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Manuelito White pretty little clouds bounce and frolic across the desert sky, happily moving from the west to the east. They were so pretty hanging up there amongst the beautiful landscape of the Arizona/Mexico territory of sprawling mountains and desert land. Amongst the rocky desert landscape were cactuses, rabbits and varying animals.

The air should normally be hot, but it was abated by the northwesterly winds that brought the temperatures down to cooler level than normal for the time of the year.

Everyone here drew the short straws to scout the area to make sure raiders did not attack the campsite as it was being set up; and of course the Marshal decided not to join.

Just you, your team and a ear shattering scream that cuts across the landscape. Feminine from the sounds of it; possibly; hopefully.
Iris Lark     Iris blinks when she hears the scream and automatically gets to her feet to investigate. She tries to run, but the armor makes her awkward so it's more of a waddling run. She spots others as she moves and doesn't say anything to them, just yet, too intent on finding where the scream originated from.
Aralyn Ara turns her head to the side, lifting the bill of her cap up as her ears twitch and she tries to determine the direction the scream came from. Aralyn then sighs an checks both her firearms, checking ammo, before starting to move in the direction she thinks the sound came from at a quiet, ground-eating trot. As she nears a dune she starts trying to get atop it, maybe to be better able to see.
Carter Griffin The sound of a scream. Somewhat familiar in this wasteland that the world has become, but at the same time, Carter knows he needs to try to find out what the cause is. After all it could be someone in trouble, or it could be a trap. Those are always options. Still if it is a trap, he'll spring it and deal with the consequences, as he's prone to do. He starts to move towards the sound, hefting his gear and drawing his Sequoia on the way to the sand dune.
Abe     "Fuck..."

Abreham breathed his curse as he reached down to his thigh where the clunky pistol was, strapped in place, too large for a typical holster. He repeated the curse again as he worked the safety switch and felt it hum to life.

It was probably a trap, it was likely a trap. It was a trap, wasn't it? At least this wasn't one of Rose's posse's.

Her adjusted his sling, spying the screen of his pip boy before.

With no higher power to foist the call off on to, Abe swore again. Kaelyn had overwatch, he'd head that way at a good mosey.
Manuelito Off the team went it would seem, to find the woman who belongs to the scream. Over dunes, and across crack rock they went.

The scream still screamed; the voice changing to something dire, as if her life at any moment was over.

There! A woman ran toward them, her arms flailing about. She screams again, looking behind and trips and falls. Scrambling up she runs! (Alertness 1+).

But what is this?! Behind her, look out! It is a pack of coyotes that are after her; four in all. (Alertness 2+).

But be careful folks! The ground is cracked, and while the ground may appear to lead on forever, it surely does not! Cliffs and sheer drops abound! (Alertness 0)
Aralyn The knife-eared, purple-haired woman frowns and raises her smg, thinking quite possibly her big gun is overkill for this whole thing as she watches the woman approach... She then holds up her arms and shouts out "Over here! Run to us!" as she wings the stock out from her SMG and brings it to her shoulder, looking for the trouble, for now.
Iris Lark     Iris stumbles briefly but she stops to wave to the woman who's running. She doesn't see anything behind the woman, so she is briefly puzzled as to why she's screaming her head off. She does pull her pistol out, because that much noise must have a purpose and she continues to head forward, still waddling.
Carter Griffin Once at the top of the dune, Carter looks down at the woman, spotting her, but more over, spotting the things that are chasing her. He hops onto the far side of the dune and begins to slide down it, duster billowing with his forward momentum as he heads, not for the woman, but for the beasts that are on her heels.
Abe     "Oh, good, not a tr-" Abe seemd somewhat relieved by the sight of the distressed woman... until he swung his foot forward and there was not a damn thing for it to find.

Abe sunk with a bleat of fright and surprise, leg vanishing down a crag. With one good arm, he was scarcely able to keep himself from being swallowed up!

Profanities followed. Several. Oh hey, that's a new one!
Manuelito As Carter Runs down the dune to chase forth and away seems a little strange; perhaps he is trying to save her?

The woman wore a blue dress, with sandals; her black hair blowing gently in the wind and against her naturally tanned face. Upon seeing the people, she speaks out in Spanish "Ayúdame coyots están detrás de mí!" Well, whatever the hell that means; but she is persistent in her calling, the words continue to flow free. Then she turns and the intrepid group sees them.

Four! four coyotes a chasing the woman across the desert landscape. By the looks of it, they are getting mighty close..
Iris Lark     Iris yelps when the woman calls out, she understood the words and finally saw the problem. Wanting to get the woman to safety she continues forward, hand reaching out towards the woman. Hopefully she's close enough to take it soon! She turns and sees Abe nearly wipe out and she winces. "Coyotes!" She calls out, reloading her pistol. "Three or four of them!" Perhaps she's trying to get Abe to run faster with her words, one might never know.
Abe     He should have stayed in camp. He should have stayed back at camp!

"Shoulda... Ngh!" he grunts as he pulls himself out of the crag and onto his feet. The denim of his pants leg was a bit worse for wear but he got off without too much problem.

The woman screamed at them. Despite his skint tone, he couldn't make head nor tails of it... But somehow, he was pretty sure she was saying the radded-out coyotes were going to eat her.

Just a guess!

Pulling his pistol from it's straps, he hefted it up and sighted along the back, hand shaking slightly... Maybe... if he picked one off at the edge of the group!

He took aim and squeezed the trigger, the weapon bucking gently in his hand as it spat out a vibrant streak of red!
Aralyn Ara now picks up speed into a run, the woman switching her SMG off safe to single fire for now as she now rushes toward the woman, hoping to close the distance enough that her smg can be of better use. Yah Coyotes are not worth her using her sniper rifle... "See the Coyotes!" She calls out as she changes her angle subtly to clear her line of fire on the woman then kneels, and aims. Just as if she were using her sniper, she takes a deep breath and slowly exhails while she sites in on the Coyote's head. As she hits the bottom of her breath she cuts loose with two rounds, aiming to double-tap one of the creatures in the head whil eon the run?
Carter Griffin As Carter reaches the bottom of the dune, somehow managing to avoid any crazy holes or anything on the way down, his Sequoia is brought to bear, and he levels it. From a distance he looks like he may be aiming at the woman, but he's not, instead targeting one of those coyotes. He squeezes off a round on the run, and then if his target goes down, he'll switch to the last standing coyote and do the same thing.
Manuelito Four Scouts are attacking, three wolves are chasing, two birds are flying, annnd one damsel in distress is grabbing Iris's hannnd.

Wait three? yep, one is hit bad and falls down to the side whimpering. After all, they were just after a meal! A pretty little tantalizing morsel of a meat on bone that just so happen to run away. Then another dog goes down, collapsing over itself as his head disappears.

Another dog manages to somehow evade two bullets; perhaps it was speed or luck.
Iris Lark     Contact! Iris takes the woman's hand and they run together, the Healer keeping speed with the woman as they run back towards the camp. She doesn't bother looking over her shoulder, she'll only get more frightened if she does. When they are close enough to camp that the woman can continue to run unaided, she turns and raises her pistol towards the coyotes, raising her pistol to fire.
Aralyn Ara now switches targets, the woman singling in on the head of another Coyote.. She takes a deep breath and exhails now to steady her aim. At the bottom of her exhail, she squeezes the trigger twice, smoothly, accurately and sends another two rounds down range and at a Coyote... "Good news is..." She says after the shot. "We're gonna have dinner tonight!" She doesn't wait to see the damage the rounds do as she tries to find another target.
Abe     Now the woman's out of the firing line but they still had the pack of wild mutts to handle.

His lips tighten as he tries to find his next target. Nothing fancy, just make sure ytou hit... Steady, steady...

His jaw tightend as he hoped the pistol's heatsinks held out. He tugged at the trigger twice!

The weapon bucked and he felt the warmth bloom as two streaks of red flew down range.
Manuelito The young Mexican girl continues to run back inside the campsite safely thanks to Iris. Meanwhile, the rest of the coyotes fall by the grace of superior weaponry. One dog, shot earlier by Abe gets back up and limps the opposite direction; away from them in fear.
Iris Lark     Iris winged her shot, probably winded from running. When the other coyotes go down she bends nearly double, panting as she tries to get her breath back. "Add these to the sheep and other meat we got last night and we'll eat well for a day or two, actually." She stands up, hand on her back as she exhales out a long breath. "Abe? Are you still injured?"
Aralyn Ara sands up and sighs, checking her gun quickly "Gonna have to check with the Marshall about getting these four rounds replaced." She mutters to her self... Next she turns toward those behind and begins walking that way, before pausing and grinning to Iris "Yup... Tell ya what..." she turns and heads back toward the dead dogs. She uses her pip-boy to check them out, then if the meat's good, she picks the dead ones up by the tails and begins dragging them back to camp whilst whistling a cheerful tune..
Abe FD    Abe thought it would be a kindness. Nothing deserves to suffer, not like that Coyote would if it couldn't recover. Starving to death is a horrible way to go.

He was almos sighting in on it when Iris wheeled around on him. He froze, dusky skin going pale. A empty smile crept across his features as he lowered the pistol and turned to regard Iris, "Just... a little wear and tear, Doc', nothing major. Honest!" Clearly, the sling was just for show!
Carter Griffin It's times like this Carter wishes he had a varmint rifle on him, but he didn't bring one with him for this particular excursion, and ammunition is expensive, "Hey, Ranger." He calls out to Aralyn, "Let me see if I can get this last one." He takes a moment to breathe, leveling his revolver again towards the coyote that's retreating, and pulling off one more shot.
Iris Lark     Iris levels an impassive gaze on Abe and she walks up to him, hooking a finger in his sling. "Yep, wear and tear." She echoes, sounding none too amused. She shakes her head and jerks her chin towards the camp. "I'm going to take a look at the wear and tear, see if we can't get you back to fighting form, if that's okay?"
Aralyn Ara grins at Carter and sets the tail of one of the dead Coyotes down long enough to give a thumbs up. "Good shooting." She says with a wink, then bends down to pick the dead animal back up and begins heading in the direction of Iris and of course the Camp... She then pauses again and looks to Carter.. "Iris has Abe there in her clutches, wanna help me get these carcasses back so the cooks can clean and prep em?" She asks curiously... "Or I can come back and get the 4th carcass..." she adds then the girl glances to Abe... She raises a perfectly sculpted purple eyebrow and tilts her head... "Got yer self in trouble eh?" She says with a smile.
Abe     Abe swung his attention around towards the woman. He considers her for a moment. Certainly didn't look like she was on a trip... unless she shed the bulk of her gear so it wouldn't slow her down. Supposition!

Iris' little tug wrote a wince across the Scribe's features. It camne as a tightness in his jaw and a slight cinching of his eyes. He agreed to Iris' terms with a grunt and a bob of his head.

"I'd appreciate it, Doc'." he agreed.