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Sparrow --------------------------< Sparrow posed >---------------------------
Sparrow looks towards it. "I believe it's probably full of life now, and if we're lucky they wont get curious before we leave. Hubs are always warzones, especially big one's like this. Well.. it might've been." She looks the direction of where they'd gone through the horde. "Before. Maybe send scouts in to see if there are signs of recent life that might've lost a struggle on a massive scale." She chews her lip, "If that's the case we must hurry and hope they move much, much slower than we do. And hope they don't figure out mininukes before they hit El Dorado. Why do you ask?"
--------------------------< Manuelito posed>--------------------------
"Just curious of your thoughts." Manuelito replies. If there was life in the city, they were probably long since dead; killed off by the massive horde heading northward, to his home. his fist clench ever so slightly before sighing. Even if they destroy the plant, there were already plenty enough of the Horde to the North to wipe out most of the settlements in New Mexico and beyond.

"We will need to check the town for food, water, ammo and fuel. Joe or one of the other leads will take care of rounding up scouts to head inward." Manuelito finally says. "The sandwich board is a good idea. As ammo dwindles, we'll need to know who has what on them or in there cache; same for fuel."
===============================< End of Poses >===============================
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Don't forget hunting too. Iris, Harlan and even I think that ghoul Ren are cooks. But yes scavanging is going to be important. We lost quite a bit.. Gary and his car. Some damage to the cars. We managed to figure out how to conserve fuel but it's not gonna last long. Not even with the ten dozen we found at the old service station. That's why I'm suggesting someone go through, talk to folks, make sure that fuel is divvied fairly. We'll need every able body we've got." She claps the Marshal on the shoulder giving him a tight lipped smile. "Great. Speaking of I've got some spare ammo I don't need. I can give it to you and you can offer it to folks that might need it."
Iris Lark     Iris walks into the area, her pistol held close to her side. She spots Sparrow and Manny and a smile tugs at her lips for a moment before she steps closer and speaks up. "Hey, just the people I was looking for. How are you two holding up?" She is still bloodied from last night, but has a few bandages wrapped loosely around her arms and torso.
Manuelito The reminders of the cost to this expedition was not lost on the Marshal as Sparrow spoke. His eye left her, looking back to the ruins of Azteca silently. Blood was split, and would continue to spill in the name of freedom and life; well, mostly in the name to live. "Keep it." the Navajo says quietly "And put it on the board. You are to oversee the sandwich board." He adds.

As Iris arrives, he looks at her; the way she looks was another reminder of how costly this was going to be. His head nods slightly, a false smile being given to her. "Iris, I heard about the vaultmobile. How is everyone holding up?" He inquires.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks, "Iris. Shit, I walk away from the Medic area for five minutes and here you are. I was goin' ta head back after havin a word with Manny. How're you?" She can guess but her expression is concerned for a moment. "'M fine. I've got a good crew takin care of me. Other folks I can't speak so nice for. But we're gettin' them together. I was just bring up to the Marshall we should start up a pool, a board of sorts where folks can list their ammo and how much fuel they need. So resources can be pooled. After yesterday we're gonna have to. I was almost out of Ammo near the end I was lucky someone had some. I got Camilla looked at but she has pretty fresh stitches, should be able to take them out before we leave though. She might see ya about that soon." She warns Iris before looking towards Manny. "Uh.. All right." She chuckles.
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, looks covered in grease. That lab coat certainly needing a wash now. He was checking the load on his needler as he'd head south for one of those buildings. He needed more parts for the cars unfortunately. But at least they stopped at a good spot. Slowing slightly at spotting the others out there, he'd store that needler for the moment and head their way, lifting metal claw hand to wave. "Hey there.. You guys seen any belts out here? Err.. nevermind. It's going to be hard to know that anyways.."
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Sparrow and shrugs. "Things have been crazy. I drew the short straw for patrol last night, even though I was wounded." She shakes her head and chuckles softly. "I am going to be setting up a triage to see who we can treat, we've got some time before we leave again."
Manuelito Manuelito nods ever so slightly. "Are there any who are to injured to continue forward on this expedition, Iris?" He asks quietly. Glancing from her to Qwillis, a brow quirks up "If you need my belt, I suppose I can give it to you.. Though, why would you need it?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "I got the area set up for ya and can help ya as soon as we're done here. And first things first, I'm fixin' you." She tells Iris firmly before smiling and looking towards Qwillis and she shakes her head. "No, but we might be headed into the city for supplies a bit later. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some." She glances towards Manuel and looks back towards Iris for her assessment. The Cowgirl is tucking her fingers into her pocket and tucks her cigar in her mouth.
Qwillis     Qwillis holds up both hands with a chuckle. "Oh.. no, no wrong belt. It's for the car. There's a lot of damage to them.. I'm doing what I can and faking what I can.. But it's only able to go so far.." he'd sigh softly and shakes his head. "I'll do my best. It's put me low on resources myself.. oh.. and I did find some gas too, Commander. Since I'm not a driver, I'm happy to add it to the pool?"
Sparrow A runner from the militia calls to manny about someone approaching the camp!