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Martin     It's early in the evening, with a clear sky dazzled with stars. The cresent moon hangs in the sky starting to make trek across. And out toward the horizan, some new lights appeared. Verigated flashing one. Very curious. The forward scouts for the Caravan reported, that there was a structure out near there but it was a bit far from where the Caravan was going. Though at a quick pace, everyone should be able to come back before dawn. And there might be useful scrap for the company.
Manuelito After the report was given by the scouts, Manuelito gathered a group to head out toward the structure with lights. In his hands was his trusty smg.
Grover Grover having his fill of mutants and lunch and dinner, heads out with the group towards the lights. He moves along, his large axe resting against his shoulder. This far out, it might be better to do things quieter and not draw attention.
Abe     Somewhere, a head was without it's body.

Then again, he was likely still sleeping.

It was good to get some grease back under his nails, Abe pitched in again despite likely being better off back at home camp.

He ambled at the rear of the group, pistol dangling at the end of his good arm.
Fiona Fiona shifts her hat back a bit to see a little better now that glare is not her foe. She walks around, a bit of a lazy stride. Rifle carried in the down facing low ready, but at the moment just the right hand on the grip. Her left hand moving to light her cigar, and then pocket her lighter. "I need to talk to you about Jude, Boss." She says when she lowers the smoke after exhaling.
Martin     The company travels for several hours making good pace toward varigated flashing lights. The ground at their feet are starting to finally cool, as they belly crawl along this ridge overlooking the establishment. Abe notices the oddness of the place. Its not repurpose pre war building. This was constructed, right here. Some group decided to make this place out here in the middle of the waste. Made themselves a home, with a bright beacon to attract anyone coming by.
    And the rest notice, the sign is spelled out with illuminated rods, above the entrance. it spells out,Uncle's Bob.
Manuelito Walking in silence, his eye flick down to look at Fiona as she spoke to him. Glancing back up, he takes in the scenery quietly; fingers idly checking over the SMG to make sure it was ready. Finally, after a minute of silence, he says "Alright; we'll talk later, okay?" He asks idly, eye still staring ahead as he walks.

As they arrive to the building, Manuelito's brow rose slightly "Alrighty then." He mumbles calmly, looking to the party. "Thoughts?"
Abe     "It's new, I can tell that much..." Abe opines, his arm held forward at a odd angle to keep his weight off of it. The splint allows for a little pressure... but not much. "See, most Old World buildings have better foundations... or any foundations at all!" he emphasizes, pointing here and there.

"A good wind storm and that entire thing's in the breeze."
Grover Grover says, "Well...I don't have an uncle its no realtion of mine...I know an uncle Albert, who puts out a catalog.." As he looks at the building, "Still, the sign makes it look like they expect people to show up.""
Abe     "Oh!" Abe pipes, wriggling back and rising up to a kneel, "You can read, that's good." he was never sure with the wastelanders. He'll have to make a note.

"We also know he has power. A generator or maybe some fusion cells if we're really lucky."
Fiona Fiona squats down, the cigar extinuished to become a chew toy. "Trap. Shiny to draw things in. She scans the area around for firing points. "Maybe a diner or a bar. Hope it is a bar."
Manuelito Manuelito nods as Abe and Grover converse. "Alright." He replies calmly slinging the weapon across his chest. "Were still in Azteca, so there is a good chance whomever made this place is dead." A pause. "Weapons at the ready however." He adds nonchalantly; adding "One way to find out." He says to Fiona.

Taking a few steps forward; hand moving to the handle, he turns it and opens the door.
Martin     The company starts to move up toward Uncle's Bob. The main entrance, is wide enough for two trucks abreast to come through, and the soil at their feet, shows that indeed there are tire marks. Fiona, has taken a shadowey position in support or simply better enabling herself to just get the fuck out if things turn sidewise.
    As Manuel and Abe walk into the place. Its pretty quite. There aren't any interior lights. Just the flashing neon one hanging over the entrance. There sheet metal building not far from where they are, and there is a lot of orderly scarp. Car frames nearly stacked, and they look to be stacked by model. And bins of items that look like some group is trying to make easier to find stuff.
Manuelito Darkness. It had to be dark, Manuelito pauses after stepping inside a frown creasing his lips. "Abe isn't it?" Manuelito says quietly "Your Pip-boy has a flashlight, right?" He inquires.
Grover Grover says, "no ones home?...Inventory and requistion then before they come back. Either that, or there in the little building watching everything....still, don't see any working the tracks must be from when they drove out."
Abe     Well if the Marshall was going to stroll up like he was invited to dinner, Abe saw no reason not to follow behind the man... If at a slight distance.
    When nothing leapt, exploded, or shot at the Marshall, Abreham followed.

His helmet provided him with a bit of night vision... but his compatriots did not seem to share his good fortune. His head bobbed his understanding, "I've got more light than good sense, Marshall." Abe avowed as he twisted this nob and flipped that switch. The pipboy provided a clean, green light when the screen came on at full brightness. And just to make himself even more of a target in the dark, he reached up to his Ranger helmet and flipped another switch, turning on the helmet's head lamp.

"I'm going to guess you don't want me singing out our welcome this time around."
Fiona Fiona watches the two approaching, continuing scan the area. Maybe the place fixes cars, or strips them for parts. She could only guess, she had never been in an operating motor vehicle before this trip.
Martin     As the three are walking about the scrap yard, conversing with each other softly, Manuelito turns to face Abe and find himself almost being taken with fear, but manages to beat it down and keep his wits about him. Behind Abe, is maybe one of the most deadly and terrifing creatures out in the Waste. The kind where surivors were luckly because they saw the monster through a scope, and it was busy eating someone. An eight foot tool, reflective black skin Deathclaw, a yard behind Abe.
Manuelito A smirk scrawls across his face. "No, I am sure the light has informed people we are here." He says calmly as he unslings the SMG and takes in the place, looking to Abe and the eye widens; either out of fear or surprise is unknown, probably surprise.

His eye is fixed on Abe, but in reality, it is fixated on something -beyond- Abe. "So." Manuelito says casually. "I do not want to alarm you Abe, but there is an eight-foot-tall Deathclaw standing about a yard to a yard and half behind you." He notes nonchalantly; for a person staring at the most feared thing in the wasteland, he is doing pretty good at staying calm.
Martin     The terrifying deathclaw sneaking up on Abe, its meancing steal knives for fingers reaching toward him to rend him into taste gorepile to devour. Before he was able to do so, Fiona, pops out behind one of the car piles and takes several shots toward the Deathclaw. The Deathclaw starts to flail about, cover its head, and swears as its getting fired upon, "Ah. Shit. God damn it." As it goes behind a car to take cover.
Manuelito Moving a hand upward to Abe's shoulder, Manuelito was ready to throw him to the side. Then Fiona's gun rings out and the Deathclaw talks.

Wait. Talked? "Your sentient?" Manuelito calls out to the Deathclaw, his eye still wide with surprise; hand on Abe's shoulder.
Fiona Fiona, blinks as the deathclaw runs like a man with a stolen sweetroll. She keepa the rifle aligned on where it runs. She just doesn't fire. "Take cover."
Grover Grover chases after the creature..." you die..." As he swings the might axe back and forth, slicing only though the air though..."Stand up and fight creature!"
Martin     Bob eyes dart about, as this mad man comes chasing him around the corner and swings an ax at him. It didnt hurt, but its the rudeness of the situation. He tries to sweep at Grover hand holding the ax to disarm him, but the human was a bit to agile and could't get away from, then try to just kick him away like in that one holotape movie he saw. The one where they kick the dude into a well. That failed too. He yells, "Jesus, man. Coming into Bob's home. Attack bob." And he scurries up the stack of cars with little effort. His claws slicing into the car side and catching on the frame. "Did you just go into everyone home and kill them?!" He yells at the group.
Abe     "Huh." Abe uttered. It was not a quizzical sound or a grunt of not understanding. It was a acknowledgement while his brain worked to absorb the knowledge...

Abe did not soil himself.

With a deft movement of his thumb disengages the lasers safety.

"Lord help me, Marshall, I am not a fast man and I left my Tin Can in the car."

He felt the sweat start, beads of chill on his skin. His heart rate increasing.

Scribe Errant Abreham did not know how close he was to death when those shots rang out. The hand on his shoulder.. and a voice is enough to anchor Abe in place, enough to let him turn and shine that light on the Deathclaw, his skin shining like obsidian and oil in the night.

Then Grover happens, barreling in.

He had a suspicion, it began when the damned thing cursed!

"'ey, Big guy, whoa, calm down!" He is notably yelling at Grover, not Bob.

"Bob, Bob, right?" ("Jesus, Big guy, put that down!")

"We... we came looking for a few things! Anychance you're selling?!"
Manuelito "Everyone hold your attack." Manuelito replies, a frown creasing his lips; raising his SMG toward Grover. "Down, heel."

Looking slightly to Bob, Manuelito says "I will not allow anyone kill a sentient person; regardless of species. Please come down and talk with us."
Grover Grover looks at the creature..."Yes..sometimes for fun." He frowns as the others seem to want the creature alive. He then does the I'm watching you motion with his fingers and does just that.
Fiona Fiona starts forward weapon back at the low ready, "Talking jar-heads and an intelligent Deathclaw. This wins as weirdest day of my life. Unless I wake with a bad headache any minute. Maybe I found the tequila afterall."
Martin     Bob says, and gestures toward Fiona, "She hasn't dropped her weapon or put the safety on. I think I'll be staying up here, until you try to steal our scrap." And his tone goes to something snooty, "And yes, we do sell stuff here at Uncle's Bob." He says. "But we don't accept being shot at, as legal tender."
Aralyn She had seen trouble from where she was doing overwatch, and well it's taken the odd knife-eared woman a while to work her way around the back of the building... She hasn't even heard much over the radio, just mention of a death-claw? She takes a deep breath, and then stows her SMG.. forget that, she's going to need serious knock-down power. In walks the woman, now silently wielding one of the biggest sniper rifle sever made. She then flips her knightvision goggles and powers them up with a quiet humm, then no sound at all as she stealthily makes her way into the building from a different entrance...

She can see movement! Ara then raises that massive rifle, then frowns and has to shift. Further left she goes, circling around the whole thing and still not hearing much of anything as the cover she's chosen muffles most of the sounds... Quietly she works around, the woman finally getting an angle to see the massive 8 foot tall creature and she raises the rifle, silently placing the crosshairs on the thing's head... She glances at the rifle and then hears the creature talk? And a hold for the attack? Ara drops the bolt on the rifle, the .50 cal making a very distinctive sound as the massive bolt slams shut on one of those giant 6+inch long heavy rounds... Then she stares now at the Death claw, rifle lowering after a moment "Just what in the blue blazes?!?" She exclaims
Martin     Bob starts to climb back down off the stack of cars, with some cation. He then whips his claws together, which for a human would be a snap but this was like a loud clink. Then suddendly, more lights start to turn on. And it doesnt seem to be so eerie. If anyone where to go look at the sheet metal building, you can see some glowing red eyes staring out. "I'm Uncle Bob. And this is mine. I have lots of stuff." He says trying to sound a bit chipper.
Grover Grover continues to watch the creature, as the others decide to negotiate with it. He ponders a moment how it would cook over an open fire....well the convoy does need to eat as well. He takes note of the eyes...but then, they would prolly be adverse to killing the creatures pet as well.
Abe     "Right!" agrees Abreham. "Don't you just..." he continues, sweeping the area with a curious gaze... So it's a nest. Great, great... Even if they had piled in on Bobby boy here, they would have been swarmed by the ones that weren't having a late-night snack.

"Sorry about the intrusion there, Bobby Buddy. We must have missed the, 'Tresspassers and Shoplifters will be Eaten' sign.

He slips his pistol into a few straps at his hip and thigh, securing it in place with a pull that tightens their hold on the pistol. "Probably a bit after hours too, pretty rude of us, all things considered! But! We are on a bit of a mission and it's got a bit of a deadline. We're running a convoy down south and we could use some more fuel and maybe a few spare parts... So, Uncle Bob, Buddy. What would we need to do to walk out of here with some Micro-Fuel Cells and whatever else we can charm off your claws?"
Aralyn Ara blinks again and sighs "Ok Soo who am I to be put off by an intelligent Death Claw... I'm a genetically engineered wierdo my self..." She mutters to her self and the woman slings her .50 cal as she walks out into the light fully, now just starring at the giant, intelligent Deathclaw... "Umm, Hi Mr Bob?" she says and offers a bit of a wave... She then glances to the other and Ara asks. "How's everyone then?" before she look to Bob again and goes on to explain "How'd you avoid trouble from that giant hoard of mutants that swept through here?" She asks curiously.
Fiona Fiona walks up closer, cause this might just be the closest she will ever get to a Deathclaw. The rifle at the low ready. Nobody is gonna believe this back at thr Gold Digger. "Hello, sorry about the warning shots." Not misses, she meant to do that.
Martin     Bob walks over to Abe, and extends his collection of kives, that deathclaws happen to have as hands. It seems its wanting a firm shake. It then turns its head toward Aralyn, "We're still fucking deathclaws." And Ara gets the impression that if Bob had lips, it would be giving her a smirk. Bob then turns his attension back to Abe. "Well, like any merchant. We haggle. We bargin. We do, what this holotape I found once called, 'Art of the Deal'." He nods. "We have some MFCs, and as you can see we have quite a few parts for various cars. We know that the scarwny things like you cant travel very fast. Its been a good seller"
Aralyn Ara glance at Bob curiously, then the handshake and then to Abe, then to Fiona, then she sidles up to Fiona, the woman holding the rifle of hers in two hands and sideways in front of her as she leaaans over.. "Soo is it just me, or has the wierd-shit-o-meter topped out?" She asks curiously, the woman whispering.
Abe     As best he can, carefully, Gingerly, Abe returns the gesture, firmly gripping a talon and giving it a jostle that could be considered a shake.

"Right, gotchya. What's a little hoard compared to a happy family?" he jacks his jaw for a bit. "Right, so we have the subjects at hand set... "I've got a old Tijuana bible to spare. After that... How much would you give me for a old t-45?"
Fiona Well, Fiona is at a lose for what to do. "What would you take for the fuel?" She offers, then head tilts as Abe offers a suit of power armor. Hmm, she really doesn't have anything.
Aralyn Ara tilts her head "Ya need us to do something y'all might not be able to do? We could trade a service for stuff.." she says and tilts her head curiously as she just kinda openly stares at Bob... "Abe there is good at repairin' stuff, I'm decent at shooting things and am a fair hand with computers and technology.. Not great mind ya...... " She glances to Fiona curiously....
Martin     Bob says, "Well, now that you brought it up...:" He stands up right. "There, uh, See there a cave that Bob's nephews and nieces would love to use. Its not too far, and in the back, has lovely barrles of New Clear Waste. Which Bob's newphews and nieces can and Bob can make goood use of." He shuffles from foot to foot, maybe a bit uncomfortable, "But its infested with." He takes a moment. "Rad roaches." And then from the sheet metal building, you have lots of disgruntle voices.
Abe     Rad Roaches... they made his skin crawl too. In a way, he could understand, even if his hide was armor-thick, he'd hate to have them crawling on him.

"Deal." he promised. "Dead roaches for fuel cells." he agreed on the terms...

"You wanting us to bring back some heads for you as proof, Bobbo?"
Martin     Bob stoops down, "Are you suggesting to Bob, that you'd lie to a deathclaw?" He ask Abe. Its hard to tell what the tonality of its intent was. Was it a joke, or a coy (for a deathclaw) death threat.
Aralyn And now Ara's wierd shit-o-meter just went even higher. Ara stares at Bob and tilts her head "Afraid of rad roaches?" she whispers, then glances to Bob curiously "Nope, we're just used to supplying proof." She then glances at Abe now... "Abe? I intend to be head-shooting these things... we'll just take the bodies out and pile them up, ok?" She suggests as she looks around.. "Will that work?"
Abe     Bob couldn't see him sweat through the mask but somehow that fetid, predator's breath made it through the mask's filters. The stench of rotting meat and screaming work.

Abe lifts a hand, he could be swearing a vow, or it could just be the only one he could raise, "Easy there, Bobbo." he soothes, "Just honest folk trying to deal with each other honestly." he explained, ceding the point to Aralyn, "Kaelyn's got it. We'll get it all cleaned for you. If you don't need them, we could even handle the left overs. Roach meats starting to look good on a long trip."
Martin     So then Bob points out Abe's pipboy's map where the cave is at. And yea, its not too far away. Probably a half hour hike away. Its pretty easy hike all things consider, and the company finds itself at the mouth of a pretty none descript cave. The cresent moon hangs in about middle of the sky now. And even though the ground has cool off well, as the party gets closer to the mouth. Its warm. Uncomfortably warm. About as uncomfortable the first boy girl dance in middle school.
Aralyn Ara is following after the others, the woman now checking the mag on her SMG and glancing at the thing "Put a lot of rounds through this little puppy of late." She mutters, then glances to the others. "I have night vision, less y'all wanna try and do this with flashlights? I can also attempt to take point on this whole deal too..." She offers and sighs.. Now the woman is obviously injured, still bruised and banged up from the rocket that hit the vaultmobile.
Abe     "...Why don't you ever take me to nice places, Manny?" Abreham demanded of the Marshall who was TOTALLY STILL PRESENT but acting just off screen. He and Grover will likely be having a pitched battle where they slay many rad roaches, back top back.

"How about I watch your back, Kaelyn." he reports to her offer... Maybe he could blame it as seeing the world through those red lenses. Maybe he was just being an ass!

"Do you want to.. do your sneaky-ninja ting, Fiona?" Abreham wondered of the woman as he took those tentative first steps into the mouth of the cave, listening to his Pip Boy's geiger counter to guide him.
Fiona "I cannot see in the dark. Heck, I don't even have a flashlight." The blonde sighs, she starts to follow along calmly, keeping her barrel down.
Fiona Rad roaches means pull out the pistol, so that was Fiona's weapon of choice as she squinter in the light. "Thanks for the light" She comments greatfully after popping off a couple of rounds from the 10mm.
Aralyn As soon as Fiona fires, Ara is slipping to the side and picking out Roaches her self. Two quick rounds from her SMG and wastes several more of the critters, and she frowns... "These things are pretty radioactive, I don't think we can use em much to eat on." She states, looking to Abe curiously, before looking further into the cave.
Martin And the first part of the cave, which totally looks like a cave is cleared out. The ground and walls are covered in the glowing vicersa of the rad roaches. But you can hear them still further into the cave. As the group heads into the cave even deeper,it gets darker, and even hotter. Abe's pipboy starts to register the rads in the cave. Its present but not that bad. 1rad/sec. The only thing giving light is the glow from the green pools taht collected along the floor.
Martin The swarms flood over the group as they enter the back half cave. They surround Abe, and start to bite and nibble at him. Very... gross. In the immortal words of Clueless, "Gag, me with a spoon.".
Abe     Abe's geiger counter starts to scratch at his nerves with radium claws, clicking and crackling faintly. He steps ahead, and is suddenly set upon by the multitude. His boots proved just thick enough to resist their jaws as he pulled back with a cry of surprise and disgust. He aims, firing poorly and leaving nothing but a glowing spot on the cave floor.
Fiona Fiona plinks off a couple of rounds from her 10mm. She fires from a tight, two handed braced position with minimal point and fire.
Aralyn Ara blinks "This is a ton of roaches!" She shouts out, and her smg barks twice more, ripping into the swarm of roaches again, finishing off the second group of critters... She glances to the others curiously and ummms... "Soo now what? My rad counter is starting to pick up pretty good, it's bearable, but we may need to see about either backing out for a bit or hurrying this up.." She says to the others before motioning further in. "We don't know what else is down here."
Abe     "That's another few down..." he utters quietly, lifting his attention to the back of the cave. His lips grow thin and he huffs a sigh, watching Manny and Grover soldier on. "Welp, yay for tumors." he utters, trooping along after."
Martin And the second part of the cave is cleared of rad roaches. The company takes the hefty bodies, with delicious meat with them to bring back to the caravan. Abe manage to brave the rads into the third part of the cave where there was a lot of nuclear waste barrles. Like a lot of them. Goodness know what Deathclaws do with them, but surely that'll last them a while.
They make their way back to Uncle's Bob Scrap Yard. He's waiting for you to come back, and when he sees Abe, he waves him over.




A little worse for wear and slightly radiant (get it?)

Abe greets Uncle Bob with a slack wave, "Alright there, Bobbo. You've got yourself a natural microwave all set and clean of bugs!" he greets the murderous carnivore as he approaches.
Aralyn Ara glances at Abe and blinks curiously "Ummm how'd that trip into the cave go anyhoo?" She asks curiously, then her attention is back on Bob.. The Death Claw... She's still not completely at ease around the supposedly dangerou screature...
Fiona Fiona either chickened out about the cave, or common sensed out. When they return, she hangs back to let the others deal with the BOB. She lights a fresh cigar, counting them and pocketing the hand full. "Bugs stomped."
Martin ob nods his head enthusically. "GOod good good good. We've been wanting that cave for such a long time. Its just." He stoops again, because he's eight foot tall, and you're all short to him. He gets closer to Abe. Uncomfortably close. And not just because he can rend you into steaks. Deathclaws may not understand the concept of personal space. "The roaches." And he said this at a whisper, but disgruntle racket still comes from the sheet metal building. "They, just they just are so small and squirm and and they scream so much."
Abe     A shudder courses up the lenght of Abrehanm's spine, every vertabrae shivering tlike a chord on a guitar when strummed. "Right, that... shrill squick and the scuttering. Hell, creeps us out too but we're a little closer to their level." Rats though, not ROUS, but straight rats. That's what gets Abe, especially en masse.

"Glad.. to hear we could be of service there, Bobbo. Now we'd love to stay a bit longer, Buddy but we've got a early start tomorrow..." he continued, leadingly.
Aralyn Flat decided that in her current condition going into a highly radioactive cave was a very very bad idea. She glances at the giant 8 foot tall thing of death curiously, then tilts her head curiously before she looks around at the place. "Soo I guess you'll be wanting us to go now eh?"
Martin     Bob stands back up right. Its hard to tell, whats worse. When the deathclaw is natrually looming over you, or when hes talking to you down low and close. He waves the party over to a few brahim over thats laden with the MFC. "Thats 50 MCFs." Bob the deathclaw says. "That should be a more then fair price for what ya did for us. And dont worry about the Brahin. It'll find its way home." Bob says.