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Sparrow Sparrow is bustling around last minute, helping Rose out with a few bandage change outs and an apologetic sound in her tone of voice as she scampers about. "I don't have the confidence to operate so soon after our last visit, Rose. But I'll be on the expedition and as soon as I feel like it wont comprimise your other wounds? I'll help you then." She says waving after Rose.
Iris Lark Iris walks in, a slight frown on her face. "Hello?" She asks, wrinkling her nose slightly. "Sparrow? I've got ..well a bruise of sorts on my chest, do you think you can help me out?"
Rose "We'll try and keep some supplies close at hand." Rose nods as she shrugs her trench coat back in place and stretches out with a small whince. "In the mean time? I'll try not to get dead. I don't have transport to make use of like the others, so I won't be moving as fast unless someone has a spare space." A nod, the blonde steps out and makes to go prepare. There's ammo to be gathered!
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Iris. "Sure, Doc, sure. C'mon over here and let's get a look at you." She looks after Rose a bit, "Oh. Well.." She blinks and looks at Iris with her brows up. "All right, let's get you into a room and your shirt off." She checks to make sure the backpacks all together. "You and Jude decide to stay?" She asks Iris warmly as she herds Rose into a room. She hasn't switched from her duster but it doesn't keep her hands from being any less steady.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the room and unbuttons her blouse, shaking her head as she does. "No, we're going, we don't's complicated." She says, sighing softly.
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "All right." She doesn't pry. Instead she gestures for Iris to settle in and gets her medkit out so she can work on making sure the bruise on the Doctors chest isn't going to be anything that keeps her from being spry and getting out of the way of any FEV fiend. The young blonde doctor works efficiently checking the bruising and adding a salve.
Iris Lark Iris sighs with relief and folds her hands on her lap. "Thank you so much, I ..don't often see other doctors around..except you."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Kumo's pregnant. Camilla's here.. And there's you and you do a pretty good job keeping El Dorado patched up. Think there's a Caine in town who's also a Doctor too. At least I think? Can't ever keep track of those Caine folk." She jokes amiably to cover her stress about the trip. "You're welcome Doc. Like I said, it aint nothin to help ya out. Try not to get too squished in the VT6 car. All right?"
Iris Lark "All right, well I can't find a doctor who can work on me then." Iris responds, rolling her shoulders. She puts on her blouse and gets to her feet. "I'll try to be safe."
Sparrow Sparrowlooks confused. "Well, lucky me then. Lucky for me you're a better patient than most." She smiles. "Just be careful, Doc. If you -are- going and I can't go farther. Let the folks here ar home know, Aidan, Jess and Stockton. And the Syringe gun.. make sure it gets back so you and the other folks can work on ..anything to help defend against possible infection. I'm sorry." She says and turns to clean up her hands.
Iris Lark "I'll do whatever I can to help you, but I'll be in the car with VT6." Iris responds,slipping to her feet. "Let me know if I can do anything else to help."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles. "Oh Im expecting to do most of this on my own." She laughs and swallows, "Seems like there are more people itnerested in the weaponry than the rest. Be safe, all of you. Tell Jude will you, he's like family and I'd hate to se ehim or you hurt." She finishes cleaning up. "All right. I'll see you soon. We best be on our way."