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Sparrow It's getting on towards evening: and the Convoy has stopped again. Folks are starting to make camps and chat amongst themselves. The Militia is setting up their perimeter and lots of people are trying to stretch their legs. Thankfully, this time the Convoy's stopped at a nice spot and before the sun had completely set and it's giving folks a chance to get a look at what might lay in their vicinity.

The sounds of cave crickets harmonize the other sounds that bring the Twilight wastes to life.

Sparrow had spotted something and attempted to sneak away from the group over to a group of boulders. She's not exactly being sneaky but then again she did just suddenly veer off from the main pack of people.
Camilla     As Camilla has next to nothing to do, she had been people watching, including Sparrow. Curiosity gets the better of her and she follows behind Sparrow as softly as she can. As usual, she has her rifle slung over her shoulder and her medic bag dangling about her right hip as the large strap crosses from her left shoulder, across her chest, down to where the big rests on said hip.
Iris Lark Iris is still sitting with the group of people that Sparrow wandered off from. The few sitting around the fire are the second watch and they're keeping an eye on the horizon for a few more hours until someone new comes and takes their place. Iris sits against a boulder, her pistol on her lap, sipping from a small canteen of water. One of the watch sees Sparrow go off and alerts the rest, so that nobody takes any pot shots at her.
Sparrow Thankfully, someone's paying attention to the fact that Sparrow looks more like an NCR ranger right now that a cowgirl. She heads over to an oucroping of Boulders and climbs, carefuly, towards a spot she can crouch on them without alerting people outside the camp. Camilla is sneaky and therefore Sparrow doesn't even notice her, but mostly because she's more intent on whatever she heard behind the rocks.

Iris hears it, just under the sound of the Cave Crickets and trill of desert birds. A light snort of some animals and Sparrow freezes peering over the edge of the rocks.
Ashur As the night settles, the lumbering Ashur drifts out of a New Rome-style portable tent stored with his bedroll; it's little more than fabric and rod, supported by the spikes driven into the ground at its corners and the slim ropes pulling it taut. The floor remains hard, but it keeps prying eyes off him, and minimizes the wind and insects that seek in tandem to torment-- and it keeps from sight the glimpse of another partially hidden by the flap as he slips out, already asleep.

The man's in a state of partial undress. Most of the armor's been removed; the helmet is gone, the metal braces and bands that keep safe his limbs. He's in a dull white tunic, undyed, and a pair of boots, with the radiant-- if unsettling-- hellclaw armor snug around his sprawling torso. The spike at its shoulder almost catches and tears the tent fabric; a clever bit of contortion spares it that fate.

Off in his peripheral, he notices movement, and Sparrow slipping off. With a grunt, the behemoth lumbers after her. He understands wanting to take a piss, but this isn't friendly territory.
Camilla     Camilla, to her credit, is quite agile and quite stealthy. One good thing about being a combat medic is making sure no one knows where you are and what you're doing so you can get to the people you need to get to, when you need to get to them, and help them. All without getting your own rear end shot off. She's also fairly inteligent, and seeing as Sparrow is trying to be very quiet, and very stealthy, she doesn't sneak up behind her and yell, no, she crawls up next to Sparrow, softly, quietly, and questions the other woman with her hands. A sort of, /what's up?/ motion.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet when she hears a noise that is not Sparrow. She moves quietly towards the others and the sound, her pistol held up against her chest in case she needs to fire it. She tilts her head as she tries to listen to what the noise might be, her eyes narrowing.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles to Camilla at her gesture and touches the other woman's shoulder to get her attention before pressing a finger to her lips and points over the rocks. Looking up to Ashur with her finger still on her lips as she considers the large man's approach. She doesn't seem to Mind Ashur's presence as much as she nods at him and then Iris too upon noting their approach and nods and then gestures with her head over the top of the outcropping of boulders.

For those who look over they'll be treated to a view; the road is on a ridge at this point and this flat cropping of desert rocks overlooks a small open valley of sorts within the Blasted desert wastes and while there's no G.E.C.K. out here to aid in the regrowth of land post nuchal fallout the sight is still lovely. After all - man doesn't come out here that often. It's Wild.

Hot desert climates are typically found under the subtropical ridge where there is largely unbroken sunshine for the whole year due to the stable descending air and high pressure aloft. That is still the case though the atmosphere has changed as have those beasts who managed to survive through the Rads. The first thing of note? A large herd of delicious (if you're a carnivore) looking Bighorners. Calves, Cows and even some Bulls. It's a calm scene for the moment, even radrabbits and in the sky, the images of radiation changed bats that fly and dip and dive in the air catching swarms of flies that buzz about the massive horned beasts.
Camilla     A simple nod, and not a startled response, is Camilla's reply. She smiles back, and gives a few nods as she turns her icy blues out towards the prey animals. These things are more likely to bring out predators though, and that she knows from her time out in the wasteland. So, she turns slowly to look out at the animals and with that, she grabs her rifle, slowly, and pulls it up closer to her. She checks it, and begins to simply stare out over the area looking for anything that might decide it wants a snack.
Ashur Ashur comes forth; the man bestrides the outcrop, placing one rough palm on a higher rock, flattening his boot against a lower one, and using it as a step to ascend. He towers over the group, gazing down upon the savage valley with all the cruel regard of a king on his throne.

"Slaughtering a bull would be meat enough to feast the convoy," he declares, voice rolling like thunder over the plains. He's lit by a thousand thousand stars, a light wind tousling his wild braids, falling in heavy waves down shoulders and back. "When I was with the Legion, I came across a settlement that would fry the testicles of the castrated bulls in batter; they were a local delicacy."

He muses, chews on the thought. "It has been some time since I've had them. I need the exercise; I will find my way down, and drag one back."
Iris Lark Iris sees what Sparrow is looking at and she grins, quietly holstering her pistol. She creeps up closer to the group and settles in to watch, resting her feet on her bottom. "We could actually eat something other than an MRE if you can catch one." She says, leaning to gaze down at the ground below. "Won't take up much room if we can't use all the meat right away."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles at the small group that had followed her from the others and she bobs her head. Appearently right along the lines the cowgirl was thinking. She glances to Camilla and notices her looking around and does as well but not -seeing- a reason to arm ehrself she doesn't yet. Thankfully Camilla's on watch and Iris and Ashur are on the same page. "I agree. But we'll have to be careful, there are a lot of them." She says as she looks over it, "Might be able to get a few rabbits too if we're lucky. So how would we like to do this?" She wonders of the group at large. The cowgirl checking her revolver and then peering towards Ashur who is, of course, gung-ho about wrestling a bull.
Camilla     Camilla is, in fact, on watch. Though, she doesn't see anything of any real note and to answer the question, and to stop the walking mountain 'o testosterone from punching everything in the face, she takes a knee and aims her rifle. Taking a moment to look down the sights, she reaches up with her right hand and pulls the charging handle back and lets it /ca chink/ forward. She just racked a round in to the chamber. If anyone wants to stop her from taking a shot, nows the time to do it.
Ashur "Are you a good enough shot to down a beast that size in one blow?" Ashur looks down toward Camilla and clicks his tongue, wrapping one meaty fist around the barrel and turning her aim aside. "If not, they'll panic and run, and we're too far to catch them. Let us change position-- flank the herd, spook them, and push them away from the camp. Let the scavengers and other opportunistic beasts follow the noise; we'll take down the weakest and slowest that lags behind, and abandon the herd. The thunder of their steps far from us will keep the other critters away."
Iris Lark Iris nods in agreement and gets to her feet, slinging her rifle from over her shoulder. "That's a good plan, better to get a few than just one, we've got a lot of people to feed, in any case."
Sparrow Sparrow checks where Cami's about to shoot and she adjust. But sjhe does put a hand up to pres Cami's rifle down slowly with a smile. "Quieter would be better. Keep your gun on alert for any Nightstalkers or anything that might try to find a moment of opportunity." But she seems to agree with Iris and Ashur and she climbs back off the rocks offering to help the other two ladies down off the rocks. "All right." She tells Ashur, "Did you happen to see a good route down?"
Camilla     Camilla's first response at Ashur putting his hand on her rifle is to turn at him and glower. There's a fire there finally, a deep look in her eyes that screams volumes. She exhales deeply, and takes a moment to lower her weapon and looks back out. "Iris, Myself and Sparrow can engage one target each, at close range. We can down three almost instantly while you, being the mountain you are, can do what you do and punch one in the face. Sound good?"
Ashur "The slope gentles near yonder tree," the brute notes, having used his commanding position at the top of the rock-pile to survey their surroundings. As he speaks, his hand points to a distant withered tree.. it will be a bit of a walk, likely taking them a good fifteen or twenty minutes to reach the edge of the ridge and find the less-steep decline, and then a bit more to manage their way down. The process is easy enough, it's simply time consuming; hunting is not an act for the impatient, especially when you need to descend a cliff-face non-lethally.

"If the three of you think you can kill over two thousand pounds of angry cattle on your own, by all means," the man rumbles, lowering his voice as they make their way back toward the herd. "We get as close as we can without alerting them; when it's time, holler, fire off a warning shot, be loud and surprising. The herd is maiden shy; come on strong, and she'll run off. Just.. don't be in front of any of them."
Sparrow Sparrow glances to Camilla and chuckles at her but it's soft, barely a soft huff against her hand. "I'm happy to stay with you ladies and let him pick a bull to bring down. Still think someone with a good gun should go up and help him take the thing down if it struggles too long." She suggests, "And in the chaos we might be able to snag a couple of rad rabbits." She looks to Iris and Camilla, "Between the group of us I think we an bring enough back to make the camp happy. Maybe folks will let me watch them cook so I'm not regulated to MRE's and potted meat sandwhiches. She seems to have confidence in her companions as they head down the route shown to them by the large slab of former legion muscle. Who gets a loooong look for his comparison along with a scoff.
Camilla     Where's Cami? Up and vanished on her way down the route that Ashur found for them. No wonder she was able to escape the legion, this one is like the next effing hokagae with her ninjitsu. The group will just have to hope she's gonna do what they all agreed on.
Iris Lark Iris follows down the slope, trying to stay quiet and not trip and fall on her face. She quietly makes her way around to flank the herd, waiting for what is coming next. Hopefully not a stampede in the wrong direction.
Ashur The bullish Ashur is not quiet or stealthy; he moves like the world is his enemy, grinding rocks beneath his heels, quaking the earth with each step, a one-man stampede alike the stampede the group will seek to cause. Nevertheless, canny positioning and taking the long way around means the animals have not been alerted, and he manages to draw rather close to the group. His golden eyes swim through the darkness, adjusting to the lower levels of light in the valley, trailing over the dour faces and brutal twisting horns-- he heard once an adult male bighorner's horns weigh as much as the rest of the bones in its body, exceeding fifty pounds. "Remember," he reminds them, "spook the herd, and I will down whatever separates from it. We should be able to bring back two or three, between the lot of us; even I cannot carry more."
Ashur The quiet dark is broken by gunshot; it startles the Bighorners, breaking the susurrant reverie of cricket-chirp and insect that had lulled them into docility. Like the cue to start a race, the massive Ashur launches himself forward in the wake of that shot, howling into the dark with a bellowing cry; for all his well-spokenness day to day, in battle the man is feral, wild-eyed, braids and cloak alike whipping behind him in a frenzy of movement.

A lion's roar precedes a thunderous crack as the pistons of his braced power fist punch forward, smashing into the sizeable ram and eliciting a whinny of pain and anger. Those fearsome horns twist and try to toss, but the brute, outside his power armor, is deceptively nimble-- he twists, fingers ripping chunks of the beast's fur out as he slides around it, hopping back once, twice when it retaliates.

The ram paws the ground and lowers its head, bruised but not broken. And Ashur? He hunches forward, ape-like, left knuckles on the ground, head dropped, right fist clenched like a blunt spear.
Camilla     Camilla, where ever she is, has done exactly what the plan was. The thundering /crack/ that echos through out the plains signals exactly that. The shot ringing out and, to her credit, striking home on one of the animals. For now, she stays put and preps to shoot again if needed.
Iris Lark Iris comes to a stop at the bottom of the slope and seeing the action start raises her pistol and takes aim. She squeezes off two shots and the lasers streak towards the ewe felling it quickly. She watches as the herd goes wild and starts to pound the earth away from the camp. One worry down, nobody at the camp will get hurt. She raises her pistol and tries to find another target as all hell breaks loose.
Sparrow Loud: Loud like hasn't been hard since city walls sent horns and sirens blaring off walls and echoing through city streets to combine with the general clamor of the waking world around it. Loud and horrifying.

Terrified bleats and sounds echo and bounce off the canyon as a few dozen Bighorns, counting among them a hundred plus hooves, begin to stampede after the first metal bite into an ew's flesh. The herd flags and moves and the bull have lagged to see what the threat is while the two younger bulls turn tail and run as well. A ewe is felled, and Sparrow adds her 'shot' to the group making sure those beasties keep going and don't route back the direction of the bull who's going hard head to hard head with Ashur.

The bats flap their wings and fly as the light grows a bit lower and the stampeding herd sends geckos, radrabbits, birds and even a coyote or two scuttling out of the path of the oncoming stampede that the adventurers can feel vibrating the earth under their feet.
Ashur The big ram charges at Ashur, prepared to smash and throw him with its heavy twisting horns! Coiling his legs, he retaliates, lurching forward and bringing his arm about in a fierce haymaker-- his long reach lets him drive his fist into its mottled fur, the leather and metal of his gauntlet creaking, before the hydraulic pistons shoot forward and shatter a literal handful of ribs. The sheer kinetic force of the strike sends the ram off-balance, and its charge falters, as it sags to the side.

"Vigorous beast," the man says, voice growling respect. "You are worth killing."
Iris Lark Iris makes her way back up the slope, heading back to the camp to get some help to carry the meat back. She holsters her pistol so she can manage a few handholds as she moves upward.
Camilla     Camilla is still somewhere off in the distance, and two more single, aimed shots ring out. They thunder, and crack and echo and signal another bighorner to have been tagged by cami's actually decent shooting skills.
Camilla     And, to the surprise of more than likely everyone, Camilla takes two more shots dowining a Ewe and a Lamb by herself. Crack. Crack. The shots echo through out and the two animals drop right where they are and for now. since she's fired off 5 shots, she chooses to remain hidden from Ashur and Sparrow for now. Instead now choosing to take a look out spot to make sure nothing else comes a runnin.
Ashur Ram and bull collide again and again, and the animal puts up a good fight-- this time, Ashur actually gets whacked on his leg while trying to side-step. He almost stumbles, and the followup, a snorting headbutt to his chest, actually pushes him back a few inches.. though, strangely, as that ram's massive horns scrape against the molten black and red of his hellclaw armor, a sympathetic ache blossoms in Sparrow's chest just from the sight of it!

"Well fought," he praises, grasping the ram by the horns as it pushes into him. "Die proud." Ashur's hands grasp onto the curling horns with breaking force. He growls, knuckles whitening, and -twists-.

The ram's neck snaps as its head violently tears off, blood draining from the stump, only ribbons of flesh stained red still connecting the two parts. Ashur gives it a shake, and the broken spine falls out of the gushing neck-hole.

He tosses the head aside, and looks back toward the women. "Alright. Let's get these back to camp, girls."
Camilla     Cami comes out from where she was planted and walks over, staring at Ashur as she takes the mag out from her rifle and puts it in her pack to reload later. She snaps a clean magazine in to the rifle again and clicks the safety on. "Do I look like I can carry any of that?" she spits out. Someones getting a bit fiesty, but also seems rather proud of herself for actually contributing with the whole hunting and killing animimals thing.

    Cami gives everyone a shrug and goes for the lamb, to start dragging it back.
Sparrow Cami, Iris who'd moved off to start letting folks know what bthey'd found and hopefully get something ready to cook the ewe she'd downed and Sparrow moes to grab her one ..dead..rabbit. She manages to look stoic despite the fact she basically wasn't any help whatsoever. "I'll help dress them once we get back to camp. She wobbles a little as she pulls the ewe along with her. The beasties aren't massive but they are large and should hopefully if tey aren't sick, provide a nice meal of mutton for the evening meal and morning after. Hopefully..