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Camilla     Early morning in El Dorado, a gentle breeze, cool air, all the more reason for people to be out and about. Not Camilla though, nope, she's the only person whose been in the Clinc pretty much twenty-four/seven since arriving in the city. Anyone entering will see her exiting the backroom with supplies in hand, supplies that she appears to be going about the room with to restock the exame rooms.
Aralyn In wanders that strange purple-haired person. She's still carrying her nearly 5 foot long suitcase, like she's attached to the hip with it. She glances inside and cals out "Any Doc available? Have some bruises and scratches from my trip here I need to get treated before I head out on the mission." She says to really no one in particular, as Aralyn carefully tilts the case on end and leans on the heavy thing.
Camilla     Camilla is, pretty much lost in her work and the only medical type present at the moment. She turns slowly to look Aralyn over and with a warm smile, she motions towards an exame room, "Head in to One please Miss and I'll be in to see you in a moment." She turns about to finish her stocking and supplies checking.
Vector     Vector also looks a little bit worse for wear. By a little bit worse, it means that he has an arm up in a sling and some ratty, old, and frankly rather smelly bandages wrapped around his head. All in all, the man appears to be in somewhat of a poor physical shape. He comes to a stop when he gets in to the medical center, pausing to look around himself as he dabs at his face with his sleeve. "Uh. Medic." He states, with all the bland tone of someone with a mild concussion.
Camilla     /Ok, this is gonna be a busy day. Shoulda kept your mouth shut Cami, but, a promise is a promise./

    "Room 2.." replies Cami directly to vector as he enters, she motions with another hand. She can't help but notice that the both of them look, at first glance, about the same in regards to overall health. /Welp, no triage on this, gotta handle them both equally./
Aralyn Ara makes her way into the first room, and sits down, after having removed her web-gear and such. Underneath all that she has a green hex-weave stretchy fabric skinsuit underneath, and makes her self accessible to the Medic as she calmly kicks her feet. "I thank you for your help Ma'am. Sorry about the giant last night... "
Vector     Vector just gives a blank stare at Camilla for a moment, before he shifts on a heel. He then turns and marches on in to room 2. Or at least, he pauses infront of it, doublechecks himself, and then marches on in. He then rather promptly finds himself a seat to sit in - or a bed to sit on - either works for the man. He exhales through his nose.
Camilla     Camilla enters in to room one, and gives Aralyn a quick look over. Using what medical tools she has access to, to check her vitals, go over her body as much as she can looking for all the scrapes and cuts and burises. Applying any salves, bandages as clean as they can be, checking range of motion, pain levels, et all. This one has done this, a lot. After a few minutes or so, she finishes up and looks at Aralyn with a warm smile. "You're all done. Just a few scrapes, bruises and cuts. Nothing life threatening, no infections, and nothing severe. Just, be carefull if you're going on the trip please." She doesn't give much a chance for Aralyn to respond at first, "If you'll excuse me, the other gentlemen looks quite a bit worse for wear as well. If you need anything else, you can wait out front and as to what happened last night, it's, fine." She forces a smile and heads out of the exam room.

    In to room two with Vector, whomo she checks over and notices that, she was dead wrong, he is worse off and she didn't triage properly. /Well. Shit./ Cami exhales deeply and go about getting that head looked at first, and then the arm. He'll get doted on, pupils checked, vitals checked, range of motion, pain level, the whole of it. "Care to tell me what happened?"
Vector     "Got hit with a rock." states the man, raising a finger to prod - then wince after he does the said prod - at the wound on his noggin. "Then some mutants decided I was delicious, I wasn't having it, but, well, one of them went ahead and broke my arm." The man mutters, wriggling the fingers in said broken right arm, so at least there's some sensation and movement in the whole thing. "Have to be somewhat ready to go for the trip to Mexico. So, can you at least get me fixed up to be useful?"
Aralyn Aralyn wanders out of room 1, now tugging her outfit back on, covering up that skinsuit she wears. She notes Vector and nods now, the girl tipping her cap. "Hallo, so I take it you're another on this expedition?" she asks, then grins a bit. "I'm Aralyn, NCR Scout Sniper..."
Camilla     "Mmmhmm..." Rock, right. "Mutants?" she asks, looking rather shocked the man is actually still alive and breathing. Ok, so, head first then. Bandage off, poke, prod, new one on. "Ok, here, take these.." replies Cami as she reaches to grab, insert thing here in fallout that counts for tylenol and hands a few to the man. "Should help with any headaches, you've got a mild concussion, but you should be good now. Just, make sure that you don't have any more head trauma please."

    She goes to look at that broken arm and then looks at him, "So, do me a favor and talk to the miss behind me?" she asks, trying to get his attention off of her while she takes the bandage off, takes on look and welp, /CRACK/ she resets his arm and bandages it up.
Aralyn Aralyn glances from one person to the next, then she's used to distract Vector? Ara blinks at this then the woman sets the break and she winces visibly. "Oooh that looked like that hurt." She mutter quietly. Next she glances from person to person now and mentions to Vector "Might want to brace that in some way for a few days, gonna take us quite the while to get down to Mexico so that would be a great time to let that bone set."
Vector     "I drive. Boss guns and fixes it--" The grunt of pain from the man is pronounced, but hey, so would anyone that's having their arm snapped back into it's proper place. He hisses low and hard, flexing his fingers once before he gives a small nod. "Better. At least it'll hold a steering wheel, now. I'll strap it to the steering wheel. That will work fine." Comes from the man. Then, a pause.

"How much do I owe you. I have to get back to the Red Rocket."
Camilla     Camilla nods at what Aralyn says, "I'll get you a brace real quick.." and she vanishes for a moment in to the back room and soon returns with said brace, and uses it, to well, brace. "There, keep that braced for a few days and you should have most of your range of motion return."

    Camilla just blinks at the second statement and sighs as she looks between the two of them and raises a hand. "I'm a woman of my word. I said free of charge, and I meant it. Now, please, be careful. Both of you."
Aralyn Aralyn nods at Camilla and smiles graciously "Many thanks..." Aralyn adds and then glances around before looking at her pip-computer... "I must get back to the hotel and make sure everything I have is in proper order before we load up on the vehicles." She looks now to Vector "I'll see you when we head on." Then back to Camilla "If I return, I'll see you again... If I shouldn't return, it's a pleasure meeting you."
Vector     "Free. Acceptable cost." The man states as he looks over the arm-brace. He flexes his fingers idly one last time, ensuring that he has at least some range of motion in his hand - at least. "I'll tape it to the steering wheel anyway. Just to make sure. Better that way." He states, as he picks himself up. There's a pause as he reaches up with his free hand, plucking up the veil that hangs loose before pinning it in place, giving his face some much-needed coverage.
    With that, the man promptly begins marching out of the building. "Much thanks to you for the healing. I'll try not to break my arm again."
Camilla     Camilla just, looks at them both and sighs deeply. "Yes, well, both of you, come back alive.." she says to each of them as they prep to leave. "A, pleasure, to meet you both as well.." with that, she turns on heel and heads in to the backroom.