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Vault Girl Azteca may be the largest city of any kind any of you have seen and unlike many other large cities, there was very little reasons for it to be bombarded when the bombs fell in 2077. As the group of you who had gone out to explore wander the streets you find evidence that life was here not too long ago despite the extensive damage to the city.

Unlike most American Cities, it seems automobiles still littered the streets here but many of them had been damaged beyond repair when the mutants had swept through the city like a plague of locusts.

There are few bodies and fewer carrion still, the molerats and vultures steering clear of the group not out of respect but fear; whatever the horde had done here, it had instilled fear even in the wildlife, what little of it remained.

After several hours of searching the group comes across what appears to have been the government center or city hall for Azteca which if anyone can read Spanish was inscribed over the main entryway; confirming any such suspicions.

The interior of the building was spacious, the bullet holes on the walls and dried bloodstains giving you reason to think this place had been the site of a great battle; it certainly had more obvious signs than anywhere else in the city you had been.

There were a large set of stairs leading upstairs as well as a barred off door leading to a basement.
Jude Jude grows more grim as the journey shows things that he simply hasn't ever scene. The sheer immensity of the city and the peculiar wildlife make him prickle with apprehension. He stays near Iris as they make their way to the city hall, murmuring and pointing now and then as he notices this and that.

The Militia private, as they enter the area, flicks his attention between the barred door and the large flight of stairs. He decides to make his way over to the barred door to give it a cursory examination.
Manuelito Walking ahead of the group quietly, his nine millimeter SMG weapon in his hands was Manuelito. As the leader of the scouting party, he kept himself ahead of the pack as his eye cautiously scans the foreground and background of Azteca.

It was a magnificent site to see; other cities like Albuquerque, Roswell, Amarillo he had seen pale in comparison and measure. Buildings still stood, albeit heavily damaged; some as tall as scrapers. It was a wander to behold, but at the same time heartbreaking. It was easy to imagine that this city was teeming with thousands of people not long ago. With the Horde having brushed through, it would seem everyone was killed off.

As they approached the city hall building, that thought seem to be only more confirmed; blood, bullets and destruction was seen beyond. Perhaps this was the last holdout before the Azteca completely fell to the Horde.

Sighing and frowning, Manuelito looks to the group over his shoulder. "Spread out. I want five teams of two to take each level. If you find something, call over the radios. If you run into trouble, regroup with the team below you. Got it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis' foot steps ring with metal every other step as he'd walk along with the group. That needler was in hand, ready.. Just in case. He was silent, a bit withdrawn as he'd look around, but kept up with the group in general. Considering that barred door much like Jude, he'd head it's way, nodding agreement to Manny as he'd look it over, to see how hard it might be to get it open.
Iris Lark Iris walks along with the group, and when parts of the city are pointed out, she gives it attention and looks interested. The building comes into view and as they move towards it, the Healer makes an attempt to not groan aloud. She isn't all the fond of the dark and it's going to be darker inside. She glances at Manny as he issues his orders and she hugs her pistol closer.
Vector     Vector's having the time of his life, apparently. Riding roughshod over a Horde, doing your best to dodge rockets flying at you every which way - life is pretty good. He isn't starving either, which is really nice. Molerat has that particular flavour to it that you really learn to enjoy after you cook one. His fractured arm is currently holding some of the leftover cooked molerat, which is occasionally being pushed under the veil and chewed upon not only thoughtfully, but with conscious care - one it's gone, it's gone.
    In his other hand he holds the obnoxiously oversized hunting revolver, pausing as he looks up at the building. His chewing slows. He gulps down a mouthful. "Loot, or probably something awful.. Probably both."
Apostle     Perhaps not to this magnitude, Apostle is not unaccustomed to seeing what this world has to offer. Whatever emotion makes it to her face is swallowed up by the masked helmet she wears and the reflextive burnished orange lenses that guard her eyes from the sand and glare. She has been relatively silent, aside from the occasional hssking and murmurings to her travel companions that will likely be as cryptic as they ever are. It's left to Vector to make sense of it all.
    Upon arrival, the door appears to have more interest to her than do the stairs. Her head turns to look at Manuelito over her shoulder as he speaks, chest evenly rising and falling as though the breath were forced and artificial, against her will.
    ... Hssk.
    "Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice."
    A finger jabs to each of those that had been travelling with her and hers this entire journey; namely Vector, Abe and Archene, then back at herself.
    "I have promises to keep. They are mine."
Aralyn She's moving along with the group as best she can, Ara still having to get over having been blasted and fragged on the way here whilst gunning from the VaultMobile... Currently the odd-woman has her sub machine gun in hand, with that sniper rifle strapped diagonally across he rback. She pauses near Qwillis and then painfully sretches her back, working her torso to maybe get a little more comfortable before she looks up, then at the barred access to the basement... "Only seeing three levels here, this one, the upper, and a door to a basement, latter of which appears barred." Informs Ara, then when she hears Vector "Oooh I'm pretty sure something aweful's here..."
Carter Griffin The crunch of dirt and rocks beneith the boots of the NCR Ranger filled the silent streets of Azteca. This place was severely damaged, but this wasn't done by the bombs on that terrible day over two hundred years ago. No, he'd seen this kind of devestation before, it was done well after the bombs fell. He saw it in Boulder City. Helped cause it in Boulder City.

Upon entering the town hall, he draws his Sequoia, the lenses on his helmet turning on with a tap to the side of the helmet, "If there's something awful it's in the basement."
Manuelito Manuelito nods in agreement to Aralyn "Alright, we'll adjust the teams - three teams. Four up, four down and three on this level." He replies.
Archene Caine "Hopefully loot, though I do assume there is some loot underground. Even if there is also something aweful." Archene nods before looking at Apostle, he shrugs, "Don't mind going with you as long as I keep whatever I find. Though I'll pass along whatever is more useful to you."
Abe     "So, the town was being over run... and whoever was left fell beck here." supposed Abe as he wriggled a pinky into a bullet hole.

He didn't expct to find anything there but, well. it was something to do.

Adjusting his sling slightly, he turned around when Manuelito.

"Dibs on down stairs." he reports, a hand shooting up as if they were drawing lots. "There's always something good in the basement of government facilities."

No there isn't.

When he's called out as 'Mine' by Apostle.. he seems to flush, just a slight pinkening in his ruddy cheeks. "I think I'm flattered."
Aralyn Ara looks to Manuelito, then glances arond and frowns "Gotcha, recommend clearing one level at a time and moving on. Just in case." Now tha she's made her recomendaion, Ara glances around again and hmmms, she moves up near Qwillis and asides as she glances a he upper level and at this one... "So you think hey locked that door to keep things from getting into it? or keep them from coming out of it?" She asks idly, then sighs and looks around some more... "I'll team up with whoever, tell me who'm I'm going with."
Jude Jude flicks his attention to the Marshall and nods as orders are given. He glances at all the interest at the basement, so saunters over to tap Iris, Aralyn and Qwillis, asking, "Y'all care to accompany me to the second floor? Maybe we can piece together what all went on here." He really doesn't have any rank to do more than suggest, so he makes his way to the stairs and waits to see how folks sort themselves out.
Vault Girl The basement seems to have been barred quite well and would require some sort of force to get into, perhaps some sort of cutting implements or even enough applied force to melt the hinges.

The main floor you are all on is much the same picture as when you entered, bullet holes and bloodstains but no sign of anyone.

There is little resistance to be found anywhere in the building at all and no signs of life save a voice from upstairs calling out, "Hello? Whose down there? I can hear you?"
Fiona It is oppressive as it is impressive, man made monoliths. Fiona shakes off the tourist feeling with a splash of water from her cantine. To work as she is just there sliding from the back of the group. "If it ticks, if it clicks. Watch for traps. There was a fight. Slow, steady, don't lose your partner, keep the brains and the medics safe." She rolls her eyes.
Carter Griffin "Generally I would recommend starting from the top and clearing downwards." Carter says, "But if we're going to be splitting up.." He pauses when he hears the voice calling from upstairs, "Voice upstairs, identify yourself." He turns his revolver on the stairs, moving towards them to clear the stairs and move upwards.
Iris Lark Iris turns to follow Jude and when the voice calls from upstairs she automatically opens her mouth to answer, but then remembers herself. She glances around and lets someone else call out to the voice upstairs. She checks her medkit and nods as she sees that she has supplies and brings her pistol up so it's easier to aim and shoot, if she would need to.
Manuelito Looking up the stairs, Manuelito frowns. Looking to Carter, his eyes narrow, head shaking "Shh." He replies to the man. Looking to Jude, he nods "Change of plans; Jude, Archene with me. Let us see who are friend is."

Glancing to Qwillis, he adds "See if you can remove that door to the basement." To the rest "scout the main floor."
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns at the door. Hmm.. need a.. He'd look over at Manny's request, then nods. "Of course, Commander." Eyeing the door, he'd then look over to Iris. "Iris? I don't think I have enough force in me to force this.. but what if you use your laser pistol to melt that hinge? It should work to get in.. Then we can let the others actually scout it out. As.. well.. I'm not sure I want to go into the dark."
Apostle     "No."
    Apostle once again jabs her finger at Archene, Vector and Abe.
Abe     Abe was just fingering his Laser pistol with some hazerdous intent aimed at those hinges when he heard someone pipe up from upstairs.

Keyless entry was put on hold when the prospect of living people trudged into the picture.

"Identify, really..." he uttered beneath his breath. "We're people!" he piped up, a hand cupped to the side of his face, "HEAVILY ARMED people... But friendly, honest, smiling faces all the way!" he continued... taking a moment to regard Apostle, once more asserting her ownership...

"Mostly Smiling Faces!"
Aralyn Ara blinks and looks between Apostle, to Manuelito then back again, and sighs... She glances around and looks for someone to go with her to help scout out the main floor for now... "Who's with me to help out here on ground floor?" She asks, not wanting to get in an argument between Manuelito and Apostle for now.
Iris Lark Iris walks over to the door and gives a dubious gaze to the door. "I mean, I can try, but if it looks like it's going to fry my pistol we'll have to find another way." She leans in and gazes at the door for a moment or two and then takes a step back. "Better stand back, the last thing we want to do is get in the way of the laser."
Vector     Virton looks over towards Apostle, then over at Manuelito. There's a snigger that comes from behind the man's veil, before he nods towards Abe. "Happy smiling faces. Always happy. Always smiling. With faces." He comments.
Manuelito Manuelito places a hand to his forehead and shakes his head. Thanks Abe. he grumbles. the element of surprise was no gone. Stepping back, he looks to Apostle and frowns. "Alright, I'm going to stand over here and see how everyone handles this situation." He notes, stepping back. "After all, the element of surprise is no longer in our favor and we seem to have an issue with who is going with whom." He turns and walks over to a desk, leaning against it.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods and steps back, studying Iris and her pistol, then looking to the door. "It'll be a start. Just give me enough of a gap.. I'll figure something out."
Jude Jude bobs his head and forms up on the Marshall. He mouths to Iris, "Be safe." Then he murmurs to Manny, "Weapons drawn, sir? Or are we gonna be all peacable?"

Then Abe is being all loud and Jude just sighs and shakes his head. He's surprised at the Marshall's reaction, shifting from one foot to the other and glancing up the stairs, just in case weapons start pointing their way.
Apostle     Apostle moves away from the door, her head never turning away from Manuelito, the image of his form reflected in the lenses of her goggles getting larger as she paces forward with a palpable distaste.
    She 'sighs'.
    Tck. Hssk. Hssk.
    "The most improper job of any man, even saints (who at any rate were at least unwilling to take it on), is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity."
    With that, she gestures to those that have come to this place with her and begins walking toward the stares to tromp up the stairs as though she hadn't a care in the world, head turning to watch Manuelito as she passes, before finally turning toward where she's walking.
    "Peace begins with a smile..." Her voice rings out as though to announce her forward march to the person upstairs.
Aralyn Aaand now Ara stops and turns, looking to Manuelito.. "C'mon, lets go up." she says and glances to Iris "MIght wanna try to find tools to cut into that thing first." She then starts walking up the stairs as she calls out "Whoever that is, please show your self? We mean no harm..." she says, she keeps her firearm pointing in a safe place, bu it's still in hand...
Abe     "What, we're a herd of Brahmin down here!" exclaims Abe, hands sweeping to include the crew. His gesture then includes Iris as she cracks off a shot. "Oh, nice pistol." he notes a moment after.

With Apostle's ascent to the stairs, Abe gives a mournful look towards the door... Oh dolorous day when he did not get to explore dark, dusty corners. Ah well.

He trots up after her, good hand gliding up along the hand rail.
Vault Girl The sound of the voice leads upstairs into what was no doubt once an opulent office that has been looted and stripped clean.

"Yeah, in here!" The voice called out but it was nowhere to be seen, was it a ghost?

"HEY! Watch where you're walking." The voice called out again as Abe's foot hit a glass jar.

"Mind picking me back up, friends?" The jar Abe had hit contained a talking head. A head in a jar.
Manuelito Manuelito rolls his good eye and shakes his head, arms folding against his chest. "Right." He states, shifting to watch the others; Iris attempting to open the door, those deciding to follow the crazed Apostle. It would seem these folks have things under control. A shrug and he pushes himself off the desk and heads back to the doors, stepping outside to examine the area around the building; hoping to find more clues as to what happened.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches, contemplatively, as Iris tries her best. After a moment he'd wave her off, eyeing her laser. "I.. might be able to do this. But.. it'll be all the power in that to cut through. I'm sure I could reverse the polarity of the neutron flow to increase the power sufficently enough to get in.." Arms cross Qwillis' chest as he'd frown. "But I don't want to leave you without a weapon."
Vector     Vector's shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, before he begins to saunter after Apostle. "That's why you're the Boss, Boss." He replies to the woman's quotation like it's a normal conversation, and he proceeds to follow after the woman. He doesn't put away the revolver, though - that's still gripped in one tight fist, doing his best not to stumble on a stair and ruin the mood.
    He stumbles a bit, swears violently and quietly under his veil, then continues trotting up after Abe and Apostle. They get into the room. There's a jar. A jar with a talking head.
    Vector immediately leaves the room, turning only to throw sand in the doorway as if it were salt - a barrier against whatever evil science lurks in that room. He stands with his head poking in through the doorway.
Carter Griffin "Well it seems the militia has upstairs well in hand." Carter looks over towards Aralyn, "We can secure this floor, while the others get the basement." He motions for her to lead on, "You take point, I've got your six."
Abe     What.




Abe's gaze dropped down to his feet. His features blanked behind the mask of the ranger's helmet.

Stooping, Abe gingerly collects the Jar, righting it and lifting it up, heftiong it to eye level.

A breath escaped him, colored with confused mirth.

Jude Jude sees that Manny is headed out the door, so he makes his way back to the barred door, muttering darkly under his breath. He watches what they're doing, trying not to get in their way. He flicks on his pip-boy light and shines it, giving a little extra light.
Apostle     Nonplussed, Apostle stares toward the head with the same detatched interest that she might offer anyone else that tried to talk to her.
    "What is in the basement?"
    What, no riddles?
Aralyn And now Manuelito has given Ara directions? She nods and begins looking around on the floor that Manuelito wants her to look around on, taking point at that... "This whole place has cats dancin' up and down my spine." She mutters quietly. "Course that could be pain meds combined with shrapnel. I can't tell." Says the odd woman.. She brings her weapon to her shoulder now and at least can do what she came to do anyhow...
Vault Girl "Why, hello there! Been months since I saw another human face. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Doctor Cornelius Van Doberstein. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." The human head in the jar said to Abe, "You don't happen to have a spare robot body to attach me to, do you?" The head asked hopefully.
Fiona "Ah, yo. Survivors first. Come on." Fion sighs, leaning down to check the floor and ready with her weapon. Still more between the groups. "Boss?" She tries as Manny heads out. Great. She is relieved when the door doesn't open. She moves to the base of the stairs to wait fod screams from above, while watching here.
Iris Lark "If it's going to destroy my weapon, I'd rather not. If it will work as it did before, sure." Iris says, her eyes on Qwillis. "How likely is it that you will destroy my pistol?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head. "I won't destroy it! ... I think. No. It should be fine! Just.. empty. You'll have to get more power for it when you can." He'd smile towards Iris with a small shrug. The non-metal hand is offered. "Let me tweak it and I'll see if I can't get us in."
Abe     Abreham's eyes grew wide behind the lenses of his mask. Saucer like with confusion, then wonder. They seem to shine a moment later... Or the poor bastard just sees a mask peering at him. "No, not now... but we might get lucky!"

The smile that has affixed itself to his features will soon cause his cheeks to ache.

"Scribe Errant Abreham Mcdonald of the Brotherhood of Steel, Doctor. Van Doberstein, a pleasure and a surprise to meet you."
Apostle     "What's in the basement?"
    Apostle repeats from behind Abe.
    No introduction is offered.
Iris Lark "If you destroy my pistol, you'll be replacing this." Iris says, handing her pistol to Qwillis. She sighs and stands back, gazing at the ground as she waits to see what happens.
Fiona Fiona waites, soldiers are good at that one. No scream from above, she watches the door crew, stands near the steps up. It occurs to her, a major thing is all wrong though. If this is Mexico, where is all the tequila?
Qwillis     Qwillis takes the pistol from Iris with a nod. He'd pull out a tool on his belt to tweak some of the settings with a silent muttering. That done, he'd plant both feet and aim at the door. The blast of energy is intense, enough so to melt that hinge! It'd sap that power fast though, cutting out with the job finish. He'd restore it back to those regular settings and hand it to Iris with a smile. "See? No harm done.. but we're through now. I believe."
Vault Girl "Aha, one of those Brotherhood Lads. I heard about you lot, over the years. Avoided you though, never quite sure what they'd do. We waited almost two centuries for the government to get our research you know, but we did it! We cured the New Plague, quite an accomplishment, shame there's nobody left to give me a Nobel. Ah, anyways my boy, due to my years of experience and expertise, you would be wise to listen to me, in fact, I nominate myself the new leader of your merry band. Remember, respect your elders." Doctor Van Doberstein rambled on before he looked at Apostle as best he could, "The Basement? Well, I could tell you if I had any clue where we were. One of those damn mutants took me as a trophy, clipped me on his damn belt and told me to shutup or he would smash me. Oh, the humanity. I take it you've ended the mutant threat as well? Nasty business those mutants, you have no idea how horrifying it was to watch them kill, nothing but kill. This city had tens of thousands before they swept in."

Iris' laser pistol blast is able to knock the basement door clean off, not a sound coming from the darkened stairwell.
Vault Girl Well, not a sound except the basement door clanging down the stairs!
Carter Griffin "Aralyn, see if you can't find anything to salvage." Carter says, "I don't think the mutants left much of anything, but a lot of times stuff they might classify as junk is something we can use." The Ranger switches view modes on his helmet to help look around, "Sounds like threy're through to the basement. No idea what's going on upstairs.."
Aralyn Ara nods, then she hears the basement door go clang... "Umm I think they're in the bsaement." she says... "Yup..." She then agrees with Carter, then gets on the radio "What goes on up stares?" she asks curiously, before beginning to search side-rooms and the like, weapon still held at the ready...
Abe     Abe listens... and with every word the man speaks, it seems to grow heavier and heavier. His arm trembles under the burden. His back aches.

"You... You can cure the horde's FEV strain?" he wondered, "We're not talking about some other plague right? Not some jumped up, old-world era outbreak of flu or chicken pox?" He felt a little feint, his head was buzzing.

This was enormous, gargantuan. He wanted to be leader? A wretched corner of his brain made some 'Head Honcho' comment and chuckled, tickled by itself.

A blast came from below, Abe gave a start, almost dropping Dr. Doberstein in the process, "Jesus, fuck.... uh... let me... put you down for a moment." he uttered breathlessly, looking for a desk upon which the esteemed doctor might rest, turning to yell down the stair way.

Vault Girl "The New Plague, well I suppose it isn't very new anymore. The Horde? You must mean the mutants, well no, I can't cure them. The strain of FEV that created them was a byproduct of my research however, one I wanted to destroy"

The basement looms ominously.
Iris Lark Iris slowly descends down the stairs, her eyes flittng around to make sure she's not walking into a trap. She stows her pistol, and holds out her arm, lighting up her Pip-Boy for some illumination. "Hellooo." She calls out softly.
Apostle     Comms return from Apostle; sounds like... a woman, not the tinned mechanicus.
    "Head in a jar."
    She doesn't know where they are, so her response to the good doctor is to raise her shoulders in a lazy, noncommittal shrug. Her voice comes again.
    "A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law; you may have a body, or you may lead, you may not do both by sacred oath of Governance Mechanicum."
    "A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm." She continues. "Take him downstairs that he might look upon our location, and tell us what is below... that the others do not fall to ha--" She flinches at the explosion, everything going still, until her shoulders slowly relax.
    "That the others do not come to more harm."
Jude Jude watches as Qwillis and Iris work the problem of the door. He shields his eyes from the massive discharge of energy, but can't help but grin as the door falls. He gives a little clap, congratulating with, "Good job!" But then the yawning dark beckons. He draws his laser pistol and moves to the darkened stairwell. He shines his light as he follows Iris down the stairs.
Aralyn Meanwhile? Aralyn is still wandering around the floor level, lookng for anything of use... She glances behind doors, looks through desks, etcetera as she tries to completely clear out at least the first floor...
Qwillis     Qwillis sighs and would go after Iris of course. The thought of Vuk turning the minigun on him if she came to harm.. yeah. No. Just.. no. Needler readied, he'd nod to Jude with a flashed grin, then head down below with Iris. Looking about it's.. well.. food. Huh. "Storage. I guess. I wonder if it's any good. I'm not sure if that was a vaccum seal or not."
Iris Lark We should take it, just in case." Iris says, leaning in to gaze at the items on the shelves. She holds her arm out as she continues to explore. "Lots of debris and stuff." She shrugs. "If this food is any good, it'll be helpful."
Jude Jude shines his pip light along the rows of shelves and storage. He chews his lower lip as he moves in to get a closer look. "I guess we could do an inventory and see what we have." He flicks at his Pip-boy 5000 and starts to do a quick catalog of what's down there, bustling and moving debris as he goes. "Foods always good at least. Maybe Harlan can whip us up something nice."
Abe     Hope. Died.

Abreham's enthusiasm hit a wall as the man's words registered. His eyes lost focus, things blurred or became double...

The plague was not the virulent FEV strain. The man in the helmet and the brotherhood chestplate sagged. His good arm stretched out to the wall, bracing himself up as he stared into the distance.

"Your work... created the strain?" he questioned the man, cycling a breath through his mask's filter. He pushed off of the wall, rocking on his heels as he turned to regard the man, "All of this, just... WHoops, made a mistake." Lord please let it be a mistake. He needed a chair, where was a chair? Could he find himself a chair, what do you roll for a chair, Improvised weapon? By god he is close!

"Well, you wanted to destroy it, of course. Who wants that getting out? Something like this could happen." Sarcasm dripped from his words like bitter honey.

"So... did someone not want this byproduct of yours to be destroyed?" he wondered, his running of the mouth ceasing, a expaectant gave leveled at the Good Doctor.
Iris Lark "I can cook too." Iris responds, sticking her tongue out at Jude as she continues to move amongst the debris, moving some out of the way. "What did they find upstairs? Do you know?" She asks Jude, turning away from the dark basement for a moment.
Jude Jude grins and gives Iris a nudge before he whispers something to her. He laughs and goes back to what he's doing. It isn't glamorous work, but it'll fill some tummies. "Umm. Only thing I heard was a head in a jar. Didn't really recognize the voice over the radio though." He ponders a moment. "Think she meant a robot head maybe?" He gives a shrug. "I haven't heard an explosion though, so I guess they're okay."
Aralyn And now Ara wanders by Carter and sighs, glancing at him "Find anything?" She asks curiously as she look over his shoulder briefly, then glances back out the door, before getting on the Radio.. "I am hearing a lil shouting, no shooting, you guys find something good up stairs? How goes the basement?" She asks curiously.
Qwillis     Qwillis purposely avoids looking at Jude and Iris when he'd go close to her to whisper to her. Is he moving stuff a little more.. firmly.. than before? Maybe. or maybe it's heavy. Yeah. That's it. Either way, he'd glance at his lab coat pocket and pull the radio out. "Basement is clear. We found storage area and food. If it's good? Then we won't go hungry. If it's bad? We're out of luck then."
Fiona The door down is open, somebody upstairs asked for a robot. The marshal wondered off. Fiona checks her rifle, that she can control. Tending the dependable simple machine often gives her a little clarity. If Manny wondered off is she in charge? She adjusts the strap, then shoulders the rifle. Not in charge, just responsible. A sigh, she draws the 10mm service pistol, pulling the slide to check the ready round. She starts moving toward the basement door, pistol in hand. She pauses when the all clear is called out. A sigh, good. Nobody died or got really hurt. Maybe she can find something useful.
Vault Girl "The Government of course. I believe they call themselves the Enclave now. Not that they're much better than the ones who were in charge before. Do you know, they did this to us? The Old president gave the order when the bombs began dropping, said we couldn't afford to lose time on our research." Doctor Van Doberstein would have shrugged if he could but he was just a head in a jar, "I'm just a scientist though and at the risk of sounding power-hungry, I'd much prefer to be the leader of this no doubt quite capable group. This Scribe Abreham, like our honored forefather, shall be my faithful assistant as we head back to my lab. When we arrive, no doubt, I will reward you all greatly and we'll, um, end that whole mutant threat! I'm quite cross with them for carrying me around like a piece of detritus, I am not rubbish! I am the greatest scientific mind of this era!"

The basement was filled with supplies, shelf upon shelf although some of it had spoiled due to insect infestations or the dampness down here.

Aralyn finds a skeleton beneath a collapsed shelf, the poor individual likely dying slowly due to being unable to get out from under the supply laden shelf. Cockroaches scurry away as the group moves through the basement, just normal cockroaches; no radroaches.

There was enough food to help feed everyone in the convoy which would help replace some of the food loss from the lost vehicles.
Iris Lark "Some of this is good." Iris remarks, walking along the shelves, noting how many boxes are unopened and unspoiled. "If we can get some of it to the cars, we'll be in pretty good shape." She wrinkles her nose as she spots a lone cockroach near her and she brings down a booted foot to stomp on it.
Jude Jude chews his lower lip, nodding in agreement with Iris. "Yeah. With what we lost, we could use it too, huh?" He starts to rummage through the junk, seeing about pulling out enough materials to fashion some crates to help get the food back. He offers to the others in the basement, "Help me get some stuff together and we can make some crates. Make it easier to get some of this on back to camp."
Aralyn Ara peers at the skeleton, and sighs, then makes sure to finish clearing out the bottom floor before she goes up to the top, looking to clear out the top floor too. As she walks by Abe and mr-noggin. She pauses and stares at the Jarred head curiously, her ears twitching upward slightly as those violet eyes fix on the odd thingie... "Ummm Did anyone tell y'all y'have a head.. in a jar? And it talks?" She asks and stares curiously... She then gets on the radio "I'm going to finish making sure no nasties are in the upper levels, We can clean this place out of whatever we can find and move on..."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in agreement with the others, going to help move materials so they can get restored. He'd look at his radio and frown. "Oh.. Aralyn is checking out the rest. I guess we're good. We should probably organize a chain of people to pass up. More effiecent."
Abe     Having a temper means learning to manage your temper at times. Abreham took a moment and breathed, listening as the Doctor explained. He interlaced his fingers between good arm and bad and took it in, head bobbing here and there ton convay his attention and understanding.

Someone pipes up from the doorway, Abe cranes his head around and through the red lenses of his helmet, spots Aralyn. "We figured that one out, Kaelyn. Good luck upstairs!" he offers before returning his attention back to Dr. Doberstein.

"I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that maybe your laboratory is somewhere around the Poseidon Power Station?" Abe wondered

"That aside, I do have to let you in on a bit of bad news about this esteemed but motley crew. We've got a Marshall down stairs and even he's having a hard time hearding any cat that isn't wearing a Militia uniform." Abe explains flatly, hooking a thumb over his shoulder towards the stairway.

"However, as for my part, I accept! Gladly!" he claimed, rising from his seat, "Until such a time as we can find you a proper prosthesis, I offer myself as your arms and legs... even if I am in a state of disrepair myself."

He goes on to introduce his companions, "This is The Lady. I believe she's become my boss now, the gentleman before was her Vector and this is Archene Caine."
Aralyn Ara stares at Abe curiously and siighs "Aralyn, not Kaelyn, Kaelyn has -white- hair and red eyes, not purple hair and violet eyes.." She says and then moves closer as she looks at the head in a jar. "Umm Hullo?"
Vault Girl "That's precisely where it is." The Doctor replied as Aralyn began rudely peering into the jar which caused the Doctor to open his eyes wide in shock at Aralyn's appearance before the bottom of the jar began to beep and a little glowing red light could be seen, "Nap time." The Doctor announced, "I must conserve energy in this frail form until you find me a suitable robot body. Then we will discuss the herding of your cats, literally and figuratively." Still staring at Aralyn.

Some in the basement were able to find items other than supplies, but there was no doubt in the days to come they would wish they had those supplies!

Hopefully what they had uncovered would prove useful, just like the head in a jar would hopefully prove useful when they reached Poseidon Energy.
Abe     "Sure thing." Abe answers Aralyn, attention elsewhere. So things had literally came to a head.

In the corner of his mind, he sniggered.

"I'll see what I can't do." He promised.

When the doctor powered down, he moved to collect him, wondering if he should try and find a drape... or was that for birds?

That was likkely for birds.