed can." she answers. "Then I walked all the way back to the city."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Narrowing her eyes at her patient, the outlandish story smacks of the kind of losing streak that everyone else has been having: Dunwich. "Why is everyone in a damned hurry to die in that place?" Kurokumo mutters, bringing a jar of ointment to bear. Unscrewing the lid, the Doctor applies the viscous medication to expanses of skin that need it the most.
Lucette     Lucette's breath hikes. "I had an important delivery out that way. Stuff there reeks of foul play." her wounds don't look particularly fresh, however. She remains still for treatment as best she can with limited breathing space.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Just burn the place to the fucking ground." Kurokumo growls out, her nostrils flaring but her hands still steady and accomodating to Lucette's state of medical distress. "There, we're all done. I'd say take it easy for a few days, but no one seems to listen around here."
Lucette     Lucette leans a small amount to fish something from her backpack. "I agree, it would be best to see if anything is going on underground." she mentions, swallowing hard. "Doc, mind filling this up?" she asks while producing her stimpak.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo huffs, grateful that someone thought to get better prepared before their next adventure. Lot of folks are going to end up dead soon... "Sure thing. With the patching up, and the Stimpak, this is going to cost 200 caps, ok?" The Asian woman gets up, walking over to one of the cabinets to get a prefill ready.
Lucette     Lucette pulls four strings of caps from her backpack and sets them on the other end of the cot. "I can't be lugging around weeks worth of kit and supplies, best have something effective and quick." she explains. "200 is fine."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo comes back with the device, pre-filled syringe switched out and brought back to her patient. "You going to Mexico?" In her eyes, it might as well be a death sentence. And Ashur still doesn't have an excuse to die on her, yet.
Lucette     After a little bit of repositioning and leaning back to take weight off of her chestcage, Lucette nods. "Yeah. Decided that I should be able to help, even if just a little bit. Every gun counts, hopefully if we run into Enclave down there I'll be able to convince things to not turn south. Moreso."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Just...make it home, will ya?" The longer that Kurokumo stays in El Dorado, the more a drawl sets in from dealing with the locals. She busies herself with cleaning up, hopefully the last patient she'll have to treat for the night.
Lucette     Lucette smiles. "I'll try to make sure everyone gets back home. I can't make promises though, too many variables, someone might do something dumb." she's not pointing fingers, but the last ops she was in, SOMEONE CHARGED INTO THE UNKNOWN SHOUTING LEEROY JENKINS. It's left an impression.