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Qwillis     Sentry duty! Everyone's favorite thing to do!! Wait around for something to happen and try like everything in life to not fall asleep.


So certain people on the expedition got the short straw. That meant while the others rested and recovered on one of the breaks, they were stationed around the camp to be able to help make sure no one in the camp gets hurt. Qwillis among them, he'd have that needler out and ready as he'd click with every other step, the metal foot making a counterpoint beat to the booted step while pacing along. He was on the east side, trying to stay ready.
Iris Lark     Iris is stationed to the north and she's currently leaning against a rather large rock as her eyes scan the horizon ahead, looking for anything out of the ordinary. After the range creatures last night and the coyotes today, she's doubly vigilant - not wanting something to gain access to the camp from her end. Her pistol is tucked away, but easily within reach should she need to draw it.
Jude On the South side, Private Jude Masters does his rounds. As a private, he draws the short straw a lot. For some reason, the Corporals and Sergeants seem to beat him -every- time. Funny that.

Jude doesn't mind it so much though. He sleeps on the road for the most part, so this is something he can do to feel like he adds some sort of value to the expedition. He strolls along, paying attention in between typing messages in his pip-boy to send to Iris on hers. It's boring and texting makes it a little less so.
Aralyn Ara has found a good spot all right. She's on top of a tall building, and wearing that crazy ghillie suit of hers, the dull cloth set up to break her outline up and now adapted to make her resemble a big tumble weed stuck on the roof of a building should folks look at her at a distance. The cloth also serves another purpose... It keeps the sun off her. She has a fast rope to get down if she needs to get out, but right now she's in an elevated position on the west side of the camp. She is currently using the scope of her rifle to check things off in the distance if she spots something. The woman pauses and squints quietly before glancing off in the distance again, using her rifle's massive scope to help her identify what it may be... "Bird..." she mutters to her self, and yawns.

A thermos with water in it is lifted to the woman's lips before she takes a long pull. Then she picks up her little bag of dried fruit chips. She nibbles on one of the chips then glances off in the distance again, now looking north and starting to sweep her vision southward, as she tries to make sure nothing gets by her sight.
Kaydin     Kaydin was stationed along the north as well, nodding to Iris and looks out at everything, the eyes of his helmet glowing red as turns the flashlight on, a beam of white light shining from the helmet. "So anything going down guys?" He says into his radio to the other sentiries.
Qwillis     Just about everyone is able to hear it. Specifically? It went silent. The normal critters and bugs stopped making their noises. Then it picked up. One here, one there. A scattering of growling sounds. The good news? They seem to not be too many. roughly 6 or so. The bad news? They seem to be coming from all sides.

    Qwillis frowns as he'd look out into the gathering darkness, that radio pulled from the lab coat pocket. "Uh.. I'm.. hearing some sort of growling sound on my side guys. I'm not sure what it is, exactly. I'd say be ready."
Iris Lark     "Contact." Iris says, speaking to Kaydin so he can relay that something is coming. She taps the info quickly into her pip-boy as well, alerting Jude. "Two to the north, Two to the west, one coming in from the east and one south." She narrows her eyes and frowns. "They sound feral, this isn't good." She checks the ammo on her pistol as she draws it.
Jude Jude murmurs into his radio, "Copy that. Finding some high ground and lighting it up." As he says it, he starts doing it, finding some high ground and then sweeping his pip-boy light to and fro to see if he can get eyes on what's doing the growling.
Kaydin     "Two to the north, two to the west, one coming in from the east and one from the south. Be ready." Kaydin repeats into his radio and readies his rifle as he looks out for the threat that is coming. "So what do you think it is?" He asks, rifle at the ready.
Aralyn Ara frowns and notes the sounds "Yes movement West. I'm on them... Identifying what it is." She says and frowns as she starts hunting for the where the sounds are coming for, looking for any type of movement as she fips the safety of her Barret off. The woman calmly sweeps that massive rifle along with where she looks, head out of the scope for now as she tries to spot the movement with her naked eye before bringing the crosshairs to bear on whatever target she selects... "Can anyone identify what these things might be?" she asks "Anyone have eyes on targets?"
Qwillis     It's roughly the same time for everyone. Although Aralyn has a bit of a head's up. Movement. There. out on the edge of the steadily creeping gloom. There are people there! No.. wait.. A closer look reveals them to be what they really are.. Feral ghouls who seem to have caught scent of the camp and are closing in!

    Qwillis, for his part, would find a rock to hop up onto, peering out. Spotting his one, he'd stare for a moment, then hop down. "Oh geeze.." That radio is fumbled with a second. "Guys? There's a ghoul coming this way.. it looks hungry!"
Aralyn Ara is on the Radio as she sights in on one of the ghouls to the West.. "Engaging Ghouls..." She takes a deep breath and slowly exhails as her finger gradually, gently squeezes the trigger. There's hardly any wiggle to the female as there is a great blast from that massive .50 cal. In fact it's loud throughout the whole place and even rattles the windows of the building she's in as she cuts loose. Some of the pains even fall from what's left of the window sill from the sheer loudness of that massive rifle. There's another loud heavy thump as the round hits, oblitterating the head, kneck and upper chest of the first ghoul as it basically cuts the thing in half.

Aralyn then turns and foccusses on the second as she steadies her aim with her right hand. Another chip is put into her mouth and she can be heard crunching over the Radio, shortly before another loud, reverbating boom. Again, anything nearby the weapon is shaken lightly. Three's about a second, then another loud, dull thump is heard and there is another ghoul missing pretty much its whole upper body... Ara then calls calmly over the Radio.. "That's two..."
Qwillis     Qwillis is almost thumped against the rock from the massive concussion of the rifle used on the other side of the camp. No one is really sleeping now! He'd frown and stare after the Ghoul running at him, lining up that shot to try and tag them without success.
Iris Lark     Iris sees the ghouls coming in and she hisses out a cuss word (oh dear) and raises her pistol. She squeezes off one shot and the ghoul drops like a stone, and she bites down on her lip, wincing as she squeezes the trigger again. Two ghouls down! She points the pistol at the ground and looks a bit stunned for a moment before she turns to see if everyone else is okay.
Jude From up on his little rise, Jude finally sees the ghoul as it's running towards him, big ole beacon that he is. He draws up the laser pistol and double taps the trigger, two lances of greenish light zotting from the emitter. Between the bullet fire that Kayden already leveled, the armless husk of ghoul goes down, struggling lamely before it gasps it's last, frenzied breath. He takes a moment, scanning the area for any of the feral ghouls friends before calling over his comms, "Only one down here. Kaydin and I took it down. Clear South. Any still up?"
Kaydin     "Are you alright?" Kaydin asks Jude as he makes his way over. "Never saw an energy weapon fire green energy before." Kaydin says as he keeps a firm grip on his rifle and looks around for more ghouls to shoot.
Aralyn Ara soon slides down the fast-rope, the woman now running to help out Qwillis, the whole time she is muttering ... "Long bloody run." To her self while she races across and around various obstacles to back up the other person now facing a ghoul. Obviously, she figured out to swap to her SMGin case she ends up closing in to close range, that and running with a Barret in hand would be rather difficult, one slipu and she could povault her self over an anti-vehicle sniper rifle.
Qwillis     Qwillis backs up a step as the ghoul rushes at him. So much for cover! Taking just a moment to line up that shot as Aralyn would come rushing into range, he'd fire. The hsstTHUNK of the needle tagging the ghoul right in the heart would cause it to seize up, that injection of venom instantly stopping the heart from toxic shock and with but a single step, it'd drop dead to the dirt, twitching slightly. Shaking his head, Qwillis would eye it for a moment more. "Did.. did I do that?"
Iris Lark     Iris finally reaches the rest of the people, having started hoofing it from the north when she finished off her ghouls. She comes to a stop, eyes scanning the group to make sure nobody is injured before she walks over to Jude. "You okay, yah?" She asks quietly, stowing her pistol as she lets out a sigh.
Jude As he waits for some word over the comms, Jude approaches Kaydin and gives a clap on the shoulder. "Thanks for the assist." He glances at the bronze and black laser pistol, obviously a custom model. He tucks it back into it's holster and says, "Most don't, no. My grand pappy had to make due when it broke once upon a time. Has a higher energy output than usual."

He then spots Iris and moves towards her with a smile. "Yeah. I'm alright." His eyes flick up and down her, checking her out too. "You done got the ones up north, huh? S'why ole Kaydin ran on down?"
Aralyn Ara rounds a corner now, the woman skidding to a stop with her barret slung diagonally across her shoulder. She peers and then looks at the Ghoul, Then she looks back to Qwillis.. "Needler?" She says and grins slightly "Nice shot..."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods absently to Aralyn as she'd note the needler, he'd put another few needles into it, then realize, only belatedly, he didn't check in via the radio. "I got it from Iris. She was nice and helped me out.. I had it tweaked to help me fight a little better. Need to be able to do so out here.." Pulling the radio from his pocket, it'd crackle a little as he'd chime in. "East is clear. Got assist from west.. Everyone ok?"
Iris Lark     Iris nods at Jude and she turns to gaze at Qwillis with a grin. "I'm glad to see that you're doing well with that needler." She says, grinning easily as she sees that nobody is injured. "We should alert the camp that watches might need more people, that could have turned out bad, yeah?"
Jude Jude hearing most everyone is okay, Jude says, "South is secure. I'm returning to my post." He trudges dutifully back to his post then, patting his laser pistol as he keeps an extra alert eye out now that there has been some action.
Aralyn Ara gets on the Radio "West is fine, there's bits of ghoul everywhere on the Western ridge though... Qwillis got his too... Looks like we're clear on all sides... Had to use a pair of .50 rounds..." she adds and frowns a bit before shrugging "Probably shoulda waited and used the SMG... Ah well.." she then grins at Qwillis "Glad yer allright, those ghouls are nasty business." She says and then tilts her head "Concurr with the idea to increase the guard. Just in case there's more ghouls..."