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Sparrow It's day one and Sparrow's already been out investigating. After having seen the refugee corpses lining the roadways on the way towards the great sea she'd resolved to try to find someone every day. But today she hadn't found any survivors, instead? She'd found something else..

Folk's are getting ready to pack up camp and go after breakfast but Sparrow is slogging along, half walking at an acute angle as she drags a Rocket Launcher behind her. She's already weighed down by her medical supplies and gun but this thing was too valuable to pass up.

After pausing a few times to get pointed this way and that by the Militia finally Sparrow is directed to the Expedition Leader's actual location and so she's making something of a less than pleased face as she rolls up on Manny.
Manuelito With the caravan having stopped for camp, Manuelito led a small team out to scout the region. The team had been gone for over an hour and upon their return, they had several refugees. Coming to halt on the highway just outside of camp, the Marshal converses quietly with the refugees; a finger pointing back north. two of the corporals nod and begin escorting the refugees north; to New Rome.

Nodding, Manuelito turns and walks in to camp, toward the Military Truck quietly. He slings the SMG and adjusts the eye-patch. It had been almost a month since the tragic incident that involved the loss of his eye and it still bugged him now and then.
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, had been one of the ones that went out to scrounge around the local area. While most of the people found.. well.. people. Qwillis found a centaur that he had to kill. Heading back to camp slightly banged up, he'd shake his head, double checking his arm and storing the needler in that lab coat pocket for the moment. "Well, that proved to be painful.."
Alice Alice and Joe had went off an hour or so ago to explore the local area, with the former wearing her power armor which she rarely if ever seemed to use but apparently this kind of trip was worth using the thing she hated being in a fight with.

Still looking short compared to Joe she looked up at the imposing young man and said, "That was pretty cool how you shot like four mutants down at once, I can barely hit one most of the time. That's why, THAT IS WHY you should let me carry your rocket launcher around again. I can hit stuff with it."
Sparrow Sparrow holds up her free hand and them grunts and turns a bit to put more leg power into getting towards Manny faster. "Hey, Marshal." The lean blonde cowgirl calls with her brow drawn into a bit of a scowl. "Hold up, I think I found somethin' that might be useful later." The 'picked up' pace doesn't last long, she's only one small doctor!
Manuelito Turning ever so slightly, Manny looks to Sparrow with a raise of a brow. "Oh?" He asks, shifting his weight and walks over to her. "What did you find?" He inquires.
Joe Caine Joe Caine appears to be cut up a bit, but otherwise appears to be fine. Strapped to his back is a large laser rifle of Mexican design. "Eh, it was luck, ya know. I only meant to take out three of em at once." He smirks, peering ahead of him. His frown fades, only when Alice brings up using the Rocket launcher, "I ehrr.. maybe. Assuming it's appropriate.
Alice "Oh my Gosh! Joe!" Alice exclaimed in mock surprise, "It's always appropriate to use a Rocket Launcher, except if it's out of Rockets then you don't bother with it." That's when she overheard/saw Sparrow and Manuelito and begins to move over towards the pair surprisingly fast before saying, "I can help! I can help store the rocket launcher and if you let me use it, I'll let you store other stuff in my car. Please please please Sparrow. Please. Joe is being a jerk and he won't let me use his rocket launcher unless it's appropriate and between you and I, I think he's trying to be dirty and his dad is like, right here, so that's kind of embarrassing. Did you hear that Marshal Mister Joe's Dad? Joe is being a perv."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs because her dragging journey is almost at an end. It had been painful, ridiculously slow. Finally, she draws up next to Manny and takes a deep breath to reinflate herself after the slog. She draws the launcher up, not all the way, but enough to do her very best version of 'show and tell' and gives up and sets it down at her feet. "Have a look for yourself. You need me to tell you which end of a gun to avoid but barrin' that I'm sure you'll have got a keener eye than I for this thing." She glances up scanning as folks in various stages of breaking camp looking for her ride for a moment. "Truth be told, she'd probably be more use .."

The Cowgirl turns to Alice tipping her helmet and nods towards Joe before turning back to the power armor speaking Alice. Following along with a slowly creeping brow and a smirk takes her face for a moment as she side-eyes Manny with a low cough to cover a snicker. "Well. As long as Joe doesn't mind you using mine in it's stead.."
Manuelito Listening to Sparrow, Manny brow over his good eye quirks up at the mention of a keener eye. "I see." he replies, the one eye glancing from her to the rocket launcher. A small nod is given before looking back toward Alice and Joe.

"I rather our heavy weapon specialists use the rocket launchers Alice. Last thing I like to see is a building falling down on someone." Glancing back to Sparrow, he adds "Go ahead and stow it in the truck."

Looking back to Alice again, his shoulders roll in a shrug "Joe is old enough to take responsibility for his actions. No need to bring me into it."
Camilla     Here's a random Camilla, who had decided, against better judgement, to head out to explore a bit by herself. She see's the group gathered and lets out a deep exhale and waits a moment, lost in thought. It doesn't take long though for her to tug up on her bag and clench her rifle, which she hasn't needed to use yet thankfully, and make her way over.

    She stops at the group, everyone gets a smile and a wave and, "Everyone ok so far?" She takes a moment to give everyone a look over before they can respond. Looking for obvious signs of injury.
Alice "Thanks Sparrow! I'm sure Joe won't mind." Alice looked extremely excited at the prospect of having the rocket launcher to use and then Manuelito opened his mouth and words came out.

The young woman stared at Manuelito with an annoyed expression, "Oh okay. I guess when I was using a rocket launcher to help take down Solomon's Army I didn't do a good enough job for you."

It was rare to see the young woman annoyed but clearly Manuelito had just insulted her by implying she wasn't capable, "I'm going to go get my car ready to drive, unless you would rather some driving specialist use it for me?"

Alice shrugged a little at Camilla's question, although it was probably hard to notice beneath her armor.
Qwillis     Qwillis slows as he'd look over at Manny and Sparrow, along with Alice and Joe. Shaking his head slightly, he'd start to move forward, only to pause at Camilla's question. Shrugging, he'd turn to face her. "I got banged up a little having to fight a centaur. I wouldn't mind being patched up. But.. well, I don't exactly have the caps out here to cover materials, huh?"
Sparrow Sparrow exhales and grumbles and reaches back down to lift the thing back up. "Sure, Manny.. Marshal." The cowgirl smirks a bit, "Yer the boss." She mutters half under her breath even if she is snickering under her breath as she's dragging the Mexican Rocket Launcher away. In the truck.. the one way over there.
Joe Caine Joe Caine looks between Alice, and Manny, especially when the conversation get's heated. He just slaps his forehead, "Lord have mercy." He definitely attempts to use his abilities as a recon scout to make himself less visible.
Manuelito Manuelito looks back to Alice quietly, mind mulling over what she said. "Fine." Comes the response, shifting his weight to look at Alice. "I will add you to the heavy weapon specialist group." He notes calmly with a small shrug, moving back over to the truck to assist Sparrow in stowing the launcher.
Joe Caine Joe Caine reappears near Camilla, "I could use some assistance. Usually I'd jus' man up and deal with it, but ya know.. ain't smart to be damaged out here in this here wasteland so far from home.. might as well take it where I can get it."
Camilla     Alice is the first one to get, dun dun dun, /THE LOOK/ from Cami. The look that just screams, /stuborn one wont tell the medic if she's hurt and that annoys me to no effing end/. "Ok.." goes to Alice in response despite the lack of her having actually said anything. She'll not push though, somethings going on and that's obvious, so, she turns on.

    To Q, she just glowers, "Do you think I'm out here with you people just to let you die over a few caps? Come on now... come here and let me get a look at you.." she retorts, looking rather annoyed already.

    Sparrow and Joe get a look, as does Many. To Joe, "Alright, give me a moment please..."
Qwillis     Qwillis shifts on his feet, hesitantly, then glances to Joe. "Eh.. I'm just a bit scraped up. I don't want to waste resources on something minor. You should check him out first I think." He'd smile to Camilla with a shake of his head. "I'll definitely look for you if I do need some help. Unless you're good with a screwdriver. I need to re-adjust my leg.."
Iris Lark     Iris makes her way out to the crowd, looking like a stuffed kewpie doll in her armor. She almost might have a waddle. WHen she spots Alice in the midst of what might be an argument she almost turns around to go back to the car, but she takes a breath and presses forward. "How is everyone doing this morning?" She asks quietly, pushing her hair out of her face.
Camilla     Cami mumbles a response to Iris that sounds a lot like ranting about stuborn wastelanders and death and caps and /how dare they think I wouldn't heal them up/, mumble, mumble, haarrrumph, annnoyed cami is annoyed.
Alice "Thanks Marshal Joe's Dad." Alice replied to the older man still looking annoyed before she told the medics and what not, "I got a couple bruises fighting people with Joe, no big deal if you want to look at them. Also, while we're standing here, I have some fun facts about stuff."

"Fun Fact Number One. Mexico lost all resources before the bombs dropped and some folks think that they got invaded just like Canada, but Canada lost, Mexico probably didn't because they're tough and stuff so they don't like to talk about it. Fun Fact Number Two. The Alamo was a famous battle in Texas which used to be Mexico and the old timey Americans lost. Fun Fact Number Three. Marshal Joe's Dad is kind of mean. Fun Fact Number Four. The Highwayman Car was the first type of car to be converted to use fusion power instead of fossil fuels, it was designed that way. Fun Fact Number Five. Iris is dating Jude and they're really cute. Fun Fact Number Six. You can go to the bathroom and live in power armor and stuff it's why the Brotherhood of Steel never takes it off. Fun Fact Number Seven. Poseidon Energy was owned by the US Government. Fun Fact Number Eight. There are like one cars per hundreds of people in El Dorado. Fun Fact Number Nine. That Apostle Lady is pretty crazy. Fun Fact Ten. Deathclaws always travel in packs." She didn't stop once or take a breath while speaking.
Manuelito "uh?" Is all that comes Manuelito, his eye looking toward Alice as she goes off on random facts. His head slowly shakes, footfall taking him toward the cab of the truck. "Right; ladies and gentleman, there is your trivia facts for the day." He says finally as he opens the cab door.
Qwillis     Qwillis steps back to let Camilla deal with Joe. He'd glance over to Iris and smile, waving towards her.

Then.. Alice.. rants.

Qwillis studies Alice curiously. "Does the power armor provide air..?" He'd frown and shake his head slightly. Listening to the long list of 'fun facts'. He'd frown, then shake his head and start towards the motor pool. "I'm going to check on the cars before we start out. I don't want a wheel to blow and the car drives off a cliff.."
Iris Lark     Iris hears her name brought up and she turns pink as she covers her face with her hands. She groans quietly at Camilla and mumbles something about people always being stubborn in general. She unshoulders her rucksack, kneels down and gestures for anyone who is injured and not being tended to to step in her direction.
Camilla     Ok, well, Q-dog is pretty much fine, "You're ok. Nothing but a minor scrape."

    Alice's long winded rant just causes Cami to stand there and blink a few times before turning to do triage on Joe. She'll let Iris do the rest of the looking over of peoples. "Come here please.." she says to Joe as she to, reaches in to her medical bag to make sure she has what she needs if he's worse for wear.
Joe Caine Joe Caine moves towards Camilla, pointing out several of his injuries.. a few that might even be pre-existing from before today. When the old untreated bullet wounds are discovered Joe smirks, "I get around.. "
Alice Alice walks up to Iris and holds her hand out, "Look, I broke a nail and cut my finger. You can heal it if you want." She had of course removed the power armored glove! Or whatever.
Iris Lark     Iris pulls out a bandage and kneels down, turned away from Alice for a moment. When she turns back there is a little red heart drawn on the bandage that she wraps snugly around her finger. She then snips the broken nail and tilts her head slightly. "There you go, all better."
Manuelito Leaning in Manuelito takes out an electronic pad, closes the door and leans against it. Turning on the pad, he reviews the information quietly; his single eye glance up at times to those around.
Camilla     Camilla is pretty busy with Joe by the looks. "Good lord man, you really need to be more carefull and get looked at more often. Come and see me daily so I can keep checking on all this stuff ok? Please?" she asks of him as she shoots him a warm smile. She pats him on the shoulder gently and turns around to look at, well, everyone else. See what everyone's doing and up to and as it seems no one else needs her she'll smile at Joe again and go sit on the ground near by.
Aralyn Aralyn wanders up from where she was catching sleep, having been on first watch and all, the odd-purple-haired woman was rather tired. Slung diagonally from her back is the famed, or maybe infamous m82-a1 Barret .50 sniper rifle. The massive beast of a fire arm seems nearly as long as is the one carrying the thing. Still she seems perfectly comfortable. She has lense cap covers over the scope, and has even gone as far as pulling what looks to be some thin latex or rubber over the barrel? Aralyn pauses as she notices Alice doing her thing then curiously heads that way. She then looks from Joe to Alice and back agian before smirking "Still flirting you two?" She asks, the woman tugging her baseball cap's bill up just slightly.
Qwillis     Qwillis reaches one of the vehicles to work on, grumbling quietly as he'd start checking it over. Of course, being off to the side a bit, it's not like anything he said would be easily heard anyways. Using that tool kit on his belt, he'd go over the machine, making sure it's all up the snuff. The last thing he wants is to be caught out here without a ride.
Manuelito Manny's looks to Aralyn quietly, a small smile cross his face as he notes the m82 slung against her back. Piping up, he says "It is good to see another trained sniper in the ranks." His tone is warm, inviting as he pushes off the cab door. "I do not believe we have met before."
Alice "Well, I'm off to go get the car ready and take a nap and stuff. Thanks a ton Iris, you're the best." Alice hugged Iris in her power armor before skipping off to the Vaultmobile calling out, "Cya everyone. Cya Joe!"
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply, taking a moment to collect herself before standing up. She moves over to Iris first, and in what is a bit of a suprise, she holds her arms open for a hug, which she seems to hope dearly that Iris will return.

    When she hears Aralyn, she turns to her a moment and waves with a bright smile on her face. "You're next for hugs Miss Aralyn" she quips with a rather /proud of myself/ look on her face.
Aralyn Aralyn pauses and looks to Manny, her violet eyes studying him as those long tapered ears of hers perk up a bit, even with the baseball cap she wears. The woman then smiles, and offers to shake the man's hand "Nope, don't think so, I'm Aralyn Silver. Scout sniper, NCR." she says with a slight grin. Then the woman offers a wave to Camilla "How're you doing Cammy." she says warmly at this point.
Manuelito Taking her hand in a grasp, Manuelito shakes her hand. "A pleasure Aralyn. I Manuelito, Marshal of the Militiamen and commander of this mission." A beat, then he adds "Also, a trained sniper." Letting go of her hand, he nods to the M82 "I have a similar model that utilizes the fifty caliber rounds; an Anti-Material rifle."
Iris Lark     Iris returns Camilla's hug, a wan smile on her face. "Glad to see you're doing well." She tells the other medic in a soft voice. She picks up her rucksack, tugs on the drawstrings and moves towards the car. "I'm going to catch a short nap, let me know if anyone else needs help."
Qwillis     Qwillis grunts, stepping back from the car he was working on to kick it with that metallic foot. There's a thunk of metal on bumper and he'd nod slightly as whatever it was he was trying to fix seemed to well.. fix. Gathering his tools, he'd wave to Iris in her passing with a small smile, before looking at the next car. "hmm.."
Aralyn Aralyn unslings the M82, and holds it out to Manuelito in both hands. "Customized M82-A1. Weight's cut down from over 30 to 25 pounds. Had to get rid of a little ammo capacity to do it and did a few other things to lighten her up so I could move quickly as well. Holds 8 .50 cal rounds, and fires semi-automatic. Scope is variable 10-25 power. This thing's marked out to about 2000 yards. Nice thing is, I can put 8 aimed rounds down rang in a few seconds. Backup is a 10mm smg, got 48 rounds for this beast, and 90 for the SMG with me... Saddly that's all I could buy and free up." She says as she gives the rundown on the m82 and glances around curiously, before she then adds "I'm also familiar with explosives, so if you've brought any or we find some along the way I can help with that too."
Camilla     Camil enjoys that hug with Iris and beams at her, finally showing some emotion other than, /this world sucks/. She pulls back and keeps the smile on her face as she responds, "I am. Thanks to you and several others."

    She turns on heel after that and walks over to Aralyn and holds her arms out for a hug from the elven gal. She does stay quiet though, Ara's talking wit the boss man.
Manuelito Taking the rifle, he wields it like a precision sniper; his good eye looking down the scope as Aralyn talks. He nods ever so slightly; saying "Yeah, I can tell the difference. Mine also is an eight count ammo, same scope and range." Pointing the barrel down, he hands it back to her.

"10mm smg huh? I utilize a 9mm smg with a 10mm pistol." A small grin crosses his face. "Can never have to many guns." He hmm and adds "Well, if you need a few spare 10mm clips, let me know. I should have plenty. And it is good to know you are good with explosives; that may come in handy."
Qwillis     Finishing up the next vehicle. Qwillis would step back and frown a moment. Eyeing it, then shaking his head he'd take a bit of a break, drinking some water and walking over to the others. "Oh.. Commander? I've been researching a bit more about the eye.. I had to pause for this, of course. But.. when we get back to El Dorado? I might be able to get you something of a replacement for your missing one. I could even potentially add in range finding?"
Aralyn Aralyn grins a bit and wraps an arm around Camilla as Manuelito examines the massive rifle. She takes the thing back and re-slings it before nodding "If you've plenty spare 30 round mags, I'll take one or two probably. But maybe once we figure out how much enemy contact we're going to have... I'm going to try and limit use of the .50 cal considering ammo shortages." Aralyn then glances back at Cammy and grins slightly "Yer ina good mood, I'm glad you are." Then Qwillis talks to Manuelito and Aralyn stays quiet for now.
Camilla     Cami just smiles at Aralyn, "I wasn't earlier, but you guys have been good to me and it's helping. So, there's that.." she replies to Aralyn as she stands put and allows the arm to be draped over her. She looks at the commander and pipes up a question as well, "Don't suppose you have any more 5mm magazines?" she asks as she taps on the custom AR she purchased from the Sheriff. "I've only got a few bits of ammo left, so..."
Manuelito A slight nod "On the 10 mm, sure. Unfortunately, you have the greater amount of bullets on the fifty calibers." Manny replies before looking to Qwillis. "Would be nice, actually. Maybe wind speed variance, height adjustments for sniping as well?"
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, frowning. "Ahh.. well. I don't know about that. Wind speed would require sensing it.. and that.. wouldn't be easy. Not something I can do yet." He'd muse for a moment, metal arm folding under flesh across his chest. "Hmm.. but height.. maybe. I might be able to rig some sort of target aquisition so it can give you that at least.."
Aralyn The purple-haired sniper smiles slightly and glances to Cami now... "Ideally you won't be shooting much I hope." she says and winks. "Ideally, none of us will be doing a ton of shooting." she adds. Then the girl glances around and looks to Manny "What's for grub right now?" She asks curiously.
Camilla     Cami sighs and nods and just stands there. Ideally, no, she wont be shooting, but if she /has/ to, she wants to know she's got enough ammo to stay in the fight, help, and keep herself alive. Most of this is pretty well written all over her face at the moment, considering the rather dejected sounding sigh. "Right, so, no extra ammo then?" she asks of Aralyn and Manuelito both.
Manuelito Walking over to the truck, Manny pulls out a few MRE's and tosses them over to Aralyn, Q and Camilla. "Eat up. Real grub will be cooked at night; lessen the need to hunt for lunch." He says with a grin. Looking to Q, he nods "I have faith in you and your abilities. Whatever you make, I will be happy with."
Qwillis     Qwillis unfolds his arms to catch the MRE. A smile is given with a nod of thanks. "I'll see if I can do it. With it just being an eye, I don't want to promise anything. I know such things could be done.. I've seen it in a book." He'd shrug slightly and open the MRE to pull out one of the bars and start eating it. Looking to Camilla, he'd smile lightly. "Hey. Cheer up. If nothing else, you can help guard the motor pool, hmm?"
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in and takes his helmet off as he looks to Manny when he tosses a few MREs. "Yummy, 200 year old food." Kaydin says with a playful tone before holding his rifle on his lap. "So what is going on here? Anything new?" He asks as he sets his helmet down.
Aralyn Aralyn catches the MRE and shrugs slowly, before starting to open it. "Food's food... just don't eat the toilet paper, it's nasty." She says, and glances to Cami "I'm sure we'll find you another weapon or more ammo. Remember these mutants we go against are armed. They'll have something for us to grab, or we could possibly scavenge something..." She then tilts her head and asks Cammy "How many 5mm do you have?" Before she thinks a moment... "Just make sure to fire one shot at a time, make them count."
Manuelito "You're the brains, Q. I'll be happy with whatever you make." Manny replies calmly. Looking to Aralyn, Manuelito quirks a brow. "Is that from personal experience?" He asks of the toilet paper. Opening a MRE, he takes the chocolate bar and eats it his head nodding in agreement to what Aralyn says. A glance to Kaydin is given, Manny shakes his head. "Nothing new here. Not yet anyways."
Qwillis     Qwillis muses. Q. Huh. There's a small shrug as he'd take his time enjoying the MRE.. as much as it can be at least. Then going to eat the desert. "Ok.. when we get back, I'll finish my lab then let you know. I think between Iris and I, we should be able to get you set... I wanted to help with the cars. I grew up doing that work. So I felt it was good to have a solid mechanic around. Just in case."
Camilla     Cami manages to snatch the tossed MRE out of the air. From there, she is utterly dumbfounded as to what it is, how to use it, and if it's actually food. She stares at it while replying to Aralyn, "Fifty rounds. One mag in the weapon, one mag full, one mag half full." With that responded to, she continues to fumble about with the MRE packet. "Oh, right. I know. Shot placement, single shot and not full auto, et all. One of the mercs that I was traveling with, one of the ones that died a week ago protecting me, he, he taught me how to shoot.." fiddle, fumble, sigh..
Aralyn Aralyn glances to Cami and tilts her head.. "Don't dwell on bad things... Learn from them, honor the lost, but dont dwell on them." She says and then glances at Manuelito "Yes, shortly after I.. arrived in Cali I was helped bout by an NCR Ranger, they handed me an MRE and I tried to eat what I thought was a cracker... Having never actually seen one before." Aralyn adds and smirks... "It tasted horrible I might add." She opens her MRE and glances in there before pulling out her main packet curiously... "Chicken gumbo.." She mutters... She settles near the others and sets up the heating element from inside the bag and starts chewing on one of the crackers while dipping it in the can of potted 'meat'
Manuelito Turning, Manuelito walks over to Camilia and assists her with the MRE. A small smile is given as he opens it. "first time huh? Well the basics are simple enough; there is a package that will help cook the meal. Basic chemicals when combined superheat to allow the meal to cook. I'm afraid, depending on what your given it may or may not taste good." Opening the package, he hands it back to here. "here you go."
Camilla     Cami stares at Aralyn for a moment, her mood turning slightly southward and obviously so. She exhales deeply and chooses not to respond directly to the statement that Ara makes. She keeps fumbling about with the, "Blasted thing..." for a bit, until Many's right there helping her open it up. She looks at him, the MRE, him again, and beams when he helps her open it. To her, everything is good. Food is food. "When I was still a slave, I was lucky to get anything. This is fine. Thank you."

    All said and done, Cami moves over to find a spot to plop down on and go to town noming on the MRE. She does seem to quite honestly mean what she says, she's hungry, and it's good when you're hungry.
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly, looking to Aralyn. "The NCR has helped me when I was coming back home. So I'm glad to hear they help others.." He'd pause, musing as he'd look to Manny. "Commander? Could I get your advice? I was asked about potentially joining the Brotherhood of Steel.. I'm.. not sure. When I've talked to them in the past I was dismissed as a cripple.. now? Well.. the one I talked to was interested."
Kaydin     Kaydin accepts the MRE and begins to go about looking through his pack for some seasonings to season the MRE. "The brotherhood are no different then any other group. They take what they want, for reasons that insist on the greater good. They only take out targets that bother them, and demand that good honest folk pay tribute for protection. In my eyes they are just the same as raiders, just better armed and trained."
Manuelito Being told that she was a former slave hits Manuelito hard. His face softens sympathetically, sadness develops in the eyes. It was inexcusable to know; people had basic rights, or more should regardless of the current events in the world. Slavery usually was tied to the Legion; something he has no love for. his head shakes slightly after Camilla turns away, his face frowning. Poor girl.

Blinking his one eye, drawn out of his moment of thought the Marshal looks over to Q. "Honestly? I don't trust organizations like the NCR or the Brotherhood or the reformed legion." Looking to Aralyn, he smiles faintly "No offense." Looking back to Q, he shrugs. "It's your choice though; however I'd suggest joining Iris medical clinic or even the Militia over outside factions; regardless of Caldwell's intentions with the New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel."
Aralyn Aralyn gives a lighthearted shrug as she says "None Taken." To the mention of not trusting the NCR. Aralyn finally gets her main part of the meal warmed, and begins to chow down on the stuff.. After a few bites she raises an eyebrow "Not bad... considering how old it is." She ads and grins a bit and goes back to tucking in.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Camilla for a moment, thoughtfully, then shakes his head slowly, looking to Manny. "I've.. found they are like most places. A mixture of good and bad. I'm.. already basically part of the clinic. My lab is going to be there." He'd smile wryly. "I even learned a bit of first aid, being an aide to Iris.." Q trails off for a moment there, frowning, then simply shakes his head. "On the other hand. The Brotherhood has information.. I could learn.. and if I can get a deal set up so I can still help people.. I'd probably learn how to do the whole shebang for you, wind sensing and elevation."
    Qwillis looks over to Aralyn and smiles lightly. "I survived my trip due to NCR. It was rough coming across the wasteland, no weapon. Just my wrench and the clothes I had.. plus having to maintain my arm and leg. There were several times it was rangers that helped me survive."
Manuelito Manuelito frowns and nods slightly to Q as he digs into his MRE. No other words escape the man for now.
Camilla     "The NCR is not an Orginization, they're a Nation, and a capable one at that.." replies Cami plainly. "I would have given the world to have grown up in the NCR and not as a tribal in colorado." She sighs deeply as she finishes up the meal and turns to Many, "Thank you for this. It was good and filling" she adds beaming and smiling warmly. She stretches out a little after that and shoots everyone a smile before setting her bag down on the ground and laying her head on it. It doesn't take long for her to fall asleep on her bag right there on the ground.
Kaydin     "NCR means well. Sometimes it gets it's ass stalled by the politics and the bickering between brahmin ranchers but in the end it is closer to the original government, to keep people safe from raiders and various dangers." Kaydin says as he mixes some seasoning with his MRE and tries it, nodding to himself as he eats the food part of his MRE and looks to Qwillis. "If you want to join the brotherhood, I say join. Power armor and laser weapons are a tempting thing. If my parents werent part of the NCR I probably would be a member of the brotherhood."
Manuelito The Marshal listens quietly; leaning up against the truck, finishing off the MRE. Having these people helping fight ... whatever it was down south was one thing; the Horde would eventually swallow up New California and other places. For him, it really did not mean much to him of outside organizations or governments intentions; meaningfully or not. For him, El Dorado has always stood as a symbol in New Mexico - of freedom, protection and community. They never needed the help of these intrusive outsiders before and certainly did not need them now.
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, holding the MRE with that metal hand, he'd touch that arm with his other, frowning. "Hmm.. I'm not sure I'm cut out for power armor.." Shaking his head, he'd finally shrug slightly and finish up his MRE. "El Dorado has always been home. It took me 2 years to come back to.. I hardly wish to leave again. If.. if Iris does have an actual group with the clinic.. I'll probably stick with that."
Aralyn Aralyn glances from the 'Martial' to Qwillis then to Kaydin now curiously. She has by now finished her MRE and is currently working on cleaning her SMG. "So, Boss, what missions do you want me to take part in? Where would you think my tallents are best suited?" she asks, now munching on one of her little bags of dried fruit.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over at Aralyn for a moment, studying her. "When did you learn how to use a sniper rifle anyways, Kaelyn? I thought you were more of a hacker? Also.. where's CORA at? She's been noticeably.. quiet."
Manuelito Manny looks over to Qwillis with a confused look "Kaelyn?" He looks back to Aralyn then to Q again. "Who the heck is Kaelyn?" He inquires before looking back to Aralyn again.
Iris Lark     Iris wakes from her nap and crawls out of the Vaultmobile, squinting at the sun as she gazes up. "What time is it?" She mumbles, making her way over to the group. "Does anyone know when we're moving out again?"
Aralyn If this were an anime, Aralyn would sweatdrop most profusely at this point. She then pulls something up on her pipboy... flips thepicture so Qwillis can see and shows the picture of her and several others very much like her. Mostly dark skinned though there are a few lighter skinned, all with long tapered ears, and wildly colored hair... "I'm Aralyn, not Kaelyn." She says and smirks a bit, She then pulls her baseball cap off and fixes Qwillis with those violet eyes of hers... "Purple hair, and matching eyes... From what I understand, this Kaelyn is white-haired and has red eyes." she says and tilts her head.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over to Manny. "Ah.. a.. modified woman, Commander. I've met her at the Clinic and out in the wasteland.. A fairly good shot from what I've seen."
    Looking to Iris as she'd wake up, he'd wave lightly with a brief smile. "I guess that's up to the Commander."
    Q turns his attenion to Aralyn, frowning as he'd peer at her, then the pip-boy image. "Ah.. I.. see. Well. My apologies. Mostly the skin and ears had me confused."
Manuelito Manny looks over to Qwillis with a confused look "Kaelyn?" He looks back to Aralyn then to Q again. "Who the heck is Kaelyn?" He inquires before looking back to Aralyn again.

Manuelito looks over to Iris, then to fishes out a MRE from a bag he carried over to Aralyn. Picking it up, he tosses it over to Iris "Here is lunch." He says kindly, giving her a small smile.

Looking back to Aralyn and Qwillis, his brow raises "So. You have an identical twin sister?" He inquires, adding "Is that what all the fuss is?"

"Modified? you mean Genetically Engineered?" He asks, brows furrowing some. Looking back to Iris, he hmms "Another hour I think. I believe most have had enough rest by now."
Aralyn Aralyn glances to Manny and ummmms.... "I'm umm, one of many geneticly modified/created people." She says and tries to figure out how best to put things, then she grins slightly "We all look alike, but in a lot of ways are sisters I guess? Each one of us shares very similar traits, but while being grown we are adjusted to initially fill specific rolls I would guess. And like any other sentient person we can grow beyond that and fill other rolls I guess." She says and tilts her head as she glances to Qwillis "This Kaelyn is probably the first of us, her genetic code, and mofifications, along with 2 others were used in the creation of the rest of us..." Aralyn then smiles slightly. "So that confusion gone now?"
Qwillis     Qwillis studies the picture a bit more, then shrugs, leaning back to study Aralyn as she'd explain it all out to Manny. There's a small nod given with a slight frown. "Yes.. It's all gone. That's an interesting concept, base module plus modifications and I'm guessing genetic manipulation for aging plus a high level mental training program? You seem quite reserved, compared to the base model. of course, I don't know the other variations involved.." He'd frown, then simly shake his head. "I'd need a computer for the calculations.. I really need to get that pip-boy fixed. That'd make things like this a lot easier."
Manuelito Though Manuelito listens to Aralyn, most of what she says goes over his head. A slow nod is given as he says "Uh.. right." He says, looking to the sky. then Q talks. Looking over to Q, he listens to his techno-babble response, brow quirking. Standing, Manny dusts himself off and says "If you'll excuse me, I should get things ready to move out again."
Iris Lark     Iris snags the MRE that was tossed in her direction and she gets it ready, eating it slowly. She nods at Manny and starts to gather up the used bedrolls, and other stuff that Harlan and the others were using the night before. She hefts it over to the highwayman, grunting with effort.
Aralyn The knife-eared woman now glance to Iris, then shrugs and stands. She begins helping Iris take things to the Highwayman to be packed up. "Here let me.." she says and grabs some more bedrolls after rolling them up and begins hefting them over to the vehicle as well.
Iris Lark     "Thanks, I appreciate the help." Iris says, offering Aralyn a kind smile. She hitches her rucksack up on her shoulder and glances around. "I'm going to take a look around, I'll be back."