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Vault Girl It was a crazy sight outside of the Western Gates of El Dorado.

There were almost 10 vehicles, almost all of the working vehicles in El Dorado that could make the journey gathered up and ready to go.

There were family and friends present who had just finished giving farewells and what not and the Mayor had just finished going over the instructions for the Expedition again (See Scene 521 or Upcoming Post).

She had also made it clear that Manuelito would be in overall command of the expedition as the Marshal of the Militia with Sammy/Rose/Carter (As one Advisor/Lieutenant slot), Vector, Archene and Sparrow in secondary command of the expedition. This meant that any of them might be expected to make major decisions. (It also helps most of those folks have agreed to run scenes).

The Militia Truck is mostly filled with Militiamen who are preparing to head out while the other vehicles have groups of locals with a spot or two free for the most part. There was an air of excitement and tension both, this was a farther journey south than anyone here had ever attempted.

For some? It was the single longest journey of their lives to date except life itself and it was about to begin.
Alice Alice was standing outside of the Vaultmobile checking the handful of items and supplies she had packed into the trunk while waiting on the other members of Vault Team Six. Patting Vaultmeat on the head she said, "Who am I kidding Vaultmeat, there's no way I could leave you behind. You would be really sad without all of us and no Over9000 to watch you."
Aralyn The tall, purple haired-knife eared woman wanders into the massive group of people, now standing over near Vault Team Six. Carried over her shoulder is a massive case, probably holding firearms and the like within, and possibly som erather large firearms at that. Aralyn glances around. She then umms "Was sent out here by the NcR and all, I need a place to stash my gear... Anyone have room to stick this stuff in?" She asks curiously, as she sets the giant case down and begins dragging it around behind her on wheels on the backside of the thing.
Jude Jude is one of those militia men by the big truck. As one of the engineering privates, he's half under the vehicle, giving a final inspection to the brakes and axles. Seeing that it looks as good as it is going to get, he slips out from under the truck and dusts his uniform and armor off. He gives a nod and a thumbs up to the driver before jogging over towards the Vaultmobile. He chirps at Alice, "How's she lookin', Alice?" He gives Vaultmeat a pat and whispers to Alice, patting his pack, "I brought a bunch of cells just in case."
Manuelito The Marshal was going over final preparations. A type of electronic pad was in his hand, his single eye reviewing over the last supplies. Glancing up, he looks over the vehicles and personnel going; this was the largest expedition to date that the Militia was tasked to do.

"Alright!" He shouts in a commanding voice to get everyone's attention.

"Drivers, be sure to switch your radio channels to what was given. This is how the caravan will keep in touch. Everyone make sure you have check in with your driver as well. Make sure your weapons are stowed, ammo check is good. I hate to get down to Mexico and find some idiot forgot to pack a spare clip!"

Grunting, he turns and walks over to the line of Militiamen, inspecting each one at a time.
Rose It wasn't the first long journey Rose had ever made, not by a longshot. The blonde Ranger had made a way of life out of it, especially after Hoover Dam. But it had been a long time since she'd been sent out alongside so many others. Despite her collection of equipment, she was travelling light. A lever-action rifle, a tribute to a friend who'd disappeared into the wastes, rests slung over her back and her gunslinger belt with her two beloved revolvers rest at her hip. Aralyn gets a curious look from the woman, but Rose had no transport to offer such stashing, she'd probably be riding shotgun with the Militia. If only they'd been able to salvage that Vertibird. She was itching to try flying one of those.

Another day perhaps. For now? She pulls her helmet on over her head and makes to climb aboard whatever transport she can get her hands on.
Sammy     "Ever ridden one of these before?" it's an honest question and Sammy looks to Carter, helping him check the positioning and strapping of gear to the motorcycle. "Left side, all about gears. Right side is all about stop and go." he gestures to the controls, and leans down, actually fastening his NCR duster to his legs, for fucks sake, who even knows that's why those straps are there under the oilcloth? Not just to look extra cool and tattered, but honest to god split-tail dusters were meant for horseback riding. Then he's swinging over and mounted the bike and balanced just-so on the road-beastie. The second seat is over the fat rear tire and a bit above the rider's position.
    Sammy winces a little bit at the burst of movement but quickly recovers, and points to some of the guages and dials, "Neutral light; Clutch, engage fusion turbine, engine-start." and it is on, a muted whine at low idle. "Never push this button, this button, or use this switch. Lilly said it's for special something and not ready yet."
Emily Emily is on her way over towards the gathering of cars and trucks and such, travelling fairly light, all things considered, enough she can comfortably move around with anyway. "Who's got a spot or anything I can tag along at?" she calls out, "I can kinda cook, and I know my way around the wastes pretty well should we need to scrounge for parts or gas or whatever."
Apostle     Hssk. Hssk. Hssk.
    The steady in-and-out of Apostle's breath through the rebreather like the shifting of the time-keeper's sands, the goggles that would protect her eyes from the sharp grains of wind-swept debris lifted to rest atop her hooded head, leaving sunset golden gaze to sweep over those that have gathered to take to the roads like some grand cavalry on long-lost warpath. Blood red fabric is tugged upward with the tips of a fingerless-gloved hand, offering a muffled muting to the gentle tide of her eerily calm breathing.
    These are the moments she lives for.
    She stands in the back of Velocity, one hand resting on the minigun that's mounted and waiting, like some comicbook hero on cliff-ledge or skyscraper's peak in silent witness to travesty and triumph alike, staring off at all the horizon might offer as others bustle about and prepare themselves for the journey ahead, the scurrying dance of hivemind telling a tale of where they've been that others might benefit -- at least, such is what she views the steps of others heading to what vehicles will have them as: a clear story of comraderie spelled out by penning offered by sand-sunked steps.
    Hssk. Hssk. Hsss...
    "It is the mission of each true knight...
    His duty... nay, his privilege!
    To dream the impossible dream,
    To fight the unbeatable foe,
    To bear with unbearable sorrow,
    To run where the brave dare not go;
    To right the unrightable wrong."
    Her voice is tinny, mechanical, inhuman; yet, still there is a gravitas to her method of speech, if only to the man that has settled in the driver's seat of her newly painted imperial red messiah. Her head turns just slightly as her fingers drum against the Avenger, so fondly known as 'Maximum Fuck', that's mounted to the vehicle.
    "To love, pure and chaste, from afar,
    To try, when your arms are too weary,
    To reach the unreachable star!"


    "This is my Quest to follow that star,
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause,
    To be willing to march into hell
    For a heavenly cause!"
    Her chin lifts as her breath enters and leaves her in fragrant flow, her shoulders rolling back as her free hand moves to pull the goggles over her eyes, reflecting a rusty reddish orange in the light as her eyes continue to fix the horizon with a knowing glare, as though to tell it 'I'm coming for you'.
    She bents to the side slightly, slamming her palm against the car to call over those that she had given permission to ride the glory and 'howl the wind', before she straightens again.
    "And I know, if I'll only be true
    To this glorious Quest,
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
    When I'm laid to my rest.
    And the world will be better for this,
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,"

    The hand that slammed the side of her car points off in the distance, one booted foot stomping impatiently, causing Vector to rev the engine in response to her speech.

    "To reach the unreachable stars!"
Alice Alice flags Emily over with a wave, "Kay! You're with us Emily! I hope you brought snacks and stuffs and you like sing-a-longs and driving games, I read about lots of driving games and brought a bunch of them on my Pip-Boy, like eye spy and what does it look like and um, ya! Welcome aboard."
Carter Griffin "Never driven one, but I think I get the gist of it." Carter replies, as he looks over the bike, "I'm more worried about how exposed it is. But I suppose it's a lot harder to get an old armored personel carrier up and running, which is why they keep them all close to the capital.." He muses, as he looks over the vehicle for a moment before he gets into the back of it, "Right don't touch those things. Got it."
Sparrow Sparrow's not far from the group at large. Most of her family is busy in town leaving Sparrow by herself for today. The blonde cowgirl's crouched in her duster, goggles on her forehead and her metal helmet to the side holding her excess ammo so she can tuck things away in proper pockets. Also, a pack with supplies for a 'road trip'. She looks up when Manny speaks and nods towards him before tucking the last of her loose items away and checking the syringe pistol before tucking it away. A quick check on her boots, pockets, duster. Patting herself down just incase she forgot her keys. She pauses a moment to go over her mental checklist before moving over towards Apostle and Vector. She lifts a rolled cigarillo to her lips to clutch it in her teeth and lights it. One last smoke before the road.
Grover Grover stands off to the side with his gear, just watching the people as the load into the vehicles. He is here to do something, right right..go with them and hurt something when the get where they are going. Still they seem to know what they are doing, or at least who they are. Unsure of these smaller groups though.
Camilla     Having completely changed her mind, no doubt some sort of tugging at her heart strings about being down one less medic for this expidition, Camilla is here and has requested to ride with Alice in her vehicle as said vehicle has people in it she knows somewhat already. She's already in the vehicle, medical bag, rifle, and the clothes on her back is all she's brought for the trip and as such, she has nothing really to say or do except sit and wait for the trip to take place. To anyone paying attention in the vehicle, she's fairly nerve racked and shows it obviously.
Ashur Many of the nightmares that have plagued Ashur have faded; as of late, his dreams are of a dark fire, and a voice whose every proclamation makes it burn with a fiercer heat. Dreams of battle, bloodshed, conquest--

And, of course, dreams of his brides, who helped prepare him for the long trip the previous day. His beard's been groomed, the thick braids of his hair were undone, cleaned, and then redone to manage the growth, he's -washed-, and actually smells pretty good.. all in all, the behemoth is done up the way a man should be when he sets off to war. He's a right proper Gentleman.

Albeit a gentleman not sheathed in the salvaged power armor he has been known to wear; the bull clanks a little less when he walks, lighter on his feet. What embraces him like a lover is now a molten-hued carapace of hellclaw leather, shimmering the air 'round it from ambient heat, warm to the touch and suffused with internal glow; as if sharing in some unseen combustion, the man himself is invigorated, his eyes blazing with all the intensity of dawn. The armor is black, and red, and darker fiery colors besides, cracked and glossy and rough-textured, with ridges like spikes and an actual spike near the shoulder.

Clinging to it, like the insidious smell of death, is some Dunwichian horror, that unsettles normal folk. Some things should not be; the former Legionnaire bears an evil relic.

As for vehicles? He's not really close to any of the drivers, and will likely snatch a seat on the militia truck.
Alice "She's looking good though Jude. We also got a cook now." Alice replied belatedly to Jude and nodded at his whisper, "Good. Wish we could have upgraded the fuel cell regulator and swapped it over to computerized before we left but time came up on us too fast. You all set? Also grats on you and Iris!"
Abe     Seated in a backseat of Velocity, Abe urgently seeks out a seat belt for not only himself but the cumbersom bulk of his shabby, slightly rusty T-45. His heart was working at a slightly quicker pace than he strictly enjoyed. Someone will surely have something to drink, he can barter for that along the way. He wasn't thinking about water either.

He is halted by The Woman's soliloquy. He sits, stunned, neck craned around, lips closed but jaw slack beneath the skin.

"Say Buddy," he asides to Vector, fixing him with a curious glance, likely at the back of his head, "I've been meaning to ask... do you get her?"
Emily Over towards Alice Emily goes, nodding her head towards the woman, "I can do some basic First Aid and stuff as well, but I didn't have enough room for my Medkit without getting rid of something important, but I can do some basic tending with what I''ve got on me." she says towards her, waving a bit, "I'm Emily, by the way." She says to any of the others gathered about the Vaultmobile.
Aralyn Aralyn glances around curiously, and now heads slowly to Velocity now? As the seal-team 6 vehicle is full. She glances at the people around and moves toward Manny now? "Was sent by the NCR to give aid and all, I just need a seat somewhere." She says to the person who seems to be managing the whole affair. Held at the small of her back is her giant gun-case, she's tugging it around with the wheels on the ground and of course the handle held at the small of her back.
Eden Eden climbs into the vaultmobile next to Camilla. It's kind of nice to see that she is not the only one with not a whole lot but nerves. She is glad to be riding with friends and not complete strangers! Excitment is mingling with her nerves. This really is the farthest she has ever gone. Hopefully she will prove herself usedul somehow. To Camilla she says "Hi, I'm Eden" with a smile.
Vector     Honestly, it's a damn good idea that Vector has his foot down on the break - as the engine is now rumbling and roaring, screaming to be let loose and set free on the road. Behind his veil, the man's breath is slow and deep, almost calm - in complete contrast to the excited madness that runs through his eyes at the prospect of breakneck speed on roads that would be considered 'inaccessable' - it's enough to make the man salivate at the prospect, but it's kept in check for the time being.
    The people outside the car more or less do not exist to the man, as he continues winding the chain around his hand and the steering wheel - the arm itself being firmly clutched by a brace to ensure that the bone is setting - as he loops, twists, and works the chain around, firmly binding himself and his fate to that of the vehicles. He leans forwards, pressing his veiled lips to the steering wheel in a kiss with a prayer, the brake released just enough for Velocity to nudge forwards an inch - and then comes to a stop. The man turns his head back to Abe, and he tilts it to the side a little. "You don't?" Is his short, blunt reply. Of course he gets it. He's almost as mad at the woman is. At least, when he's behind the wheel.
Alice "Hey gun person!" Alice called out to Aralyn, "Eden is gonna sit on Iris' lap and Vaultmeat doesn't take up much space, so you can come with us. I think we need a sniper person in the car but you might have to stand and look out the sunroof most of the time, kay?"
Iris Lark Iris walks up to the Vaultmobile, handing over her rifle to Alice. She moves to stand next to the crowd, her hands folded behind her back. "Why is someone sitting on my lap now? Isn't this a long trip?"
Aralyn Aralyn pauses... and blinks before turning about and heading back toward Alice? Dragging the box behind her... Aralyn then bows slightly before tipping her cap. "Thanks Ma'am... And yah, I'm a sniper. Got a couple nice little toys and plenty of amunition to keep many a would-be supermutant at bay." She says and smiles slightly, before glancing at the vehicle "How would y'like me to store my gear?"
Archene Caine Archene is just standing by the lovely vehicle of a certian rather poetic driver. As it is, he just seems to be looking into his own duster. Who knows what kind of mysterious things he is stashing into it. As he hears, the poet slamming the car the looks over towards her, for a moment dusting off his not-as-dusty duster and getting into the vehicle, "Alright, alright. No need to be too impatient, it's not like they will leave without you."
Jude Jude bobs his head as he listens to Alice. He ends with a bright grin and blush. "Yeah!" he agrees. "It's... uhh... I feel a little guilty bein' so happy sometimes." He leans agains tthe car with a goofy smile. Then people are loading up, so he slips into the car, forgetting momentarily to be nervous. He grins and whispers, "Iris can sit on my lap if needs be. He motions for Iris to climb in and then waves in greeting to Eden and Camilla.
Rose And into a vehicle Rose climbs, raising a hand in greeting towards Sammy and then nodding at the recently-groomed behemoth that is Ashur whom had also been made to ride shotgun with the militia types. Her gaze falls upon the motorcycle and she shakes her head. She should really get herself one of those. They might be expencive, but they don't spook like a horse might. Shifting her lever-action so it rests across her lap, the Ranger settles in with a sigh. This was going to be interesting, whatever happened.
Abe     "Huh." Abe grunts, a certain, haunted look dripping into his features as he sits back against the seat. The look in the Driver's eyes, the look in the Woman's eyes.

Archene does not seem troubled by this. Archene is alos a Caine, he has come to understand. Maybe it was in the blood...

He diverts his attention, elsewhere, anywhere.

"Show me the way to go home." he starts to croon, poorly and possibly off key, likely off the entire key chain.
"I'm tired and I want to goto Bed."
"I had a little drink about an hour ago and it's gone straight to my head."
Sammy     Sammy adjusts his helmet mic just-so, tuning it to the convoy frequencies and then setting the second channel for him and the NCR, and into this channel he states, "The point of having high mobility scouts that use the same fuel as the rest of the supply chain, here we have MFC bike, MFC truck, I suspect those cars also run on MFCs, simplifies the equation on what you need to get where you're going. A motorcycle can go farther, faster, and if you're careful, kick up less dirt than a bigger vehicle. Just about anywhere you can take a horse, you can take a properly kitted motorcycle. This one is gonna be that, someday."
    Sammy looks at the assembling convoy, "For now I gotta keep it much more sane though. It has to get us there and back again."
Camilla     Cami forces a smile and nods at Eden. "Camilla.." she replies softly to her before turning to face out the window again. She's staring off in to space and being quiet, and introverted, cause like, another long ass caravan trip thing that could end up with more people she likes dead, yay... She exhales deeply and keeps that new shiny rifle she bought from the sheriff tucked in close between her legs with the barrel facing the floor and the rifle butt facing towards the vehicle roof. She even has her finger near, not on, but near the trigger, tapping on the weapon absent-minded-like.
Joe Caine Joe Caine approaches the convoy, his features mostly shrouded by his cowboy hat. He's got several weapons strapped to his back. As he approaches, the Sergeant offers several nods to people he recognizes, "I reckon y'all might need another hand."
Fiona Fiona comes footing it up to the militia bus, scanning the group and the load out. She is a tiny bit late, bathing in Bitter Lake, and packing her laundry. It is a long trip, but hey they can sing one million bottles of beer on the wall. "Captain.." She calls out.
Kaydin     "I want to join." Kaydin says as he makes his way to the vehicles and people. He looks to the women folk and then looks to the various people. Seeing sammy adjusting the mic on his helmet causes him to set his own radio up onto the frequencies they will be using. "Whats the plan?" He asks on the radio as he gets into the vehicle which will take him.
Aralyn Aralyn stores her gear on the vault-team's vehicle and occupies an empty space as she looks from person to person. "So! How are y'all?" She asks, and offers a hand "Aralyn Silver... Scout Sniper, NCR." She says with a smile "Pleasure to be working with y'all." She then adds...
Manuelito Shutting down the electronic pad, Manuelito looks up and nods to Fiona. "Inform the driver to start the engine. Get the militiamen loaded up And where the hell is Joe?"

Turning around, he shouts "SERGEANT JOE CAINE!" Looking around briefly, he states again "Sergeant Joe Fucking Caine!" He grumbles, head shaking. "Damnit." Looking back to Fiona he says "Find the sergeant please. Probably with Alice.. most likely with the Alice."
Grover Grover makes his way over to the vehicles, and quietly stows his gear. "Yes, this is good..many going, some coming back...wonder how many...ah, that for leaders to figure out..." As he finds a seat.
Sparrow Sparrow sucks down as much of the slim cigar as she can and tucks her finger into her pockets to pull out a canteen from her pocket and takes a quick drink before stashing it back in her coat. The blue eyes cowgirl is still oddly silent though she does tip her head to Apostle and nods to Vector as she heads for the seat she was offered in the Wasteland Classic. She only gets half down before crushing it out and flicking it off to the side. "Hey, Abe." The Drake woman drawls to the Scribe when she opens door and eyes the vehicle's seating. This will be the first car she's in so she makes herself comfortable and settles into the seat next to the power armor. Backpack at her feet and leans back with a shift and squirm against Velocity's seats.
Alice Alice had just spotted Joe as the handsome young man is being yelled at, walking over she gave him a playful punch on the shoulder before saying, "You better hurry Joe, sounds like your dad needs you. Too bad you don't get to ride with us."
Joe Caine Joe Caine looks between Alice, Manuelito, and the Caravan, "Aye.. duty calls.. as always." He offers a salute and small wink to the Vault girl, before turning around and jogging back towards the Militia caravan.
Ashur As he peers at the various assembled vehicles, Ashur catches sight of a familiar face near an unfamiliar automobile: Eden. His footsteps are thunder as he walks over toward that car, leaning in closer to see the girl before everyone involved moves off. "Eden," he rumbles, paying zero attention to the rest of her travel-buddies. "Decided to come after all? When the trouble starts, keep to the back. I will make sure nothing harms you."
Carter Griffin "Well try to keep it especially sane while I'm back here." Carter replies, as he adjusts his helmet to make sure it's on nice and tight. Last thing he wants is to go tumbling off of this thing without a helmet.
Apostle     HSSK! HSSK!
    Her excitement as the car bucks forward an inch or two only to stop has Apostle's rebreather working at a frenzy, her wild eyes hidden beneath the lenses of her goggles. When Abe mentions something about understanding her, she rtorts only with a raspy, metallic simplicity:
    "Not all those who wander are lost."
    Her head jerks toward Archene as he approaches to get into the vehicle, her muscles visibly tensing in the way her shoulders raise in apprehension, her body quivering so that it sends tiny metallic beads and relics shuddering with an audible rattle only vaguely softened by the draped cloth that keeps her guarded from sun and sand.
    It's like she doesn't know quite what to make of him. Like he's the weird one.
    HssKH, the rebreather crackles, then continues.
    "The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time."
    Her booted foot stomps a second time, another slap of her palm to the side of the vehicle, something that rings out like a bell when pounded with a hammer in old cartoons to those within. It likely serves as a shot of adrenaline to the driver, the one as mad as Apostle, the one literally strapped into the car.
Eden Eden sees Ashur and jumps out of the car to plant a quick kiss on his face. "Says the man with all of the scars... I'll be careful if you are. And try not to cause you any trouble." eden grins and plants one more peck before dropping back to the ground and climbing into the car.
Abe     "Wherever I may roam"
"On land or sea or Sparrow-"


"Ah, evening Ms. Sparrow, lovely day for a drive, isn't it.

It wasn't he was lying, a lying lier who lies!

With the reply from the woman at the big gun.

You should really think twice before speaking poorly of women with big guns, Abe.

Abreham cranes his neck back as best he can to look her in the eye, "I've heard that a few places... What about those that Wonder?"
Vault Girl As everyone got onboard their vehicles, it was time to head out. Lucky for the group that the starting leg of the journey was not going to be difficult at all, they would follow the caravan route that Lone Star Caravans used all the way to New Rome.

Less than half an hour passes and the group is driving passed Roswell where a group of the local residents, which are mostly ghouls are out in full force to cheer for the convoy as it passes through the formerly overrun city.

They're cheering and throwing confetti at the group, these people still remembered what parades were and they were glad for heroes.
Archene Caine Why would someone be troubled by a minor trip like this?

Archene is more worried about how he will manage to sleep in peace! He then glances at Abe... no even with the sunglasses hide it by the time he sighs, shaking his head.

He looks at Apostle, but then nods. Yes, he is the wise one. Certainly, for sure. But maybe he is being mocked... MAYBE.

He looks away, or rather at Sparrow to whom he briefly nods before also making himself as comfortable as possible, without taking more space than he should obviously.
Aralyn Aralyn glances around inside VT6's vehicle, then grins slightly, and begins playing some jazz music she has on her own pipboy. "I hope no one minds?" She asks curiously as she looks from person to person and her violet eyes steady on the Driver...
Apostle     Her attention shifts only briefly as Abe asks of her a question.
    She stares at him soundlessly then, fingers still resting neatly on the gun, her excitement waning in the prolonged period of waiting as everyone gets themselves sorted.
    ... Hssk...
    "... Wonder is the beginning of wisdom."
    She has an answer for everything.
    Apostle again jostles the the back of the car by bouncing her weight with a shove of her weight down, rocking it back and forward, not unlike the way it bucks when Vector's foot toys with the brake.
    "I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul."
    Hssk... ?
    At the sound of Alice on the radio, she pounds a fist into the roof. "Howl the wind!" She demands of the driver.
Vector     There response is almost immediate - Vector lifts his foot from the brake pedal and permits the engine to do its holy duty, whereupon those that were unfortunately not braced or sitting comfortably in their seats are now being pressed back into them with the sudden acceleration of the vehicle. The chains that latch Vector's hand and wrist to the wheel cause a momentary upset as the man has to lean awkwardly to grab at the radio, fumbling at it before he hauls it up, glaring at it as he pushes on the button. *Squeak* *SQUAK*.
    The man releases the button, permitting communication - and simply lets the radio rest somewhat in his hand while he grips the wheel.
    "She roars, Boss!"
Grover Grover rides along, only ocasionally asking of no one really, "Are we there yet?" Then he goes back watching outside as the landscape changes along the route.
Alice "Howl the Wind?" Alice replied to Apostle over the radio, "What does that mean? Over" She looked out the window at the cheering ghouls and beeped the horn for them before looking back to Vaultmeat, "Look Vaultmeat, they're cheering for you buddy!" The puppy barked excitedly sticking his head out the window.
Manuelito With the militiaman unit(s) loaded in the Military truck and two cars, they began the long trek forward. Within the caravan, the truck was protected by the two cars - one in front, one behind. For the time being, those on motorcycles were asked to take the lead as scouts. Faster vehicles could stay about a hundred feet head of the primary caravan; slower vehicles were placed behind the military truck.

This allowed for maximum protection of the caravan and allows those on the cycles to report back quickly. All vehicles were installed with radios of course; well all but the cycles.

Manuelito leans back in the cabin of the truck, hands moving to the nape of his neck "Joe, take over. Going to nap until we get to New Rome." He mutters, closing his single eye.
Sparrow Sparrow glances at the confetti throwing ghoul's of Rosewell her brow lofting a bit and a tiny smirk interrupting her otherwise stoic quiescence. "Reckon it could be worse." She replies to Abe with a look back towards the celebration. Archene gets a small dip of Sparrow's head in return to his acknowledgment. The cowgirl is for a while taken by the way the land passes and the world moves about them. The sound of the radio makes her since a bit that direction before turning her gaze back towards the passing world. Sparrow's been an El Doradan all her life so her eyes are a bit big.
Emily Emily has squeezed her way into the Valutmobile, tucked into whatever spot is free for her and is all tucked up. "So, this is exciting." She says, glancing about a bit, "How long til we wrun into any real trouble, do you guys think?" she asks, glancing back and forth at the others in the Highwayman.
Alice "Probably a bit." Alice replied to Emily, "We'll be following a caravan route until we hit Mexico, so there shouldn't be much trouble. Just keep your head down after New Rome, I don't want our group to be the ones who start a problem if something happens."
Abe     Abe's lucky.
In as much as Abe can ever be lucky.
He's ridden in Velocity before. He knows what's about to happen. He knows what this monster of a thing does when you move your foot from one little pedal and put it on the other.He listens to The Woman, wide-eyed and almost afraid that she's starting to make sense. She rocks the boat and cracks the whip. "Hang on." he advises his seat-mates. "Hang-the-fuck-on." he affirms his advice. He moors himself as best he can, anchoring himself through one means or another. A days trip to Roswell flew by, the world was a blurr... How did people get anywhere when they were going so fast in the old world?!
Rose Roswell gets a long look from Rose as it's passed by. Stuck in the car with militia-men and the others that couldn't provide their vehicle, Rose leans a little to watch the area go by. They had spilled blood, nearly died, struggled and even had an off-world encounter that the Ranger didn't talk about and ended with her beating spacement to death in her underwear...all to secure the city. Now it was 'safe'. After all that craziness? Well what could this trip bring them? Just the thought has the blonde glancing down at her weapon once more.
Camilla     For those in the Vault Mobile, young Cami seems to have dozed off already. She's silently snoozing against the door and window with her long rave nhair covering up her face. Anyone leaning in close enough can hear the gentle snoozing of someone who is, for lack of a better term, ZONKED. She was awake just long enough to stare out at Roswell, and it did put a smile on her face before she dozed off.
Aralyn Aralyn tilts her head quietly, and notes not much reaction on her jazz theme.. She glances through the music she has stored on her pip-boy, then grins as she finds a nice traveling bit of music.. She glances out at the ghouls throwing confetti.. "Must be some wierd pre-war thing..." she mutters to her self, then finally finds a bit of muic she likes.. Next the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, Sweet Home Alabama Starts playing from Aralyn.s pipboy as she glances to Alice curiously... "Hey like this one?" she asks curiously.
Alice "Yeah! That's a cool one!" Alice replied, "I've heard David Ghoulie play it before on Radio Rockwell." She put both hands on the wheel trying to be careful before radioing Joe, "Hai Joe."
Jude Jude idly holds onto Iris as the miles are eaten up. He peers out the window, watching the familiar surroundings turn more unfamiliar. He glances at Arylyn and gives a little shrug as the jazz starts to play. He stretches his legs out a little more and shifts to try and keep the ride as comfy as possible. The crowd in Roswell get waved at, but it's a little half-hearted. He glances back towards Aralyn and smiles a little at the next choice of song.
Sammy     That old LAPD riot helmet, the NCR Ranger's trademark, makes for excellent visibility when dealing with a caravan's movement, as well as avoiding the whole bugs in the teeth experience. Cruising along at the convoy's pace through the roadside approaching Roswell, a fairly smooth ride attesting to how well Lilly did with rebuildling the shocks. Sammy pats the top of the bike affectionately. Out in front like this it's a pretty easy cruise, and he considers things like; with more vehicles, will need to be road improvement crews, crews will need guards, and files it away to have a long chat about infrastructure with them wot know, need to know. Roswell, gets a glance, as he gives it a wider berth, slowing to check his mirrors at the dust cloud the convoy's making.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods nervously. He had never driven anything before, and only technically new how to pilot. "Ooook. Nothing to it right? Just like the piloting manual.. only... obstacles.." It's a rocky start at first, but Joe finally figures it out enough where they are actually making progress. The com receives a look, recognizing Alice's voice, "Heyy.. we're not dead yet."
Ashur Ashur's breathes the same rough notes as the engine beneath the hood: a mechanical lion's purr, indicative of great size, great power, and a small likelihood of responding if you start talking to it.

The seat he is in deforms around him, sinking down into the car's steel bones as if his weight alone were enough to crush it; he hunches forward, spine twisted, elbows tucked in, knees pressed together with enough force to make the positioning of his unmentionables awkward.

He's come to realize he really fucking hates cars. They suck. At least he has a window view-- rather than stare at the stank-faced mouthbreathers he's bound to like fat peas in a thin pod, he can stare out the window, and see the men and women gathered to celebrate him, as if he were Caesar riding on his Triumph.

If only it wasn't ghouls. So very ugly.
Sparrow Sparrow is, usually, unmoved by the world. Thoughtful but unexpressive except in brief bursts when something moves her. And certainly an undignified sound? Not -ever-, she's clutching her knees and for a moment looks queasy, and hopefully, no one minds that terribly undignified squeak from where Sparrow's tucked in next to the power armor. She decides to take Abe's advice and finds something to hold onto at least until she can orient and the sudden queasy of vertigo settles to manageable levels. After that? She'll keep her eyes on the road as much out of curiosity as paranoia.
Fiona Fiona sits is a side seat in the militia van, hat down over her eyes since they passed Rosewell. How cool was that of the ghouls? Rifle rest in her lap like a sleeping puppy. She is chill as a corporal ought to be, like Hicks. Only, truth is, she isn't. She has never been in a motor vehicle. Still, a horse rider, she doesn't get ill, for now.
Iris Lark Iris grins over her shoulder at Jude and gazes out of the window as the scenery flies by. She shifts to get comfortable in her seat and tries not to hit her head on the roof. That might hurt.
Vault Girl The group of vehicles moves through Roswell and onto the highway 380, moving passed many small settlements and areas that people are familiar with such as the Nuka Cola Plant. Up ahead loomed the fork in the highway that went northwest towards Lincoln and Dunwich.

Lucky for the group of you, you would be moving off the Highway 380 and onto the Highway 70, heading out further than anyone had in recent memory save the Caravans.

In the North towards Dunwich you could all see hundreds of black crows circling in the sky, literally hundreds of them as they circled the general area of the town. It was a strange sight to be sure, perhaps a sign that something was happening in the haunted settlement.
Carter Griffin For his part, Carter is doing his best to hold on, scanning around for potential threats. He's not used to riding anywhere, he's used to using his own two feet to get him from place A to place B. Still, this does seem very efficient, especially considering what thye're potentially up against..
Camilla     Camilla is, well and truly zonked out at the moment to the point of a light, yet somehow cute, snoring sound. There's also the whole open mouth, anime style, snoozy bubble...but not really, she's out like a light.
Aralyn Aralyn's eyes narrow and she frowns slightly, while leaning forward. Music is still of course playing "I see fire... South of us and smoke, Also some aircraft is heading North from that location." she tells Alice as she stares ahead... "On yer toes people, this might turn nasty quick..." She adds, then tilts her head "Up to you to make what you wish with that info.... I'm thinking about grabbing my anti-material rifle's scope and trying to view it from the roof of the vehicle..."
Sparrow Sparrow blinks and frowns as her head turns following the line of the birds then the inevitable path down and she winces visibly. "Damn. Let's hope it's not too late for others. They were so close." She stares the direction of the birds and shudders a little looking away which happens to make er blink. "Uhm.. anyone else confirms they see a.." She squints and dips in and swears under her breath, "Vertibird?" This question asked of the other passengers in the car. She doesn't have the visual range she's used to. Sparrow takes a breath and presses closer to the window to see if it's getting closer or not squinting against the sun.
Rose Rose herself was content to let her mind wander, but her gaze was still sharp enough to bring her attention back. "See that?" She questions aloud before reaching to key the radio. No sense spotting something and not speaking up. Dunwich was hard to miss, but there was more. "I've got a vertibird up heading North..." she comments. Unfortunately, the .50cal Rose owned was accurate but tended to lack punch, so she'd left it at home. Isntead she looks to see if one of the militia-men had some binoculars of their own. "Brotherhood maybe?"
Alice "Wish we had one of those vertibird thingies." Alice replied to Aralyn before asking Joe, "So, your dad let you drive? That's pretty cool of him. Does he still tuck you in at night?"
Eden Eden sees Camilla snoring adorably and sighs. So much for chit chat. She leans against the window and stares at the crows- wondering for the thousandth time at the mystery beneath them. And certainly hopes her car has the good sense to stay out from under the birds!
Joe Caine Joe Caine huffs, "Shut up punk. He's not my dad. My dad is some Head Paladin asshole or something." He falls silent for a long moment, the car swerving as he encounters a tumbleweed, "OH- oh.." When he was assured that they weren't going to die, Joe responds, "He just.. like.. taught me how to shoot people when I was a kid."
Fiona "Somebody turn on a radio, or play some music." Fiona calls from under the hat to the militia bus. "But if Johnny Guitar comes on, turn it back off." She didn't see the flying ship, a shame.
Aralyn Aralyn does exactly as she says, just taking the action section, which includes the picitiny rail, the action housing, pistol grip, and stock, but doesn't of course have the massive barrel, of her anti-material rifle, and climbing up on the roof of the vehicle. She then sites at the flying vehicle and frowns "Enclave... Not heading at us but definately Enclave folks." She says, now to Alice, and perhaps over the radio... "I don't think it's interested in us." She then says while setting the sites on the very distant vehicle... "Too far to cut loose, even with this thing anyhow." As if she would be tempted to try to bring down the vertibird with her rifle if given half the opportunity.

'lyn then climbs back into the vehicle and stashes that section of her rifle. "Does this vehicle have a sound system? Want to plug in my audio files into it and we can get some good music?"
Vector     Vector is driving. What this means is that his eyes are entirely on the road - so he's gunning it with the care of the damned. That is, anyone in Velocity knows how fast they're going, and knows that the only music currently playing is 'The engine has been made to make loud noises, enjoy it, because that track is going to be playing on loop'.mp3 - Vector is a huge fan of the track, which is why it's probably the only one other than the radio. He's now grinning behind his veil.
Archene Caine Archene keeps looking outside through the sunglasses, even glancing at the sky for a few moments before furrowing his brows, "Seems like there is something going north, a vertibird or something." He then shrugs, "Let other people on the radio know if they don't yet." With that he starts looking outside again, as if nothing happened.
Alice "Punk? I'm not a Punk! You Goofball!" Alice replied to Joe as she HIT the same tumbleweed Joe was trying to avoid, testing the old saying nothing can stop a highwayman as her car rolled right over it, "So did you get to come because your Mom is Mayor and your Dad is the Marshal?" She kept teasing Joe. Glancing over to Aralyn she nodded and said, "The Enclave are kinda weird, sometimes they help us, other times they fight us. Totally bi-polar."
Sammy     "I wonder if they have anti-missile systems active..." Sammy says into the NCR channel, he already has a wicked grin under his mask, he glances back at Carter, and gives a head-shake, "I think I wanted to try catching one of those in not-blown-up shape and get us a Taxi. Rose said she could fly it if I tamed it. Make note of it's lauch vector, we'll go have a looky-loo later and rustle up some truble another night."
Jude Jude doesn't really notice much other than Iris and occasionally the other passengers in the car. He perks up when the knife-ear talks about what's ahead. He glances out the window, as if he can see anything. Instead, he decides to turn his attention back to Aralyn and waits to hear what she sees, if anything. He blanches a little at the mention of Enclave, shifting a little in his seat nervously.
Abe     "Verti-what?!" Abe had almost settled into road hypnosis, turning his attention outwards but not seeing anything but his thoughts Archene mentioning a Vertibird has him plastering himself as close to a window as he can manage to try and make out any details about the craft should he be able to make it out.
Alice "And yeah go ahead." Alice replied before gesturing to the pip-boy wired into the radio for Aralyn.
Joe Caine "You're most definitely a punk. A short punk.." Joe falls silent now, attempting not to kill his passengers with his shitty driving.
Kaydin     "I spy with my little eye, something brown." Kaydin says into his radio for everyone to hear. If people want to play then they can otherwise they will just chatter and keep him awake.
Fiona "Enclave, Brotherhood, thank goodness they wear different colors so you can tell them apart." Fiona comments in a casual tone, pushing the hat back. "Ah..What did you say about Katherine? And Joe, there are privates in the back, Sarge."
Alice "I'm not that short and besides, we both know you think I'm pretty cute. Don't even TRY to lie." Alice taunted Joe, "Or I'll tell your dad you were being a jerk to me." She couldn't help herself, she began to giggle relentlessly, no doubt not considering EVERYONE was hearing her teaseflirting with Joe.

"Oh I know this game. I spy, DIRT!" Alice replied excitedly to Kaydin, Joe-teasing forgotten about for now.
Rose "Lets not be the sort to gun down strangers for the things they have," Rose comments on channel, adjusting her grip on her lever-action and glancing around the other vehicles. She's a passenger, a gun, at this point? Whereever her driver takes her? That's where they'll end up. That doesn't mean she's not going to be cautious about it.
Kaydin     "Very good Alice. Want me to raise the difficulty?" Kaydin says playfully before chuckling. He looks out the window and gives a sigh as the time passes by. "I spy with my little eye....something grey."
Alice "Ranger Sammy and Carter" Alice replied to Kaydin with a grin, "Oh, you said GRAY!"
Aralyn Aralyn is all siles as she plugs the sound-files from her pipboy into the vault mobile's sound system, now having an idea of what folks like, she starts plying of course her large selection of classic rock. Aralyn was about to take a drink of water, then Alice calls out on the Radio.. She almost shoots said liquid out her nose...
Joe Caine Joe Caine had been rather silent, until Alice's comment, and he snorts. Loudly.
Vault Girl The journey continues without issues or pause as the skies begin to darken, the group passes by New Rome (Formerly Lordsburg, New Mexico) without stopping as it enters the southeastern tip of Arizona.

The Lone Star Caravan Guide advises that they're best to make camp before crossing into Mexico and given the darkening skies, it seems the best prospect. The group being guided to an old service station that the Lone Star Caravans sometimes use as a stopping off point.

The group of vehicles slowly pull in and people begin to get out and begin to setup tents and what not, while others mostly the Militia Soldiers who rode on the truck (NPCs) begin to setup a perimeter.

In the distance the sun disappeared over the horizon slowly while Mexico was only a hop and a skip away.