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Kaelyn Mid day, or a little after and folks are in the bar of the Casino! It's not uber busy, a few patrons are wandering around the place, and there appears to be an odd-looking white-haired woman with her fanny parked at the bar? Kae has gotten a lunch and all, casinos serve food after all, you can keep folks in a casino longer if you serve food afterall! Kae picks up her reuben and begins nomming on the sandwich happily, the woman closing those crimson eyes of hers as she chows down.

In the background some high roller is calling out happily after having rolled well and is well litterally raking money toward them selves "It's my Lucky day!" He shouts out, as a woman parks them selves at his elblow, wrapping her self around his upper arm.

In another place, there are a few scavengers who are playing cards with each other quietly, while some poor schmuck is in another corner trying the single cap slot machines.
Lucky Popping in almost like majic was Lucky. His appearance wasn't so much sudden as it was walking past the doors and in to the establishment; though he was quieter than normal in his steps.

Leaning his back against the bar, he looks toward Kaelyn and says "What-cha-doin?" He inquires with a bright, charismatic smile.
Lucas Lucas looks like someone has tried using him as a punching bag, more than that he looks as though he's not slept for a month. He heads over to the bar, managing to keep himself composed and collected. He straight at the bar, not leaning towards it, he motions for a barman, offering a nod and somewhat strained smile to Lucky and Kaelyn.
Savage Savage trudges in through the main entrance. He squints about the interior of the saloon, eyeing the casino a little longer than he should. But, first things first, a drink! His heavy boots carry him over to the bar, finding a spot well away from anyone else as he ponies up. Sitting, he leans on the bar a bit, waiting till the bartender finishes with the patrons who arrived before him.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks to Lucky now, some thousand island dressing one her lips briefly before she wipes it clean. She finishes her sandwich bite as CORA greets "Hallo! Don't Mind Kaelyn, she's stuffing her self silly!" Kae then casualy flicks her finger at her pip_Cora's screen, making the Avatar shake and roll around... CORA then calls out "Heeey! Not nice!" Kae then grins a bit and after swallowing she says "Hallo.."

She then notices the new people trudging in and she blinks.. "Wow lots of folk sans sleep it seems..." She mutters quietly..

Off in the background there's more happy shouting as Mr. High Roller wins again. Meanwhile at the poker table there is a dull ground, and the guy playign the slots looses again!
Lucky "Hey CORA" Lucky replies jovially to her, glancing up to Kaelyn with a small smirk. "Poor girl, always getting flicked around huh." He says in sympathy to Cora before glancing up to Kaelyn. "No sleep the wicked I suppose?" Lucky replies rhetorically, eyes leaving her to look around.
Savage Savage waits till the bartender is free and it's his turn. He places his order, the bartender setting a shot glass in front of the man, and what's left of the bottle of whiskey. He pours himself a drink, tilting it back for his first shot of the evening. "Another someone who talks to herself..." he mutters, shaking his head, "Just what we needed."
Kaelyn Kae glances around and then blinks at Savage curiously and umms "I've not talked to myself, though sometimes I talk to CORA here.." She holds her left arm up, revealing a heavily modified pip-boy of some kind. ON the screen it reads CORA, and there is a chibi-style avatar of a woman on the screen now actually waving as she is introduced "Hello!" calls out well Kae's wrist? The voice is obviously synthesized, brittish, and very very cheerful. Kae then looks to Lucky and smirks... "CORA deserves it.." Before CORA speaks up "I do! I do! I like it, punish me oh master!" Kae then does blush, her eartips turn red, as CORA calls out "Gotcha!! Eeeek!" And yes, Kae is now shaking her arm around some...

There's a loud gasp and an Oohhhhh! As the high roller gets a little too ambitious and makes a silly bet and while getting close, looses on his roll "Craps!!" Is what's called.. Meanwhile there is a bit of an argument at the poker table...
Lucky Lucky shakes his head ever so slightly, chuckling. "You two are a hoot." He replies settling down in a chair next to her. Glancing over to Savage, Lucky waves slightly. "I don't believe I have seen you here before." He says before glancing slightly to the Casino area. "Well, that doesn't sound good.."
Savage Savage looks to Kae and her... anyone remember Tamagotchi's? He just... shakes his head, "Kids these days." he mutters. A glance and a nod is given to Lucky, "Most haven't, prefer it that way." he says, "Only come to town when I need to... too many people... too loud."
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Well glad we're amusing..." Meanwhile CORA has switched her avatar to an owl.... Yah now litterally CORA is a hoot! She displayes the letters across the screen over and over again, and Ke blinks at her before shaking her head and finishing up her sandwich.. "I should get me another one." She says cheerfully. Kae then looks to Savage and blinks "Kid?" she asks curiously.
Kaelyn Off in the background, happy shouts can be heard from the Gambling area, and it seems the high roller is winning again, or at least having fun. Meanwhile, things get silly at the poker table, as a few old timers now have engaged in fisticuffs over the table, while another one is helping him self to the caps... Sad thing is, this is a low stakes table, so max bets are like 5 caps!
Savage Savage chuckles, "Always need amusement. Keeps the masses happy and keeps their minds off other things." he says, looking to the gamblers for a moment, "Sort of like how gambling works." he muses, nodding once more. "Aye, kid."
Lucky "It's a good thinkg, kae; promise. Means your fun to be around." His eyes catch CORA as a Owl and he begins to laugh.

"Uh, huh?" Lucky says looking back to Savage as his laughter stops. "Er, pretty sure Kae here is not a child." He responds slightly before glancing to Kaelyn. "Right?"
Savage Savage looks between the two, smirking. "Kid isn't a reflection on age." he says, "Not like boy... or girl.. though boy could sometimes be used that way." he says, looking between the two, "Though boy is probably worse than kid."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously and rubs the back of her neck... "Noo Not a child.." She glances down and CORA pipes in "Definately not a boy!" Kae blinks and shrugs "Well that much is obvious." She says to her A.I. And puts an order in for another Reuben... "So any of you ever tried a dog-meat reuben sandwich before?"
Lucky Setting some caps on the table, Lucky slides them over to waitress. "On me and add another." he says kindly, looking back to Savage "I see, so you were using it as a reference." He notes idles, giving him a small smile. "So, what brings you El Dorado?"
Savage Savage blinks at Kae's description. "A.. dog-meat reuben? No.. I don't even know what a Reuben is.. all my food comes out of a can... or whatever I find that looks tasty... dog isn't one of them... but i'll use'em as bait." He gives a little wink at that, looking back over at Lucky. "Finished traveling, picking up some supplies before a patrol."
Kaelyn Kae glances at the new sandwich and shrugs "Well supposdly it's dog or something... Anyhow it's good." She says cherfully She then tilts her head "Patrol? You Militia, or NCR?" She asks now curiously as her ears perk up. Then she glances at Lucky and smiles happily "Many thanks!" she says and yah begins to tuck in.

The fight in the corner has now turned into a 4 way as 4 old timers are currently trying their beast to be at the hell out of each other, cards fly, chips too, and the dealer bot is currently trying to run away from the whole thing. Meanwhile there is another gasp and a dissapointed "Awwwe" that comes from the Gambling room! Seems the roller did bad again! And lastly, the guy doing the slot machines suddenly hops up shouting "I did it!" His little slot machine is currently ringing loudly and dispersing chips.
Lucky Glancing away from the sandwich brought forth for him, Lucky looks to the Casino and sighs. "Where is the Sheriff when you need them?" He mutters, pushing off the chair.

Sauntering on over to the Casino, Lucky shouts "HEY!" to the four fighters. "Would you four quit it!? I'm trying to have a decent conversation with a pretty lady and some odd out-of-towner! Eeesh! If'n your going to fight, take it to the streets. Don't make me have to break yawl up." He says confidently, eyes locked on the fight.
Savage Savage looks to where the fight was breaking out. "Nah, let them beat each other up a bit... you try an break it up you're liable to get a fist to the face." he offers to Lucky, "Ain't no need to be a hero." he adds before looking back to Kae. "NCR... kind of... I don't spend too much time with'em anymore.. just when I need some things, they leave me alone I leave them alone nowadays."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods, smiling cheerfully "Well ther ey'go I guess!" She adds and tilts her head before glancing down at her sandwich... She looks up between bites and asks "So just in here to get a lil relaxation in before doing business type stuff?" She asks curiously... She then offers a hand to Savage "Name's Kaelyn." she adds with a playful wink...

Meanwhile the old timers all pause at once to give Lucky the middle finger, before again going back to brawling... they like their fights you see.. Meanwhile, the maitre'd instead of breaking it up, is taking bets on who comes out standing, how many hits each old timer gets in, and the like. It's like something out of a silly comic book.
Lucky Frowning, Lucky steps back, head shaking "Whatever." He mumbles, walking back over to Savage and Kaelyn. "NCR huh?" He says, catching the tail end of what Savage says. "I am sort of with the NCR as well; Desert Ranger out from the Mojave. Names Lucky." He informs him kindly before picking up the Ruben and takes a bite.
Savage Savage thumbs towards Lucky, "See? Told ye." he glances down at her sandwich, "I'll.. pass.... CRAM and beans is my favorite." he says, "Not that I think they have it." he adds. He looks down at the hand, then up at Kae, preferring not to shake it seems. "Veteran Ranger Savage." he says, nodding as Lucky returns. "It's a matter of odds... they might be four against each other but soon as you step in it's 4 on one... not terrible odds if you've got a gun but then the whole saloon'll be starin you down."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and glances around, then studies the old timers... "Umm I'll put 2 caps on the codger with the waist-length beard?" She offers to the Maitre'd. She then grins and looks to the other two cheerfully and shrugs "Dunno what you're missing, sandwiches are sooo good... " she then ummms.. "Though y'can take CRAm and slice it and fry it I guess.." She offers and grins then she looks to Lucky and then back to Savage curiously.

Meanwhile, the one with the waist-length beard is suddenly grabbed by same handle and hit in the gut. While he kicks another codger in the crotch, and that codger ends up gumming another's ankle, who howls in pain as his ear's promptly grabbed by another person.
Lucky Lucky chews on the bite as he sets the sandwich down on the plate again. Swallowing, he nods slightly "Not bad really. Never had dog before.. so, has a chicken taste to it, but not bad." Looking over to Savage he nods slightly "A Veteran Ranger huh.. Nice to meet you Savage; and yeah, CRAM was something we ate a lot in the Mojave."
Savage Savage tilts his head, "Don't forget the beans, the most important bit." he says, still looking at the sandwiches. "Still.. some sorta veg or something be better if you're gonna eat in town." he says, "Be nice if someone were to grow some an dry'em out so could take'em an rehydrate them... but... beans and cram is good enough for me. And the tins you can use for lots of things afterwards."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Savage "Small town north of town is getting going. Has an aquaponics system.. Id on't completely understand it, but they basically use water, fish and plants to grow veggies and fish meat... Talk to Sindy there, she'll help ya out with the vege. Costs a lil caps, or ya can work it off in choors." Kae offers with a grin to Savage.. She glances to Lucky and giggles "I've learned to eat a wide variety of things after my little wakeup."
Lucky Lucky finishes the sandwich while Kae converses with Savage. Pushing the plate back, he stands and nods. "I bet. Well, hey I've got to run." He says, moving toward the exit "But you take care, okay? See around some time?" He says to kae before glancing to Savage "Pleasure see you."
Savage Savage gives a nod as Lucky departs, looking back to Kae. "Hrm, i'll have to look. I know the theory but... can be tricky to apply." he murmurs, "But i've got other things to look into."
Kaelyn Kae nods and grins slightly to Savage... "Well it's worth a try." she offers, then the woman stands, having finished her meal... She then stretches her back and stars as the old timers finally finish their little round, and the girl ends up getting the caps she bet on the whole fight back. Seems she worked it so no matter what, she would just break even... Kae then looks at Savage curiously and tilts her head "Soo.. Whatcha think about that whol thing going to Mexico? Think they'll pull it off?"
Savage Savage glances at the old timers, shaking his head. "Mexico? What about it? Oh that little... what did they call it.. expedition? Yeah.. seems like a waste of time to me. Anything interesting you find you have to haul back.. that costs fuel, food... plus just to get there... and find your way there... seems like a waste of time to send a giant group.. better a few small scout troops that move faster.. scout it out till you go with everyone."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods slowly, then shrugs "I think their idea was to take out this power plant thingie that's making super mutant hoards.." She suggest then grins slightly.. "If I were them and found it, I'd set all kinds of explosives, blow the place and run or something. I dunno... Honestly I don't have much in the way of tactical expertise I'm just a little handy with a rifle." Kae adds and shrugs slowly
Savage Savage gives a bit of a shrug at that. "Depends on the situation and the layout... what sort of skills and equipment you have.... lot to consider but... you'll learn after a bit what works and what doesn't... someone can be the handiest guy with the gun but he relies on it too much, someone will just blast him from behind."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and shrugs "Well I'm ok at being sneeky and a fair hand with technology and computers too." she adds and grins again... "I'm a novice when it comes to hand to hand though... not really all that strong either..." She says and laughs "Just kinda blah in that department..."
Savage Savage nods, "I've never found much use for hand to hand... guns and knives are much easier." he says, "Trick with bein sneaky and observing is knowing what to look for.. and remembering it... telling someone, "Oh they're over there." is not much help to anyone."
Kaelyn Kae nods rapidly, noting everything in memory... Of course there's an image of the CORA Avatar busy writing notes.. Kae tilts her head and then grins slightly "Sooo right now, I have a littel calico SMG and a carbine... any suggestion on weapons I should look to upgrade to?" she asks curiously.
Savage Savage frowns, "What caliber is the SMG.. and the carbine... if you want to be sneaky and snipey you'd need a long range rifle with a scope.... I'd look into getting a pistol or something, they are good for up close... I'm not a fan of the calico.. just a preference...."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods "Well I found the Calico, so it was a freebie.." She adds, then shrugs and holds up her assault carbine "NO scope, but I've hit up to 500 yards with it." she sates. Of coures the carbine is unloaded...
Savage Savage glances down at the carbine, "Hrm... not bad... 500 yards?" He doubts that a lot. "Not bad for close up but I think you'd prefer something you can fire from further away.... so you're not too close..."
Kaelyn At this pont CORA Actually shows the 'gun camera' footage on her screen, of course it's oriented so Savage can see the shot... To be honest it's 4 bullets in total, two double taps at very long range on what appears to be a really big wolf! Kae glances at CORA and blinks "Soo had to show the video?" CORA then replies "It was actually a pretty good shot, I was supprised you did that!" Kae then blinks and sighs "Thaaaanks.." She glances to Savage now and nods.. "I want to buy a semi-auto .308 sniper... if/when I get the money, course I might find it.. Another thing I saw and would love to find is a gausse rifle, or a Barret m82..."
Savage Savage smirks, "Semi-auto's jam... and the Barret.. well... a bit heavy for you, no?" he squints, looking at her skeptically, "Really depends what you want to do... I'm in the mood to buy an Ak47... fairly low tech but reliable.. and the ammunition is easily found. Not the most accurate but one of them big fancy guns.. they are expensive and they jam if you don't take care of them."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's "I take care of my Carbine constantly..." She responds and grins slightly "I get a lot of relaxation taking it apart, cleaing it and putting it back together again.." she says and shrugs "That and I have a bit of a Meticulous, OCD type nature..." CORA then chuckles "Just a bit?" Kae taps the screen making the CORA Avatar shake...
Savage Savage smirks, "How often do you practice?" He pauses, "500 yards is a pretty long ways away... you'd of been better to wait till he gets closer..." he says, "Or switch to single shot and fire.. more accurate... double taps or bursts just waste ammunition."
Kaelyn Kae glances at Savage curiously "As much as I can.." She adds and grins slightly. CORA then pipes in "Doesn't hurt that she's a genetically enhanced being..." Kae sighs and pokes at her pip-Cora.. "Bragging again CORA, ya need to stop that stuff.." She says and sighs, before she looks to Savage "There is that too..."
Savage Savage frowns, looking Kae over slowly. "You're a mutant? You don't look green and ugly to me." he says, leaning in a little closer to sniff, "Nor do you smell bad either...." he looks down at CORA? Is it? "This a joke? An inside joke?"
Kaelyn CORA calls out "Nope! Kae is a purposefuly engineered being. Not a Mutant per say as that connotates random change to genetic structure. Kae's DNA was carefully managed and altered to genetate a specific look and set of characteristics and attributes.. I.E. Mutants are generally random and accidental, There is nothing random or accidental in Kae's design." Kae then blinks and peers at the CORA avatar which appears to be huffing, in fact there's even a little speach bubble with the words *Huff* in it... Kae then glances back to Savage and shrugs.. "Well there ya go... Also Imma not sterile either... " he adds...
Savage Savage just slowly blinks. "I've never heard of that.... and people aren't out to kill you for it? Anything genetic and not human generally isn't terribly accepted... even if they're not mutant mutants... some might not see the difference." he says, still scratching his head. "So.. did you come out of a vault or something?"
Kaelyn Kae umms "Kind of... a secluded lab up in the mountains. It was sealed completely tight though.."

CORA then pipes in "Kae was well kidnapped by the mad-scientist that programmed me to tend to her needs some short tim ebefore the bombs fell... The place ran out of power a little over a year ago and I had to finish Kae's programming up and activate the hatching sequence on her incubation/stasis chamber."

Kae then glances at CORA and shrugs... "THere was a lil power left in everything, enough to barely maintan CORA and I got this pip-boy. Modified the hell out of it and installed CORA into the pip-boy..." Kae then tilts her head and grins "Also evidently, from the rumors, I'm not the only one like me, seems there is a place making more.."
Savage Savage just blinks at all that information. "Hrm.... still.. I wouldn't go about spouting that much information off to total strangers it's... well someone might want to take advantage of it...." he says, voice becoming stern, "Not something you want to draw attention to yourself with."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "LIke the red eyes, the pointy ears, the odd skin tone, don't?" She asks curiously then laughs "Not to mention white hair..." before she shrugs... "I dunno I guess I could pass that off as wierd peculiarities... look at this day and age."
Savage Savage chuckles, "Well, red eyes and pointy ears alone no... skin tone... I've seen some people that get pretty tan... I suppose..." he nods his assent, "Looks alone aren't enough but the story... there are some weird people out there that may want to take you apart.. or might think you are apart of some secret group out to kill every human on the planet..."
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly, then pokes at CORA "See what I mean?" she says with a slight grin.. CORA then seemingly pouts or her avatar does. "Allright ammending things for the future." CORA says, before Kae glances from Savage to CORA then back again to Savage.. ."We shall remember all this now!'
Savage Savage smiles a bit crookedly. "Yeah... just.. be careful who ye say it to... word gets round.. loose lips sink ships.. all that." he says, he saw that slogan on an old war poster, honest! "Might even be worth thinking up a cover story... like you just woke up in a vault and there you go, explains everything."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods "Might do that, pretty close to the truth..." she then umms... "Am not too terribly good at lying though, I guess that will get better in time."
Savage Savage shrugs, "It ain't much of a lie.. and it sounds plausible enough... it certainly doesn't scream... anything untoward.. to anyone that I can think of. Most folk are used to seeing vault people around."
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly "Allright.." She says and grins, then stands again. "Well I'm off. It was a pleasure meeting you." She says with a smile and begins to head toward the door...