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Sparrow Settled in, the sky is starting to darken casting shadows from the giants of the cities once shining epicenter onto the meager convoy huddling int it's shadow trying to regroup and recollect.

Overheated cars have cooled and people have been able to sort themselves out and Sparrow had rocked as best she could to help Iris and Camilla establish something like a medical bay; which is where she is at the moment. Still in her armored duster but having been quietly trading ammo or caps for services. She'd just finished stitching up one of the Militia boys who'd taken a beating but had open beds for the people she'd seen get taken out by Rockets; VT6, Carter, and Sammy.
Camilla     Despite being hurt, and a bit bloodied herself, Camilla has decided to focus on taking care of everyone else first and herself second. After helping get the makeshift med bay set up, she's moving from patient to patient, doing what she can to help people.
Aralyn So the purple-haired sniper is now limping into the Medical tent, having well tried to help set the camp up, even with her injuries... One thing she dislikes, that's getting doctored... She can be a little self concious about her self at time. The knife-eared woman glances around and notices an empty cot, before she makes her way toward it. Aralyn now glances to the people being doctors and after having tried to get folks attention, she motions to an empty cot "May I?" She asks quietly, to no individual doctor in particular....
Sparrow Sparrow glances up, "Yes. Go ahead." She looks around and glances towards Camilla, "You stick around and if anyone sees Iris, let me know? I need to make sure I get her healed too since she can help folks out." She checks Sammy, makes sure that he and Carter are atable before finding a towl and moving to check Aralyn. "Camilla, you let me know if you need anything too. We need to make sure the medical folks are healed and at least one of us can get back."
Camilla     Camilla looks up at Sparrow, turning her focus away from who ever she's working on at the moment and nods. "I wasn't planning on going anywhere.." she replies plainly, looking somewhat annoyed for a moment before she turns back, finishes up and exhales deeply. "Yes ma'am" she adds to Sparrow, "if I see her first, I can attend to her as well..."

    "Oh, I'm fine, don't worry about me.." cami adds to the second statement, which is pretty obviously a lie, but, she's trying to be tough. "Don't waste the supplies on me, I'll be ok. Everyone else needs it more, it's basic triage."
Aralyn Ara stares at Camilla now, those violet eyes narrowing a bit as she studies her. "Quit lying, be honest, and let yer self get treated." she says matter of factly, Ara's tone a little stern. "Everyone who can get treated and get to the best they can be needs to do just that. We need everyone here to be as close to fighting shape as possible." Aralyn, then glances to Sparrow as she's approached, and the knife-eared woman starts by leaning her barret against the cot, and setting her SMG next to that. She then tugs her duster, helmet, and armored vest off before glancing back at Sparrow now, and even goes as far as to tug her regular shirt off too, just leaving her body suit, on, before she starts to undo that.. Luckily the not-so shy woman has a bra and all.., but she tries to make Sparrow's job at least a bit easier.
Ashur Ashur, wild-braided and gleaming in that queer molten armor, sustained no injuries during the breakthrough; even when rocket fire shook the truck, and the abominable centaurs swarmed it, while in the thick of things he came out unscathed. All he has, then, are the usual ailments that plague his lifestyle-- fatigue, wear and tear, a few bruises from where a feisty Bighorner made sweet love to his sternum with fifty-pound horns.

So he's come not for treatment, but to deliver a gift. He carries with him in a small pouch, heavy with its load, a mess of bullets, of particular interest to Sparrow. "Medicus," he calls to her, thump-thumping his way close. "I have seen the gun you wield, and in my supplies amassed ammo that should suit it. Consider it a gift."

He has no interest in the others gathered just yet.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Camilla. "Great." She encourages without even a flicker of an eyelash at the annoyed expression. Or, really, any emotion period gave that the Cowgirl keeps her baggage locked up tighter than a Vault. Only the troublesome stuff escapes. "You're not fine." The Cowgirl gone Wasteland Doctor says bluntly. "Ya can lie if you want but it ain't just your ass on the line if you suddenly can't pull the trigger. We all need ta be in our best condition." She agrees with Aralyn in her own, delightfully stoic way. Sparrow slips out of her duster and pops into a squat to start looking over Aralyn's wounds with a practiced eye.

"Would you mind, once I'm done here since you're moble, seein' if you can find the Marshal when he's got a moment and ask him about maybe doin a tally on what we've got. I've noticed that I'm running out of Ammo and I don think I'm the only.."

Enter Ashur. Sparrow lifts her face up to the big man, squinting against the light for a moment. "Hey.." The bag is given a look and she pauses in her tending of Aralyn to take it and look inside. She blinks and nods, "Consider all treatments from me from here on out free of charge, Big guy. You look pretty banged up. You wanna have a seat and I'll look at you." Camilla's there, but Sparrows does not offer others peoples services.
Camilla     Camilla sighs dejectedly, "I am fine" she quips back to Aralyn and Sparrow. "I am fully capable of shooting and taking care of people as is my duty. I will not allow you, or anyone else, to treat me. Not until the rest of the caravan has been seen to, especially miss Iris." That, is well and truly, that. Seems she's gotten a bit of a backbone and some attitude to go with it.

    Assuming that Sparrow was talking to the Aralyn and not her, she pipes up, "I've got no ammo left for my rifle.." she adds pointing at it as it lays proped up against something. "I'll need five mili if we can find any.." she adds turning to take a seat on the ground for a moment.

    As to Ashur walking in and being, well, him, Cami's not gonna respond to him at all, or look at him for that matter. Nope, she's gonna sit on the floor and rest a moment until someone needs her.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at Camilla and her eyes pop. "Well that's gonna be a right shame, seein' as I'm the one healer who -didn't- get hurt and I alreay said I'd take care of you both." But Sparrow, drops it, she instead seems more interested in turning back to Aralyn, ammo set at her feet. She keeps her head low and works on getting the wounds from the Vaultmobile's missle catching. Careful to keep everythign disinfected the blonde Doctor's nose wrinkles. Steady hands are careful, and despite the fact her Bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired she's at least skilled with the medkit. "I'm not entirely sure I can treat this wound just yet." She tells Ara gently, apologetically. "Looks liek you've still got some fresh wounds from something else that would impede anyhing I could do. Keep an eye on it, Iris is masterful when she's at her best and if the Doc can't heal you or is wiped from doin' other folks I'll be here. All right?"
Aralyn Ara after peeling her skin-suit off is now in an athletic bra, and matching undies.. She's also quite obviously fit, and could easily pose as a fitness model for some pre-war magazine. Any scarring she has is actually quite faded and some is obviously dissapearing? However she's still rather cut up and all from the shrapnel, and it's obvious she's probably got some internal bruising as well that probably isn't treatable. The purple-haired woman sighs and glances around as she then notices Ashur and offers a slight wave. Not at all bothered by the fact that she's down to her undies at this point. She then smiles lsightly at Sparrow "If you can get the cuts closed up so I won't bleed, I'll deal with the bruising and other aches and pains. I doubt there's much else I can do really." she says and then sighs... "I'm also I think going to wrap my eyes a bit and try to get some sleep, see if I can work this headache out." Ara then nods to Sparrow "Gotcha..." She adds... "Again, I think I'll catch some sleep, got a little bit of vertigo coming in here, I'm probably concussed mildly... that or my inner ears are still recovering from that blast."
Ashur The former Legionnaire strips off his helmet and that hellclaw armor; he seems reluctant to do the former, the man's hands moving with a heavy slowness as he unbuckles and loosens straps, stripping its liquid colors off. Beneath, there's a layer of sweat that darkens his tunic, and makes the off-white material cling tightly to his expansive form. As always, he's naught but muscle and hair, though on his exposed chest there's a purpling bruise, darkening the sun-baked gold of his skin. He lifts an arm, thick around as any of the girl's torsos, and tugs it free of his short sleeve. The upper bit of the tunic now hugs the groove of a muscle in his side, exposing the shoulder and discolored breast.

"What we find in Poseidon's shadow best be a weapon of terrible might; we will need a fierce power to slay that Horde."

He contents himself with scoping out the partially-nude Aralyn. After his night with her Pip-Boy, he already knows what she looks like naked; this is basically a refresher. Her curves will help him play along with Cami's clear desire to ignore him.
Camilla     Camilla just sighs and looks around for a moment before standing up and then moving over to where Sparrow is working on Ara, whom she does look at with a marked mesaure of concern on her face for the elven bombshell. "You need to get rest, and here..." she says as she reaches in to her own medical bag and pulls out something that will pass for pain assistance and hands it to her. "Just, let anyone of us know if you need anything else please.

    With that, the former slave looks to Sparrow and hangs her head, "Sorry. You can go ahead if you want.." she adds as she to, without any thought of embaressment or inhibition strips off her clothing. Easer access to where she took shrapnel, which, as a note, is still actually glinting against her tan and already scared skin. Thankfully, she's also at least got something that passed for underwear on.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Camilla offering to help Ara sleep with the head bump. Sparrow checks her eyes and after being certain the concussion isn't going to be horrible she requests, "Sleep close to the medical camp tonight if you can, okay, so the Docs and Medics can keep an eye on you and make sure ya don't hemmorage or nothin. Get some rest, the rest of the journey promises to be no better than what we just went through. Rocket launchers, they had a bottle neck canyon with rocket launchers." She shivers and nods to Ashur's assesment. "Just as long as we get a chance to look for the Serum or research notes too."

Sparrow stands and places a hand on Camilla's shoulder. "It's all right, it's stressful for everyone. Take a moment, we've done who we an at the moment. Let me get Ashur and then I'll see if I can't work on you." The cowgirl drawls gently gesturing for Cami to take a seat before heading over to Ashur to look at him. "Well, other than what the Ram did last night you don't look -too- bad." She exhales a bit and sets to work. "We should make sure to keep whoever was riving the truck in it. I was pretty shocked the ghoul could move like that." SOO judgey.
Aralyn Ara nods at Sparrow, then glances to Ashur "Prolly gonna needja in he future bigg'n... See y'all in the morning." she says and offers a tired, but friendly wink now to Cammy. The woman slips her skin-suit back on, amazingly there are no more cuts or lascerations to the garment. She then tugs her duser over her self for a cover, using her shirt to cover her eyes and soon enough the elf-woma waves out from under her cover "Nigh y'all..." before she just lets her hand just kinda flop right there and drifts off to sleep silently, didn't take her long!
Ashur Ashur leers down at Camilla as she strips. There's a sudden curious intensity to his eyes; the gold cuts like a knife, as physical as a hand twisting through her hair. The bull's never been accused of propriety with women; but after a moment of caressing her with those hungry eyes, the look shifts from lecherous to analyzing, following the faint lines of whip-strike that scar her, the tired memories of ancient punishment.

He hmms, and then Sparrow's waltzed her way in front of him-- no less pleasing a sight, but rather less curious, for the moment.

"These common beasts can do me no harm," he proclaims, rapping a fist against the bruise to show his own vigor. "Even the mutants mean nothing save in swarm; isolate them, and they die with miserable mewlings. Even the girl," and he tosses his head at Camilla, but he says girl like others would say slave, "seems tougher than them."

He snorts then. "Ghouls. Disgusting monsters."
Camilla     Camilla just nods at Sparrow and sits in wait as the cowgirl goes to take a look at tall dark and murdery. She exhales as she places her hands in her lap and hangs her gaze towards the floor. Though, someone is finally getting a back bone and slowly looks back up at Ashur and flat out glares at him. "You know nothing of me.." she spits out at him with all manner of spite. "I held my own. I shot. I hit. I hunted. I did my duty and cared for others. More than anywon can say of you, in the whole caring for others department that is.."
Sparrow Sparrow is also less naked and much stonier. Her sun-aged face peering towards Ashur with a muted expression having caught his leer. "Yes well, a ghoul kept the Militia truck on the road and managed to make sure everyone made it through. So.. maybe I'll just have to hold my breath and thank him." Cool calloused fingers are steady and gentle as she checks the bruises to make sure that nothing is cracked or broken. She nods and starts rifling through her pack and kit for various little bandages and salves that can help soothe bruises and ease breathing. That's the big danger of chest wounds; people not breathing deeply enough. "Also keeping in mind most of us aren't built to fight off literally mountains of flesh." She points out to the Ex-Legionnaire with a hint of amusement in her face but like most flickering moments of expression in her blue eyes, it's gone a moment later.

The tension between Cami and Ashur? Oddly, and unlike many, Sparrow doesn't jump to anyone's defense.
Ashur "Gratitude," Ashur mumbles, his fading tones a mix of revulsion and spite; he scoffs, blowing air from his nose, and lets the subject die. Sparrow's clever fingers find that while the man's skin is wounded, his injuries are superficial; beneath that brahmin-thick hide are bones and muscles heavy enough to obscure most blunt trauma, and a constitution inhuman enough to render all but the most grievous of wounds insignificant. You could jab a knife into one of his pecs and probably deal no meaningful damage.

But, oh, the scars; exposed as he is, there is no way to miss that calling it 'skin' is generous; there is more scar tissue on his upper body than anything else, a thousand and one indications of an abusive life. Cuts, burns, stabs, whips, little lumps where fragments of bone once broke off and have settled beneath the skin-- if it can hurt, it has been applied to him. Camilla might bear the wounds of punishment, but Ashur bears the wounds of war and torture.

"I have little concern for El Dorado," he concedes to Sparrow. "And it cares little for me. But my brides love it, and so I will come, and see you all victorious, whatever mountains of flesh might bar the way."

As to Camilla? The brute snorts, but then surprises: "You did well, girl. You should be proud."
Camilla     Camilla is about to say something else all witty and snappy and 'tude filled and then that giant mount 'o /murder/ has to go and actually compliment here. Which, just, sorta, causes her to sit there and stare like a gear in her brain just broke lose and bounced about inside her head tearing her thought process all apart. /Why'd he have to go and compliment me, I wanted to call him an asshole more/.

    Cami blinks a few times and yeah, whatcha gonna do? "Th..thanks..." she spurts out, still in shock that Mister McMurder Face said something /nice/.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head slowly. "Well, even if it's just a connection through the ladies in your life," Which she appears to have no outward problems with. It's the wasteland. She doesnt complain about people who find happiness. "Besides for someone who aint interested in el Dorado or it's folks you've been out to help a whole lot." She smirks at him, reminding him perhaps that almost every time the've met it's been at a fight. She massages some of the salve into the toucher bruises and makes sure to get a few of the very neglegable scratches cleaned and patched. "All right. All set.."
Ashur "Thank you, Sparrow," Ashur booms, lifting his tunic back up and sliding his arm through the short sleeve. He shimmies that mountainous shoulder through and settles. With casual familiarity, he reaches out toward her, and places his hand upon her upper arm. He's strong enough to break a super mutant's neck, but never let it be said he doesn't know gentleness. His eyes fix on hers. "You have always been of great service to those around you; of all in this ragtag assembly, I consider you the most valuable. I will make sure you get your sample."

He releases her and rises, shaking the weariness from his bones, leaning low to scoop up his cursed armor. He wears it once more, the glittering hellclaw's hide seeming alive with heat and light in the fading dusk. Tall as he is, now he can trivially look over Sparrow's head, and stare once more at the undressed Camilla.

He looks like he might want to speak. Instead, his attention drifts from eyes to throat to breasts, and then he turns and walks away in dead silence. He'll not apologize for his past.
Camilla     Yeah, Cami's not to comfy with him staring at her, despite the fact she's still 100% PG-13 at the moment. So, she just turns away from him as he walks away.

    Once he's gone, she turns to Sparrow and sighs. "Ok, so, my turn I take it?" she asks, seemingly ready to get help from Sparrow.
Sparrow Sparrow snorts quietly but she smiles at Ashur and dips her head in a quiet form of acceptance for the praise. She works too hard to make sure things work out to be humble about it. She brushes off her hands and moves over to use a towel and some sand to clean her fingers so she doesn't waste water. "Take care." She tells the big man before standing and moving over to Camilla. "Your turn." She agrees rolling out her shoulders and the shoulders pop and crack softly with the motion. Sparrow herself is a little exsausted but she's not going to let another healer go unattended.
Camilla     Cami will just sit still and let Sparrow do her thing. Might as well do what she can to keep herself in fighting shape, as was stated by ara and sparrow earlier.
Sparrow Sparrow moves over and chesk on Cami's wounds. "All right looks like you've still got a couple tings here from you gettin hurt before, like Ara. I can't neceaarily help much with some of this until I'm positive that I'm not going' to damage your other treatments here. So I'm gonna make you comfortable and get you a poultice and tomorrow I'll check in on you and if Doc Iris cannot get you I'll help." She looks up to search Camilla's face. "Thankfully I don't think we're movin until they repair the bike and Vault Mobile a bit. So take it easy tomorrow, help folks but if you get tired. Rest. Same as Ara for you too, stay in the Medic area so we can keep an eye on you. This looks nasty.
Camilla     Cami sits, lets Sparrow work, listens and shoots her a few nods of understanding. She stands up, redresses herself, and finds her medical bag and rifle. "Ok..." she says as she moves to a corner of said medic area, and with her rifle near by and that bag laid out as a pillow, she lays down and slowly drifts off to sleep.
Sparrow Sparrow checks to make sure Cami's taken care of and leaves her with a rag with ether on it incase she needs it to sleep. The blonde Doctor is sore and tired and so when she's tended the first wave of folks who need heeling she heads out to look up at the Full Moon and smoke a cigarillo and drink her last snuck beer.