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Aralyn So! They've set up camp, and folks are busy moving about making sure things are set up, defenses arraned, patrols moving about, watches being placed, orders of watches, all that good stuff. Aralyn is currently seated on an outcropping, her night-vision goggles currently are flipped up on her helmet as she glances around her self. She's also got her large case open and is busy cleaning a gigantic rifle barrel it seems. On the same rock is a cleaning kit which she has open, and she's currently running a brass ram-rod down the length of the massive cylinder while the acrid smell of gun-oil can be made out to those who go anywhere near the odd female.

She glances skyward and exhails slowly, breath misting in the cool desert night air before she looks back down at her job and casually points the end of the barrel at a light source as she looks down it like some heavy telescope. "All clean..." she mutters to her self, before turning and bending to place the barrel away. Aralyn then exhails and sighs happily as she digs through her box and pulls out a small bag of dried fruit chips, and settles back with said bag while sipping on water and well munching and looking at stars..
Camilla     Camilla, is, for lack of anything else better to be doing, simply sitting next to the vehicle on the ground. She has a hold of her medical bag with her medkit, and her rifle, and looks rather, unnerved. She sits, and watches the comings and goings of the patrols and Aralyn working on her weapon, and people doing stuff and things with her vivid and icy blue eyes. For now, she chooses to stay entirely silent.
Sammy     Rolling the motorcycle to a stop and dismounting, Sammy has a little pow-wow with Manny, Carter & Rose about the divisions of the watches, and argues justifiably that he's more tired so should get 3rd if any tonight, it's precariously close to the limits of what he's got in him at the moment.
    He shifts his rifle over his shoulder, draws his pistol, and with a click of the IR lamp on his helmet, investigates the interior of the service station, a wary sweep and clear in the growing night, ducking back out and letting everybody know "Clear inside, room for cots." he holsters his pistol once more, and undoes his helmet, shucking it off with a tired sigh, headband pulled from the top of the helmet, used to wipe his face a bit, and then tie his hair back as he walks back to the motorcycle, grabbing his bedroll.
Jude After he's done assisting with the Militia camp set up, Jude finally gets a moment to come back to the Vaultmobile. It's only been a day and he's already starting to look a little vexed. He grumbles a little to himself, something about, "Join the militia they said. See New Mexico, they said." He flops onto the ground, leaning heavily back against the Highwayman. He gives a tired glance at Aralyn and Camilla, flashing a smile before his eyes settle on Sammy. Sammy's moving so tired Jude's T-rex vision is fixed. Until he stops moving and then his gaze wanders again.
Iris Lark     Iris pushes her way out of the car, sweaty and rumpled. Someone apparently fell asleep during the drive. She moves towards the setup of camp, looking for an actual place to lay down that isn't a sticky car seat.
Aralyn Aralyn is still messing with stuff in her case, now she has the back end of the anti-material rifle, and she is currently cleaning the beast. As soon as she's done, she sets that on the lid of the crate as well, then pulls another, much smaller sniper rifle from the box and begins examining it, before starting to take that thing apart as well.. First comes the scope, then she pulls the suppressor free and then the barrel and so on. Eventually she has it all layed out on a blanket while she's examining the thing and wiping it down. Also near her is a whole host of ammo, .308 amunition for the smaller rifle, and of course the .50 BMG rounds of various types for the monster that rests at the edge of the carrying case.

Aralyn looks up and notices Camilla near by and smirks slightly "Relaxe, we're safe for now." she says and glances around "This is a pretty big hoast of very heavily armed people. I doubt much is going to pick a fight with us right now."
Camilla     Cami only has a newly purchased assault carbine chambered in 5mili, nothing to special. Its literally the only thing on her person outside her clothes and that ever present bag with medical supplies in it that she no doubt stole on her way out of the legion and uses for prety much everything.

    She looks up to Aralyn in response to the voice that seems to be directed her way and shrugs. "I am fine.." she replies plainly, which is a bold faced lie and obviously so. "This is not the first trip I have made, nor the first that was a span of hundreds of miles and had a large caravan with it."

    For everyone else, she simply gives them notice for now. Looking at Iris, Sammy, and Jude and giving them all, forced, smiles.
Sammy     Sammy sees the concern between Iris and Camilla, and checks his pockets, smiling quietly, and draws forth a well cleaned Stimpak, and he steps over, hunkers down, "Hey, do me a favor. When someone needs this, use it on 'em. And make sure it finds its way back to me, when we get back to El Dorado, make sure it finds its way back to me..." he hands the Stimpak to Camilla, and looks to Iris, "I'm sure Iris can find a 'runner' that could track me down if need, but I'm usually not too hard to find."
    It's Nice Sammy, the kind of Sammy that's still got a smile and quiet eyes left to give. Of course also, the helmet is off, that's a big part of the seperateion between the two.
    He turns to stand up, but there's a loud rip-pop of bandages from one of his knees and he staggers to his feet, and limps back to his motorcycle, and slides to the ground with a grunt, rolling out his bedroll beside him and sliding onto it, straightening his legs out with muttered cursing.
Sparrow Sparrow had needed to walk and stretch her legs after being cramped up like a sardine in Velocity. The blonde Doc had taken off for a stroll around where the peremiter was being set to keep safe and out of the way. She shrugs out of her backpack and makes her way towards a spot to make camp. The blonde cowgirl has the end of a smouldering cigarillo in the corner of her mouth as she finds a nice quiet spot to claim as her own. Which means? A spot on the ground and a bedroll laid out under the sky exposed to the sounds of the cave crickets and whatever else the Mexican night brings. She lifts a hand to the other group preparing their various camps.
Jude Seeing Iris, Jude pushes himself off the ground. He smiles as he moves closer to her, guiding her to an out of the way spot. He hunkers down then and starts to lay out some bedding he digs out of his pack. "Wasn't sure you was gonna wake up or not. Long borin' ride, huh?" He flashes Iris a smile as he drapes a heavy quilt over the two rolls. "Gonna stink after a couple days. I already stink," he grumps.
Harlan      Harlan rolls out of the vault mobile and groans. He stands as straight as he can and then arches his back until he gets a satisfying pop. He shakes his head with a huff and walks to a Militia truck to reclaim his Flambe. Returning to reclaim his bedroll, he then heads over toward Iris and Jude. "It's going to be nice to stretch out yea?" He sets his flambe aside and starts making preparing his part of the camp.
Aralyn Aralyn smiles at Cami whilst giving a slow ond "It'll get better, and You'll get used to things." She says as she re-assembles her smaller sniper rifle. The woman then lifting it up and pointing it in a safe direction as she looks through the scope. Next she flips it over to night-vision mode and looks off in the distance, before she gives a test-pull of the trigger. There's a dull click, and she nods to her self. She looks through her ammo, now checking each .308 round carefully and making sure there are no burs or nicks on the ammunition. She even goes as far as to take a small nail file and remove said burs as she examines everything.

Aralyn looks up from her fiddling and glances to Cami again before asking curiously "Honestly, How are you doing? You gonna be allright tonight?" she asks, before she pulls a cover from the trunk she had and sets to placing the sniper rifle into said cover, carefully locking it in, making sure the scope is protected. The silencer also goes in, followed by the ammo Aralyn had so meticulously cleaned. After setting that aside, 'lyn grabs the pieces to the anti-material rifle, and begins assembling that monster as well... She grins slightly to Camy and asks "Ever seen one of these?" she asks curiously.
Camilla     Cami looks up to Sammy and takes the stimpack, placing it in her medical bag. She gives sammy a scrunchy nose look shortly after, "You do realize I'm a medic yes? It's more than likely best that someone who isn't medical has this, but if you want me to use it, I will.." she adds in reply to him.

    To Aralyn she looks and shrugs her shoulders, "I, have no idea.." she replies, plainly, and at least honestly. She looks to the Rifle, and holy, "damn that's huge.." is her response. "What, what is that?" she asks of Aralyn, answering her question in the process no doubt.
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at Jude, still too sleepy to comprehend much. When he produces bed rolls and quilts, she looks like she might kiss him. Instead she sits down on the comfortable rolls and wrinkles her nose. "The ride wasn't boring, Alice drives like a crazy person sometimes." She does lean in and sniff at Jude. "Not too bad yet, you'll be ripe in a day or two." She says, an amused look on her face.
Sammy     Sammy glances back to Camilla, "Aye, and I'm a Soldier; my job is to win the firefight, that's the best way to help medics out. I won't have time to use it, 'cause guns are my thing." he gives a grin, and loostens up his armor, and slips his duster off, unbinding it from his legs , buttoning the back of the split together once more, and he makes a lean-to out of the bike and his duster, securing the corners with a few rocks, and crawls down inside, getting comfy. Nice, warm engine should let him get a watch or two worth of shut-eye.
Harlan      Harlan evidently knows what he's doing as he makes himself busy. His bedroll is rolled out and folded just right to avoid critters from slipping inside while he goes about his other tasks. First, he scavenges for a little fuel for a fire. Next, he digs a shallow pit. With tiniest drop of flambe fuel added, a nice well controlled fire is started.

The next step is fetching a small pot and grate from the back of the vault mobile. Add a little water and a few ingredients from his food supplies.. and wa-la.. soup ala Harlan. Not the most flavor concoction, Harlan wasn't much for culinary genius.. but it was prepared food and good to fill a mug with. He waves over to Iris and Jude. "Help yourselves."
Ashur A car, frame sunk low on its tires, has pulled off the main highway to park with the others. It rocks side to side; all the weight seems to concentrate on one end, which sags low enough that the bumper nearly scrapes the cracked earth. Then a door blasts open with a creak of rusted hinges, a pained wailing that whines and repeats as it hits the far end of its extension and reflexively swings back inward.

From that steel cage Ashur struggles for freedom-- he juts a sprawling shoulder out, but that forces his head at an odd angle; he leans to the side, and pushes out a leg, about fifteen degrees short of full horizontal, and scoots. A booted foot smacks the ground, pushes it out with a scratching rush of dirt and stone, and the behemoth of a man shimmies like a dancer until he can push off with a hand and pop free, born anew.

The car bounces up once his fat ass is out of it, and the brute hooks his hands over his head, arching the spine and popping it like gunfire. Then it's time to walk off the sleep paralysis that's made his foot numb.. and that travel brings him toward the main crowd, naturally.

The bull locks eyes on Aralyn, flares his nostrils, scowls, and keeps starin'. "Kaelyn," he calls to her. "May I please speak with your computer now?"
Jude Jude snickers at Iris sniffing at him. He gestures to the bedding and murmurs, "I ain't went more'n a day without a shower. I hope the damn Mayor appreciates that." He laughs a little, shaking his head a little. He waves at Harlan then and nods. "For real. Ain't used to much but walkin' everywhere. Of course, now I'll never look at a tin of Cram the same way." He snickers and kicks his boots off. "Glad to be a little guy, for true." He gestures and asks, "Lay down some beddin'. Didja all get your watch schedules?" He sighs and admits, "I have second watch. Rank has it's privileges and private ain't enough to throw at much of anyone."
Camilla     Camilla's index finger slowly moves towards the trigger of her rifle and rests on it. She does this without actually looking up to Ashur, or anyone else for that matter, and is trying her best to hide the fact she's doing it at all. She leans forward slightly, hugging her medics bag and said rifle, and allows her raven black hair to cover her face up entirely as she looks to the ground. With that done, she begins to sing something, soft, and melodic. Though, Quietly.
Aralyn Aralyn looks up and responds to the watch comment "First as soon as grub is done. I got plenty of rest in the vehicle." She adds, then she looks to Camy... "It's a .50 cal anti-material rifle.." She says as she tugs one of the massive rounds from its housing, she then hands the round to Cammy "This is what it fires." Before she finally finishes assembling the giant slug-thrower. Aralyn now looks to Sammy and grins slightly "How're your legs?" She asks.

Then the giant comes out of the vehicle and start asking to speak to her computer while insisting on calling her Kaelyn... "You understand that there's a number of my kind out here roaming between California, down here, all over really, right?" She says and tilts her head "We all look quite similar because are looks follow a rather strict baseline... That being said I'm Aralyn, however, if you like you are welcome to use my Pip-boy to refrerence your creatures." she adds, tilting her head as she studies Ashur... She then smiles "What kind of creatures were you hoping to look up then?" she asks now while she lifts that giant rifle of hers, and closes the bipod.

Next she puts that in a sleeve she pulls from the same crate, making sure the mega-rifle is protected well. She then grins slightly and offers to hand camy the giant sniper rifle... "Here, check it out if you like It's not loaded..." She says, and stands as she wanders toward Ashur, while setting the screen so the giant can look at the info on it. "I did some investigating around town, Evidently, this Kaelyn has a modified pip-boy was it? Something that talks, It's name Carol, or something?" She asks
Iris Lark     Iris takes a bit of what Harlan has cooked up and sniffs it while she offers him a grateful smile. "Thanks Harlan." She murmurs, taking a sip. "Did you enjoy the ride down here? It was..eventful, to say the least."
Sammy     Sammy looks at the gathering round the campfire, and scoots a little more out from his lean-to, the handlebar of the motorcycle holding the shoulders of the duster wide. It makes a pretty good little arrangement. He props himself up on his elbows, "About as good as could be expected. I was stalking the ruins of Dunwich, came across some raiders in a mixup with a Militia Patrol. I ... intervened as per my usual, and they managed to make it back intact. But I was headed out of town to where I'd left Buckshot, and I'll be damned but a car comes out of nowhere and wham. I'm staring up at sky wondering what the fuck just happened..." he sighs, "And undid the work Sparrow did on putting my legs back together after the mine explosion."
    He takes note of the unease Camilla has about Ashur's arrival and presence, and makes notes, little mental ones. He settles down, resting his head on his forearms.
Harlan      Harlan grabs a mug of the soup and quaffs it while sitting at the end of his bedroll. He then kicks his boots off and stuffs a fresh pair of socks in them. Not long after, he nestles himself in and gets as comfortable possible. He runs his fingers through his beard and lets out a deep yawn. "This is... going to be boring during the down time. Hate being this far out from a workshop." He nods to Iris, "It was nice for the first leg, I think Alice is.. getting better." He shrugs. "Guess we aren't on vacation are we? Things need doing. So we do them.. regardless of a bumpy ride." He quickly scans the rest of the camp, his head on a swivel. "Interesting.. posse we make. I'm liking some of the weapons I'm seeing." He pats the Flambe. "We've got long and short range covered.. Alice puts that tactics holodisk I gave her to work, we might be a proper fighting force."
Ashur Wrath spreads through Ashur's stomach as surely as the warmth of rotgut; it's a cruel thing, anger, lashing him with the physical force of whip blows, until his jaw sets in mulish rigidity and his eyes draw to a momentary close.

He directs his thoughts to his breathing. Focuses on the intake, visualizes how it circulates through the lungs; follows then, in phantasmic observation, the flow of blood pumped through hateful bitter storming chambers, and--


One word, just one word, and he sighs. The imperious man deflates, and the anger twists by some internal alchemy into a tired resignation.

"I wronged you somehow, and this is your vengeance. So be it, Aralyn. You are not Kaelyn; you are her long-lost sister."

This is his life now. He'll just accept it.

"Why do you not know of her, then?"

As for Camilla's reaction to him, well-- he might have noticed that itchy trigger finger. But he ignores it. For now.
Jude Jude smiles and moves over to get some of what Harlan is cooking. He scoops out a mugful, raising it to toast the cook. He settles onto his bedroll then and stretches out his legs before he starts to take off his militia armor. He sets his alarm on his pip-boy and then it isn't long after that before he lays down and starts to drift off.
Camilla     Camilla stares at the rifle from behind her hair a moment, and then shakes her head no and smiles to Aralyn. "No thank you" she replies plainly before she returns her gaze back to the ground. With that, she goes to her singing and actually has quite the voice on her, at least by most standards.

I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer
Release your hands, for your will drags us under
My legs grow tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on if redemption's beyond us?

To all of my children in whom Life flows abundant
To all of my children to whom Death hath passed his judgement
The soul yearns for honor, and the flesh the hereafter
Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after

Shining is the Land's light of justice
Ever flows the Land's well of purpose
Walk free, walk free, walk free, believe...
The Land is alive, so believe..
Aralyn Aralyn's ears twitch a bit and she offers a handshake to the giant. "You havn't wronged me or Kaelyn. But what I do know, what I think I know is she is one of the ones for which my self and a number of others, I know not the amount, were based from. So in a way, Kaelyn is a sister, the oldest of us, but at the same time youngest too from what I was able to investigate..." She says and tilts her head again, before smiling at Ashur "So what creatures were you wanting to look up? The Death Claws I've heard about running around Dunwich?" she asks curiously.

"I have a little information I was able to borrow from others around town, and I'd be happy to show you." she says, and promptly looks that information up before showing Ashur the screen "Can you read?" She asks again. "No insult intended, but I've run into my fair share lately that havn't been able to read all that well. If so, I offer my apologies, if not, I will be happy to read the information to you." Aralyn now offers to the giant person.
Sammy     Sammy watches the interactions, and sees Camilla retreating beneath her veil, listens to the words a bit, familiar yet at the same time, not. But it's been a long day, and the painkillers are dragging him into the sweet veil of sleep. He rests his head on his arm, makes sure his sling is through his other arm, and catches two watches worth of sleep.
Ashur "There are demons in Dunwich," Ashur replies. "They take the shape of deathclaws, yet their eyes are red, their skin is fire, and fire pours from it; I thought, at first, they were mutants, twisted by the flames of Mars like so much else. A better monster."

The brute speaks as Camilla quietly sings. He spares her a look, quiet, watching-- in no aggressive fashion, but with a silent, near-unblinking intensity. "But that city has strange happenings. A cursed place. I have heard the voices of the dead, and been grasped at by their cold hands; in a place like that.. perhaps the monsters are otherwordly."

A shrug follows. Ashur folds his hands against the small of his back. "Forget it," he dismisses. "This is not the time to worry about demons; we crusade against creatures of flesh and matter, not the ephemera of spirits and gods. We are in Legion territory, now-- and trade arrangements or not, New Rome is proof the Legion wars with itself. We must be vigilant."
Aralyn Aralyn motions to the building the group has taken over. "I gotta stand first watch. I'm going to grab a mug of soup and climb up there.. If you like, we can talk while we stand watch and you are more than welcome to use my Pip to look up any and all possible iterations and variations of Death Claw if you like." She says and smiles. Meanwhile she does just that, filling a thermos with soup, then capping it, before the woman goes over to sling the anti-material rifle over her shoulder. She also grabs a P-90 out of her box, this also silenced, and lastly slings the smaller sniper rifle case over her shoulder as well. Of course she gets the ammo for all and then moves toward the gas station. "care to join Ashur?" she asks.
Ashur Ashur lifts his right hand. A gauntlet encases it; a heavy violent thing, the glove leather and metal, attached to the machinery of a power fist that stretches in brace form down the length of his forearm. Fingers curl and clench, the leather stretching, the knuckles cracking. He looks around for a moment, seeking someone in the dark.. and when he does not see her, he assumes her fallen asleep, and shrugs.

"I have never handled one of these Pip-Boys before; show me how it works, and I will look through it as we stand watch. Nn.. my body aches from these cars," and he spits the word like a curse, like black magic, "and there are none here who could match me in strength. I'll get no good exercise this whole trip.."

A rumbling, growling sigh, and the big man walks ahead, passing close by Camilla as he does so. He speaks to her in passing: "You have a lovely singing voice."

Then he's off toward the building.
Camilla     A compliment from the god of metal, that blows Cami away quite a bit. She looks up slowly and well, forces a smile at him in response before she finally leans over and lays out on the ground, using her medical bag for a pillow.
Aralyn Aralyn smiles slightly, and nods to Cami and ads "Very lovely." She says as she follows Ashur. "I can show you how the Pip works.." she says and after getting to the building, she nimbly climbs atop it, before dropping a rope down for Ashur, or anyone else needing to get up there... She anchors the thing of course very sturdily, and then sets about placing the rifles where she can get to them easily. She even goes so far as to pull an odd burlap-type rag with various other floppy bits of fabric off it and encases her self in as she sits with just her head barely above the top lip of the roof. She pulls now a set of dark vision binocs free and begins looking "So in order to use the pip-boy, there are nobs on the left and buttons, Screen is touch screen too. You need to be gentle with it, so as not to break the thing, and I do mean very gentle. Anyhow, push the green button on the left of the screen to get it to catch on, then you can use the nob to rotate through the various screens, or yellow buttons left or right of the screen. I suggest the nob it's fastest.. When you see something you want to look at you can tap the highlighted text on the screen or hit the blue button to the left of it." Ara suggests to Ashur as she gives him the run-down on how to use the pip-boy after she removes it from her wrist and hands it to the giant.
Ashur Without even noticing that Camilla has begun to nest, as she's now at his back, Ashur lifts a hand and flourishes, beckoning her to follow. "Come, continue singing for us; only you can make this first watch pleasant." It seems the long trip and the sheer absurdity of Aralyn's behavior has worked the aggression and anger right out of him; there's no tenseness in his voice or movements any more.

With practiced ease, Ashur climbs his way up the rope. It's easy to think he's all muscles and no grace, with his size-- but such estimations are lacking. He is quick on his feet, agile, even, and more than practiced in all matters of athleticism. Climbing a rope, even at his weight? That's a simple matter of steadying his huge boots against the wall, squeezing tight, and pulling his way up, muscles bulging.

Once there? He takes the Pip-Boy, listens to the instructions, and then begins to fiddle with it, peeking through. He isn't searching for deathclaws yet, more familiarizing himself with its use, and just sort of meandering through the files.

"What were you even made for?"
Camilla     Cami smiles up at Aralyn as she walks bye as well, "Thank you..." she replies softly as she stays on the ground and dozes off to sleep on her bag.
Aralyn "Me? I was pretty much made for what you see me doing now, though my time in the NCR has honed that ability. Occasionally the lab we come from takes us out, and mind you it's in a dark vehicle, we don't know where we come from eactly. And lets us out as teams. We go around, learn, be around people, learn to live with people, some bear children. Then after a time many of us are able to either find our way back or are picked up by those that do know the location. We return and share what we know." Aralyn says and smiles slightly.. "Those of us sent out are trained and basically modified to excel in certain areas with very little further training. In my case, I was given enhanced vision, reflexes, mental capacity. Some might be given better people skills, better strength, all manors of different combinations of gens to generally create a baseline to grow from." she adds and She turns and looks a different direction now... "Any of us, like any living being can grow beyond that, make our selves grow beyond what we were designed for, and don't make any doubt, those of us that look like me, we're designed, grown and taught to fill an initial purpose. How we grow beyond that purpose is left up to us, and that growth is what we bring back, should we be able to make it back to where we were made."

Aralyn now turns and looks to Ashur curiously "I imagine this Kaelyn has told you different? And no doubt, fo rher it is quite different. She could very well be the first of us, or one of the first of us. If so, the story of her creation, and birth is quite the sad one really." she adds and shakes her head.
Ashur Ashur is not an unintelligent man. Nevertheless, a legion of genetically engineered clone infiltrators sent out into the world to do.. whatever, is a bit above his pay grade and his credulity. He hrms and ahs as the woman speaks, not even watching her, not really-- he's fiddling with nobs, swiping his fingers across the touchscreen, and after a few moments..

Well, that's interesting.

"She said she was magical and from underground," the man says, simplifying his first conversation with Kaelyn. "That there were women like her in abundance." To be fair, Aralyn's words agree with that, though Ashur assumed 'like her' to mean 'tall, big tits, dark skin and colorful hair', not 'literal clone-sisters'. His voice trails off, face lit by the glow of the Pip-Boy's screen, watching it with a certain enraptured focus.

Turns out there are women like her in abundance. And this computer has picture after picture of them, in all variations. Who needs imagination when technology exists?

Yes, this will be a pleasant first watch, indeed.