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Bane      The Gold Digger Saloon, he may live upstairs but the bar downstairs is quickly becoming his home. But he is looking better than he did the day before in the bar his Duster is patched up and his wounds are beginning to close thanks to the tender care of some of the ladies that work the saloon. So now the beast known as Bane sits at the bar of the Saloon slowly chowing his way through a brahmin steak and some sort of assorted vegetables as well as a small tumblr of whiskey. His revolver is holstered at his waist, a lever action rifle freshly polished and cared for leans against the bar beside him. Just another day in the Gold Digger Saloon. Everyone needs a break from scavenging, hunting or ghoul slaying.
Ironface Jones The Gold Digger might not quite be his home away from home, but Ironface loves it there nonetheless. The big tribal strolls into the establishment and takes a quick look around to see if anything looks dangerous or out of place. Not finding anything too weird for his tastes he approaches the bar and greets Bane calmly, "Greetings, Gunslinger Bane." Once the greetings are out of the way he gives a hello to a bartending robot, "Hello Tincan. Beer and big sandwich, please." The robot replies in the affirmative and gets to work on the order.
Nikki Having only been to the Saloon once, Nikki was slightly...fidgety...when it came to poking her head in. Yet she had a success earlier in helping put together - or rather fix - a robot that had tripped over it's own feet. It cost her a battery out of Dink, but she was able to get that fixed rather quickly, and now both woman and floating eye bot enter the saloon and have a look around. The bot makes a few bleeps and boops before Nikki glances to it. "Nikki doesn't know anyone...and those men look scary..." Tucking herself away for the moment, but Dink seems to have a different idea and floats near the center of the room.
Rose      Not from the door, but from the staircase this time Rose makes her arrival, her helmet unworn but otherwise she's dressed in her usual gear. Her gunbelt remaining resting on her hips, the blonde woman stretches her arms over her had with a little whince. It had been a busy week and her aching muscles were letting her know about it. Pausing, she looks at pair of men she does know, giving a little nod of greeting before she moves up to the counter properly.

     Nikki on the other hand is a new face, one Rose's eyes glance over for a moment to take measure of her along with her floating friend.
Bane      "Ironface. Good to see you are still kicking after everything that has happened around here the last couple of days." The bounty hunter turns back to his meal and shovels a forkful of steak and potatos into his mouth. Taking a small sip from his whiskey he swivels slightly to look back towards the door as a person he has not seen before enters, that is not unusual around here. But she looks a little different to most. He looks over her odd hair and her robot before shrugging his broad shoulders, hardly the weirdest thing he has seen in all his years wandering the wastes. He nods to Rose as she enters, they are both staying here at the moment and they bboth have each others measure.
Ironface Jones "Greetings robot," Ironface tells the floating little guy as it comes closer to him. Can't hurt to be polite to these things, or maybe Ironface just introduces himself to everybody, "I am Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado Tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." The sound of somebody coming down the stairs grabs his attention next and the big man turns to say, "Greetings Rose Hallows." Looking back at Bane Ironface repies, "Yes. I am pleased to see that you are also alive and seem well."
Nikki Nikki makes a face as Dink tends to float himself closer towards the others in the room. "Dink! Get back here!" And while the robot has no voice what so ever, and just happens to bleep and boop randomly, when he makes a noise again, Nikki just huffs. "Nikki doesn't care that they seem like nice folk. Them people in Vault Town seemed nice, but they kicked Nikki out anyway..." She'd been born in Vault Town, but trouble was something she got into often down there. "Nikki said to get over here, so get back over here..." Though, the only thing the floating eyebot succeeds in is getting Nikki from the corner of the room and more towards the center, facing the bar. Once out in the open a bit more, she pales and looks around for something to hide behind.
Rose      "So far so good," Rose nods at Jones while making her way to sit down proper, letting the sandwich robot finish before she signals for her drink. "Not for lack of trying on the parts of ghouls and raiders either." Listening to Nikki's rant to her eyebrow, the ranger raises an eyebrow, but she's seen weirder out there in the wastes.
Bane      Bane raises one eyebrow at the mention of Ironface being in the Brotherhood of Steel. That was new and more than a little interesting. Must have been Caldwell and his bunch, the Brotherhood that Bane had run into more often then not do not exactly recuit in the same manner or from the same pool of people. A small smirk crosses his face as he watches Nikki try to wrangle her Robot, her words are interesting but nothing he needs to interfere with. Her expression though, that intrigues him. He has seen it often before, it just usually comes once he has cornered someone he has been hunting not from a girl just walking into a Saloon. He pushes out one of the stools near him and adresses Nikki in his deep gravelly voice "Have a seat Girly, ain't none of us going to bite here. If we did Miss Kitty would have our heads." He grunts at Rose's comment "Yeah had a couple dozen ghouls come after us the other day. Managed to put them down, but they got a couple chunks of me." He looks towards the stairs for a moment "The girls here put me back together. Doesn't look to be infected so all is good."
Ironface Jones "Yes. It is unlikely that I will harm you, smaller person," Ironface tells Nikki as she, like her robot before her, gets a little closer to him. "Join us for beer and talking if you would like to." And of course he's got his beer now so he's started drinking it, getting foam all over his face and having to wipe it away. The talk of raiders and ghouls from Rose and Bane pique the tribal's interest, "I would like to have been there to assist you with the ghouls. I have yet to smash any of them with my new slugger and I would like to." Then his head nods, "The girls are talented healers. Jasmine and Doctor Iris are my favorite healers."
Nikki Nikki blinks, finally reaching her bot, but she simply reaches to grasp the bot and pulls it close against her own form. The bot gives a few more sounds, but Nikki actually seems to manage to ignore it since other people were talking to her. Eyes go to the stool being pushed out but instead of going towards the stool she takes a step back. "N-Nikki's doesn't wanna be in anyone's way and...and she doesn't drink..." Not alcohol anyway. Finally letting her bot go, she shuffles her feet while standing in place, looking between the Hunter and the Tribal and the Ranger. "Uhm...N-Nikki can just...she can just..." Then, without another word, she turns and sits at the nearest empty table to the bar, close enough to chat but far enough away she's not going to ruin anyone's day. Also.. "Nikki isn't small! Nikki is Nikki and she's perfectly fine the way she is." A little huff given then, even if the comment was randomly spewed out of her mouth.
Rose      "Those...aren't the girls he was talking about," Rose comments from her sideline, retrieving her drink with a grin before she nods at Nikki. "None of us are goin to hurt you kid, but might want to take a breath or two and calm down." Raising the Nuka Cola to her lips she takes a small sip, raising an eyebrow at Jones. "So 'Brother of Steel' huh? I never knew the brotherhood to be as eager in their recruiting as Caldwell seems to be. Usually they like to squirel things away and keep them in as few hands as possible."
Bane      Bane nods to Ironface with a small smirk and a quick glance towards Rose "Well if you want to kill some ghouls I am putting together a large expedition into Roswell. I have already scouted and and secured a path in. We are going to be taking a couple of wagons in with us. Plan is to have enough fighters to set up an effective perimetre and take in enough scavs and medical support to get the jobb done effeciently while clearing out as many ghouls as we can." he shrugs his shoulders chewing another mouthful and swallowing efore speaking again "You can come with if you like. All the profits will be divided equally between members that pull their weight." He lets Rose lead the charge on questioning him about the Brotherhood, he heard the speech from Caldwell the other day he doesn't need it again.

     So he focuses his attention on to the frightened looking but spunky girl "You wouldn't be in our way, and they do serve Cola." He waves down one of the serving robots to take Nikki a cola as he speaks. He chuckles warmly "You may be perfectly fine the way you are lass, but that doesn't mean you aren;t tiny compared to others." Bane looks down at himself as he speaks, his huge barrel chest and broad shoulders speaking volumes. "But thats fine." He looks over the robot the girl had come in with "At least you can manage to get your hands dirty when it comes to fixing things up." He nods to the robot "Whenever i try something like that, well things fall apart around my hands."
Ironface Jones "I agree with Gunslinger Bane. You are good the way you are, but you are smaller than me," Ironface tells the skittish young lady as he looks at her again for a few seconds as if perhaps he's missing something. Once he's done studying the first lady he looks over at the second, Rose, "Yes. Tinman recruited me to help people in the wasteland and to not steal, two things I think are good. We have a new base and are finding new people to join. If you are interested then you should be accepted." Bane's talk of an expedition has Ironface really paying attention. He nods at the other man and says, "I would like to help you with that. I can take First Horse Jones to help carry things as well."
Nikki There's a brightening of her face as soon as Bane motions to her robot and makes comments about it. "Oh? This is Dink. Nikki found him and fixed him up. Nikki's really good with robots! Just earlier Nikki helped a robot that was broken in the middle of town..." Pride filling the girl's features. Though 'girl' might be a loose term. She speaks with the mentality of a pre-teen, though she looks about like she's nineteen even tho her real age is twenty-two. Not that many people would know that. She's also the type who many have said is only good in small doses, and yet these people have seemed to tolerate her quite well. "Oh! Cola is good...Nikki likes Cola.." The bot makes another series of beeps which has Nikki looking at him. "Don't you start. Nikki didn't do anything.." Feeling eyes on her a moment, she does shy back a little more, but then that Cola comes and all seems right with her world again as she takes a happy sip.
Rose      "It's a good goal Jones, one I share," Rose speaks, sipping her drink lightly before giving a little chuckle. "But the Brotherhood don't always look favourably on the NCR, or Rangers. In the past them putting tech over people and rebuilding has...caused some friction. Caldwell seems good people, but that doesn't mean he'd be welcoming a Ranger with open arms." Besides, Power Armor looked mighty uncomfortable in her eyes. Rose's own cola gets another sip before she looks down at Nikki with a shrug. "Nothin' wrong with being shorter than most. I've taken down plenty of things much bigger and meaner looking than me...course, I ain't really much for fixing things either."
Bane      "Good I will look fowards to having you with us. We have already put together quite the group of fighters, now I just need the medical support staff and we will be ready to go more or less." He nods his head seemingly happy at how everything has gone with his planning of the expedition.

     He grins at Nikki again clearly trying to put the girl at ease around him. "Good with robots huh? I could never get my head around that kind of thing. So many little parts, and all the electricity and all that stuff." Bane just shakes his head "I think I'll stick with my iron." He pats his rifle with a small smile as the cola arrives at Nikki's table. "Should be a good way to earn money in this town with all of the trade and scavenge passing through though."

     He looks towards Rose and nods. "Well I ain't no ranger. But it is more or less the same for me." He lets out a short bark of laughter "Besides wearing all that armour is not really good for my kind of job. My targets will hear me and see me coming from a mile away."
Ironface Jones "If you would like to join the Brothers and Sisters then I think you will be accepted," Ironface says to Rose with a friendly nod and a sip of beer. "Some people walk their own road, though, and still do good. I did that for a long time after my people were killed but now I am part of the El Dorado tribe and the Steel clan and things are good for me." And then he goes on to speak to Nikki again, agreeing with what Rose has to say to her, "I have killed and eaten one of everything larger than me that I have ever seen, aside from men and super mutants. You can learn to kill things larger than you, but I think guns may be better for you than spears and clubs." To Bane he continnues speaking, "I will ask Dr. Iris for you if I see her soon." And then he nods his head, "I do not wear all that armor. I think some day I might, but I can sometimes sneak up on things and I like it to be that way."
Nikki Nikki gives a little grin listening to Bane for a moment. "Nikki likes working on things like that. Nikki's been doing things like that since she was littler..." Saying this much, still the ever proud person while taking another happy sip of her cola. When Jones quips in about killing things bigger than him, and how she could learn to do the same - only with guns. She shakes her head. "No. No. Nikki doesn't use guns. Nikki doesn't like them. People draw guns and Nikki hides in a dumpster, or somewhere that Nikki can be safe.." A nod of her head once more before she looks back to her drink and then continues drinking. Her bot makes a few more noises, but she's content to not answer him for now.
Rose      "Nothing wrong with getting out of the way of guns Nikki," Rose comments as she pushes out of her seat, Nuka Cola bottle still in her hand. "If you're not in the fight, always best to get out of the way." A look back to Ironface and the blonde woman nods her head. "That's what I've been trying to do for a while now. Guess time will tell if it made a difference, right?" She looks sidelong at Bane now with a nod to his words before she glances towards the stairs. "I'm going to check my gear over, get some sleep and cleaned up before we set out to Roswell again. Come find me later, knock on the door if anything interesting happens."

     With that, the ranger makes a salute with her free hand and heads to return to her room.
Bane      "It would be good to have someone as skilled as Dr Iris nearby. I am sure not everyone will be getting out clean. Not when the town is as busy as it it. Hell just coming in through the outskirts we had to kill a couple dozen. And they didn't go down easy." He nods to Ironface again before finishing off his last mouthful of food and the last of his whiskey.

     Bane smirls slightly as the excitable girl speaks "All I did when I was little was work the land. Then when i got a little older i decided I wanted to do whatever i could to make people safe. So I learnt how to shoot and became a deputy. That was a long time ago though." He shakes his head for a moment "Not wanting to hurt and kill people is all well and good. We could certainly use some more of that in the wasteland. Just make sure that if you want to stick to your guns you are always behind someone like me."

     He nods to Rose as she heads towards the stairs "Make sure you have enough ammo Rose. This is going to be one hell of a trip."
Ironface Jones "Hiding is good, too. Not all people are meant to be hunters and warriors. My wife was a gatherer and..." Jones tells Nikki, starting off strong before he ends up staring into nothingness. It's obvious that something he said got to him big time and he's lost in thought. At least he's like that for a few seconds, until he seems to snap back from wherever he was to take a long drink from his beer, finishing it off all at once before his eyes come back into focus. He looks at Rose and gives her a nod, but he's quiet for the time being, letting his gesture talk for him. Bane speaks and it's obvious Ironface is listening when he nods again and again. More quietly than usual he speaks again, "I shall crush their skulls like the spent shells of the cicada."
Nikki Nikki shakes her head slowly. "Nikki doesn't wanna hurt anybody." It's a simple comment that comes before the men are agreeing with her sentiment of not hurting people, or hiding when there's trouble. At least there's cola! Or...there was, but she's reached the bottom of the glass fairly quickly. "Nikki's all out..." A bit of a pout to her voice.
Ironface Jones "Nuka for Nikki, Tincan. Beer for me," Ironface instructs his robot bartender in a quiet tone, gesturing towards Nikki when he says her name so that Tincan will know who he's talking about. He turns on his stool to look at the young lady directly and asks her, "Where are you from? I am from far away from here." Doing his best to make conversation and to perk himself up the best that he can. A fresh beer placed before him helps a lot when he picks it up for a gulp.
Nikki Nikki blinks. He wanted to know about her? Nikki would actually glance to her floating eyebot, Dink, and then back over to Jones. "Nikki's from...from Vault Town..." She says it, but her mood seems a bit dejected as she does. "They kicked Nikki out just before she was supposed to take her Goat exams...because Nikki was a neu..a" Having a hard time with one of the words and then she shrugs. "Nikki didn't mean to be...and Nikki tried to make it on her own out there..." Waving her hand like she was waving towards the wastelands. "'s dangerous out there alone...but now Nikki has Dink! But Nikki also came back here because El Dorado is kinda home now..."
Katherine Caine Before the robot can come by and serve the drinks Katherine handles it, setting the nuka down in front of the small girl and the beer, with no head in front of Ironface, because hey she liked him, "Hey Big Iron. You picked up a new friend I see?" Her eyebrows raise when Nikki talks about having dink, what was dink, "What's Dink darling? You trying to say you like it, or you've got a friend named Dink?"
Ironface Jones Of course Ironface wanted to know more about the other weirdo in the bar. It's sometimes important for people like that to get along. "I do not go to Vault Town very much. They sound as though they are dicks there for not letting you examine a goat and kicking you out." His chest puffs up somewhat and he says, "I will help you to make it if you want. I think it is important to help other people when I can. If something may be dangerous to you then you get me and I will go with you to protect you."

When Kitty shows up Ironface almost manages a smile for her. She gets a friendly enough nod, though and as he picks up his beer he says, "I hope that we are friends. Nikki and her Dink are interesting to me because they are strange to me."
Roxie A nice fresh shower, a nice change of clothes, and Roxie is more or less a polished turd. Stepping down the stairs leading up to the rooms buttoning her shirt, gunbelt with a pair of uzi's tucked into holsters laying front to back on her right shoulder.

Once she's at the bar she lays the gunbelt down across it and leans over onto her palms, coughing deep down in the center of her chest, "Smokes... booze..." Hack hack, cough, dying rasp.
Nikki Who's Dink? "This is Dink!" And with that, Nikki points to the floating eyebot just above her right shoulder. "Nikki found Dink out there.." Pointing back to the wasteland area, if one could see it past the housing of El Dorado. "Nikki fixed him up and now he's Nikki's friend...and.." She gets the next cola and practically squeals with delight, taking another drink from it. "And Nikki's making friends here too. People in Vault Town was nice, but they didn't like Nikki going through their garbage... Nikki almost got burned up in the incenerator" So, eventually, they kicked her out. "Also, Nikki would never kick a goat. It's a test. Nikki thinks. It's supposed to tell you where you're gonna work at in the town but...but Nikki was kicked out before she could take it." A shrug given then before she's back to drinking her cola and then...she frowns. "Nikki's hungry..."
Katherine Caine Whiskey is set down for Roxie but Katherine doesn't acknowledge the request for cigarettes in an immediately physical way instead smiling coyly, "You're going to hack up a lung as it is Roxie, I don't think you need any cigarettes."

Yep. Katherine reached under the bar and lit up a cigarette, smoking the undoubtedly handmade local cigarette from the pre-war lucky strikes pack, "Well, it's nice to meet you Nikki and Dink." There was a soft warmth to her voice, "Let me get you something to eat Darling Nikki."

Her hand reached out to pat Ironface on his massive arms gently, "You're a very kind man, you know that Big Iron." The Cigarette was plucked from her lips and handed to Roxie, "Give me one of your spice packets."
Roxie "For a single cigarette?!" Roxie looks up at Katherine like she farted in church. The coughing has mostly subside, roll slowed on the rumbling of lung butter. Her eyes narrow slightly, "I'll give you a pack for a pack.." Counter offer as she unquarks the whiskey bottle and pours herself a glass.

She does turn to regard the others at the bar though. An up nod greeting, "Talk some sense into her." Pointing to Kitty, "A pack of seasoning for a single half smoked cigarette? That's absurd..."
Ironface Jones When the ghoul comes strolling down the stairs casually, Ironface watches her for a few seconds as if making sure that she's not a threat. Eventually it passes through his head that she's fine and when she arrives at the bar he tells her, "Greetings, lady." All polite and such, even if maybe he has to try hard to not stare. His attention goes back to Nikki eventually and the big man nods at her, "If you can fix robots then you possess value. Sometimes people can't see that, but that is their failing." When Kitty pats him and compliments him, Ironface sits up a little bit straighter and nods towards her, "Thank you. I want to increase the strength of our tribe by helping people to thrive."
Nikki Nikki blinks a little, and then slowly - very slowly - the woman stands from her chair with her drink in hand and actually shifts forward towards the bar. Settling herself on the stool that Jones had pushed out for her earlier, setting her glass on top of the bar and then she looks around. When the ghoul is talking about cigarettes and packs that just goes over Nikki's head. So her attention goes back to Jones while Katherine and Roxie work out some sort of deal. "Nikki thinks you're nice for what you say. She's not a bad person...she just...does silly things. Doctor said Nikki wasn't all right up here.." And she taps on her temple. "Says Nikki has some wires crossed, but then Nikki called him stupid cause humans aren't made of wires. That didn't make him happy..." Recanting tales from the Vault Town, mostly since it was all she had to use. Dink would hover just behind her now, still making beeps and bloops with the very occasional wink now and again.
Katherine Caine The whiskey bottle and glass are slid away from Roxie, Katherine continuing to smoke the cigarette, "Sure." The pack of lucky strikes is set down on the bar, little did Roxie know the entire thing was going to be added to her tab, "Nothing to worry about from Roxie either Big Iron, she's an old softie who was just about to give me a pack of her Ms. Dash she stole so that a starving kid could eat a meal that didn't taste like charred ass." She had heard the rumors about her cooking.
Roxie "Not for anything short of a pack of smokes... and that bottle..." Roxie squint one eye at Kitty, "Seriously, how many more boxes of Ms Dash do you think there are in the world? I've been searching for the better part of a hundred years!" She takes the smokes and taps one out against her grubby brown-green wrist, turns it over in her fingers, and pushes it between her lips.

Another up-nod for Big Iron, "Yo.. Names Roxie."
Ironface Jones "I acknowledge you, Roxie," Ironface tells the lady ghoul, lifting his glass of beer to her before taking a sip. "I am Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan."

Nikki's got his attention again when she speaks and Ironface is nodding along with her words as she speaks, "Silly things are funny and humor has value, too. You are a very valuable person if you can fix robots and be funny." His lips press tightly together and he thinks for a second, "I think the doctor meant something else. Like when someone says they will fuck up a thing they do not intend to have sex with it."
Nikki Nikki makes a face. "Nikki's not a child...she's just..." It made her shy back a little and Dink gives a few possibly beeps and bloops of concern. "It's fine, Dink. They don't know" She shrugs. "Nikki's not a kid. Nikki's..wait.." She has to think on it for a moment before she proudly proclaims, "Nikki's twenty two!" A giggle then before something catches her attention and she looks to Jones. "What's sex?"
Lilu Start at the center, and move to the outside. Always get to the heart of things, or at least, something with a pulse. It takes the dark skinned woman a few (many) moments of hesitant standing and staring outside of the saloon's doors before gulping a breath and walking in. Violet eyes skip about, taking in the decore, its patrons, and with her head down, hand up to keep her scarf like mask in place, she strides quickly toward the bar. Instead of sitting, she stands, her vision focusing on everything, and anything, kept away and behind the counter space. Silent, she then clears her throat gently and lifts a few fingers just to show she was present, and seeking some attention. "S'cuse me. M'jus' lookin' f' a drink n's'm news. If, ah, if y'got somet'ing t'nibble on, I ain' 'gainst it."
Katherine Caine "Alright." Katherine didn't stop smiling as the bottle, pack of smokes and all was just put back under the bar, "Friend or not, you can find somewhere else to drink." That was one way to end a negotiation and Roxie's greed was not amusing to her at the moment, "Sex is well, I'm probably not the right person to teach you that sweetie, neither is anyone here." The newcomer gets her attention and she smiles warmly, "Welcome to El Dorado. Just let the robot over there know what you want and I'll get you something to eat."" Without further ado she disappeared into the kitchen.
Ironface Jones When Nikki asks him what sex is, Ironface has to think for a moment about how to reply but the words come to him soon enough, "Sex is when a man puts his penis into a woman's vagina. There is usually then much moving about and grunting and sweating. Much pleasure is had by both parties." Then there's a solid nod to her, "I will demonstrate with you if you want." He pauses for another moment, "There are other sorts of sex to be had as well, but that is the usual way. I can show you many types."

The lady in the scarf is granted the big tribal's attention next and he gives her a nod, "Greetings, lady." Always trying to be friendly and polite.
Roxie "Well that's just harsh..." Roxie grabs her gunbelt and slings it over her shoulder, "Thankfully I have to work or I'd be offended... So good for you, keeping me honest and sober while on the clock." On her way out she offers Lilu a grin and a nod, "Welcome to El Dorado."
Lilu Lilu blinks, her eyes growing wide as she turns her head toward the conversation between Iron and Nikki. Her scarf doesn't hide the quirk of her brow, but she remains silent and pulls the tip of her hat down just a bit more. Nodding silent thanks to Kat, she moves closer toward the robot and considers it for a moment. "T'anks." She voices to Roxie, returning the nod, and even the half-hearted wave in Iron's direction. Giving a wiggle as she claims a seat, the woman with auburn-brown hair, all twisted up in a messy bun/tail combo, focuses back on the robot in question. "Don' know what t'drink, t'be honest," she murmurs, perhaps to the machine itself. "M'on de fence; wat'r 'r somet'ing hard."
Nikki Nikki blinks and then looks over to Jones. She would seem to consider his words, along with what Katherine said. "Wait. If no one here is able to tell Nikki about sex, then what did he just explain?" A clear look of confusion would come across her face before she looks over to Jones once more. "Uhm...Nikki isn't sure...can she think about it? sounds weird too..." Saying this much more before she takes another drink of her cola. A glance over to Lilu then and she shakes her head. "Why would you wanna drink anything hard? It wouldn't feel nice on the way down.."
Ironface Jones "Be well, Rosie," Ironface tells the lady with the messed up looking whole body. Now that he knows she's okay he seems to be good with her.

The new lady seems to be indecisive about what to drink, "Beer is what I drink. It feels good like water when you drink it but makes you feel good like hooch after you've had enough."

"I just explained sex," Ironface tells Nikki with a shrug. "I forget sometimes that people in El Dorado do not talk about sex like my people did." And then he nods a few times to her, "Please think about it before agreeing. It is good and it is fun but some people only have sex with the person they are married to."

He smoothly pushes himself to his feet and finishes off his beer in a few gulps. "I must leave now to tend to First Horse Jones. I have found he requires much care to keep in best condition."
Lilu Lilu turns her attention away from the bot, looking over Nikki curiously before sounding a melodic, warm-hearted, chuckle. "Non, it ain' hard, lit'rally. S'jus' mean it rough t'drink. S'like burnin' y'throat 'r tummy afta it goes down. S'still liquid, like y'soda dere." She tries to explain, motioning toward the younger of the pair's beverage of choice. "S'jus' a word t'help d'scribe it. Like sayin' wat'r s'wet." The comment about a horse brighten's the woman's express, her body straightening with the perk. "Horse? Ah, n'of y' know if dey lookin' f'people here? F'work, I mean? Wit de farmin', or healin', or takin' care of de animals? Y'got a horse, non? M'sure y'got more 'round here."
Katherine Caine Katherine returns with a plate of food each for Nikki and Lilu and sets it down in front of each woman, "It's kinda burned, so consider it on the house." Would the pair be lucky enough that the food which looked like some kind of breakfast hash all jumbled together, actually tasted good?

She waves to Ironface, "Cya Big Iron." Then she's back in the kitchen, setting a plate down in front of Roxie, "Well, if I'm keeping you sober and honest, you may as well eat something. What's the new job?" She gives a glance to Lilu to see if she has decided on a drink.
Nikki Nikki pokes at the food for a moment but then, she's hungry, and it's almost a wonder when was the last time the new girl had a meal. Didn't matter if it was burnt or tasted like the broad side of a brahmin's ass, she was digging in. She does give Jones a nod before he takes off, but she's not going to make any kind of note on accepting or rejecting his offer just yet. Likely spend enough time and everything will catch up with itself and then she'll make a decision. For now. Hunger being fed was the plan, so she scarfs food while gulping soda. Though she does wave goodbye since it seemed Jones was leaving anyway.
Ironface Jones "There are many horses here, lady," Ironface stops on his way out the door to converse with Lilu further. "There is a ranch with a great number of horses and they have a few people to take care of them. You should ask at the stables, too." And then he seems to remember something, "Also, you may become a Sister of Steel and join our clan. If you are a farmer, healer and animal tender then you have much value and would be welcome." There's a look to encompass everyone in that part of the bar, "You all are welcome, too. Unless you are some type of bad person."

To Katherine he nods his head deeply, "Be well, Miss Kitty. I will see you again soon." A nod goes to Nikki, "We are friends now, Nikki. Be well." And a look at Roxie, "Good luck." With what? No one knows... And then he's headed for the door and his horse.
Lilu Lilu continues to sit, watching after Iron before turning around and looking down at her food. She stares, then looks up to Kitty, then down once more. With a breath, and a shrug of her shoulders, the woman reaches up and pulls at her mask, exposing her face completely. "T'anks." She grins, clearly thankful for the food, even if her eyes betray her mistrust of its quality. "I ah, I t'ink I jus' take s'm wat'r f'dis." She tells the machine sidelong. A few cheekfulls of the meal, she chews it away and swallows, giving the area another glance about before settling her ocus on those closest to her. "M'Lilu." She greets, her voice muffling behind one chipmunk cheek of ashen grub.
Roxie Roxie turns on her heals and heads right back to the bar at the sound and smell of food being placed down for her, "I can get behind that, sure..." Gun belt laid back down over the bar as she climbs on the stool. "Deputy Sheriff. God knows what they were thinking..."
Roxie After taking a bite, Roxie grins a little, reaches into her pocket and pulls out a packet of Ms Dash to dab over the top, then tries another bite. "Thank god for Ms. Dash. Your cooking is worse than your vagina stink."
Lilu Lilu chokes. Water, and hunks of charcoal hash pass her lips and land on the floor below. Covering her mouth, the woman coughs against it, her other hand hammering against her chest to make things move either up, or down, where it should be. A clearing, then another, she sighs and drinks more water before slipping off her seat and looking at the small mess she made. "Y'g't somet'ing t'clean dis up wit? I get it, I jus'...sorry."
Katherine Caine The robot who brought Lilu the water begins to clean up and Katherine doesn't seem to be at all bothered about her terrible cooking. Instead she leans against the bar in the black evening dress she is wearing and smiles at Roxie, "Just your upper lip you're smelling. We both know I can't stink for what I'm worth." It was a playful ribbing, but the truth was, a ghoul's upper lip probably stank pretty bad.

Looking to Nikki she asks, "How's the food luv?"
Nikki Nikki continues taking bites of the food, washing it down with cola. In fact, she doesn't really come up for air until the food is about half gone. A glance around, and then to Katherine and she smiles. "S'good...Nikki likes it. Better than some other things Nikki's been fed..." Saying that like it was just..old news. A common thing to happen. Not quite realizing perhaps that some of the folks in Vault Town (certainly not all) weren't the best to her treatment wise. "Mmn...Nikki wants to go s'ploring. Can she come back and finish this later?"
Lilu "T'anks." Frowning apologetically to the bot, she moves back up and onto her seat, returning to her 'meal', until it was all gone. After that, she drains the water and orders another without pause. "T'anks, f'de food n'drinks. How much I owe?" Her eyes move from Ghoul, to Madame, and back again. Nikki's question, however, gains the girl and somewhat concerned look, but nothing by way of objection.
Katherine Caine Katherine smiles, not showing the least bit of impatience with Nikki, "Sure, I'll put it away under the counter for you until you get back. Have fun and be careful, okay?" Just a touch of motherly concern before a hand was waved dismissively at the offer of caps, "It's on the house today. Hopefully the Mr Cook-It is working if you're looking to eat." With nothing further to do she went to cleaning the bar since the Robots didn't seem to do that. Ever.
Lilu "T'anks 'gain. Imma head on out f'now. Wander a bit, n'get my footin'. Nice meetin' y'." She nods to those left behind, giving each another looks and brief study before pulling her scarf back up and over the lower half of her face. Rolling her shoulders, she slips her hands into the pockets of her pants and heads for the door.
Roxie With the food thoroughly dashed, Roxie clears the plate like it's the first and last meal she's ever eaten. Table manners be damned. "I stand by my opinion that Ms Dash could make just about anything more enjoyable... Possibly including sex."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slips into the Saloon, spotting a few new faces depart. She makes her way over to the bar, pausing along the way to amble over and give Roxie a hug, though, not as enthusiastic as she normally is pre-gunshot
Katherine Caine Katherine seemed to grow bored of cleaning the bar sort of quickly, giving a glance around the Saloon for any rich out of towners or something of the like to put some extra caps in her pockets for the night.

The arrival of Lilly distracts her and while she doesn't show it, damn is she hurt deep down that the ghoul whose been in town for a few days gets a hug before her. Smiling none the less she says with great warmth, "My dear Lilly. How are you feeling?"
Nikki Nikki gives a blink. "Wait. Do you have a broken robot? Nikki can lookit yer broken robot if you need it fixed..." She just had a whole conversation about herself and fixing robots. Someone even mentioning she might could get paid for it. None the less, she waits, and Dink makes his usual beeps and bloops before Nikki turns to glare at him. "You mind your own. Nikki's fine... these peoples is nice..." Only to then look back at Katherine before shying down as a new person enters the bar.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine reaches into a pocket and pulls out a bunch of lizard tails and flakey bits of radscorpion husk. She sets these down next to Auntie Roxie. "i found these while scavageng. Thought they might work for 'seasoning'." She then moves over to Katherine and embraces her in a hug. Her head presses into those new boobs Mom just got. Curiously, Lilly can't help but sniff, wondering if there's such a thing as 'new boob smell'.. She looks up to Miss Kitty. "Doesn't hurt as much as it did. Thanks for the armor bunches. Oh! Roman said something about Grandad's house", still hugging Kitty. "Some loot or something" Hugs are one thing, but giving your mom a hug and scavaging prospects? A daughter has to feel she can offer Something to the family.
Roxie Roxie makes an ''oh'' face and digs through the bits of scavanged critter parts, "A soup... that's what I picture here..." Motioning at the assortment, which she collects up for her backpack, "Mmm..." Again she grabs her gunbelt and lays it over her shoulder. "But I do have to get to work."
Katherine Caine "It's not so much broken as on the fritz. Lots of these robots around El Dorado have been running since before the war, says a lot about the kind of things they build back then, that they're still around." Katherine poked the robot behind the bar as she was engulfed in a hug by Lilly that she returned tighter than ever, "Grandads house? The one you and Clara live in? Not sure if there's anything of value there sweetie. If there was, your Uncle Archie probably stole it already."

Poor Roxie is all forgotten. Just kidding!

"Have fun with my sister. I'm not sure how desperate things must be if they would let you of all people into the Sheriff's Department, let alone Clara." It was a joke, she knew how capable Roxy was. As for Clara, well, Clara was Clara.
Nikki Nikki frowns a little. "You want Nikki to take a look at it? I promise, Nikki is really good with fixing robots. Nikki even fixed Dink!" She pats her companion robot on the underside and gives a bit of a grin. Odd how the woman could go from one thought to the next, or look all scared and shy until someone starts talking about robots. "I mean if you don't want, you can tell Nikki no, but Nikki would have to see it and then she can go find parts...and then she can fix it!" Even bouncing a little before looking to her cola. She even had some left!
Katherine Caine "Sure, you go ahead and take a look if you like. Everyone else has, it's not the bot itself, something with its programming. It will just refuse orders." Katherine replied with a genuine smile before pinching Lilly's cheek because she could and heading off to see what Amber Skye wanted.

What a Friday.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine watches her mom leave, Roxie not too far before then. She moves over to a particular stool on the customer-side of the counter before someone starts asking her about Rates and she'd probably have to fake a seizure or something to get out of it.