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Manuelito It has been a long journey southward and the caravan made another stop for camp; sentries were already out and about.

Above in the sky, white clouds trace from the west to the east and partially north. Some clouds were darker than others, hinting at the potential of rain. Today was cooler given the area, helped by the northwesterly winds.

Manuelito is on the ground, leaning against a trunk of tree; campfire cooling in front of him. His single good eye reviews an electronic pad quietly.
Camilla     Camilla is laying on the ground near the campfire as well, and being a sound sleeper, is still out like a light despite laying out on the ground and using her medical bag for a pillow. This one must be capable of sleeping pretty much anywhere. No doubt one of the things that's a consequence of her time as a slave of the legion. She is only just now begining to stir to being awake, she had a good night last night, went out with sparrow, ashur and Iris and shot some bighorners to help feed everyone.
Manuelito Glancing up, the Navajo looks around; looking over everyone that is asleep in the camp, or awake and moving about. It was a mixture really as some, like the militiamen, were already readying the vehicles for the next leg of the journey south, Others were fixing up breakfast from the meat provided by the hunting party, while others simply broke down there sleeping gear. In all, another day in a long journey to a destination in which many he saw will not return.
Camilla     Camilla begins to toss, turn, and jumble about in her sleep. This lasts a few moments before she snaps awake, sreaming, and gasping. A nightmare, no doubt, but she's awake now and looking around rapidly to get a baring on where she's at. Thankfully, she doesn't grab her weapon, or bolt, or do anything stupid and it only takes her a few moments to remember why she's out in the middle of no where.

    Camilla exhales deeply, a long and dejected sigh, and takes a few moments to stretch out. She tries, her best, to keep a low profile now, no doubt have given a few people a bit of a start. As embarrased as she is, she tries not to show and stands up fully, stretching out out more and looking around more.
Manuelito Camilla's tossing and turn catches the attention of the Marshal, lowering his pad he looks over to her with a hmm. When she thrashes upwards in a scream, he sets the pad on the ground and uses his hand to push himself upright.

Bending down, he helps the young girl stow her items; eye looking up briefly to her, before speaking. "how bad are the night terrors?" He asks in a quiet voice so others could not hear them conversing. it was casually asked in a calm and gentle tone of voice; no doubt more concerned for her wellbeing, or perhaps the safety of the camp.
Camilla     Camilla blushes a light red and sighs again as she looks at the Marshal. She takes a moment, unsure if she really should talk about it or not, and finally shrugs her shoulders in response. "Nightly.." she replies plainly, in a soft and hushed tone as well. "I've gotten used to it by now.." she adds as yet another sigh escapes her lips. "Sorry.."
Manuelito Glancing back to her, his brow raises. "No need to apologize for something that is beyond your control." He replies quietly; the voice carrying a sympathetic, kind tone. Looking back to her items he finishes stowing and stands upright. "Come." He says to her lightly, shifting his weight in a turn to head out into the desert, away from the camp.
Camilla     Cami blinks and nods. Without saying anything else, she watches him stow her stuff and before he can say anything else, she snatches up her medical bag and tosses it on. It dangles about her right hip as the strap crosses from her left shoulder, across her chest and down. She also reaches down and snatches up her rifle and takes that with her.

    Falling in tow behind the martial, she pipes up, "Where are we going?"
Manuelito Glancing back, he nods his head "This way, away from camp. The desert and wasteland provides comfort to those seeking solitude or to those with trouble pasts seeking guidance." The Navajo replies quietly. his footfall slows though until Camilla is by his side. Having her by his side showed that she was on equal ground and footing; not a slave or subordinate requiring to stay behind and in line.

The walk went on for several minutes, the campsite distancing little by little as they walk. Soon the sun was breaking the skyline, her rays of light crisscrossing across the desert, it was then he pauses and stops; the sun shining to show the beauty of the mountains and desert that makes up Arizona and Mexico; a breathtaking displaying of natural beauty amidst the wasteland.
Camilla     She had fallen in line, old habits die hard, if at all. "I, wasn't seeking any guidance?" she replies to the marshal in a half question, half statement. A confused look on her face as she takes a moment to give the area a long look over with her icy blues. "Marshall, what are we doing out here?" she asks again. She is caught off guard by how pretty it is out here though, and while her attention turns towards that beauty, the question she just asked still lingers.
Manuelito "We all seek guidance in something." The Navajo replies, looking to Camilla once more. "Guidance to move forward from our past; to overcome what is difficult; to seek what our future shall be; to know the path of righteous from the path of darkness." He instills upon her with a half-smile. "Please, call me Manuelito." A pause and a soft hmm escapes his lips. "What do you think we are out here for?" He inquires calmly, looking from her back to the scenery.
Camilla     "I, I am not seeking guidance in anything.." Camilla retorts plainly. She listens to the rest of his statement and nods at his request, "Yes Sir.." pause, "Manuelito."

    She takes a moment to look around more and then turns back to the Marshall simply shrugging her shoulders. It should be obvious to him that she's concerned, uncomfortable, maybe even a little on edge and scared. Again, old habits and old worries sticking with her. "I have no idea."
Manuelito The Navajo studies her quietly, a long few minutes passing before his gaze turns to the scenery again. "You say that you are not seeking guidance; and yet your body displays the actions of a slave. You fear your past and want to overcome it; but still allow it to control you in some way."

He nods ever so slightly, glancing back to her again. "How trained are you with the rifle?" He asks casually.
Camilla     Camilla just stands there, silently, and chooses to say nothing to the first statement. She looks down at the rifle and then back up, "I was given training by one of the mercs that was killed when my Caravan was attacked. I can hit what I aim ait, usually."
Manuelito His keen eye continues to watch her body language quietly as she talks. Nodding slightly, he unclips the strap holding the 10mm pistol in the holster and withdraws it. Pressing a button, the clip slides out and he pulls back on the chamber to discharge a bullet. Putting both in his duster, he pulls out another clip marked with a red strip of tape; sliding it inside, he pulls the chamber back again and hands it casually to her. "Training rounds. No need to waste precious ammo." He notes calmly and nods to a cactus. "Shoot at the cactus please."
Camilla     Her body language is, exactly what he said it is, that of a slave. That of someone beaten, and scared, and unsure, and all those things. There's small pieces of something more there occasionaly, but, she does as she's told, when she's told, how she's told. Without question.

    She grabs the pistol, stares at thim, and then nods as she aims at the Cactus and fires.
Manuelito The cactus moves ever so slightly as the bullet hits the trunk. Manuelito nods slightly before turning to look at her. "Not too bad, Camilla." He says quietly; the tone gentle and kind. "Go ahead and try again."
Camilla     Camilla nods and replies with a, "yessir" as she takes aim again and pulls the trigger.
Manuelito Turning now, he walks over to her. "Your aim is true, but your body.. It is tense." He says calmly "There is nothing out here or back there-" He gestures to the campsite. "To be afraid, scared or unsure about." He tells her quietly; his tone being endearing and kind. "Allowing your body to be comfortable while shooting will allow you to quickly dodge and react to counterattacks." He teaches her.
Camilla     Camilla blinks and nods as she hands the ten-mili back to Manuelito. "That, is not true" she replies plainly. "There is plenty for me to be worried about and no amount of talking is going to just make everything I've been through go away overnight Marshall.." she replies. "I've had literally /everything/ taken from me, more than once. My entire family was killed when the legion destroyed our tribe. I was raised as a slave for nine years, that isn't just going to go away."

    "When I came of age I was told I would become a breeder for the legion. When I rebelled against this and begged to remain a healer, as was my only passion, I was tossed in the arena and beaten, publicly, for sport, for a month. At least once a week I was tossed in the pit and forced to fight, and each and every time I was beaten in to the ground, and then allowed to heal, and beaten again. When I finally gave in, and accepted my place as a woman in the legion, I was told I was useless when they found out I could not ever bare a child and assumed my fate was sealed. I would be dead soon, or strung up on the cross, or made to do hard labor."

    "So, when I saw an opportunity? I took it. I killed several legionaries and ran. Then, the only time I find and make friends?" she finally stops to take a breath, and then looses it, "They're all dead back outside El Dorado. All of them. So, forgive me sir, but I don't believe you."
Manuelito Taking the pistol, he puts in the holster and listens to Camilla quietly. After she speaks, he shifts his weight to look at her. "I am sorry that the life bestow upon you was rob in such a way that is truly unforgiving." He says quietly; his tone gentle and reserve as he speaks. "When I was a babe, my entire tribe was slaughtered and killed off by a group of raiders. I was fortunate though as I was found by the Romeros and raised inside El Dorado." He replies in the same gentle voice.

"But, you see Camilla that is your past. A troubling past of trials and tribulations; one that lesser people with fortitude and strength have died horrible, painful deaths." Walking the short distances toward her, he stands before her. "Yet, you have survived. Those friends you spoke of that died? They did not die in vain, but rather live on inside of you." He says.

"In no small way was your past terrifying, relentless or horrid; yet you live now as a free person. By allowing the past to control you, you allow the Legion and those monsters to hold a noose around your neck." He pauses for a moment before adding "Do not fear your past, but embrace it. Solidify it as your walls, your pillar of strength to show that you cannot and will not be taken down so easily. Do not cower behind it, but rather show that no matter how much you are beaten down, you will stand back up." His voice continues to carry a sympathetic, kind, gentle and yet empowering and encouraging tone.
Camilla     Camilla just stands there, and listens, and it's ovbious she has no idea what to say. It should also be obvious that, despite his best efforts, cami's not going to change for one speech, over one day, over night. There's some change there, but it's more than likely only the start of a long road. "As you say..." is her only reply to the Marshall.
Manuelito His arms come out, shoulders shrugging. "Alright, so you got me. I am not good with long winded, inspiring speeches." The Marshal replies before folding his arms against his chest gently. "Does not mean it doesn't hold weight." Shifting his weight, he looks to the cactus with two holes in it now.

"I want to take you under my wing, Camilla. the Militia could always use another healer, and I think it would be good for you." He says, looking back to her, hand extending out to her. "What do you say?"
Camilla     Camilla just sighs again and nods, "As you say." She parrots this again in reply as she's not sure what else to say there.

    The next statement though, causes her to just stand there in complete shock and suprise. "You, you what?" she asks. "I.." pause "why me?" she asks. "I, well, I suppose that's a stupid question..." she adds. "I mean, I promised Iris I would pay her back and do what I could at the clinic. Would I still be able to help out there?"
Manuelito "Of course, I would not ire Iris." Manuelito says with a soft chuckle. The chuckle dissipates as he looks down at her. "Everyone could use a good mentor, Camilla. I see your struggle, and I know what your heart is wanting. I am willing to help guide you, train you." He tells her quietly.
Camilla     "I, well, ok..." she replies plainly. "Do I have to have a uniform and follow orders and all that?" she asks. She honestly doesn't know, and doesn't understand what a Militia is in this instance. "I, still have to ask why you'd want to waste your time on me, but, I am glad that you seem to see something in me."
Manuelito "No need for a uniform, and yes you will follow orders; but those are few and far between." Manuelito pauses a moment and offers a simple smile. Turning, he walks forward slightly and places a hand on her shoulder "We should get back, see how everyone else is doing. Probably about that time to head out." With that, he begins to walk back toward the camp.
Camilla     "Let me think it over first.." she says as she turns on heel and follows him back in to the rest of the group. "Thanks for talking with me."