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Martin     Ron Perlman starts his voice over, as the camera pans over the Wastelands of Mexico. Its growing closer to dusk, but this doesn't mean an end to the heat. No, that would be too kind, the heat has to slowly radiate out to make sure the desert is always hot. "Patrols. Patrols never change. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been setting up sentries to watch over their fellows to make sure their safe. To allow them some respite, some rest in not an always understanding world. Theses three people, from the community of El Darado, coming down into Mexico to try and stop the mecance plauging their home. They've been walking in a loose line spread out, for several hours. Its getting closer to the watch being changed, but that doesn't mean they can slack off and keep their eyes off from the horizon."
Iris Lark     Iris is walking close to Jude, subdued and injured from the ride earlier. She keeps an eye on the horizon, making an attempt to keep watch and keep her mind off of earlier. She was determined to finish this patrol before she let herself sink into the oblivion of sleep.
Jude It's getting to be a pretty familiar routine for Private Jude Masters. Ride in the car. Sleep. Help make camp. Patrol. Patrol some more. Rinse. Repeat. On the plus side, the vaultie isn't doing so horrible when it comes to the heat. He's nearing the point of acclimatization.

His pistol is drawn as he walks in the ragged line with Fiona and Iris. It's held loose and ready in his hand. His head, as it should be, is on something of a swivel, glancing this way and that in his area of coverage. "See anything?" he inquires of the other two. "Still just tumbleweeds and lots of dirt over here."

He spares a concerned look at Iris, moving a little closer to give her hand a light touch of solidarity.
Fiona Fiona adjusts the sway back hat as she walks the route. It took about two minutes for her to figure it out, then she took the lead to not watch what the other two sentries so they could enjoy romantic Ole Mexico.
Iris Lark     Iris smiles over at jude and jerks her shoulder as she takes another look around. "I don't see anything here." She mutters, narrowing her eyes as she gazes towards the south. "I'll keep looking." She murmurs, squeezing Jude's hand softly.
Jude Jude gives Fiona a little smile as she takes the lead. He's willing to take the offered moment and slips closer, holding Iris's hand as he walks. He glances over and flashes her one of his warm, earnest little smiles before he's back to looking around. A little distraction might do, but he still isn't willing to shirk his duties. "Maybe this one'll be quiet. Nearly time to head back in to be relieved." He smiles at the thought. "I think I'm gonna sleep like the dead." He glances over and asks Iris, "Do ya need to see a doc or anything before we turn in?"
Fiona Fiona keeps her gaze on the horizon, it was a long day, and she weathered it better than many passing through the divide. Keeping her weapon at the low ready.
Martin     Ron Perlman  narrates, "Even though the world was ravage by the great and terrible bomb so many generation agos, destroying homes, and families. The Wasteland has never been that empty. Raiders, refugees, traders, geckos and even the frumious deathclaw. Fiona manage to get the best sighting of what was coming up on them. They were driving down from the sunset, meaning you'd had to very narrowly look directly at the sun to see them. But Fiona can see the silhouette coming closer to them. She think, there may be 4 shapes."
Iris Lark     "I'll be okay, I'll figure it out." Iris murmurs quietly, her eyes still scanning the horizon. She leans in and bumps Jude's shoulder gently. "You're going to have your hands full repairing the car, I hope you get enough rest tonight." She says, grinning over at him. She's so involved with her conversation that she doesn't catch sight of what's coming.
Jude Jude lets his eyes fall shut and bumps Iris's shoulder back affectionately. He gives her hand a squeeze as he groans. "Ohhhh. I don't even want to think of that." He perks up a moment and asks, "Isn't that, like, Eden's job? Isn't she Alice's go to?" He's hopeful since he's also in charge of dealing with the militia truck and the general fleet of cars.

He pauses a moment, flicking his attention up towards Fiona and around before he asks Iris, "Next time we'll have that bike all put together like I want it. You'll be able to stretch right on out in that there sidecar."
Fiona "Grab some cover, contact west." Fiona comments as she drops to a knee position as she fixes her hat brim to cut the glare off the approaching forms. Once her hat is right she does a blade hand chop point, "I count four." Then she grips the barrel sighting in on them and lowering her barrel just off target. Holding for identification to avoid friendly fire.
Iris Lark     Iris raises her pistol and finds cover her eyes trying to scan to find the contacts that Fiona has spotted. She finally catches sight of whatever is coming and frowns, checking the ammo on her pistol. She primes it so it's ready to fire and waits, shaking slightly as she keeps her eyes peeled.
Jude Jude hears Fiona and moves off to the side a ways and forward, hoping to get a good line of fire to compliment Fiona and Iris's position. He might not be the finest soldier in the El Dorado militia, but he's at least studied tactics. He gets low and peers through the rays of the sun, trying to make out what he sees.
Martin      Ron Perlman voices over the impending violence, "Though some in the Wasteland, find its better to scrounge scrap metal, and refurbish any building that hasn't collosped in on itself. Others feel that the world of nieghborhoods, and working for each other has passed. And the only way to survive is to take whatever isn't bolted down. Living off the meager fats of the farmer, with threats to burn it down, and to immulate their entire families. These four are driving toward the El Durado caravan, with wreckless abandon. Their motorcycles roars are getting louder as they get closer. Just coming into the long range."
Iris Lark     Iris watches whatever is approaching with wide eyes, her pistol held up and ready to fire. She shifts and goes quiet, it's best not to be spotted if you can get the element of surprise. She glances at the others and then back to the horizon, biting her lip against the urge to call out to make sure the others see what is coming.
Jude From his position, Jude gives a signal indicating that he sees them. Four. Motorcycles, in case the growing growl of the engines weren't obvious. He steadies himself, pistol held ready. "Wait for it..." he whispers under his breath. "Wait for it..."
Fiona Fiona sighs as she still cannot identify for certain that the bikers are hostile. The thumb flicks the fire switch to semi-auto. Easy.
Martin     Ron Perlman  voice overs the ensuing combat, "The motorcycle raiders raiders are roaring closer, kicking up great plumes of dust in their wake. They fail to notice the centry party, as they ride hard toward the caravan. And like Jude had quickly planned out, they are riding into the kill box he set up. And are in medium range of everyone.
Fiona Fiona watches the riders cross her imaginary line in the sand. Diamond formation might mean leader in front, but her experience is raiders are cowards and fickle, she picks the one with the most meat shield to pick off first with six trigger pulls at nearly full auto-speed and sniper precision, launching the thugs corpse behind his ride.
Iris Lark     Iris raises up from her hiding spot and squeezes the trigger towards the first biker and the shot goes wild, but plows right into the biker and he flies off his bike, almost comically. She takes a breath and she aims for the man on the side - and when she squeezes the trigger again the second biker takes a hit to the chest, hitting the ground like a brick. She ducks back down and mutters under her breath.
Jude Jude breathes steady as he watches Fiona and Iris work their deadly magic. Only one left, he levels his pistol and two green streaks of energy leave his emitter. They find their way home, hitting the final biker in the chest. It scorches it's way through the man, the soft zot of the laser not even reaching him before his motorcycle eats dirt. He smiles as he ducks into cover, waiting a moment. After a moment he calls out, "Clear?"
Martin The camera starts to pan up over the three sentry watching over the El Darado caravan. The smokey remains of the motorcycle and their raiders corpses scorring the ground between them all. Ron Perlman speaks up. "And this is just one example, in the Wastes of the Post Nuclear war world. So many lives terminate at the end of a gun. And for what? Just a few more stimpacks? A few more MFCs? It all seems so wasteful to toss their lives away so freely." The Camera turns around, and the revealing sentry are waving at the group.