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Vault Girl Day 2 of the Expedition is just finishing up and as of reaching the military base, the group had travelled over four hundred miles, putting them at just over half-way through their journey. Fuel costs had been high but thanks to a scavenging run led by Ranger Sammy, the Convoy was able to keep going except Old Ted and his V8 Muscle Car, damn thing was a gas hog.

Ted had refused to leave the car behind, insisting that him and his son Joey would stay back at the Army Base and find some fuel before returning to El Dorado.

That was one hundred miles ago.

One hundred hard desert miles through the Mexican Terrain, about half of the travel time for today and the roads only seemed to be getting worse.

One of the outriders along with Sammy had returned on their motorcycles to inform the group that a few miles ahead, just over the next ridge was hell on Earth.

Those of you who needed to see it for yourself would have seen it but may not have believed it after you took the trip to the ridge.

There was an army, stretching out as far as the eye could see. There didn't seem to be a way around it.

The Mutant Horde were truly like locusts and as far as the eye could see, they covered the land. No doubt, the Horde itself stretched for miles...

The only way to get past them would be through and some of the people who had come along were already grumbling about those odds. There was truly no other choice though, not without potentially burning more fuel than the expedition had trying to go around.
Manuelito Coming up to the ridge was Manuelito. A scorn look rest upon his face as his single eye looks out toward the horizon. Lifting up a pair of binoculars, he slowly scans the horizon in more detail. "Well." He mutters. "Fuck."

Sighing, he steps back, glancing to his team leads (Joe, Alice, Ashur, Sparrow) and says "We are going to need to find a way around. We do not have enough men to fight on this caliber." A side glance to Ashur is given "I am afraid no even you can plow through that." A beat. "Thoughts?"
Ren ren stood there before leveling his gun on the roof of the drivers cabin "if wose comes to worst we put the petal to the floor and ill keep up the fireing" ren was scared for once he never expected to see this and now that he did he was sweating bullets
Alice "Doesn't look like we have a choice. We could turn around and go home, but that's like waiting to die I guess. If anything? This only reinforces how important our mission is." Alice replied to Manuelito before adding, "We all knew the risks when we came out here, we all knew that we might not all make it back. We can't let that stop us now though. It's on us to get to Poseidon Energy and find a weapon against these mutants because we do NOT have enough bullets back home."
Sparrow Sparrow is staring out oer the ridge with a quiet expression. Looking over the blanket of mutations with a small shudder and a rolling of her shoulders before she squares them off. She looks around the valley and to either side of it. "Around? Not an option, Manny, we aint got the fuel for that do we? Could we keep it up?" She turns her blue eyed gaze to Manny and then towards the others with a deep breath. "And we don't have the time to build fortifications. Either ay this is gonna be expensive." Sparrow chews on the end of her cigarillo and her blonde brows pull down. "Whatever we do though, if we go through, we'll need a V formation with the biggest meanest vehicles in front and the weaker ones tucked in the V. I don't know how easy it is to spook a Mutant either, animals are more my bag." She adjusts her helmet and looks to the more militaristic folks.
Aralyn Ara is up on said ridge now, glancing down at the hoad through the scope of her rifle... "That is a ton of Mutants..." She mutters and she tilts her head slightly as she continues to scan the wave of giant well things... "Find a spot where they aren't packed together, put the biggest vehicle in front and just knock a swath through them with the other vehicles right on the tail of the first one?" She asks curiously... "Throw enough lead out in front and might be able to thin it down further but that would quicker give our position away to any of the mutants on the side, not that all would be able to shoot at us... That's assuming a number of them has guns and all..." Aralyn says and sighs "Specifics I have no clue on..."
Carter Griffin "Damn." Carter looks down past the others, once he reaches the ridgeline, tapping the side of his helmet to zoom in with the lenses built into it, "We can't afford to go around, and if we go through that's going to be a suicide mission." He frowns, though it can't be seen below the helmet, "We'll need a few big guns at the back in case they folow...If we make it all the way through.."
Apostle     That strange, lone figure stands proud in the back of Velocity where the primary gun rests affixed. Apostle stares down at the Horde from her home, scarf idly whipping about behind her every time the car moves or the wind picks up; like a stream of blood spilling from some well-placed wound spewing great gouts of life into the breeze. Her goggles glint, her head turning from one side to the next with fractional tick, like she were moving in some stop-motion madness bourn of calculation.
    Hssk. ... Hssk.
    The hissing breath comes more slowly as the insurmountable odds trickle into a defiant mind, rust-dusted and calloused fingers moving over the spine of the Avenger like some James Bond villain might stroke a lap-bound cat.
    "Listen to the mustn'ts, child." Her voice comes then, something that is by this point a familiarity to those that have spent any time nearby her on this little excursion into the Abyss. "Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts." She continues calmly, back straight, chin lifted just so to suggest the never-say-die attitude that has granted her the title of 'mad' in many places over many years. "Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me..." It dips a touch in a vague nod, "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."
    Her fingers drum on the hood of Velocity, as though to tap out some idle message to the driver inside -- perhaps it has greater meaning to him, or maybe it's just to get his attention. Whatever it is, her voice crackles to life again. "The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances."
    Hssk. Logical.
    "We go, fast. Imperial Red is the fastest, and Imperial Red she is. Beneath the rubber and the steel bone and flesh is as fragile as glass. So fragile, the mortal frame... even a pinprick bleeds our life," She pats the gun at her side, "Bullets, hot and thirsty, seek imperial red of their own."
Grover Grover says, "So many enemies......yes, punching through a good idea...another good idea. Give the horde something else to distract it...something small, something fast...let a good portion chase after that...then there will be less of a wall for the rest of us."
Ashur Ashur looks first to the Horde and then to Manuelito when he speaks to him. "We can turn back," he says, "and accept failure. We can try to move around them; potentially succeed, but surely exhausting so much fuel that we cannot complete the trip-- in which case, again, we must accept failure. Forcing through, whatever the odds, seems the only option that grants us a chance at success."

The big man stretches. God, he hates being inside the cars. "What, then, maximizes the odds of a charge's victory? Can we distract them-- find a weak point in the line? Grab the rocket launchers, and blow up everything in front we don't run over?"
Iris Lark     Iris folds her arms over her chest as she watches what's coming. She shakes her head and watches, but doesn't interject. This isn't what she's good at and she won't give bad ideas.
Vector     With a snort, Vector wakes up. He fell asleep at the wheel, hand chained to it to keep it in place as his forehead rested on it. With the voice, comes awakening. He blearily blinks as his brief respite was broken by the return of the scouts and with Apostle's words. His lips smack a few times behind his veil as he rouses himself to wakefulness - and his hand reaches down to tug up the straw that leads to a flask on his hip, pushing it under the veil to suck up a mouthful of the life-giving liquid. He lets the straw fall out rather than drink more, and settles back into the seat.
    "That's right, Boss. We are one of the fastest. But if there's them there as far as the eye could see, it might not be a case of being the fastest - it might be a case of us having to get back around to the convoy after it passes. But, it is up to you. You're the boss."
Ren ren walks over to carter "sir ill be the distraction you need to get tyhese people to safty right?" checking his ammo his hands were shaky "ill distract them giving you guys a way threw but dont wait up"
Sammy     Sammy slows the motorcycle, unslings his rifle from it's holster in the frame of the bike, and flips open the scope cover, looking down, looking at the sea of tainted meat that spans before, "It's like looking at pre-war parade footage, only with tentacles and wrongness." he sighs, and looks down at his fuel guage, on the cover of the short stack of fuel cells he replaced, "Manuelito, going around will get us killed for certain as we run out of juice and they catch us. Running back we might press our luck and make it as far as that army base or the Gas'n'Gulp." he flicks the dust cover on the scope closed and slides the rifle down again. "We knew we were going to be facing, a 'Horde' ... this is definitley a 'Horde' ..." he considers, and looks at the other Motorcycle Cav Scouts. "Make a lot of dust and draw their attention and push through a gap while the bikes pull a Rope-A-Dope?"
Apostle     Silence.
    Her head turns toward Ren, gaze lingering there for long, quiet moments as she allows the audacity of his statement sink in. There's a stillness to her that suggests she's not even alive beneath the ratty old clothes, the deep hood, the strange mask. She just stares, his form reflected in the orange hue of her lenses in all his trembling glory.
    "Speed. O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible,
    As a nose on a man's face, or a weathercock on a steeple!
    My master sues to her, and she hath taught her suitor,
    He being her pupil, to become her tutor.
    O excellent device! was there ever heard a better,
    That my master, being scribe, to himself should write the letter?
    Valentine. How now, sir? What are you reasoning with yourself?
    Speed. Nay, I was rhyming: 'tis you that have the reason."
    Of... course.
    Her breath seems like it may have been a sigh, her head turning away from Ren finally, head giving an idle shake. "There is extra fuel. We are fast, we are red, allow us to howl the wind, and I shall baptise them in the screaming blaze of Maximum Fuck -- let them know the sting that steel will bring, let them know the ferocity of Velocity. You," A weathered digit is prodded in Ren's direction, "Are subtle blue. Ride another's iron, and sling your stones when the way is shown."
    "Tonight, we light the torch."
Aralyn Aralyn glances to Apostle, and now listening to the woman. And no not really paying attention completely to all he monsters down below... Next an odd quiet noise can be heard, Aralyn is giving a very very quiet, barely audible clap for all he rhyming and poetry Apostle is putting out.. "Nice you can throw out verse like that in a situation like this.." She whispers... Then she glances back to the hoard of monsters way off in the distance.. "I'm having a hard time figuring out how to approach this.. I can't really sneak around, or sneak you guys around, and don't have enough ammo to remotely shoot my way clear..." She sighs and looks to the others now. "Anyone have ideas?"
Grover Grover watches the people try to think through the problem, shaking his head a bit. "Simple ways, always the through, pour fuel behind..let fire deal with anything that tries to follow...but too simple perhaps..." He shrugs to himself, as he leans on one of the vehicles
Ren ren walks up to apostil "Ready to break the line" he holds up a box of 5mm ammo with one hand and salutes with the other turning to everyone else "ill ride with the gate crasher team to punch a hole in the blockade"
Sparrow Sparrow takes a breath and turns to step to the ridge again. She crouches and scans the crowd she looks over the mass, like a huge migrating herd. It helps Sparrow to think of it like that. Her lips pull into a thin line and she points towards the distance. "There." She says, "There's a thining out of the herd down there. It's a bit serpentine but it's not as densely packed. Might be because of rough road, but that's speculation. but I can definately see where there's a possible over there.." She glances towards Manuelito and Sammy, then towards the rest of the group.
Carter Griffin "Guys, look." Carter makes a motion with one of his hands, "There's gaps, they're not big, but.." He considers for a second, "They might be big enough for us to get through. It'll be a lot less resistance for us, that's for sure." He says, "Better than trying to plow our way right through the middle of them."
Archene Caine Archene turns towards the poet(?) who happens to use the same vehicle as himself. Of course, he understands nearly nothing being said by her. He looked, rather stared, at the horde. He hadn't seen something this bad in years, to be precise, not even once in any year he has been alive. If there is one thing he has seen though, are gaps. And he has seen lots and lots of those, "There is a way. If we just go with our best armed vehicles in those places around there, where there are less mutants." He vaguely motioned his hand as if he was clearly pointing towards specific places in the horde, "We can probably break through, won't be easy but we won't die."
Eden Eden is unsure of the what she should be doing. She walks up to her team leader and asks "I have a gun, but i'm not great. Where should I be?"
Manuelito Manuelito stands like a stone at side of a mountain. His ears listen to everyone's objections, thoughts and options. His eye does not take in those speaking, rather continues to start out to the horizon.

Simple fact was, going around was tactically impossible; fuel expenditures would be higher than going through. Even then, going through meant people would not make it.

His thoughts are suddenly jarred by Sparrow and he turns his head to look. "Alright, spread the word." He says to the leaders. "Gather the vehicles into a spear head formation; tougher vehicles in front weaker vehicles just behind. We will hit this point -" He points to where Sparrow was talking. "- and ram through. Hopefully everyone will make it through."

Glancing to them now, he says "Everyone understand? We roll out in five minutes." With that he begins to walk back to the truck.
Sammy     Sammy rolls the motorcycle over by Manny, and gives a pointing gesture, "There, if you follow that line, from that cactus past that boulder shaped like a squatting Bighorner, a line from there you can see the mob is sort of thinner there, like a hideously disgusting lethal toxic soap bubble, if we give it a prick it might pop enough to let us shoot through there while they recover from the chaos." he grumbles.
Vector     "That's right, Boss. Go very fast, and nothing can get us." Vector responds to Apostle, understanding the woman and her intentions clearly - even if some people might struggle with it. He drums his fingers on the wheel as people speak amongst eachother, with the feel of the pedals at his feet, it's obvious he's starting to get itchy to simply.. Go. "Talking about a mutant horde as if its people. No fun allowed." He states, butting his forehead against the steering wheel a few times - knocking some calm into himself. "You point out where we're going. We drive."
    And then someone speaks up about ramming their way through, and the calm is gone. Pupils dilate at the prospect of going fast. Breathing ramps up. "Oh, holy day..."
Fiona Fiona just looks, not for a front but a back. "There must be a supple line. There must be food and water. Something that they need to shield." Then the boss speaks. She heads back to ride the arrow.
Ashur "Then we find the weak points and break through," Ashur declares, gazing over the horde that numbers in quantities greater than ever he has seen; there comes a point where his mental calculus falters, for he has never needed to count that high. "We strike like the spear of Mars, and stop for nothing."

Ashur is not a driver or a gunner; all that's left for him to do is get within one of the vehicles and ready up.
Alice Alice nods in agreement with Manuelito, "Should probably break out the heavy weapons to help clear a path, stuff like rocket launchers and miniguns, you know, the big guns. I know the Militia Truck has a few on it, would be good if they were used to help clear a path. I mean, just a suggestion, don't blame me if we need them at Poseidon Energy..."

Looking over to Eden and the Vaultmobile she eyed the Vindicator Minigun that Eden had FINALLY finished installing on the hood and said to the other girl, "I don't know, just fire the gun over and over if anything is in our way. Achilles would have liked that."
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Archene in agreement and smiles at him but it's and she notes Sammy and Carters input as well. "Good idea, Sammy." She nods to Manny and then her expression takes on a thoughtful candance before she pops her strap off Reason to loosen it but she takes off her backpack and roots around for her medkit before pulling it back on. Looks like she plans on being on healing duty. "We should probably make sure there's someone with medical skills in each group. Marshal, may I suggest you let Alice take one of the rocket Launchers too? Just to make sure that we don't have all our fire power in one basket."
Ren ren gets in the militia truck aiming his ak47 "alright lets show these creatures how el dorado fights" taking a shot of courage juice he readys himself for the fight
Manuelito Looking to Sparrow, Manuelito shakes his head. "No, we need the launchers on the Truck as it will act as the spear head. If there is a spare launcher and if they are the middle vehicle, then give it to them. We'll need shooters in the back as well to stave off the Hordes creatures from boarding."
Aralyn Ara nods slowly then glances at her SMG "JUst have an SMG to help out if anything gets on a vehicle... " She looks from Manuelito to Alice and others "Where would ya like me to set up? I've got 3 mags for this thing and it will fire full auto if you need it."
Alice "Truck is the slowest of the armed vehicles, it's not going to be spearheading much, more like closing in the gap we make.." Alice added in softly trying to avoid arguing with Joe's dad.
Eden Eden grins and says "I always wanted to do that!" and promptly runs to the vaultmobile to take her position
Apostle     Hssk.
    As the box of ammunition is offered up, once again Apostle stares down at Ren with an idle curiousity, before she reaches with both hands to pull the spare ammunition into the back with her, a nod of her head given up in his direction.
    "Grand Imperial Velocity accepts your sacrifice."
    Apparently she'll allow him to get into the car. ... Maybe?
    She listens to Archene, before turning to listen to all the others that speak about some variation of the same thing again and again. Hssk. Hssk.
    A sudden, sharp intake of breath before that vocalizer snaps on once again to offer what should be a stirring address, ruined by the emotionless mechanum of her canned expression.
    "So you must not be frightened if a sadness rises up before you larger than any you have ever seen; if a restiveness, like light and cloudshadows, passes over your hands and over all you do. You must think that something is happening with you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand; it will not let you fall. Why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any miseries, or any depressions? For after all, you do not know what work these conditions are doing inside you."
    A rap of her knuckles on the roof, both hands moving anew to the bloodied Dunwich minigun that's affixed there, hands moving to check the ammo feed, soft clicks and grinding gears heard as she prepares herself for what comes.
    "We are awaited, anointed by her blessed oil, fragrant and dark." Hssk. "We go to visit upon them godly rebuke."
    Her head turns toward Aralyn, as though just then realizing the woman had been clapping for her. One of her hands casually reaches for the hilt of her laser pistol, head cocking to one side, fingers twitching. "... so worthy is my ammunition... so wasteful your mind that I could not reconcile with blowing it." She murmurs to herself, hand shifting away from the pistol and back to her minigun.
    "We are the Spear of God. Be us thrown into the fray."
Grover Grover climbs up onto the milita truck, and checks over his minigun. "Right, now the fun begins...nothing gets up here...thats how we do it."
Fiona Fiona hoists up on the militia bus, swapping to a helmet and assuming a prone position. She checks her rifle. Then waits for the chaos.
Vector     Velocity slowly rolls forwards - the engine isn't gunned just yet - as it permits itself to roll up and a little behind the truck, getting itself comfortably into place. The chained wheels slowly roll as the man works the car forwards, the manic look in his eyes remaining. His fingers flex and slowly work over the steering wheel, muttering and mumbling to himself.
    If one cares, it sounds like he's praying to multiple deities - that sound remarkably like 'car parts'.
Vault Girl As Velocity begins to slowly rumble forward the other vehicles in the convoy begin to slowly follow suit. There was about 10 in total, with the 11th having been left behing at the Mexico Army Base.

On word from Marshal Manuelito, the group will roll out!
Manuelito With the convoy set up however it is, Manuelito gives the order for everyone to head forward to the point that he spoke of.
Ren ren hops into the drivers seat of the militia truck and begins to gun the engin as his nuckles grip the stearing wheel "alright boys and girls strap in its going to be a bumpy ride"
Carter Griffin Swapping weapons, Carter gets onto the back of the motorcycle, digging in his heels and waiting for Sammy to take the lead. This isn't a great plan. In fact it's a really freaking terrible plan, but it's the only plan they have. He racks a round into the chamber of the P90 and takes a deep breath, "Lets roll."
Grover Grover says, "Just shoot everything, and keep the vehicles clear...simple enough. Whats the worst that could happen...we all die. There are things worse then death...." As he steadies himself."
Aralyn Ara loads up her sub-machine gun, checking the mag and then she settles into the vault mobile, ready to poke that rapid-firing weapon out a window and take out a target at any time. She then glances to Alice "NO sniper rifle in here, Can't do much from the roof in this mess with tha tinstrument." she says and grins slightly... "I got 3 mags of 10mm if we need it..."
Harlan      Harlan extends his light support weapon out the window of the vault mobile and braces the weapon carefully on the interior. His eye gazing down the length of the barrel and the sight, he waits silently until there's something in range to make dead.
Iris Lark     Iris ducks her head pulls her pistol out, leaning out of the window. When something comes into range, she'll be ready. Until then, she'll just be nervous.
Sammy     The armor, the sidecar with it's fuel computer, whatever Lilly was calling a "Jay-toh" ... the storage compartment, all left in pieces back in Sammy's room at the Gold Digger, to get the bike ready to go with as little trouble as possible.
    Sammy leans forward on the bike and tells Carter, "Lemme know when you need me to keep it extra steady." he guides the bike along the side of the bigger Militia truck, "We're gonna pick off anything that gets too near, but this thing won't hold up to ramming... We should get some cattle guards on the Militia trucks. Remind me to suggest it to Manny when we make it back." Sammy's so full of optimisim. Really. Making it back is in his mind, because he has -reason- to make it back. Determination, drive. Fuel for the inner engine. The opening of the throttle gives the fusion turbine an angry howl.
Sparrow Sparrow looks around, glancing after Manny before trotting off towards Vector an Apostle and their car. She adjusts her helmet before climbing into Velocity and making her way to the most central seat in the car. It helps two fold, first she's not a direct line of fire and two? She can reach everyone with her medkit; everyone in her vehicle anyway. She glances at the folks in her vehicle and gives each a tight nod.
Vault Girl As the vehicles ready up and the word is given the charge is lead over the ridgeline with the Militia Truck at the center, the Velocity to the right and the Vaultmobile to the left. All the other vehicles follow behind forming a spearhead or arrow of sorts as they move over the ridgeline.

The mutants stretch as far as the eye can see but the aforementioned and plotted out gaps are there in the midst of the horde.

There were centaurs, supermutants, regular mutants, multiple abominations in sight and people who looked to be in the midst of their first changes. They didn't seem to be acting stupidly though, this was a war camp; just one of the biggest ever witnessed in the post-war era or in what may have been thousands of years.

A few vehicles were visible even, a vertibird being towed behind two abominations even as mutants scrambled over it either repairing it or using it as transport.

The sight of the ten vehicles doesn't go unnoticed either as the group hits the first gap and makes contact with the endless Horde that surrounds them.
Kaydin     Kaydin just watches as the mutant horde becomes bigger and bigger as they draw closer and closer. "Well here it comes. For the Republic!" He calls out as he keeps his rifle aimed and ready to shoot at any super mutants which may be coming his way.
Camilla     Camilla had no doubt been asleep in the vault mobile again, but this, this is all far to much to sleep through. So, she's awake, alert, and has made sure her rifle is at the ready, as are her medical skills.
Ren ren guns it as he heads to the aclaimed weak spot his nuckles turning white from how hard hes gripping the stearing wheel his heart feels like is going to beat out his chest eyes dialated from the adrenilin rush
Alice "Get ready everyone!" Alice declared to her passengers as she headed right for the initial gap, not expecting the calmness to last more than a few seconds. She wouldn't leave the Militia Truck behind though, that didn't mean they wouldn't help clear a path though.
Grover Grover says, "lets just hope the tires hold out..if we loose those, we'll be stranded in the middle of the army."
Ashur Ashur remains in the military truck, there to provide close combat support for the vanguard gunners; if anything climbs aboard, he'll prioritize booting it off like an angry bus driver.
Aralyn Ara frowns and flips the safety of her weapon off, then glances at it and waits patiently. She then looks up "Call targets!" She calls out, fully ready to maybe pop out a window and cut loose if need be.. The purple-haired woman glances back at Cammy and gives a reassuring smile "Just relax, don't freeze up. All we can do is our best at this point.. We'll worry about stuff when we get through this mess.." She then glances back at Alice and looks at her window then at the moon roof and of course the gatlin gun on the vault mobile?
Vector     The brake pedal is slowly released, and Velocity begins to move forwards. It's engine thrums, just like the man's heart. His seating is adjusted, and the man shifts, leaning himself back into his seat so that the acceleration wouldn't cause him any disruption when he finally gives it all out on the gas pedal. "Holy engine of combustion, this poor soul begs you for your power." He utters as he reaches down and shifts the car into a higher gear.
    The chained treads of the car keep their traction as he gently nudges Velocity to keep track and pace with the Militia Truck, the man's pupils slowly dilating as a grin begins to peel across his face, the veil only partially assisting in hiding the growing mania of the driver.
Harlan      Harlan glances over his shoulder at his fellow passengers, Cammy and Ara. He offers a grunt of affirmation and retrains his eye out the window.
Vault Girl The moment of calm ended as the group found themselves being charged by mutants from all sides like something out of a horror movie. Most of the vehicles make it in but at this point it was all about pushing through as hard as you could and clearing a path to the next gap which was going to require some doing.

A Volkswagon Buggy the owners from Acme had affectionately named Kirby hit a rock and flipped over as it raced behind the group, the car flipping over on its roof as mutants began to surround it.

"This is Tim! IF anyone can hear us we need help." In the background, Old Greg a former Enclave Scientist could be heard yelling, "Don't forget, I'm a scientist! I'm needed, please don't leave me!" The Driver Josh could be seen stepping out of the car and unloading on the approaching mutants with a machine gun but in a matter of minutes they would be overwhelmed.

The Jeep driven by Lisa Drake, Sparrow's cousin stopped and began to reverse towards the Volkswagon Buggy in the hopes of trying to help out but Frank, Eddie and Carol with her were more like the Scooby Gang than Navy Seals.

They didn't stand a chance.
Grover Grover opens up with the minigun, send a hail of fire into the mutants.."Die you mutant scum....what gives you the right to exist at all." She stomps her foot, "Faster faster!"
Vector     Red wunz go fastah, yerr.
    Vector engages Velocity at it's maximum speed. The vibrations causing his teeth to grit and grind as his fractured arm - so lashed to the steering wheel so that its death may signal his own - is jostled and banged around. Air pours from his nostrils in a torrent of harsh exhale as his free hand handles the gear-shifting. There's an audiable crunch and terrible ripping noise as the chained wheels drag some unlucky monstrosity beneath them, and Velocity so feasts upon it's prey.
    Still, as fast as fast can be, the red of the car is given further paint and markings with the delight of blood and gore so painted upon its ever thirsting chassis. Ever thirsting does it scream for more - and Vector does his best to feed it.
Carter Griffin Carter leans over past Sammy, the P90 able to be wielded one handed, thankfully. He squeezes off two full bursts of ammo towards the horde, "Fucking mutants, get out of the way!" He yells out, the weapon firing the 5.7mm rounds at full speed. It's hard to miss with the sheer number of targets there.
Sammy     You'd think Sammy spent a lot more time riding than he has, as he manages to thread the needle and get the bike around, keeping it from finding hazard after hazard, and keeping Carter with a bit of a stable shooting platform, "Push through, and we can get the survivors... if they make it." he yells. But he's lost the edge of that voice, it's adrenaline pushing him into the headspace needed to get through this kind of thing. Sure, motorcycle controls are there. But they're not quite his rifle's familiar grip. But they're enough like pistol grips that he's in familiar territory. Chanting with a rather steely determination, "In the darkness, I shall be the light. In times of doubt, I shall keep Faith..."
Aralyn Aralyn curses audibly as she notices the vehicle going down... "I'm on it!" she shouts out, then pokes the weapon out the window behind. Suddenly there's a hail of bullets sent down range as the sniper, now gangster style gunner starts firing burst after burst into the hoard rushing the vehicle. "Son of a..." her string of curse words is a bit ragged now as she attempts to turn the whole vehicle blue while she curses about bes tlaid plans and the like.
Harlan The blacksmith rests his hand on top of the bullpup light support weapon and braces it against the interior of the vault mobile's window as he unleashes a wave of lead into the horde ahead. He's a bleeding heart too, but the people he cares the most about are in the VAULT MOBILE. Priorities first.. then taking risks for others.
Apostle     The bloodied barrel of the minigun whirs to life as Apostle swings the thing about like a turret to redirect her attentions behind them in an effort to supply supporting fire to those that have not the benefit of her driver, nor Velocity's namesake.
    "I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live!" Her vocaliser calls out over the roar of engines and the howl of warfare, that whining pitch of the minigun, that glorious choir of vengeful angels as heralded -- nah, sung in cacaphonous glory -- by the pummelling boom of the ammunition loosed from her gun. The bullets rip and shred that mutants, a frantic spraying of blood in desperate spillage that drenches and slickens the horde that surrounds her prey.
    "You cannot conceive, nor can I, of the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God, the grace of steel!" The gun rattles the car inside as she continues to unload in automatic prayer, ringing it like church bells, vibrating the innards, calling to action the warrior within. When the firing has stopped, the itching in her palms that the action of the firearm provided is soothed by the pounding of her fist repeatedly upon the hood, dust whistling by sharply, harmlessly against the tattered cloth that whips about her standing frame.
    "The best way out is always through!" The reverent buzz of her voice comes over the comms linked into her military grade helmet -- a voice that would be recognized as hers only by Vector, devoid of the filters her mask provides.
Iris Lark     Iris leans out the window of the Vaultmobile and fires once and then again. She winces when the lasers hit and ducks back in to recharge briefly. She leans back out, taking aim and waiting for an opportunity to fire.
Aralyn As she sees the aft and forward cleared, Ara pops back inside the door, She glances at the side of her mag and grumbles "2 mags left, pluss 6." She announces, then quickly, the woman swaps the mostly spent mag for a whole one, carefully putting the partial where she can get to it in an emergency. "If I have to, I'll get on the roof of this thing with the Barret..." She grumbles as she looks back out the window at the victems, then the cleared area in front. "Well if we didn't have their attention then we got em now." She looks to Cammy now and smiles "Check yer ammo situation, keep that in your head and let the others know..." She says and winks again before getting ready to pop out the window again... "I really hate FEV mutants..."
Camilla     Camilla nods at Aralyn's words and with a long and deep exhale giving in response, she moves to the window and squeezes out to take aim ahead at the horde ahead. Her rifle erupts in fully automatic fire, singing and blazing fireballs from the end of the barrell. Ten rounds down, shse knows this, and she knows she has ten rounds left. She will not let others be taken or left behind and 10 more rounds join the corus, the steady stacato of her rifles fully automatic fire adding an extra ummff of percussion to the steady stream of fire from the woodwinds and brass. Aka, the miniguns and support weapons.

    With that done she puls back in to the vehicle, hits the mag release and grabs it, slides it in her bag and exhanges that one for another magazine which gets slapped back in to her rifle. The cachink of her charging bolt is hard as she makes the ready weapon for round two and as loud as she can, exclaims, "One Mag!! Bingo in one mag!!" to the rest of the vehicle. Someone got taught merc-speaky.
Eden Eden was all concetration when firing, but once through she laughs in excitement and relief. glancing around to be sure there are no more targets, she checks her ammo and goes back to watching the surroundings.
Archene Caine Seeing the horde ahead, ignoring the mutants that would likely come to kill a scientists that stayed back, Archene mutters something about how much ammo will be wasted before drawing a laser pistol, laser pistol A in this case, and shooting ahead. Never mind how wrong he shot, it is hard to miss when there are targets everywhere.
Sparrow Sparrow pops back in the side after shooting at the creatures surrounding her family. Her expression grim as she swings back and blinks as she hears gunfire swiveled back that isn't hers. She gives Apostle a grateful smile when she can catch her eye but in a more traditional role, the Doc doesn't say much. She settles back in and reloads Reason with a mostly full clip and she tucks it back away and gets her medkit ready. Archene is given a long look but the Doc has more important things on her mind.
Vector     The Horde has no chance. Not when Velocity is going at almost maximum speed - or at least as fast as Vector can handle. Bodies go tumbling from around the vehicle as, with its exceptional speed - it simply goes punching through the entire Horde, coming screaming out through the other side and into some 'relative' safety.
Fiona Fiona inhales. Soldiers follow orders. She keeps her focus forward. A careful aim at the obstructing mutie hoard. Waiting for clear shots to save ammo. Her front sight aligned, finger ready to squeeze. Then stop as the path is clear, save ammo.
Vault Girl Lisa Drake and her friends are able to rescue, Old Greg, Josh and Tim helping them onto the jeep under the cover of massed gunfire as they do their best to catch up to the group. Old Greg smiled and pressed a button on a little device he was holding and a mini-nuclear explosion could be seen hitting a bunch of mutants.

Good thing he had been rescued, he would have never self-sacrificed!

Velocity manages to push ahead of the group quite a bit weaving and dodging through the hordes of mutants as the others try to keep up and fail. Whether speed or skill, Vector was on top of his game and it was clear why he had been hired by the city for this job.

Gary in his old car is unable to avoid the hail of gunfire that hits it and his car goes spinning out of control and careening off course before rolling over in the middle of a group of mutants.

A massive truck sized abomination happens to be near the crash and it rolls over onto the group, Mary and Jenny screaming into the radio the loudest as the amalgamation of beings and items began to ingest the wreck and those in it.

There was no saving them.

Centaurs began to take pace with the vehicles at this point with several scrambling up the side of the truck and attacking those within!

The revving of engines can be heard as somewhere, a group of dirt bikes begin to head towards the group zipping through the mutant horde.
Vector     Turning the wheel just enough that it feels like his arm might re-break, Vector grins happily to himself as the vehicle sloughs off the gore from the mutants that had gotten in its path,, kicking up a torrent of sand and dust as he pushes down hard on the gas pedal, sending the vehicle screaming around in tight little winding loops - just enough to keep the mutants from getting a grip or a bead on it, while still giving those on the vehicle the chance to riddle the Mutants in the way with whatever ammunition they may have on them.
Ashur The truck bumps and rumbles along the uneven earth, kicking up clouds of dust to join the storm of gunfire in catastrophic melody. Standing atop it with the gunners, Ashur identifies the crowd of twisted-flesh abominations galloping to swarm; their tentacled faces, the weeping sores that line them like birthmarks, limbs all a-warped and padding on human-hand feet. "Away from the sides!" The former Legionnaire barks, shoving his way past all those gathered taking shots. He's loud, he's obvious, and he's positioning himself such that the centaurs see him before any others-- and, just for good measure, sucker-punching one fat bastard in its tentacle-spewing mouth, the pistons of his gauntlet slamming forward with a deafening crack, sending it tumbling back to smack the cracked ground and be trampled by its companions.
Sparrow They're.. through? Sparrow looks at the horde retreating into the distance with a surprised but appreciative expression. She reaches down, checks her reload and pops out again to try to help cover the rest of the convoy. While she appreciates Velocity and her crew - she doesn't want to go at this alone. She unloads again into the horde behind her until the clip cliks again softly.
Aralyn Ara frowns "Bike's getting mobbed.." She calls out, then the girl pokes her weapon out the window again. She sites in on the heads of these centaurs, or what she thinks are the heads, then the woman cuts loose. Four rounds zip down rainge, each double-tapping Centaurs in the head quite effectively and probably sending mutant-goo flying everywhere what with the explosions due to flying lead... Ara then frowns and glances ahead at the other vast hoard of mutants and the ones on the Truck "Truck's in trouble too!" She calls out "Oh and another wave of mutants too.. this is getting heavy on the ammo!"
Sammy     Driving, chanting, being flailed by Centaurs, Sammy grits his teeth and guns the throttle to power through. Whips of tentacles making contact with the duster and throaty wet slaps, he GROWLS, "In times of Rage, I shall hone my craft."
    Left hand, feather clutch, left foot down shift, right hand roll on more speed, left hand goes out the throttle and the bike roars to his command, "In Vengance I shall have No Mercy."
Ren as the truck starts getting attacked ren curses to the people in back "keep those things off us "
Carter Griffin With the motorcycle going over creatures, and the shots he fires goes wide, striking dirt. He was going to fire upon the ones that were attacking the bike proper, but they were taken out before he could even react to them.
Alice Alice does her best to keep the Vaultmobile with the Truck as she watches Velocity head off further ahead with a sigh, "Eden, how we doing for ammo? Harlan? Camilla? Iris? Aralyn? You guys doing okay? SOmeone check on Vaultmeat please!" Vaultmeat was hiding in the backseat with his paws over his face, very scared!
Fiona Fiona fires a couple of double shots at the Centaurs, growling as two miss. She adds a loud scream at the things. "Keep your stupid tongues and hands off the privates." Dang weirdo muties.
Vector     Skewing Velocity around, Vandred doesn't exactly leave the rest of the group in the dust on the other side of the Horde - but he's not quietly reversing into them with a 'beep beep beep' noise, no, instead, he's gunning it up and down the opposite side of the Horde, permitting the gunners within Velocity to let absolute rip on everything.
Iris Lark     Iris fires at the horde in front of the vehicles and she almost misses while trying very hard to keep Vaultmeat from attempting to climb under her legs. After she fires her shots, she pats at the puppy, giving him a quick hug as they hit a few bumps. Yikes.
Apostle     "Everything is purified with blood," Hssk, hssk. The glint of the sun's lingering light fractures, flaring against the golden orange of her lenses as she stares back at the horde from the back of the holy manifest known as Velocity, driven like a fiend through hellish warpath by the messionic press of Vector's foot to pedal. "And without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. What is man without forgiveness? So benevolent the rattle of guns, so kind this hail of bullets, so merciful will be my hand that thou shalt know me as saviour..."
    Her voice still comes over the comms, low in a murmur, as though only she were meant to hear the inner monologue spilled outer for the world to hear just before that resounding hymn rises up in feverish pitch from Maximum Fuck once more.
    How cinematic, I know.
    Again those bullets rip through the masses of mutants, the thickly wet sound of them impacting meaty flesh speaking well of just how true Apostle's gunnery has become -- perhaps this is the gift granted for such fervent worship, such dedicated attention.
    More fall, like the ebbing tide in an unwilling withdrawl as frontliners crumble and the innermost of the swarm is revealed to armament that finds itself particularly inclusionary when it comes to victims. How sweet it is.
Camilla     Two, rather rapid blasts ceom from Cami's rifle. She pulls the mag out and checks it and slams it back in to the rifle. "Umm, running a bit low on Ammo..." she responds to Alice directly. "I think I've got a few rounds left and then I'm dry..."
Ren ren continues to floor it crunching over multiple muties as the truck rames threw pressing the reciver on the radio he asks "everyone doing ok no casulitys yet over here" he hopes they can keep this up but with low ammo they might be putting there hands in the drivers at this point
Carter Griffin "Fucking things." Carter mutters to himself. He can't believe himself, and that he missed those shots. But how much practice does he have firing from the back of a motorcycle, really? He takes a moment to pull the P90 mag from the weapon and slap a fresh one in, putting the partially used magazine into his bag to retain it.
Aralyn Ara glances down at her weapon then grabs the partial magazine before swapping rounds over. After hearing Camilla's weapon she frowns... "Do I need to pass you my SMG and I take up the Barret?" she asks "I can probably get out the top of this thing with that rifle and start cutting loose with that while you cover... Maybe..." She says then umms "Anyone have spare gun they can pass Cammy?" She then looks to Cammy again and points out "Single fire only, select targets and make the round count... Conserve what ammy you have left." She says as she finishes swapping ammo from the mostly empty partial into her current mag. she then rams the thing home and looks to Alice "Up to you ma'am, want me trying to get the sniper rifle into play? or do ya want me to stay on the SMG."
Sammy     Blood seeps from him, the engine roars mixed with the determination of his drive, as the tentacles are shot and blown off, "In the midst of battle I shall know No Fear." murmured, then he leans in and guns it again, yelling, "HANG ON." and the whine of the turbine bike keens out into the desert as an angry howl. Sammy keeps head down bike moving, jinking and diving through the night.
Archene Caine Even after the vehicles passes through the horde, Archene doesn't stop firing the laser pistol. No talking needlessly, he just wants to make sure that there is another hole for the rest of the vehicles to pass... specially since it doesn't seem like the horde will be following them. Probably. Hopefully.
Vault Girl It's amazing how long a few miles can seem.

Even when you're travelling at breakneck speeds with gunfire surrounding you and enemies everywhere, those few miles could seem like an eternity.

With the exception of the two lost vehicles everyone had made it through mostly intact, which seemed too good to be true.

In life most things that seemed too good to be true were.

As the vehicles finished those miles of combat, their bumpers and hoods covered in blood and gore the motorcycles that had been heard raced up behind the group.

A canyon up ahead lead straight back on the highway you needed to take but lining the edges of that canyon were a group of Supermutants with rocket launchers lying in wait.

The worst had come.
Ren ren keeps driving seeing the rocketeers he guns it putting the petal to the floor and throws it into top gear as he has the truck charge forward "yaaaaaaaah baby" clearly ren has lost it
Fiona "Up and up, have water, ammo is good." Fiona calls out and goes back to a forward aiming position. Sighting down range, she gets the wide eyes, hitting the roof. "Evasive! In coming. Serpentine! Serpentine!"
Sammy     "APEX INBOUND. SCATTER AND REGROUP." Sammy's voice is super loud over the shared communication frequency, it's calm, it's collected, and there's just the tiniest bit of something fouling up the end of his words. Oh, that'd be EXPLOSIONS.
    Wiiide open throttle, skip-blip-blip-blip go the tires. "WE RIDE!"
Sammy     Sammy keeps the bike going, recovering after the shrapnel, teeth already gnashing , as the blast peppers the bike with explosive fragments, he glares and growls at the horde bikers, and with the throttle still wide, continues to weave through them, pushing out. "In the face of Death, I shall have No Remorse!" he coughs, yeah, that's blood or his mouth is full of pennies. He growls and keeps the throttle pegged, Parts of the engine are glowing angry red and orange now.
Carter Griffin     How on earth did they get so well armed. Carter will need to have words with whoever was gathering intel for this mission. The rocket blast strikes close to home, but he holds onto Sammy. Anyone from back in the NCR or Mojave who could see this scene would swear it was straight out of hell itself. Two Rangers riding a pre-war beast into battle.

Thankfully his armor absorbed the brunt of the blast, but he's still feeling the pain from the shrapnel. It's going to sting when they get out of here. Not if, when. He's confident in their survival.
Aralyn The ringing! The Ringing! Ara grabs her ears briefly as the explosion goes off in, around under, everywhere with the Vault Mobile! "Gaah!" she cals out, then shakes her head, everything sounds like she's hearing it from under water! After the sparks and flares clear the room Ara pokes her self back out and tries to get back to shooting. She notices the biker mutants and frowns before shouting, hoping flks can hear her "Mutants on bikes!"

She takes aim at one, zeroing in on the biker's head before carefully squeezing the trigger on her weapon, sending a 10 mm round zipping through said mutan's brain pan. She then switches targets again. She tries to shift targets, briefly shaking her head as things blur, then the woman squints and tries to regain her focus.. "C'mon girl, one more..." She grumbles to her self, then with careful aim sends another 10mm bullet down range, this one blasting through the top of the mutant's neck, not quite brain pan, but cerebellum and spine will do nicely. Ara then mutters "Damned girl... Focus!" though this is hard as her whole body is starting to ache now while the intial shock of the explosion is starting to pass and now the burning and aching of the concussion from the rocket is starting to take its tole...

After firing her rounds, Ara flops back into her seat, before taking a deep ragged breath "Get through these and I think we're clear!"
Vault Girl The steel rain of rockets comes down on the convoy like an unholy smiting but it's the lead vehicles that take the brunt and it is the Imperial Red of Velocity like a Matador drawing the rockets to it, high-impact armor penetration rounds courtesy of the Enclave hitting the broken asphalt and sending it into the air in great eruptions of dirt and concrete.

The Vaultmobile is hit by one of the rockets fired, the round punching through the windshield and exploding in the rear, near the truck and filling the interior with shrapnel that leaves none unscathed as the biting sting of injury is tasted by each and every one of them.

The Militia Truck suffers a direct hit that helps clear off some of the centaurs but the good old American engineering of the ride helps it survive the blast, only shaking up the passengers as dirt is kicked up at them.

Sammy and Carter in their beloved embrace of rangerly love suffer a near direct hit as a rocket impacts beside them kicking up debris that damage the bike and both heroic men.

The rest of the convoy makes it through near unscathed thanks to the heroics of Velocity, who may as well be legend on its own at this point. Nobody cared about the crew, it was the car that would pass into legend.

As the dirt bikers were gunned down by the group, they could see Velocity in the rear as they began to pass into the canyon and out of sight.

A rocket hit the hood of the car, fire and fury consuming it. They were done for.

"NO!" Lisa Drake screamed out, "They fought so hard for us and my cousin, Sparr- Wait!"

From the flames, Velocity emerged, bruised but not broken.
Sparrow Sparrow puts her gun away. She's down Ammo; she can't waste any more she's got to take into conceration keeping at least two bullets on her at all times. So she settles in to hold on as the sudden serpentine movement starts tossing her about the car. Explosions abound and Sparrow swears that she's probably going to go deaf. About the time the last rocket is launched and speeds towards Velocity she's ducked for cover, with her had down. When the ringin in her ears stops and she can feel herself start to shake, and after a moment of the shock setting in she giggle softly under her breath followed by a bark of a laugh before she slaps her hand over her mouth and looks sheepish.
Apostle     With the rockets incoming, Apostle looks toward their whistling approach with a level of calm that comes either from excessive testicular fortitude, or being too curious to be frightened.
    Hssk. Hssk.
    As Vector does his best to keep them all from harm as the sky darkens with the promise of anguish, Apostle slips into the cab proper to take shelter in the loving embrace of Velocity.
    "Don't fool yourself, my dear. You're much worse than a bitch." Those within the car can hear her mechanical tone, so inhuman, saying such reverently cool words, "You're a saint." Her hand moves to the inner wall of the re-enforced door to slide her calloused fingertips over it in soothing motion, the approach of one of the rockets reflected in her lenses just before she pulls her touch away as she braces for impact -- an impact which rocks Velocity back and forth, mitigated by their driver's skill and practice, with him managing to keep them on their high-speed flight away.
    Once the rockets are cleared, she's immediately back to the gun, both hands occupied by the stabilization required for firing from the back of a vehicle, her feet solidly planted as she once more opens fire on those that had so assailed her sweet saviour. It is her turn to turn the skies dark and the rivers red -- a thing that she seems to do quite well, and with impressive gusto, the great fanatic that she is. As the gun winds down, she huffs out a sharp hiss through her rebreather, a hand snapping up to her goggles to lift them off her narrowed eyes.
    There's a moment of glaring at the horde in their wake, before she seems satisfied. Placing the goggles back over her eyes, the comms crackle again:
    "Which shows why saints are dangerous and undesirable."
    Her hand pets over the roof, her head lifted into the wind, eyes lazily lidding as she drinks in the speed, the blissful motion, finding her moment of furious calm in the remnant of their warpath. She's the king of the world in this moment; her arms lift to the sides, and for that second, silent in her reverie... she flies, her fingers spread to the whispering winds like feathers.
    They are victorious.
Iris Lark     Iris and the rest of the people are bleeding in the backseat of the Vaultmobile. She watches the rockets fly and people get blasted all to hell and she simply keeps a hold of the puppy in the backseat and waits for the car to come to a stop. All hell has broken loose and it will be a long time repairing the damage.
Camilla     Camilla is no doubt not the only person screaming out in pain, or clenching her teeth afterword from the shrapnel that impacts her and everyone else in the vaultmobile. Despite that, she leans out and opens fire with the rest of the ammo she has left, hoping to do some more damage. After that's done, she leans back in the seat and just sits there, all bloody and messed up like everyone else. "Bingo ammo.." she says softly.
Harlan      Harlan groans as he recovers from the ringing in his ears from the explosive. He seems to have shrugged off the majority of the shrapnel damage, a minor flush wound in one of his thick arms. His eyes widen as he glances toward Iris. "You alright?" He rips off a piece of his shirt and uses as a quick bandage to attend to the wounded doctor. "Here.. let me help stitch you back together for a change."
Vault Girl There is no way anything is catching up with the group as they race through the canyons at the fastest speeds they can despite the damage to the convoy. There is no stopping, no time to pause, no respite for the lazy.

Hours later with overheating engines spewing smoke the group is forced to make camp in the ruins of the abandoned mega-city of Azteca.

Rumored to have been massive, with a larger population then the entire New California Republic.. Azteca was now a haunted ruin. Stripped of life and most resources, Azteca was a city of ghosts. Left to ruin and rot by The Mutant Horde who had swept across it and killed or converted most of the inhabitants.

This would be your home for the days to come, the final stop on your journey as the ghosts kept you company.