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Sparrow It's in the evening now, the sun has set a bit and it's cooled off. People are milling about eating what they can and chattering and the camp is a bit of a buzz. It's nothing compared to the silence that comes from the city that the horde had swept through. Sparrow is taking a moment to work out her shoulders. She's been in and out of various surgeries and rage most of the day. Helping Iris and Camila where she could but truth be told Sparrow was distracted.

The looming monolith of the city so close without even the sounds of typical post-apocalyptic inner city warfare has her nervous.

She wonders of Iris as she turns to get back to cleaning up some bandages. "Do you think the rest of the trip will be this quiet? No signs of intelligent life. it couldn't have ALL been wiped by the horde."
Iris Lark "I think this is just a calm before the storm." Iris replies, crooking a finger at Sparrow. "Can you take a look at my shrapnel wounds?" She asks, holding out both of her arms and pulling aside her t-shirt. "I was able to get the pieces in my arm out, but not all of them."
Camilla     Camilla emerges from the makeshift medbay, having seen to as many people as she could to assist Sparrow and Iris as much as possible. She notes the two women, but chooses not to engage in conversation at the moment, it's best that she let Sparrow help the Doc. Seeing as they're busy, and there's really no one else to talk to at the moment, she finds a place to sit down, a small moment to relax is all she's after, for now.
Sammy     Sammy, for the most part, has taken the time to guide his bike to a partially collapsed wall, and set about hiding it from prying eyes, and making good use of natural surrounding camouflage to conceal just how viable it is, overturn a few bricks, chase the tire tracks with a sweep of his duster, and travel is obscured.
    Fully half of his intelligence training was this kind of counter-intelligence, disguising your unit's movements. Finding time to lie down and not bleed to death, that's a challenge. There's obviously a lot of effort going through his features, and a lot of his movements look pained. Ye olde Ranger Duster looks slashed nasty from the concept of 90mph tentacle whips the previousday. Oh, and explosions. He putters where he can, but find a few pieces of rubble to arrange into a cooking and fire pit with a bit of windage. And once that's arrayed, he stumbles over to Sparrow's chalkboard, and sketches:
    Sammy/Needs - MFC / Motorcycle Parts(quality scrap)
    Sammy/Has - '4.7mm .308 ammo' on the lines beneath Abe's name
Sparrow Sparrow nods and tosses the waste into a box and sets it aside to be washed and gone through later. She nods to one of the makeshift cots and pulls her hair back from her face. "Of course I can Iris. I had hoped to catch you before you had to do patrols. But now's the time. Supplies are low so I'm afraid screaming and the last few swallows of moonshine from my canteen after might be all I can offer. Have you been able to check on Jude and Alice with the car?" She wonders. The docs here are always busy because there's always some minor crisis to handle. She takes out her medkit and helps Iris unwrap her arm. "I got the Sandwich board up like Manny asked. So far Abe's the only one who's been in touch but he has fuel and so I sent a note out to see if anyone needed fuel."

Camilla is given a lift of her hand and a somewhat distracted smile as she looks over Iris' wounds. "Hey, Camilla. How're you feeling? Before we leave I should be able to look at that old stitches you've got, see if we can't yank'm and get you some new ones."
Ashur "A skeleton," declares Ashur, drifting closer to the makeshift medbay with Eden by his side, the tomb-city at their back. They walk in its graveyard shadow, stretched in long jagged lines; at times, it reminds Ashur of Dunwich, its broken skyscrapers and mess-strewn roads like the bleeding gums and cracked teeth of some old man's corpse. It has that same unsettling feeling. "A pair of them. They spilled out of a closet when I opened the door, and I swear they grabbed at me as they fell; accursed things from an accursed place."

He scoffs, and pauses, turning on a heel to stare back along a road, where the rusted husk of a car sits at a rubbled intersection. The left is blocked off; the right leads past a gas station, and straight ahead is whence the giant came, with the haunted telcom offices.

"Mind yourself should you explore. You are not healed from the rocket, and we know not what cancer lingers here."
Iris Lark "Jude hit his head on a rock, or a rock hit him." Iris murmurs, shrugging at Sparrow. "I treated him. I haven't seen Alice yet." She holds her arms out and watches Sparrow. "I managed to get some resources together for the Vaultmobile."
Eden Eden look up at Ashur smiling mischeiviously. "I'm here.. getting all fixed up before I nose around, aren't I? Plus, I hopefully have some work to do." She looks over to Iris and winces "You're the one we need to keep safest!"
Camilla     "I've been trying to catch Alice" pipes up Cami from her spot near Sparrow and Iris, hoping that they both hear what's coming next.

    "I was hoping to get to her soon, I've got a lot of med supplies left in my bag and she needs it if she's going to drive. Also, the two of you need a break, so let me take care of her please."

    Cami looks up at Ashur, forces a smile alongside a confused look in regards to the Skeletons. She shrugs her shoulders and turns away as she starts to fiddle with her rifle. She checks the magazines she's got, "Damn, completely bingo.." and sighs rather dejectedly.

    Eden gets a look over as well, "You need anything?"
Sparrow Sparrow waves Camilla over. "Come on over, help me out here." She says as she gently swabs the area she's going to be digging in with a cloth and some iodine. "Some of the glass and metal from the explosion is pretty deep and I want to make sure we get everything out without any tissue damage." Sammy gets noticed and waves at, "Hey, I want to have a look at you Sammy, would you mind terribly having a seat and letting me do that when I'm done here with Iris."

Spotting the approaching Giant and one of his wives, she assumes, the Cowgirl lifts a hand in mute greeting before turning her attention back where it needs to be. And with that? They loose Sparrow for conversation because she has to meticulously nitpick through poor Iris. An infection here and now on their strongest Doctor would be bad.
Ashur Ashur glances over the gathered wounded; he snorts, then, and lifts a hand to muss over Eden's red hair. "She is still hurting from the rockets," he declares, "but she is strong enough to endure." He nods down to her and wanders further in toward the camp, the tent he'd erected before he went on his merry jaunt through the deadlands sitting happy and peaceful in the shade of a leafless, black-barked tree.
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and sits as still as possible, clenching her teeth against the pain of people rooting around in her flesh. She gazes at Sparrow and tilts her head slightly. "What exactly are you looking for when it comes to extra resources or ammo?"
Sammy     Ands where from a battered cargo pocket should appear, a shiny hip flask, which has been held so dear.
    Sammy smiles as he turns the flask over and looks at the bottom, it's got a faded engraving, and it's always been a mystery, who the original dedication was, someone with a clever eye might read it as 'To JC from PY, Bottom's Up!' on a tiny brass plaque, the edges buffed with the time spent in pockets.
    It smoulders into Sammy's features, the strong moonshine somewhat rippling through him, as if a signal it's okay to relax a little, just for now. He undoes the chin strap of his helmet, and finishes taking it the rest of the way off. Hung from an elbow as he watches the doctors work, making mental note of how much strain they're each carrying.
    His steps bring him near the triage station, "I've got a bit to go around, probably as good for disinfectant as it is for muscle relaxlant, and general anesthetic."
Eden Eden smiles over to him as she sits down to wait her turn. A bit proud that he thinks her strong. "Yes, I'm probably going to need much the same as Iris does, but I don't mind waiting my turn. Always fix the doctors first!"
Camilla     Camilla nods and stands up slowly to head over towards Iris, she steps in next to sparrow and gives Doc Iris a look over. She looks up at Iris, smiles, and then looks away as she helps out as best she can before pulling back. "I'm sorry Miss Iris, but this is a bit out of my skill level at the moment..." she adds, turning to look at Sparrow slowly and giving her a scrunchy nose face. "I'm better used tending to others.."

    She turns about slowly, a bit of guilt on her face that she can't really help Iris all that much at the moment. She turns to Eden and gives her a look over, "As usual, Ashur knows next to nothing about what people can and can not endure. Come here, let me get a good look at you.."
Sparrow "Fuel, which you should still have some from that old service station, ammo. Basically.. It's going to be tight for everyone. And when it comes to Ammo and fuel we can't exactly afford to be tightwads. That bullet someone holds onto might have been the bullet that saved their lives. So really, I'm looking for whatever folks want to offer for trade while we're out. Of course, I'm encouraging trade because fair is fair but.." She lifts a shoulder, "Abe's offering armor and a bible out. Some fuel too which I know I'd heard rumblings about from several places. But mine is being dedicated to Velocity because.." She blinks at Iris. "because the samples need to get back. With or without me."

Sammy's granted a smile, "None for me, Thank ya kindly, Sammy, but I encourage the others to enjoy it." Sparrow keeps working on helping Iris out. Using tweezers to pull out a few small shards of glass and metal before she gets her needle and floss ready and gets to work letting Camilla go about helping others.
Iris Lark Iris nods at Sparrow and she sighs softly. "I know that Jude has some fuel from the Vaultmobile, if we can get it repaired enough to drive." She says quietly and then she purses her lips and leans in closer to speak quietly. "If you need some, you should get together with him and talk to him, soon." She gazes down at the wounds on her arms and sighs. "This looks a lot better, feels better too."
Carter Griffin Carter had been patrolling the perimeter but upon coming back and spotting the sign, he had jotted down what he needed on it. Seeing a few of the others gathered, he made his way towards them, pulling his helmet off and setting it next to them as he sat down, "I'll be honest, I'm surprised we made it through yesterday, and more so that the mutants didn't give chase...It's that last part that's a bit worrying, but with how many are out there, maybe there'll be less opposition at their HQ." He muses, as he adjusts his bandages on his arms a bit.
Ashur Ashur coolly swings his head as he eases down on a convenient stump, rotten and hollowed by insects. His braids spill around his shoulders as he stares Camilla down, watching her flutter like some mother hen over toward his Eden. Fitting, then, that the former slave towers over the gear-head, her aspect all protective and nurturing. "Treat her well," he commands, scratching his fingers through his beard-- he hasn't had the time to sit down and shave, and those black bristles have become longer, and begin to curl and tangle, making the barbarian look all the more feral as he explodes with a bushy mountainman look.

"That abomination at the settlement, the living tumor that absorbed all that came into it.." He ponders. "I wonder if that is where the living here went. Gathered offerings to the appetite of some pulsating monster, twisted in its guts. There was much of the Horde we did not see up close."

A bit morbid, but hey. Mutant katamari wombs that suck up human flesh and turn them into mutant blob-horrors are hard to forget.
Eden Eden calls over to Iris. "Have you seen Alice? Do you know if anyone hs looked over the vaultmobile yet? I don't know what kinds of parts we can find around here, but I am certainly willing to give fixing it go" A smile comes over her face again hearing a certain voice. But Eden sits still as Camilla does her work. It wouldn't do to go wiggling on the person trying to fix you. "I didn't see that thing. Did you?" she asks of Camilla
Camilla     Camilla turns slowly and glares at Ashur before turning back to focus on Eden. "No, No I did not.." she replies plainly as she goes about doing what she can to dig out shrapnel, do stiches, give her some bandages, et all. "Ok, you're as good as we can get at the moment. Come see me again tomorrow and I'll see if I can't do some more."

    She looks around at everyone else, and well, she sees nothing else that can be done for anyone at the moment and that causes no small measure of annoyance to crawl on to her soft features. She reaches out to sammy and pipes up, "Can I have some?"
Sammy     Sammy looks over to Ashur, "You're talking about the thing, that was at Hope?" he walks over, and offers the giant a swig of alcohol. He may not have southern hospitality, or very much gentlemanly flair, but there's a certain, diplomacy to the act. "The one Vuk and ..." he reaches for the name, "Dominic held down while we rounded up the survivors?"
    He shrugs with a soreness in his frame at the memory, of the night. "From what I hear, this city was besieged from the South, but the horde was moving to the North-West." he tries to remember what the survior said. How many nightmares ago was that? When one takes up the mandle and blends with the next, it gets hard to tell.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles at Iris, "My pleasure, Doc," She assures the El Dorado Clinic maven before looking up again and nodding at Carter. "Hey. Have a seat, we'll get you too. Make sure that blast to the motorcycle didn't knock any screws loose. I'm not surprised though, that's just the forward unit is my guess. Basically like when you're farming. They're the ox and the plow. We still haven't seen the farmers or the worst of it I'm guessing. But yeah given that they were on a direct path from here I'd say that it's likely whatever life had been in this city has been consumed like New Hope." She finishes her stitches, cutting with a pair of small snipping scissors before wrapping Iris' arm tightly and carefully. "All done, Doc. Soon you'll be good as new." She bobs her brows giving Iris a tight but genuine smile before standing to clean her hands. "Sammy, Carter can we get a look at you?" She asks the intrepid ringbearers.
Ashur Ashur raises a hand and shakes his head at the offer of drink. He is quiet now, ignoring the looks and conversations, lost in thought.
Carter Griffin "There's gotta be a way to stop it." Carter frowns, "I know the NCR would throw everything they have at it, if they thought it posed a threat to them. But I doubt they will. 'Well the Legion is between us and them, let the freaks have 'em!'" Carter does his best mocking a politician voice, before he finally sets his helmet down.

"You can take a look if you want, dunno how much you can do though." He replies, "Thankfully this old-world riot armor is built out of some tough stuff."
Eden All patched up, Eden wanders over toward Sammy and Ashur. Figuring she would give Iris a few minutes before trying to grab her attention again. She sees the alcohol and waits a moment, deciding if it is too rude to ask for a swig. As the soreness throbbs through her skin where the wounds were freshly irritated as the pieces were removed, she decides a bit of a numbness to pain would be rather pleasant. Eden speaks softly to Sammy "May I have a little bit?"
Sammy     Sammy sees Ashur get that thousand yard stare, he's seen it before, and he gives a shrug, turning back to Camilla, , he smiles broadly, and pours her a dram in the lid for the flask, and setting it down, before setting his helmet down, and shrugging out of his duster.
    Folding it into a square as he sets it down in a neat heap next to the helmet. A practiced move he's done so many times before. He gives Eden a smile and nods, "Have some." while unbuckling that well worn police armor, and shucking out of it, laying it on top of the duster, It's plain to see the bandages have soaked through his fatigues in several places, across the small of his back, his left arm is a mess, his knees, well the stiches got ripped earlier. Yeah, a little help? He could use a lot.Dutifully he sits down and undoes his fatigue top, and hauls it off.
Sparrow "With any luck.." Sparrow drawls thoughtfully, "With any luck, Carter will find something that can combat it. A weapon. Or, something that can reverse it. Or stop it from spreading. Or best-worst case scenarios we find a serum that when introduced to their particular strain makes them explode into so much goo. It all depends on what the eggheads can glean from what we bring back."

"Oh... Speaking of everyone here knows if you see any active terminals we let Alice, Abe, Luce or Jude handle those. Maybe Archie. This is preferable to smashing them. And that any papers, documents or sealed vials should be unequivocally NOT mishandled and brought to the attention of those three; Iris, Qwillis or myself." The military aspect, the guns, and the weapons? Tose are the Rangers and the Militia's business but Sparrow's still somewhat nervous about the average Wastelanders response to things they don't understand. Carter had set Sparrow on a side track and then she holds a hand up, "But I digress. Shuck the clothes please" She gestures for Sammy and Carter to show their wounded bits for the ladies.. for medical observation.
Iris Lark "I haven't seen Alice in a bit, but I've been looking out foor her. I have some resources to put towards parts for the vehicle." Iris replies to Eden before she gets to her feet. She moves out, opening her kit and gazing inside of it to gauge her supplies and shrugs. "WHo's next?"