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Sammy     When Sammy was investigating the Lone Star Caravan's stopover point from the first night, he spotted a book which listed other service stations in the area. The spot they stopped at had been a refueling station, with a convenience store. But, a larger garage was to be found not too far away, and on clearing it with Manny, a little round-table with the other expedition leaders, he looked for volunteers to help head overland to this shop right over the hill. Less than 30 mins of walking in all, counting a shifting sand dune or two, you would hardly have known it was there from the main roads.
    The facility -looks- abandoned, a building half crumbled, half submerged in the dune that swallowed it over the last 200 years since the bombs fell. Or perhaps some bombs pushed the dirt up around so the natural forming and un-forming of the dunes reached out to grab it. Wasn't there a legend about the Sphinx being buried up to it's neck some day?
    Sammy squeaks a little bit when he walks, and it's obvious his legs are hurting, but he musters on, that heavy rifle held ready, he peers into the darkened shadows of the facility, it's become a natural cave of sorts. "Everybody ready, let's have a look around and see what we can find. This was a place where they actually serviced and repaired vehicles, rather than just refuel and sell snacks."
Aralyn Aralyn glances around, the woman keeping her sniper rifle shouldered for now... "Ummm.. hmm my main weapon won't be of too much use inside that building, but I can scout it out from here using the scope." She offers, then unslings the massive m82 and knees on top of an uplifted area, the woman now glancing through her scope to study the facility at a distance. As she studies the place she asks... "So what all are we looking for and do we know if there's any nasties here?" Asks the woman curiously, she then reaches up to adjust the scope, and even flip it over to night-vision just to see if anything pops up that way as well... "So how's everyone?" she asks, yes she's trying to initialize small talk while looking through one of the larger sniper rifles to ever be manufactured in the U.S. and used by the military... Wierd woman...
Apostle     It is unlikely that Apostle has engaged in small talk.
    In fact, it likely seems she's not even aware others are here.
    Her hood is low, her goggles in place, the gentle hiss of her rebreather the only reminder that she's even hanging around. She doesn't gaze through any scopes, her weapon currently tucked away somewhere as she 'fearlessly' (Read: Obliviously) meanders her way toward the garage as though she had been there every day for years. It's clear that she's looking for something, her footfalls quick and her attention not lingering in any one place for more than a few moments at a time, the dunes swallowing up her footprints nearly as quickly as she's making them with the way the wind whistles over the barren scape.
    She blends well, the colours of her ratty garb sharing a similarity with her surroundings, all but for the crimson red scarf and sash she wears that trail long and low behind her as she moves.
    Hssk. Hssk.
    "Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words." Garbled, broken.
    "Shh, shh," Hssk, "Shh."
Ren Ren hops out and looks around rifle in hand as he dose so "so what is it we sould be looking fer sir?"
Jude Jude was one of the militia members that volunteered to help out. As part of the engineering corps, it's sort of his thing to make sure the truck actually -can- roll out.

As they approach the doorway, he draws his laser pistol and holds his pip-boy at the ready. He murmurs to Sammy, "You need some light, sir?" Military is military and he's a low man on the totem pole no matter which man's army he's in.
Iris Lark Iris walks with Jude, her pistol drawn and at her side. She's in armor and looks like a stuffed round toy. She keeps her eyes out as they make their way forward, a slight frown on her face. She taps on her Pip-Boy to help provide light, setting the illumination to something less than blinding.
Vector     Vector, while probably a bit more talkative than Apostle, has his mouth a bit full - so he's not talking. Instead, there's an ominous crunching going on from behind the veil that the man wears over his face, protecting it from the elements of Mexico. His jaw works as he keeps pace, his right hand gripping a rather hilariously oversized hunting revolver, the other with its thumb hooked firmly into his belt. In response to the query of health, the man lifts his veil up and spits out a half-chewed lizard's leg - something he probably couldn't chew up enough to get down into his stomach.
    He lets the veil fall back over. "That's right, Boss." He offers to Apostle, apparently making some sense out of what the woman is talking about, as per usual.
Ashur Ashur moves with the sulking, mulish distaste of a child forced to eat brussel sprouts; the giant lumbers, his reluctant steps cratering the wind-blasted sand and dirt beneath booted heels, every inch advanced a personal crusade waged against the demons of his better nature. Assisting the vehicles? Those cramped prisons, those monstrous steel wombs that make such unsightly sounds and shake and upset his stomach-- damn their necessity. His bones creak and groan gratefully, long limbs desperate for the exertion.

He pauses in the shadow of a windswept dune, a breeze stirring his cloak and kicking up a cloud of choking dust to obscure sight.

Pillaging old ruins like some common scavenger lord is beneath his dignity. But accompanying the group to slaughter whatever might arise, that suits the beastly man just fine.
Sparrow Sparrow is with the group. She's silent and towards the middle of the group; the Doc knows where she belongs and that's not in the way and not straggling behind. So she meanders along, gun out and medkit tucked close so she can whip it out the moment it's needed. She listens to those people talking quietly around her as well as the sounds behind the bubble of marching feet.
Aralyn Aralyn winces a bit and frowns "Guys? Night vision here, watch where you shine those things allright?" She asks, and smiles slightly a bit then moves her head away frm the night-vision and starts rubbing her eyes... "Yay for spots." she mutters to her self, then looks at her pip-boy, and fiddles with the thing curiously. "So boss, you want those of us who are quiet to sneek in and look around?" She asks. "You want me to stay back and cover? What are your orders." adds the woman while she tucks the massive rifle into the crook of her arm.
Lucette     Lucette had been brought around. A trip to get fuel was a necessary evil and one she was glad she'd be able to help cover for the group. She's quiet and mostly to herself even while walking with the group. Though, people are talking strategy, and after the history lesson she shifts. "Not that quiet, advise I stay median or backline if we're keeping the vanguard stealthy." she remarks in a hush.
Carter Griffin Carter is moving with the group, silent and stoic as always. The Ranger is trying to bring up the rear of the group, since that's the most likely place for them to get ambushed from. He slows down and turns around a bit as he looks behind himself, scanning for any potential threats with his helmet's night vision, the eyes glowing red.
Sammy     Sammy looks up from his stance, carrying nearly an identical rifle to Aralyn's, except there's a little more custom work, names engraved on the ejector port and down the magazine well, he slips it over his shoulder with a smirk, "I've had that problem a lot more than you think. Getting caught down a hole or in a box when you've got no flip-sight on your rail. I've only seen one of those in all my time. But I've been working on figuring out how to get one built. Can never find the materials at the time." he grumps, and unholsters his pistol, smirking "Too close for missles, going to guns." he comments almost getting the inflection from the old holo-vid perfect.
    "We're lookin for Micro Fusion Cells, vehicle parts that are usable, any information where the next fuel stop and service station might be along the highway, this used to be Highway 10... And we're headed south on Highway 80 after we leave New Rome..."
Kaydin     Kaydin follows along, the eyes of his helmet glowing red in the darkness allowing him to see in the dark, flashlight on the side of his helmet off for now before turning to the others and where they are looking. "So what do you want to do?" He asks curiously as he keeps a firm grip on his rifle. He watches the goings on for the most part silently.
Ren nodding his head Ren continues to moll about looking for anything that could indacate somthing there searching for checking anything shiny in the sand as he dose so
Aralyn Ara glances around and begins wandering further into the place now. She sighs and puts her sniper-rifle away, slinging it over her back as she reaches into an underarm holster and tugs her HK9 free. She then tugs the charging handle back, locks it, then checks the mag before slapping the action closed wih a dull click. Next she flips the shoulder-stock open and flips her night-vision optics down on her helmet, those now also showing red a bit as she tries to move away from the lights some so as not to get blinded again.
Jude Jude glances over his shoulder, flashing a smile to Iris. He gives a shrug and motions for her to follow. He flicks his pip-boy 5000 on and starts to poke around through the interior of the garage. He knows his way around a garage pretty well, but things are stashed in the most unlikely places these days. So it is with plodding intention that he starts on one wall and works from top to bottom, bottom to top all along the wall.
Sparrow Sparrow has a flashlight, but it's off while they're moving but once inside she flicks her NVD off her face and turns on her flashlight to start checking about as well. Not as vigorously as others she's only average at this whole scavanging business.
Lucette     Welp, the nature of the game is revealed. Lucette does her best to look at what she can from the outside or somewhere and see if she can find any advertisements or helpful directions on the outside. Though, any luck with such learning is unsure.
Ashur Ashur glances to Lucette and hears her hushed observation. Stealth? Stealth is for those degenerate and craven souls that lack a warrior's fortitude; a man is meant to hold his head high and not scurry in the dark with nose to the ground and ass in the air like some desperate mongrel! That behavior is suited for the bitches of the Frumentarii.

Still, despite the former Legionnaire's internal bravado and beliefs in human supremacism (really, it's just hating the Frumentarii, those jerks), he is unable to literally turn his eyes off. As he strides through the garage, pushing through the building and any adjoining spaces, nominally on the hunt for any miscreants that might linger-- and loudly, it might be said, the many-hundred-pounds man as subtle as an earthquake-- it is inevitable that he might catch sight of what the group is hunting down.
Iris Lark Iris holds out her hand to give light to whomever needs it while she starts to look around with the rest. She doesn't move anything and stays as close to the group as she's able to.
Aralyn Ara doesn't really find much of anything, she's too paranoid abount monsters and the like coming up on the group. Still she glances around the place curiously, now poking at a drum full of well spent cells... "Dun think this'll work they're all rotted." She mutters quietly, then glances over to Ashur "Find anything?"
Jude Jude gives a little huh, that might indicate he's noticed something interesting. He glances at Iris and then moves a couple piled up lockers out of the way. He hits a button on a little console and at first there is nothing. Then, slowly, so slowly the floor opens up as the hatch for a maintenance sublevel creaks open. He beams brightly as it might lead to something that -hasn't- been picked over a hundred times already.
Ren Ren returns from a long search to the group sitting down to enjoy a mre before moving over to sammy "sir after investigating the surrounding area ive manage to find some old maps if theyll help any couldnt find much but ya thats bout it"
Ashur An old bit of scrap metal arrests Ashur's momentum as he walks; it lurked unseen in an eroded groove in the floor, and the heavy man stumbles forward when his foot strikes it. The clatter is a metal storm-- how it howls, a tin echo like the chimes of little bells, the material actually bending within that crack at a ninety-degree angle from the force of his kick.

Righting himself, the brute growls, teeth clenched and grinding the enamel to dust. He scowls, face unseen through the ballistic helm's mask, and stares down at that rusted rattling thing, lurking in the shadow of cobwebs and dancing arachnids joining the shelves behind him.

"The building seems empty," he tells Aralyn, folding his arms across his chest. "Save for us and the spiders."

One crawls across the eye of his face mask.
Sammy     Sammy shoulders his rifle as well, but uses the red-lamp on his Ranger's helmet to make sure people with nightvisiion or those who get adapted to the cave, don't get dazzled. He tries the lock on the office at the back of the shop, and is rewarded with it opening a little, but then the door falls off it's hinges and sand and kipple spill out from the office, he climbs up the mini dune and ducks, squinting, "This room's got nothing... Except I can read ... okay, the poster there, heh. Phone numbers of the shops to the East of here..." he looks back seeing Jude and the hatch he found, and grins mischeviously. "What have we got here?"
Sparrow Sparrow has decided to check crawl spaces and tight hidey holes, including central air ducts. Usually that's where she finds useful things; tucked in spots pre-war folk would leave them for safe keeping, forgotten and protected from years of blasts. It's not far from where Jude's just found a cover space and she taps the grate and pulls it up to check inside. "Somethin' in here.." She comments more to herself than anyone, half burrid udner a counter scattered with broken remains of newspapers and coffee cups.
Iris Lark Iris kneels down and moves a few things looking to find something buried that can be used. She doesn't find much though and when Sparrow speaks up she moves close to her and tries to help her look. "What did ya find?"
Vector Revolver out and at the ready, Vector goes ambling off on his own - as the man is somewhat prone to do. With his other arm up in a sling - to keep the braced and busted arm from flapping around uselessly, he uses the revolver to idly push one or two bits of scrap metal around, revealing a hole in the floor.
    Which he then immediately scurries into as if it was made /just/ for him, disappearing from sight for a while - with the audio of someone shuffling and crawling around, propelling himself around with his feet. "Ah. Fuck. Spider." He seems to echo Ashur's thought on Spiders, except then it comes with another audiable crunching noise before he continues scurring around in his newfound hole-home.
Aralyn Ara notes the spider going across Ashur's face, andshe tilts her head before taking her cap "Hold still.." She states then carefully tries to use the bill of her cap to flip the spider off Ashur's mask.. "There ya go.." she says with a grin and then glances back to the others... "I'm not much use at this am I." she mutters and goes back to investigating the place as she looks around.
Apostle     "Why did women always believe that talking about a problem would fix it? Some issues were corpses. Hot air made them fester and rot and spread their disease to everything else. Better to bury it and move on..."
    Apostle continues to murmur to herself, voice still crackling and breaking through the speaker of her slapdash comms, lenses occasionally reflecting the sunlight with an orange spark that flares out every time her head turns toward the sun. Despite the distraction she may afford the eyes of others, she seems to be on track.
    She's rooting about in the sand where the circle of service stations would have existed, back in the day -- where the fueling stations once stood vigil like some archaic druid's circle so long forgotten. She crouches, plunging her fist into the sands to reach about for something, digging down with a rather single-minded focus, muttering something to herself that's swallowed up by the gentle whispers of the shifting sands.
    "As he was about to climb yet another dune, his heart whispered, "Be aware of the place where you are brought to tears. That's where I am, and thats where your treasure is." She stares over her shoulder toward Vector as she speaks, loudly enough for someone a vague distance off to hear, before her attentions are brought back to the sands.
Vector     Rummaging around in the hole for a bit longer, Vector slowly slithers back out - this time still chewing away happily, and now with a small case that is being tugged out - revolver now awkwardly shoved into his belt loop - safetly on to ensure no accidents. "That's right, someone must have forgotten about this little hidey-hole." He replies, setting his rear on the edge of the hole as he tugs the case up, and then slowly clambers up onto his feet. "Don't know why the nattering, either. Get it done, get it gone. I got something." He states, releasing his grip on the case - to slap dust and sand from his torso and legs.
Jude Jude shines his light down into the hole. It's pretty darn gross and he pulls a face as he looks down. He jumps with a start when Ashur goes down. Wide-eyed, he stares for a moment. When his heart makes it's way back out of his throat, he laughs and shakes his head.

He flicks his attention to Sammy and flashes a smile. "Dunno, but it looks like a pretty good hidin' place." He laughs a little and slowly starts to ease himself down into the hole, neverminding the ick of it. There could be shiny down there! After a moment he disappears from sight as he explores the nook.
Ashur Ashur stills like stone when the pretty girl commands it; but oh, the spider, the disobedient rogue, creep-crawls to its heart content, marched in ecstatic jubilee across a blind spot on the left side of the bull's huge head. The bill of Ara's cap slides beneath it and she flicks, and the spider seeks the stars, vanishing into the darkness on a quiet gust of air. It lands unseen amidst a pile of old lad's magazines, their pages faded and smeared with cracked dry blood. The wall near them bears a similar mark, along with two small indents most likely bullet wounds inflicted decades ago. Plaster cracks and peels around them.

"There is more to our mission than the hunt for fuel," he soothes her. "Let the more vulture-eyed hunt. We will protect them should it prove necessary."

He crouches, pries the bent metal bar from its nest in the cracked floor, and with idle cruelty drags it through the cobwebs. He slow-stirs his makeshift torch, wrapping it in white and a dozen spiderlings.
Lucette     Lucette wanders 'round inside when someone mentions a hiding place. Lucette scritches a little at the side of her head and goes poking around that area some, nudging here and there. Knocking on something on a counter that turned out to just be a clump of dust, an instinctive sneeze fights at the invading dust.
    Something creaks above, groans. The disturbance from opening that hatch may have loosed something somewhere, just in time for a ceiling tile to drop free next to Luce and spill out a singularly impressive spout of fusion cells with expletives heralding their arrival as Lucette sidesteps to avoid being rained upon! Sneezes OP.
Carter Griffin The Ranger has his Sequoia drawn, but he's not seeing anything. He's actually probably focused on the wrong things right now. He KNOWS they'll be ambushed, because they're all out here in the middle of nowhere, none of them know the land they're on.

He doesn't trust anything that's going on, except for the others that are around. Them he knows he can trust. As soon as the ceiling pannel drops he wheels around and realizes it's not an attack. Sometimes being on edge isn't so good.
Sparrow Sparrow hmms and winces listening to the sound of Ashur landing below. "Not sure, but I can kinda hear what's goin on down there from here." She says as she reaches in farther, up to her shoulder to feel in the duct and wiggles her fingers. "I can just.." Crash. Sparrow pulls a couple more microfusion cells from the duct she was digging in and tkes a breath blinking at Iris. "Guess they were stashing their cash in the air ducts." She looks towards Lucette with a concerned face then the pile of fuel. "Lots of them.."
Iris Lark "Probably the best way to hide it." Iris responds, kneeling down to help Sparrow. "It will help us out in the end, thankfully. We'll make good use of them."
Sammy     A quick movement, sneezes are cause for attention, and Sammy's hopping down from his perch at the top of the mini dune inside, looking up where Lucette caused the avalance of cells. He looks down, looks up, looks at the service hole in the ground, looks up again.
    He chuckles a few times then winces with the effort. He looks at Sparrow. "They had to have been put there on purpose. That's not a natural storage spot for those things." he looks up into the ruin of the ductwork, "... on the other hand, that's an HVAC system. Maybe they were trying to keep them extra cool? Nah." he considers, and looks at the stack, starting to count beneath his breath, an old habit, as he sees all the cells rolling free in a pile more or less "Careful as you step around there Lucette."
Jude Jude hears the crash and the rain of MFC's. He pokes his head up and cranes his neck to see what's happening. He grins when he sees that the MFC stash was found. He gives a little whoop of congratulations to Sparrow, Lucette, Iris, and everyone over in that area. For his part, he digs out some odds and ends for the vehicles. Little things like a drum of coolant coolant and jugs of the various other fluids that make the rest of the groups vehicles work as advertised. It isn't worth much... unless you don't have it.

Climbing out of the greasy hole, he brushes his hands on his uniform and starts to load his modest findings into his pack before hefting the coolant onto his back and starting to lug it outside. He upnods at Sammy and gives an apologetic smile. "Didn't see me no parts, but a little coolant and brake fluid and whatnot. Definitely not a big ole stash of fusion cells, that's for sure!"
Sammy     Sammy moves and starts sorting, counting cells. Some have gone bad. He's made a heap of them off to the side, but he's grouping the ones that look good., have an active charge meter, aren't puffing out at the seals, or show too much corrosion at the contacts, and grouping them in groups of five, then stacks of ten.
    "Pockets, I need to see about more pockets. heh." he chuckles, and looks over what people have brought in.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Iris handing her a few of the cells she'd found to add to the others. "I dunno. Sounds as plausible as anythin'." She says to Sammy, "Who knows why folks stored things where they did pre-nuke." She dusts her hands off on her pants and scoots out from under the counter carefully, as to avoid any possibility the rest of the ceiling would collapse. She smiles at Iris and then glances to Lucette with a nod for her find. "Still plenty to look about but maybe be careful. Don't want anyone trapped under anything. She looks about to do a quick head check before looking at the others. "We check the garage proper yet?"
Aralyn Ara glances over at Sammhy, the woman getting to a high point as she watches the place to make sure everyone isn't like overrun with critters... She then glances to Sparrow curiously and hmms... "We could check that place out too I guess... Seems plenty quiet and doens't look like this place was picked too heavy." She comments and looks to the others... "If I knew more about cars I guess I could help 'yall find more..."

Ara glances back at Ash at this point now a little further away while the woman tilts her head "I guess yer right... Still would be nice if' there were more I could do here."
Carter Griffin Carter opts to push a bit further head from the group, to ensure there aren't any major threats ahead of the group. He's a bit more relaxed than he had been earlier, since the falling AC vent made him realize there's nothing to worry about, with the team around. There's enough guns that if something gets the drop on them, they won't last long enough to do any real damage.
Lucette     Luce recovers from her sneeze and scare, then sighs and quietly sidesteps from the lootalanche. "Don't have pockets for that, sorry." she admits, loaded for bear as she is. "Anything else need looking for?" she considers, glancing around the others present.
Sammy     Sammy looks up from the counting, and considers, "For a service shop, I think every intact vehicle was put out on the road. I wonder what's under the big dunes outside. We'll mark it on the map for excavation when it's safe for larger groups to come through here, I think. Like we did to open up Roswell, and various trips along 380 to Dunwich." he considers, and pulls his notebook, the old leather bound one with his lovingly hand drawn maps in it. He's left his Pip-Boy behind, for wont of weight and space savings. "I saw on that map in the old office, what might be a few stops to look for on the way back from here to Roswell along highway 10." he considers and looks around, This could be a neat place someday, an old building with lots of open floor space. Lots of metal to turn into scrap with the right tools." he makes sure to mark it on the map, to tell LSC and the rest of El Doraddo about later.
Iris Lark Iris helps Sparrow pull the cells out and when she hands some to her she stands still, arms in a cradle so she can hold whatever the woman wants. She glances around at the others as she shifts from foot to foot, waiting for Sparrow to move towards the garage.
Jude Jude counts the stacks of ten and whistles low. "Hundred and twenty fusion cells. I reckon that'll keep us goin' for a while." He tries to wipe his hands again, but it's fairly futile at this point. He moves over and waits with Iris and Sparrow, waiting to see what everyone gets up to next.
Kaydin     Kaydin just watches the goings on with a curious gaze. He turns back to the others and then looks around. "We better hurry and move along. Dont want to stay and attract something's attention." He says as he watches and waits for now.
Apostle     For her part, Apostle's hauling away something useful that she's found, muttering madly to herself or Vector. It's anyone's guess, really. She follows along if the group moves on, content to sift through the sand like a toddler in a park whenever they stop.
Aralyn Aralyn glances around some more, then smiles slightly before walking back over to Sammy, she then asks curiously "Find everything we need?" she asks, and finally turns off the night vision section of her helmet, just settling in for regular looking around. "Sorry I wasn't much use here... But I could maybe carry a few of those cells back to camp..."
Sammy     Sammy looks at some of the containers, and has a brainstorm. He draws his combat knife and slices the necks off an empty bottle of antifreeze till it's big enoguh to slip a cel in. He rummages and finds a few more containers just-so, giving the cells more convenient carry handles, and starts handing them to people to carry out. "Lets pack up what we can carry and mark the rest for retrieval later." he notes and tucks his map book back in his duster.
Lucette     Luce takes in what she can hold in one arm- have to be able to shoot and not drop your haul! Duty fulfilled she glances and starts shying her way to outside as quiet as can be.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Sammy. Seems the Doc is willing to go with the Ranger on this one. She turns off ehr pipboy flashlight and pulls on her goggles. "All right. Works for me. There's probably some good stuff in that garage too. Tools and stuff for the tech junkies." She falls quiet again and moves out helping Iris with some of the Cells as she can, stuffing her pockets as much as she can.
Aralyn Aralyn glances back at the garage and looks to the others "Well we're here, want me to go have a look over there?' she asks curiously "Or would you rather just wait till we can get the techies over there to hunt through the garage and grab what they want?" She asks and then she glances at the old plastic bottles full of cells.. "Guess that works...."
Kaydin     Kaydin takes a jug and looks around to the others. He adjusts the rifle to be on it's sling and moves a free hand to his magnum. This way he can defend himself while carrying the cells. "So where to now?"
Sammy     Sammy gestures, as he starts to head out, pockets loaded to bulging, container in each arm. "Cam's that way." he gestures with his head, "Lets get these back and get the vehicles filled up. This ought to get us a few more days travel." he gives a grunt, and heads off, walking with some determined rhythm, to a drum heard long ago.
Jude Jude finishes loading up his backpack and grabs a couple of the containers Sammy fashioned. He sighs, putting his head down and trudging the load back to basecamp along with the rest.
Carter Griffin Carter loads up what he can carry, and then gets in step behind Sammy, "You know considering these vehicles need this much to drive...I have to wonder how anybody ever made it work before the war, or even worse, when they still used the fosil fuels." He can't imagine anything at all was efficient in the old days, it had to all be complicated and uncessary.
Aralyn Ara then shrugs and grabs up a couple bins of cells. She glances tot he others and smirks "Be nice if'n we could find the right equipment and begin producing them in mass some more." She says cheerfully, then glances over her shoulder at the garage.. "Need to go there some day.." She adds, then makes her way in line behind Sammy.
Lucette     Lucette stretches her legs out as she makes it outside. The direction of camp is pointed out and she's ready to move- will just be waiting on someone else to take lead before she goes on making her way out..
Ashur Ashur has made himself busy with idle distractions, content once he realized his vigilance was unnecessary; he'll linger behind until everyone else has left, but there's nothing keeping him in the station after that.
Sammy     Sammy falls in step, nodding to Carter, "I think the range on most vehicles before refueling was about three to six hundred miles of smooth open road. "And I know up in Vegas and back in Humboldt, they have places that'll pay for empties... I know some of Vegas has a way of recharging these things. Requires a huge power source."
    He looks around at the garage, slowly being swallowed by the dunes, as everyone works out and gets moving.
    "Maybe manufacturing new onesis lost tech now... " a glance over his shoulder at Lucette, a wry grin, "Except for probably the Enclave and Brotherhood brainiac types. But I bet the materials to make brand new ones are almost depleted." and he continues marching all the way back to camp, a pace drilled into him for road marches. He's humming bawdy cadences all the way...