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Kaelyn Kae is currently sitting in the Diner, the girl casually relaxing with a small bag next to her, while she reads something on a pop-up scren from CORA... She idly flips through the pages of her chosen reading material, while occasionally reaching out and grabbing a glass of ice-water, which she drinks on slowly.
Fern     Fern is like a little storm heading into the diner. The girl pushes the door open too hard, sending it swinging back and hitting the wall with a little clatter before bouncing back forwards and closing behind her. the kid is muttering under her breath, huffy as can be as she wanders on up to whoever is working so she can demand/ask, "Are you hiring here? You need someone to wipe table or something?" She gets a glare going on, staring the worker down while pointing a finger at them.
Kaelyn Kae raises an eyebrow, the white-haired woman smirking slightly before she leans forward, resting her chin on the back of both her hands as she wrests her elbows on the table top. Finally after a bit of watching her she adds "Asking that way is a sure fired way to not get a job Fern." she says with a bemused smile on her face. "Why don'tcha come over here, I'll buy ya lunch.."
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in to the diner and looks to fern. He passes by the kid and moves to sit at the table by Kaelyn and orders some food. He takes his helmet off and sets it on the table. "woman has a point kid. You need to learn a little tact. good manners can go a long way if you give it a chance."
Fern     Fern is met with a blank stare and hands on hips, and she gives a little grunt and roll of her eyes at the woman before she says, "Don't wanna work here, anyway!" She huffs, turning quickly from the countertop so she can look for her next possible job, and that's when she sees Kae.

    "I don't need it anyway. Wipe stinkin' food from tables 'cause people are barbarians and don't know how to fuckin' clean up after themselves," she growls as she plops down onto a chair across from Kae. She slumps back, shoulders against the backrest as her arms cross over her chest. She pouts.

    Her eyes shift over to Kaydin then and she grunts at him, rolling her eyes in an exaggerated way as she says, "Ain't no one asked you." She sticks her tongue out at him then, and looks back to Kaelyn.
Kaelyn Kae smirks and nudges the menu toward Fern "Whatever you want... Don't go too crazy or I might not have enough to get you candy next time I go out." she adds and winks playfully. Kae then glances to Kaydin and offers a nod "Good afternoon." she says and smiles "You're more than welcome to sit at this table if you like.. Save the diner's a table to buss." she says and grins before she gets her order in for a stack of pancakes and a couple eggs.
Fern     "Candy? Where the hell do you get it anyway? I wanna go.. You don't have to worry about me buyin it all and sellin' it to people for twice the price or nuthin'," Fern notes in a way that could suggest she'd considered doing just that before. Her arms remain crossed over her chest as she starts to lean back slightly, chair legs bumping against the ground now and then. "You got a sister, Kae? I saw this girl at the town meeting the other day. Looked kinda like you.. Well, a lot like you. 'cause I ain't seen nobody else that has ears like you."
Lucky Pushing open the door, in enter Lucky! Stepping past the threshold of the diner door, hands tuck inside his duster his eyes take in the establishment quietly. Spotting Kaelyn he smiles gently, digging out his left hand and twiddles his fingers slightly and walks down toward the Kaelyn and Fern.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Fern and laughs "Tell ya what, we'll go to the place I get it, it's at a small farm north of town... We will have to do some choors and such to earn it, but the little old lady does a good enough job making it. She has an aquaponics setup, grows the cane there at her place and makes everything... How's that sound?" she asks curiously, and now glances to Lucky, before the odd, white-haired woman smiles and waves, next she looks back at Fern... "Sometimes choores consist of removing pests, or tending the garden, but we get paid some caps and a couple pieces of candy too..."
Lucky Stopping at their table, Lucky looks to Kaelyn with a small smile. "Chores?" He says, blinking ever so slightly; looking between Kaelyn and Ferns. "Well, that does sound like fun actually." He adds after hearing the type of chores. Looking to Fern, he smiles and extends his hand again toward her. "Hello, names Lucky Strikes." He says pleasantly.
Fern     Fern's eyes widen as she listens to Kae telling her how and where she gets the candy from. She starts to sit up taller, and she whispers, "Holy shit.. YEAH! That sounds awesome!" She tsks, smirking then as she sits back once more. "Removing pests? I do that all the time. Good at it, too. I got me an assault rifle and," she sits up suddenly, legs of the chair and her boots hitting the floor as she aims an air assult rifle at Kae. "BAM! Just like that.. Dead." She smirks, hands dropping to her lap then as she leans back once more. Now her eyes roam over to Lucky and she nods to him. Her eyes narrow as she takes in the sight, and as she reaches for a firm, manly handshake she says, "Lucky Strikes? Sounds like a cigarette brand. I'm Fern."
Kaelyn Kae glances from Lucky to Fern and then laughs at Fern's reactions... "I might could help ya with shootin if you like too... " She adds, then looks to Lucky again and tilts her head "Yer welcome to join as well..." She adds, before her eyes switch back to Fern "Gonna order yer self a bite?" she asks curiously, as her pancakes are delivered...
Lucky Lucky backs up quickly as Fern goes into a Rambo-esque pose; eyes blinking wide. "Woa tiger!" He exclaims, with a slight 'hehehe'. "Easy there Rambo, pretty sure you might poke someone's eye out with that air rifle." He notes.

As she settles down again, his hand goes back out and shakes hers firmly "Yep; that is true." He says cheerfully; giving a wide smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you Fern."

Looking to Kaelyn, he flushes ever so slightly "Sure, I'd be happy to help you Kae." He says sweetly.
Fern     "My real one's back at home.. In a secret place. It's booby-trapped and all, so don't even think about trying to go get it. You'll explode before you even get close," Fern warns Lucky.

    When Kae mentions food, she remembers, "Oh! Yeah! Uh," Fern looks around, eyeing what people have on their plate, and soon enough she's giving her order to the next person who swings by. With that out of the way Fern goes back to watching Lucky.. and watching how he looks at Kaelyn. She pauses and then looks again.. back and forth until a rotten grin takes over her lips. "Awoooooo.. Lookit that. Ya got ciggy over here blushing. Whoooooo," she says, snickering afterwards. Now she's -really- watching the two!
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks to Fern, no blushing frm the Dark-toned woman, not that many could tell easily... "I make lotsa people blush.. I was at the place where folks were cleaning clothes the other day, stripped down to my underwear there and did laundry, lots of people blushed, som ewhistled..." she adds and shrugs before adding, and yah she's honest "I don't get it..." Next CORA pipes up. "That's because, Kae, yer a lot of folks wet dream sweety..." Kae glances to CORA and blinks "Whyfore would they want to sleep in the water?"
Lucky "Is that a challenge?" Lucky asks, arms folding over his chest as a wicked smile crosses his face "You should realize that I've out smarted Deathclaws and dire wolves for loot." He notes, the smile shifting to a impish grin as he jabs a thumb against his chest boastfully. "I'm sure I can take on your traps." He adds confidently.

His face goes pale at as Fern goes in for a kill with teasing. "What!? No wait!" He exclaims, arms going wide as he steps back. "I mean, me blushing? never!" He adds, wrapping his arms against his chest again.

Then CORA pipes up. If a tear drop could form, it would. "She is not a wet dream!" He says, face flushing even harder "She's just.. really attractive and kind and sweet and..." He sighs; poor Lucky.
Fern     Fern has a similar expression on her face when CORA tells Kae that she is wet-dream material for lots of people. She glances to Kae and back, adding, "Yeah.. That just sounds stupid."

    The kid looks back to Lucky then and rolls her eyes, asking, "That supposed to make you sound cool or something? Lots of people have outsmarted wolves and deathclaws. You're not the first. Even I have! Super mutants, too. How do you think I got these pants?" she asks with a snerk. Arms cross over her chest again. As she watches him she sees that change in him, and she smirks even more.

    "Lucky and Kaelyn sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!" She cackles! Cause that's FUNNY. Duh.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Fern curiously, both eyebrows raising "Well, for one, we're sitting on chairs, not trees... The only reason I'd be up in a tree would be to get something down, seek shelter, or get a better angle to shoot something with... " She then goes on about them not kissing and how quite obvious that is, and of course oblivious to the implications of the little rhyme... Meanwhile, on one of CORA's displays, her little chibi-avatar is currently rolling on the ground 'laughing' as R-O-F-L is seen scrolling repeatedly across the screen.
Lucky Glancing to Fern, a hand goes to Lucky's face in an epic face-palm. A deep sigh is given as he shakes his head. Kids. "Anyways." He mutters, looking to Kaelyn; her purity of innocence making him smile endearingly. It was, afterall, cute.
Fern     "It's just a song, Kae. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Kaelyn with a baby carriage!" Fern continues, grinning now as she watches the girl across from her. She looks as if she might say more, but her food is soon sat on the table, making her forget all about the teasing.

    Fern grabs a fork and starts digging in, and as she chews she asks, "What do ya'll think is gonna happen in Mexico? How many people do you think are gonna die?" she wonders, swallowing her first bite.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Don't even want to think about that, I hope everyone makes it back ok." Kae says and smiles slightly "No use dwelling on the negative. Just get our selves ready for when they come back, with good or bad news." Kae adds and winks to Fern "I'm sure we can find plenty."
Lucky Lucky nods his head ever so slightly. "Right; best not dwell on it. I'm sure everything will be okay." He says quietly, looking toward the windows quietly. He was staying behind to protect the town.
Fern     "I don't know many people who are going. Just Ashur.. If he dies, he won't teach me how to fight better with my fists.. But if he DOES, then I get to keep his boxing gloves!" Fern grins. "He let me borrow them to pracitice. He doesn't need them anyway," she says before stuffing another bite of food into her mouth. While chewing, she says to Lucky, "Probably not, but what can you do? That's life. It's a dangerous mission.. Lots of crazy talk at the meeting about it," she notes.
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously at Fern "Really, we don't want anyone to die, and I"m sure he'l let you keep those gloves if you account of your self well." she says with a slight grin, and takes some of her syrrup coaked pancakes into her mouth at this point... "I'm sure they'll be well accounted for on this expedition." she says and then tilts her head "Soo we gotta go to the farm north, probably tomorrow or the day after, not to mention, we need to go out and salvage, I have some investigating to do as well..." Kae offers, and tilts her head as she looks to Lucky curiously "So yer not going on the expedition then?"
Lucky Taking a chair from another table, Lucky spins it around and sits; the backrest press against the table as his arms fold on the backrest. "Well, I am willing to join you two; don't have a lot going on over the next few days." Glancing to Kaelyn, he nods. "Yeah, I thought about going south; but it's better I stay here. With the rumor of so many going, someone should stay behind to look over the town.."
Fern     Fern smirks then, eyeing Lucky in a 'you're going to protect us?' sort of way. She looks back to her food and continues eating, scarfing it down, really. She lacks table manners, clearly. "I'm up for going to the farm tomorrow. Don't have many plans," she notes between bites that start to finish her meal.
Kaelyn Kae grins and nods "Well tomorrow, we head to the farm then... Wear stuff to work in and make sure to bring a firearm, just in case we have to clear varmints." she says and grins a little bit. She's soon done with her eggs and cakes, but is still workin gon her ice-water... She also glances at Fern and smirks "If you've a plastic bag, bring it with you as well..."
Lucky Lucky smiles to Fern softly before glancing back to Kaelyn and nods, listening. Looking back to Fern, he says "I have a spare weapon you can use. Killing some of the varmints could come in handy for food."
Fern     "..Why? You gonna skin the rats and keep the fur or something?" Fern asks after swallowing the last bite of her food before she glances to Lucky and grins. "Like I said. I got an assault rifle. And a beretta, too. But I might just bring a big stick or something. No sense in wasting bullets on rats."
Kaelyn Kae umms "Last I was out there I killed a few rad-scorpions.. Just gotta be careful, Bring what ya want, we'll go with it from there." She adds with a smile as she sits back and orders an icecream...
Lucky "Well mostly food. Some of the dinners in the various towns could use it." Lucky replies with a smile to Fern. His head nods ever so slightly "Well a stick could work; but if it is rad-scorpions, I'd suggest a good rifle." He notes kindly.
Fern     "Alright," Fern says, putting her fork down. She leans back and wipes her hands off, then hops up from her seat. "I'll meet you guys tomorrow then.. It'll be fun." She gives a wide grin. "Thanks for the food," she says to Kae. Now she's gotta go bug Abigail! And find out why people like wet dreams. So weird.
Vera Vera makes her way into the diner. She glances around a moment, before making her way over to an empty booth. She slides into the booth, as she rest her rifle against the inner wall of the booth.