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Willow Caine It's a rainy night outside. Not the radioactive kind, but the dark relentless outpouring that sounds like you might drown if you step out in it. Lightning slashes the sky and the Saloon is hopping. Many people sit at the bar and several barmaids are serving beers and other drinks. Willow sits on her customary stool, legs crossed as she keeps an eye on the customers, workers and things in general.
Katherine Caine Katherine stepped out from the back room wearing a lovely evening gown in a pre-war style and carrying a small jewelry box in her hands. Walking over to her sister she leaned down to give the sitting woman a hug before handing her the box, "Happy Birthday Sis."
Alasa Alasa sits at a table by one of the windows, occasionally glancing outside at the lightning and following thunder.."Ah, the sky fathers do seem upset with something today..listen to them argue above us.." As she slowly nurses a drink,
Kaelyn Rainy, whiny AI whining about the rain, and well, Kaelyn finds her self wandering inside the Casino. She glances down at her wrist "Don't see why yer upset, yer water proof... " to which CORA replies "Soo One litlte leak..." and Kae grumbles "There won't be..." She says and then adds "How do you like the new holodisk? Work good?" CORA waits a bit, as dots appear across the screen, CORA then responds "Ayup, everything operational, 5x5... so why'd you not let me eat on any holodisks before?" Kae then blinks and stares at her pip-CORA. She doesn't say anything and she sighs "Really gotta get you a physical body..." She mutters and the odd-white-haire woman starts to tug her duster off, before she makes her way to the bar, so far she's managed not to at least get completely soaked, though the skin-suit she has underneath everything seems to shed water pretty well..

Kae glances around the place, and grins before offering a wave and a "Howdy." To those here while she pops up on a nearby stool and proceeds to spin somewhat idly.
Abe     "Looks like someone's liable to drown just by stepping out side." Abe noted as he lingered near a Saloon window, holding the drapery just aside so that he could peer past the awning and into the mud-soaked street. Good thing this was happening now and not the day of their departure. He knew they had plenty of cars but no boats!
Lucky bootsteps are heard as someone comes up to the door, pushing it open the batwing like doors and stepping inside the establishment dubbed The Golden Saloon. his helmet protected his head from the rainy night outside, alongside the duster covering his torso and legs; the tips flapping ever so slightly.

Charismatic blue eyes belonging to Lucky look around the establishment slowly as a jovial smile crosses his lips as he walks over to a table. As he walks, the duster pushes back some, showing off the holstered .45. the left arm is pushed back, allowing the pip-boy on his arm to be use functionally.

This was the first time the young ranger came to this particular establishment; having avoided it for the most part during his trips to El Dorado. Looking back to Kaelyn, Lucky smiles and gives a slow wave, "Hey Kae."
Kasumi     Its been a long day's night, and I've been working like a dog. Well, Kasumi has been. She has been with Lone Star for a bit, and done a few escorts and short trips between cities. She recently came back, and went up for a shower, and to get her armor off. The woman shortly comes back down, her hair still semiwet, and in borrowed clothing from one of the girls upstairs. Nothing fancy, but some tight fitting pants, and a shirt that Kasumi had to tie in the front to keep it from flipping up. The woman moves over to Willow, and gives the woman a small kiss on the cheek before flopping on a stool near the bar. She's exempt from working tonight, since she did a Lone Star trip today, else she would have been in the corner, looking for trouble makers.
Jacqueline It was a dark and stormy night, and the Gold Digger was crowded and busy. And there were birthday presents. Okay, /one/ birthday present, but that counts!
Jackie is at her usual spot on nights like this, when work beckons but the drumming of rain on the shop's tin roof is too distracting to get anything done. Aside from a haunted look in her dark-circled eyes, she appears much as she always does, watching the saloon's robots for signs of malfunction. Repairs might be worth free Sunset Sarsaparilla, after all, if anyone aside from herself noticed problems.
Willow Caine Willow beams at Katherine and she kisses her on the cheek, hugging the box to her chest. "You are ar too kind, and that's why you're my favorite sister." She says, giving Kitty a cheeky wink. "I'm glad you could make it tonight, I'm hoping this turns out well!" She stows the box and gets to her feet, clapping to get the attention of the crowd that is sitting at the tables and the bar.
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and glances around the Saloon with a slight grin on her face. "Welcome to the first, and hopefully not the last, event in the Gold Digger Saloon. Tonight instead of watching a play, you get to be part of it. A murderer will be among us tonight, and as the evening wears on you will be encouraged to speak to, and try to figure out who murdered whom. No weapons are necessary, kind folk, this I said earlier, a play. You just get to take part in it as well." She retakes her seat. "Enjoy."
Abe     With the clamour of hands, Abe moves away from the window to pay heed to their Mistress of Ceremonies.

Curious but bewildered, he feels like maybe he should have dressed up. Feels like maybe he should have close to dress up in at all. Instead, it's his motley shabbery for now.

Should he applaud, is that a thing you do at a play, does it come after?

"Right, so who's the unlucky stiff?" he muses absently, nursing slightly at his drink... He should restock before the trip... Nah, it'll be fine.
Lucky Glancing over to Willow, Lucky gives the young lady his undivided attention; head craning toward her as he listens. "Well, that sounds like fun." He says calmly, completely unaware that a play was happening tonight.
Alasa Alasa says, "Maybe thats part of the game..someone here doesn't know there dead. I mean, its happened before.. There was a comedian once, who said..every morning he'd wake up, and read the obituraries, and if he didn't see his name..he'd get out of bed.""
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Willow a moment. "Just don't get ketchup on the shirt. Lucy will kill me if I mess up her shirt and pants.", the woman tells. She leans against the bar, sipping her water. The harder stuff will be when she gets back to her room.
Katherine Caine "I'll be here to tell you how much it sucks, if it does." Katherine teased Willow before pouring herself a stiff drink of the good stuff and then began to take out glasses for anyone who was part of the murder mystery and began to do the same for all of them.
Willow Caine A dark cloaked man walks into the Saloon and makes his way to the bar. He leans in to speak quietly to the barmaid and hands her something that she adds to a beer. She serves him and moves to help another customer.
Willow Caine Willow chuckles at Katherine and shakes her head. "There is always room for improvement, Kitty, that's living and learning." She says, folding her arms over her chest. She winks at Kasumi and a grin quirks the corner of her lips slightly. "I promise nothing, okay?"
Eden Eden trips through the door completely drenched. Exactly what the cat dragged in. Slip sliding a bit, she looks up to see who's here. Seeing a couple friendly faces, her smile brightens a little behind her dripping hair. "Hey there. Bit damp. Anyway I could borrow a towel?"
Kaelyn Suddenly CORA calls out "Colonel Mustard did it with the candle stick in the library!!!" Kae blinks, eyebrows raising as she looks at her wrist "UMm I don't think this is that game." CORA then ooohs "Ok, I'll leave things up to you!" To which Kae adds... "Thaaaanks...." She glances up and tilts her head curiously at the idea of a play.. Kae then offers a cheerful wave at Eden "Howdyhihi!" she also nods to Lucky "What's up?" She asks curiously
Jacqueline Back at her stray chair, Jackie frowns thoughtfully at the mention of the game. Or is it a play? She catches sight of Abe and Kae, giving them slightly halfhearted waves and smiles of greeting.
The entrance of the dark-cloaked man catches her attention quickly. "I wonder if this is how we know the game's begun..." she wonders aloud.
Willow Caine The doors swing open and a dandy walks in, a slow grin forming on his face beneath his fedora. His head tilts as he takes in the crowd, and he winks at Jacqueline as he makes his way towards the bar. He takes a seat, removes his hat and orders a drink with a boisterous yell.
Abe     RFixing his attention on Alasa out of the corner of his eye, Abe poorly feigns suspicion, eyes narrowing slightly, his drink hovering near his lips before it lowers slowly. "Exactly what a murderer would want me to think."
Lucky The entry of the dark cloak man gains the attention of lucky. His eyes trace the man quietly as he walks to the bar; to Kaelyn, he says "not to much really; how are you?" He inquires, and as another person enters, he watches that man too carefully.
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles at Willow. "Alright.", she laughs. The woman sees the man, but stops. Too obvious. Her training is kicking in already, and she's scanning the crowd, looking for whose watching the man, and whose looking at those who are watching the man. The more obvious the evil, the more they're a distraction from the real killer.
Willow Caine Willow takes her drink in hand and sips at it slowly as she watches things happen. Lucky gets her attention for a moment as she watches him at the bar, and her head tilts slightly as she tries to remember where she's seen him before.
Willow Caine Once more the doors part to admit a purple-haired gypsy lass. Her gown is ornate and laden with old gypsy medals and charms. Nestled in the crook of her arm is a large basket, full of vibrant brightly colored flowers. She makes her way to a dark table, takes a seat and orders a meal and a drink from a barmaid. She largely ignores the crowd.
Milton Following one Dandy is another, Milton is strolling in his bowler quickly removed and tucked under his arm as he looks around taking in a long breath through his nose. The blue eyed Knox brother ah's and holds out his hand. Turning over his shoulder to add to the figure following him in his dapper Translatiantic accent, "See, Brother, nothing like a new day. Come, let us partake in some libation and we'll deliver this package to our Cousin. Hmm?" He takes the brown paper and twine package he'd foisted off on his brother before strolling father into the Saloon.
Kaelyn Kae grins back at Lucky "I'm just here to enjoy my self, relaxe and well watch the shenannigans!" She says cheerfully. Then more people enter and the white-haired crimson-eyed lady studies them curiously. She then glances around and then blinks as she looks down, her belly audibly rumbling.. "Ooh, food would be good probably." she mutters.
Alasa Alasa lets her gaze drift over as each new person comes into the place. "Ok, spirits of our me out here...who will it be now."
Jacqueline It's not often Jackie gets winked at, especially when there are prettier girls around. Maybe she looks like an easy mark? Blushing at the unexpected attention, she lowers her gaze as a robot walks by, examining its creaky feet for problems.
When in doubt, resort to looking for work. She almost misses the entry of the purple-haired, gypsy-gowned woman in her sudden zeal for technical difficulties.
Eden Eden walks up to the bar and asks for a drink and a towel. Once gotten, she finds Kae and Lucky's table and says "Would I be interuppting in I join you? I kinda want to wait a bit to walk the rest of the way home."
Willow Caine Willow beams as Bart and Milton walk into the Saloon and she holds her arms out for a hug. "Evening you two! You're just in time, we're having a play of sorts. Take a seat, get a drink and get involved when things heat up." She says, grinning between the pair of them. "Kitty will give you a drink if you so desire."
Lucky Lucky grins at Kaelyn, head nodding. "Oh? I was completely unaware any events were taking place here tonight." He tells his friend. "Truth be told, I never actually been here; thought I'd check it out." The grin shifts to a soft, warm smile before his eyes dart to the doors again.

The gypsy lass caches his attention now, his eyes following her to the bar. He watches carefully the first man who ordered a drink, then the other two; spying who gets what drink from whom.

Blinking, Lucky looks up and shyly smiles "Your more than welcome to join us, Eden."
Abe     Oh, okay. she was one of those. "Right then." he utters to himself and then moseys along. There's bound to be something starting up sooner or later.
Kasumi     Kasumi keeps watching, and takes a shot of the good stuff. She coughs a little bit. "It burns...Not as much as the Russians, but still!", she says. Kasumi takes a moment to settle herself. She breathes in a few times, settling herself down.
Milton Milton smiles, "Willow." He greets as he traises his way over to the birthday girl, setting the package down before giving her a one sided hug. One sided? Of course, ti's so Bart can get the other side. Because Go team Knox, that's why! "Happy Birthday, sweet Cousin. A play indeed? Splendid. I love a little entertainment with my drink. Come visit our table when you've time." He says before luring Bart off with him.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Eden and motions to a nearby chair, Cora jumps in "Pop a squat!" And Kae shrugs, her words taken right out of her mouth by the perky A.I. "So! What do y'all think about this murder mystery?" she asks, now glancing frm Lucky to Eden curiously. Meanwhile, Kae messes around with a couple holo-disks, looking at them curiously, before asking "Which one ya think I should install?"
Willow Caine A scream splits the air as a patron sitting at the bar slumps forward, his head coming to a rest on his food. *SPLAT* Willow immediately gets to her feet and dramatically points to the door. "Someone fetch the Sheriff!" She says, one hand covering her eyes. She might not be the best actress, but she gets the job done. Don't look now, but I think the "corpse" is struggling not to laugh.
Eden Eden gratefully sits and starts towel drying her hair as politely as possible. "Murder mystery? what are those? and Left. always choose left. But I think I might be missing something here..."
Lucky "Not sure quite yet." Lucky replies with a jovial smile to Kaelyn. "So far three oddly dress people have come inside and went to the -" Pausing, he looks over to the man whose face is slump in the plate. "Well, that sucks; died of food poisoning." he says sadly.
Willow Caine The dandy jumps to his feet and swears vociferiously as he points to the body. "Nobody leave! We have to figure out what happened here." He says, as if he has any authority. He pulls aside the barmaid who served the patron and starts to shake her. "What did you serve him?!"
Katherine Caine "Milton. Bart. Nice to see the both of you." Katherine says as she pours her cousins a drink and then SOMEONE IS MURDERED!

Playing the part of a shocked local, she covered her mouth and said, "Oh Lord! Quick, the Sheriff! You heard her." She was even putting on a southern accent, "Whatever are we gonna do, are any of us safe?"
Abe     "Hup, here we go!" Note's Abe as someone goes face down.

Scribe Abreham strolls towards the man who's gone face down. Hands clasped behind his back, he rocks left and he rocks right, considering the scene. He checks the back for a tell-tale knife and then scrutinizes the food.

Slowly, his posture straightens and he turns, swinging his gaze around until it rests firmly and with noted accusation on the woman who formerly ran the establishment; Katherine 'Miss Kitty' Caine.
Kasumi     Kasumi pauses a moment, and then looks at Willow. "Mayor Kat hasn't been in the kitchen, has she?", she asks the woman. Yes, Kasumi seriously just asked that. The woman coughs a little bit as she stretches out.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and stares, she then grins impishly and adds .. "Mebbe I shouldn't get the food ere?" She says, before winking playfully at Eden. Next the girl makes sure to order her self some munchies, mostly because, well food out-weighs the need to perform! "Food first, play later." she informs those at her table while watching the folks around the place...
Willow Caine The cloaked man gets to his feet and makes for the door, his soft-soled booted feet making little noise.
Willow Caine The gypsy looks up from her meal, slightly annoyed. "What kind of place is this that people just..drop dead." She says, her voice heavily accented. "If I wish to leave, I certainly shall, and heaven help whoever of you attempt to stop me."
Kaelyn "Time to get in this I guess...." Kae hops up and points to the cloaked man "Stop that man! We mussn't let anyone leave till we know who did this!" She calls out, trying to not allow the cheer to hop into her voice too much, yah so this is fun! CORA meanwhile mutters "Ham!"
Willow Caine The cloaked man comes to a stop and lets out a heavy sigh. "I didn't have anythin' to do with that and I got places to go." He growls, glaring back at Kaelyn. "Let me pass."
Eden Eden mutter "one sec" then pops up and oer to the bag left behind by the mysterious man. "Hey sir, you forgot your, thingy"
Lucky Watching the man turn to leave and everyone's attention on him, Lucky turns and heads to where he was once sitting. His walk was casual upon approach and once there, he bends down. opening the bag, a small hmm escapes his lips as he pulls out a few bottles with a brown liquid inside. "Interesting."

Standing, he walks over to the cloaked man "By chance, what is this?" He asks.
Abe     Despite his joke... it was a joke, wasn't it?

Eitherway, despite his joke, he wheels around to regard the Gypsy. "Ma'am, please! It is raining cats and dogs outside. Hardly a time to go off in a huff!" his head cants to the side as he tries to corral her, "Besides, you haven't even finished all of your food!"
Katherine Caine "The Kitchen? Why, of course not. I'd never dream of sullying my hands with such a lowly task as kitchen work." Katherine replied to the inquiry of her!
Jacqueline The sudden scream has Jackie jumping out of her seat with a yelp. Sure, it's a play, but that /scream/...
Then she sees the faintly-shaking shoulders of the 'dead' man, and manages to calm her racing heart. Right... the play's the thing. Seeing Kaelyn trying to stop the cloaked man, she moves to block the door, being close to it. "Um, I think everyone here is a suspect at this point... so no leaving. This is a crime scene now," she says, trying for some authority.
That's how they always do it on the viewer on crime shows, anyway.
Willow Caine The cloaked man smirks at Lucky and shrugs. "It's home made wine, I forgot it, and if you could put it back in my bag and give it to me, I'd appreciate it." He pulls back the cloak to reveal a head of dark brown hair and a rather plain looking face. "I'll stay, if I have to, but I had nothing to do with *that*". He states, pointing toward the body.

The gypsy woman gives Abe a level glare and hmmphs, all but ignoring the rukus around the bar. She continues to eat, taking dainty bites with her fork.
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles a little bit, and then walks up to Lucky and the man. She looks at the pair, and then smiles. "Then shall I sample your wares then, good sir? If it is wine, then you have nothing to fear. If not...", she says.
Lucky Shaking the bottle, Lucky nods. "I see." He says, eyes fixated on the liquid moving about before looking to the cloaked man. "So if I was to say, pour this in a glass and serve it to you, nothing would happen?" He asks curiously, as he picks up an empty glass. "Or, this young lovely lady could sample it." He notes of Kasumi.
Bart Bart is hanging like a shadow in his brothers wake. The stoic faced scientist doesn't seem to give whit one way or.the other at all.the screaming and shouting. Instead he simply blinks at Milton and says, "And you wanted to go outside the house."
Willow Caine The dandy tows the barmaid who served the dead man over to the bar. "This one says she gave him ihs food and didn't do anything to it!" He shakes her a bit. "She look familiar to any of yous?" He asks, a frown on his face.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as she watches the scene unfold. Eyeing the cloaked man for a moment, "Since I don't know his name, for now I'm gonna call him Red." She then turns her attention to the gypsy, "Now this one...perhaps...but then, we don't know if it happened here, or on the way here..."
Willow Caine "She works here." Willow answers the dandy, her tone as dry as they come. "Of course she looks familiar. She's worked here since she was old enough to swat off people who got too familiar." She crooks a finger at the girl and puts an arm around her shoulder, speaking quietly to her as the others react to the cloaked man and the gypsy. The dandy looks crestfallen, sure he had worked out the mystery. He goes to take his seat, eyeing the man who pushed his cloak back.
Milton Milton eyes Bart, "Hush. Watch and enjoy. Look, this is all very well done." He leans in and gestures to the goings on and murmurs to Bart, as if explaining things. Is Milton particupating? Well, after murmuring to Bart he adjusts his glasses and goes back to watching the play Willow had mentioned with eager eyes and oh look, a beer!
Abe     "Right, good. Now then..."

Abe didn't look it... but he was actually quite the nosey bastard. His pudgy frame and slight lasciviousness bely a keen, inquisitive mind... He makes his way back to the body and commits to another study.
Jacqueline "Why would a barmaid want to poison a perfect stranger?" Jackie asks aloud. "That doesn't make any sense. It had to be someone else." She casts her eyes around the bar. Of course, you can't tell a murderer merely by looking. "Who's in the kitchen tonight?"
Abe     "Right, good. Now then..."

Abe didn't look it... but he was actually quite the nosey bastard. His pudgy frame and slight lasciviousness bely a keen, inquisitive mind... He makes his way back to the body and commits to another study.K

Moments pass, Abe stands, one hand on his hip, the other poised near his chin...

"He dead."
Bart Bart sighs a bit at Milton clearly peturbed and put upon as he stalks towards the corpse. There's a finicky noise and he scowls at those in the way. Wrinkling his nose some the doctor pulls out a pair of gloves and goes about touching and prodding the corpse uncaringly. A huff at the end and he points out. "Old lace and arsenic...mostly the arsenic."
Willow Caine Willow eyes Jackie and she turns to peer into the kitchen. "It's old Louis, he's also been here for an age, or two. I don't think he can hear well enough to understand that someone might want poisoned, let alone would take money for it." She folds her arms over her chest and glances at Bart, both eyebrows quirking upward. "Arsenic? In my bar?!" She looks furious, sort of.
Kaelyn Kae glances around and curiously and studies the person who tried to walk out, the barmaid and the dandy curiously. She's never been much good at these mistery things, she even has a hard time guessing who dunit n the few mystery books she's read1
Milton Milton swats Bart and eyes him. "hush you'll ruin alln the fun." He almost sulks for a moment. What? Milton was just going to sit around and leer and watch. Yup? Looks like it. He follows his brother to the corpse and then smooths his fingers over his moustache before pushing up his glasses over his pale bluegreys. "Indeed, Cousin, seems so. You can tell, given the length of time it took to take effect. The eyes and coloring here and here." He points out explaining his brothers statement. "Also the soft sweet smell. Like Marizpan." He coughs a bit and then looks back at Bart. "Satisfied? Hmm?"
Jacqueline "Not him, then," Jackie says, frowming thoughtfully. This detective business is a lot harder than it appears on the viewer.
She glances out the door and frowns. "I keep thinking there should be a car chase or a shootout now, but this is really a rotten night for either one." So she watches the super-perceptive Milton. He's probably a better detective than she'll ever be.
Willow Caine The gypsy gets to her feet and picks up her basket, moving to sit at the bar. She unpins a medal and sets it down before Willow. "Will this get me a drink? I'd like something fizzy if you've got it." Willow shrugs and takes the medal, giving it a once over. "What is this?" She asks, before she sets a Nuka-Cola before the woman.

"It was something my father left to me, it was won in some..war or skirmish or ..blood feud. He won several, that was one of the..lesser medals, one that I'm not bothered to let go of for a good cause."
Abe     Working his hands back through his hair, Abe tried to get his wits back in order. Food was poisoned... right. Fair. easiesttoactout, I mean, easiest way to try and off a man undetected. He took a moment. Were the Gypsy and the dead man eating the same meal. some of her food had been missing and she was eating too slowly to have put that large a dent in her meal.
Kaelyn Now Kae's curious gaze drifts toward the gypsy person as she watches them curiously, then she leans over and speaks quietly to Eden and Lucky "Who do ya think dunnit?" she asks curiously? Next she looks back at the play that goes on, and soon enough her food arrives! Kae glances at the french fries and grins before starting to nibble on them.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she talks to herself...still watching from her table. "Its possible all the food is poisoned, and the murderer is simply immune to such posion...make a great alibi...yes, very nice...then again, not the food..but the utensiles where coated in poison...thus only the person using certain ones would get it..still, time to set up,,quick swap..hmm, quite interesting."
Eden Eden looks at the food and drink on the table. "So which thing has the poison? And who actually knows the um.. late... Mr... Who is he again?"
Willow Caine The cloaked man, now uncloaked, folds his arms over his chest and stares at Lucky. "If you want, you can take a drink of the wine, it hasn't aged long enough yet for drinking so it's your palette. When you don't drop dead you can move off of me man."

Willow gazes at the man face down in his food and shrugs. "Never really caught his name, he was here every night though, drinking like a fish and eating the food. Even when Kitty cooked. He was a brave man."
Lucky Shaking the bottle, Lucky nods. "I see." He says, eyes fixated on the liquid moving about before looking to the cloaked man. "So if I was to say, pour this in a glass and serve it to you, nothing would happen?" He asks curiously, as he picks up an empty glass. "Or, this young lovely lady could sample it." He notes of Kasumi.

A small nod is given "Alrighty then." Lucky says, picking up two glasses and pours the liquid into each glass; handing one to the Cloak man, the other over to Kasumi. "So, let us see what happens, hmm?"
Willow Caine The cloaked man takes the wine and drinks. He makes a face, it's still kind of sour and way too dry for his taste. To prove his point he drinks it down, and then watches to see if Kasumi does the same. All eyes are on the pair, and the Saloon is strangely silent.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to swish the glass. She sniffs it before she brings it up to her lips, and takes a light sip of the wine. Yes, the woman sips. Kasumi knows better then to try to drink wine all in one gulp! YOu have to savor it! Cheese plz!
Jacqueline Jackie just keeps guarding the door, watching the goings-on and wishing she could help in some way other than imitating a sawhorse with stripes, at least in function.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously, and ummms.... She tilts her head and stares at the Gypsy now, those crimson eyes of hers taking in every little facet before suddenly she grins "Gypsy lady is missing 3 big flowers.... Oh and I don't think that vibrant green dress is from around here.... or just not common, I know I've never seen that color!"
Willow Caine The gypsy shifts her gaze to Kaelyn and gets to her feet, gosh she's tall. "This dress was passed down to me by my mother, I'll have you know." She glances at her basket and then smiles, but it doesn't look all that sweet. "Would you like to buy a flower? They're rather pretty. Engineered blue bells, smell sweeter than sunlight."
Eden Eden cuts in "Well how much for a flower?" She watches carefully to see how the Gyspy woman handles them. "They reall are pretty! I've never seen anything like them!"
Willow Caine The gypsy smiles at Eden and picks up a flower, holding it out for her to smell and see. "Five caps, Miss. You can wear it behind your ear - they're perfect for someone of your coloring. She holds it up to Eden and glances towards the others in the bar. "See?"
Kasumi     Kasumi makes a very bitter face. She sticks her tongue out a little bit, and passes the glass to Lucky. "You drink the rest. I need something to get the taste out. Its just grape juice thats been spiked.", she tells.
Milton Milton tilts his head, listening to the group at large but then he spots the Dandy and he escapes his brother to sidle over with crisp aplomb, thumbs in his suspenders. "I say, old chap, who is your coat designer. I simply must know. I've been seeing Mister Ardor. But I like the cut of your tweed Sir." Milton, oh Milton, brave or stupid Milton reaches out to run his hand along the man's lapel. "Like a baby's behind.."
Lucky "Oh, pity." Lucky says quietly, a dejected look upon his face as he was unable to solve the mystery party right away. Sighing, he hands the bottle over to the cloaked man, nodding. "Sorry about that."

Shifting his weight, he looks to the gypsy, Eden and Kaelyn. A brow raises ever so slightly and begins to walk over to Kaelyn.

"Kaelyn, please do not drink from your glass, okay?" He inquires, glancing to the Gypsy "I believe I saw her sleeve dip inside your drink; though I could be mistaken."
Bart Bart snorts at his brother. "Like you know what one feels like." Ever the realist who doesn't get hyperbole.
Abe     Abreham's investigations have taken him on more than just a wild goose chase. The goose has absconded with a red herring and the two are now likely eloping. He carefully tries to compare the forks that the victim, they gypsy, the Dandy and the wine-seller were using to spot any similarities.
Eden Eden takes the flower and puts it behind her ear as suggested. Turns to Kaelyn and says "What do you think?"
Willow Caine The dandy pulls out a cigarette case and shows it to Milton. "Yeah, I can't remember where I got this, but it's a damn fine coat, I agree." He leans in and grins at the man who's hand is now on his coat. "I stole it, years ago, don't tell, yeah?"

The gypsy spits out a few choice swear words at Lucky and moves to back away, letting Eden keep the flower she has in hand. "I won't be accused of such things, I am leaving now."
Jacqueline "Pretty but poisonous?" Jackie looks between Lucky, Kaelyn, Eden, and the gypsy woman with her flowers. "Sorry, Miss Violet, but until this is cleared up, you go nowhere." Serious about her door-blocking duties, isn't she?
Milton Milton nods, "You know that one. Firey. I love that in a woman. How about yourself, know her? Would you mind introducing us?" Milton wonders as he takes a kerchief from his pocket and idly scrubs at a lens of his wire rimmed glasses.
Willow Caine The dandy glances at Milton and then at the gypsy. "I don't know her, I just saw her here today." He opens his case and pulls out a rolled cigar, placing it between his teeth. "I've seen that color dress before though." He gestures towards the gypsy and smirks. "Better hope she doesn't start to sweat."
Lucky Looking over to the Dandy, Lucky asks "Uh, why would that be a bad thing?" He inquires, a puzzle curious look on his face.
Kaelyn Kae glances from person to person, and tilts her head "Yup Gypsy-lady, nobody leaves till we get to the bottom of this mistery." Kae now says, now more interested in playing in the whole thing as she' has finally finished her food!!! She makes her way to the door as well, crossing her arms under her bust as she leans against the door frame.
Willow Caine The gypsy sighs and shakes her head, taking a seat at the bar. She makes an exaggerated bowing motion towards the people guarding the door and when she sweeps her arm out it knocks over Kaelyn's drink. "Oh..let me buy you another, I do apologize."
Willow Caine The cloaked man has by now taken back his bag of gross wine and has taken a seat at the bar as well. He glances between the dandy and the gypsy, shaking his head back and forth before he realizes he's sitting next to the dead man. He recoils slightly and wrinkles his nose. "Gross." He mutters.
Jacqueline Jackie nods and smiles to Kaelyn, acknowledging the teamwork... and blinks at that glass-knocking by the gypsy woman. "Wait... don't people usually do that when they're destroying evidence?" she ventures aloud, her eyes on the growing wet spot.
Alasa Alasa has never been good at these types of games...sure she can find tech buried in the desert..but figuring out who dun it..nope, not her. "Well I'm lost..."
Milton Milton's tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Don't sweat you say?" He considers this for a few moments and then bobs his hea. "Yes, yes I seem to recall something about certain kind of dyes having an adverse effect. Orange was common, but so was green if I recall correctly." He idly muses to hismelf but MIlty? Oh this man has no interest in playing the P.I. He's just obnoxiously curious about it all, taking out a cigarette from his poacket to light it. Though he does add helpfully, "Madame, might I suggest disrobing before this gets very messy?" This to the Gypsy. Scandalous.
Kaelyn Kae on the otherhand is having a hoot while looking around then she settles her gaze back on the Gypsy as the oddball Pointy-eared girl gets close enough to smell said Gypsy "Smells funny too....." She says and glances to Milton curiously and blinks.... "Take it away Sam?" says CORA who Kae blinks and looks at "I think we've met em before, 'e's Milton.."
Abe     Forks... forks. Fakes, engineered. Engineered flowers. Fake Flowers, artificial dyes... Abandoning his interrogation of the flatware, Abreham rears up and spins on his heels.

A finger is held aloft, the weight of his epiphany weighing heavily upon him. Milton's quicker though, Abreham's arm swings low. "Oh damnit."
Jacqueline "Wait... adverse effects from dyes? And she dipped her sleeve in your drink, Miss Kaelyn?" Jackie muses aloud, frowning as the gears in her mind clink. "Was she anywhere near our dead guy's drink before he, well, died?"
Willow Caine Willow narrows her eyes and frowns. "I think she passed by him on her way to her table." She says, fighting the urge to grin. "Nice touch, Milton..telling her to get naked." She says, laughing.
Willow Caine The gypsy hisses at Milton and she pulls a bag of powder from her bosom (oh my) and throws it to the ground. A brief puff of smoke spreads around the Saloon but when it clears the gypsy hasn't left, she's applauding the crowd at the bar. "If this were real, I'd probably have to kill all of you, since it's not. I will just say congrats." She glances around and then drops into a deep curtsy.
Kaelyn Kae glances back at the Gypsy... "I remember reading on ne of the pipboy articles about arsenic and copper used to make vibrant green colors." Then of course the Gypsy pulling her thing and Kae grins cheerfully "Which is why we can have fun instead of using a firearm on the person who is walking around in a pile of arsenic?" She says cheerfully and winks...
Lucky Lucky listens quietly, seeing as the mystery has been solved
Milton Milton blinks, "What?" He looks surprised a moment at Willow and oh's with a cough. "Yes. Right.. For the dye. Mmm MMhmm.." This is why Milton should stick to cards. Then the jig is up and the play is over and Milton claps, "Oh delightful." He looks towards Bart and then the Dapper fellow with a tip of his head before moving back towards his beer.
Willow Caine The gypsy shakes her head and tugs at her sleeve. "It's fake." She says cheerfully as the corpse sits up at the bar, forehead full of marinara sauce. "It's about time you guys figured it out, I was thinking I was going to die of spaghetti inhalation." He grumps, sliding to his feet to go clean up.
Katherine Caine Katherine begins to clap for the group, "Bravo everyone! Great job on figuring it out!" She was doing her best to be encouraging and may have been in on the thing the whole time, who knew! Drinks were poured for everyone though, drinks for all!
Jacqueline Jackie blinks as the gypsy pulls a ninja trick... but instead of vanishing, she's applauding?
Oh, right... this was a play! She'd almost forgotten. Silly girl.
She playfully mimes picking up a bucket of water and throwing it on the gypsy as she returns to the bar. "I forgot it was just a show for a while. This was fun! Nice performance, all of you," she says to the dandy, the dead guy, and of course, the gypsy.
Abe     Right, applaud now. Good, this was the part he wasn't sure about.

Abreham puts his hands together for the troop. He had his fun... even if he got on a bunny trail.
Eden Eden claps along too and hands the bluebells back to the gypsy woman. She finds her drink and lifts it and says "To the mystery solvers!"
Willow Caine Willow grins and leans on the bar. "Now who wants a drink?" She asks, a grin on her face. "We'll be having events in the Saloon and the Casino more often now. That's the hope." She raises a drink. "To mysteries!"
Alasa Alasa says, "Very...entertaining...but I think the casino is more my least the odds are better in my favor...I got none of the clues.""
Kaelyn Kae grins and smiles to Willow "That was fun..." she says cheerfully.. She then glances at her dissapeared empty plate of fries, or where it was and contemplates more munchies for dinner... "Hmmmm..." Next she slips back toward the bar and glances around "Soo Fizzy drinks?" she asks curiously
Lucky Glancing over to Willow, a warm smile is given to her as Lucky says, "Thank-you kindly for this event, Miss Caine. As for the drink, I think I shall pass." He says, grinning.

Stepping away, he glances to Kaelyn and gives a warm smile "See you later Kae!" He says, bringin his index and middle finger together and up to his temple before saluting. Looking to Eden, he gives another small, warm smile. "Later Eden."
Milton Milton settles in at his chair and lifts his beer to his lips, getting comfortable. He expects it seems that bart will join him in the quiet evening of the murder mystery play.
Jacqueline "So, what do you folks do when you're not being murder suspects?" Jackie has to ask the performers, as she turns to collect a drink from the bar. Sunset Sarsaparilla, naturally.
Eden Eden smiles and wave goodbye to Lucky "see you soon!" She finishes her drink before looking out the window. "Looks like the storm is calming a bit. I better head on out too." she waves to everyone "Goodnight!"