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Eden The night was warm and Eden was too uncomfortable in her bandages to sleep quite yet. The night sky is lovely, no clouds at all and a million stars showing Eden wanders to the edge of camp to find a spot to just look up at them. Maybe sleep will come, if not, then why not take in beauty while it lasts.
Camilla     Seems Cami had the same general idea. She's also, on the edge of the camp. She's using a poncho shet bought as a blanket while laying out on her medical bag and has her AR rifle sitting right next to her. She hears Eden approach and slowly turns to look at her with her vivid icy blues.

    "Oh, hello Eden.."
Eden A happy smile spreads across the little mechanic's face. It has been a quite day for Eden, but she is still sore from her wounds. Sore and itchy. She asks Camilla "ok and not dead or infected thanks to you! Must of been a super busy day for anyone medical."
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply and nods in reply as she slowly turns her head away to stare up at the stars. "It's been, very busy. I should be used to it by now, but it's tiring. Especially when you want to help someone, and you can't. I'm running low on resources and thankfully, a merchant traveling through helped me get this poncho and more ammo for my rifle so I can at least have some protection and some use in a fight." She lets out a yawn, covering her mouth as she does so and tries to resituate herself on the ground.

    "Are you feeling any better?" she asks, changing the topi.
Eden Eden nods. "OOO I saw that he when paassing before. Dont'have much money, so couldn't get anything. I am feeling better. Itchy means healing, right?" she says a little more shyly, "Seems like you feel weird when Ashur is around. Do you mind mw asking why?"
Camilla     Camilla exhales, deeply, and boy does it sound like she just went from calm to annoyed. She sits up, slowly, and wraps that poncho over her shoulders to help and at least try and keep warm.

    "I do mind." Yeah, that's pretty much it. Emphatically, she states then and there that she doesn't want to answer the question. Though, figuring it might be best to attempt to be nice to another woman, she sighs and responds, "How about you tell me why you think I do? Or, better yet, tell me what he has as /ANY/ semblance of redemable qualities as a human being?"
Eden Eden is quite surprised. In her silly naive self, who had seen so little of the world, she really had just thought the woman might be attracted to him too and wanted her to know it was ok. The emotion that seemed to come off the woman next to her was an utter surprise. "Why? you just seemed uncomfortable and thought maybe, you'd want to know he only looks scary. He's really kind of protected everybody. I'm not really sure what you mean. he's very human."
Camilla     Camilla just sighs again, she's doing that a lot lately. "He is not the man you think he is. He is the personification of everything that gives me nightmares. He's a man of the legion, and I was a slave of the legion for almost half my life."
Eden Eden blinks back a tear. "oh wow, I had NO idea." she pauses and tries to think what to say. What could possible be of any comfort. A pause extends a bit. "You aren't the first I've met who escaped that. But I have no idea what it was like for you. I've been so sheltered." her brows begin to knit together in worry "But what do you mean, not the man I think he is?"
Camilla     "I don't want to talk about it anymore" retorts Cami quite plainly. There's a great deal of anger in her voice and it hangs in the air. That anger paints a picture across her normally soft features. "I do not like him. I will never like him. I don't now, nor will I ever trust him. If given the oppertunity, I'm sure he'd beat me, demand I give him childre against my will, or sell me back in to slavery." She pauses a moment, "Is that honest and blunt enough?"
Eden Eden is quieted. and worried. "I'm sorry they did that to you. yes, that is honest and blunt enough." Searching and failing to find words of comfort, the small girl looks up again at the expansive sky. What had the legion members done to this woman? The woman clearly did not want to share. "He wouldn't" But Eden sounds slightly less convincing than she wants to be. "OK, anyway, so something else then. maybe where did you learn medicine? are you Iris's apprentice now? Thank you, by he way, or patching me up today/"
Camilla     Unfortunatly for Eden, these questions all return back to her past. "I was trained by the legion as a healer as was my duty as a woman and slave" she replies plainly. "As to being Iris's apprentice? No. I'm not. I only want to help her and repay her and do what I can to help the city. Healing people, helping them, it became the only time the men of the Legion would treat me with any admiration or respect. It's the one thing that gives me any real joy in this world, and well, you're welcome."
Eden Now it's Eden's turn to sigh. She genuinely likes this woman, but that doesn't seem to help. "You've found no other joys since getting to El Dorado?" This baffles Eden. No joys there makes sense, but here... "I mean, just look at that sky! Look at what our group is doing.. we saved those guys yesterday. And I actually helped a bit. Never thought I could but, here I am. I know I have like zero experience, but, isn't there some hope? As long as people like us keep trying? That brings me joy"
Camilla     Camilla shakes her head no. "No, not yet.." she replies plainly. "The sky is lovely, and yes, we are doing things and we saved people and all of that" she adds, taking a moment to sigh. "I mean, look Eden, everyone keeps trying to help me feel better, but I can just change over night, or even a few nights. I'm scared, I'm lonely, and all I can do now is just help people and do my best."
Eden "Well that's fair." Eden tilts her head to the side. "I'm not trying to fix you. You just impress me as... good. As someone to know. So, I'm just trying to know you." then a bit sheepishly "Badly, apparently." Eden think about the scars covering Ashur and shudders. Wonders if the scars in this woman's heart are really the same thing. Maybe Camilla and Ashur are more the same than she knows. "Scars do take time to heal and fade."
Camilla     Camilla's scars are internal as well as external, and it shows. Though, being told she seems like someone to know puts her off guard, "Thank you..." she spurts out softly, unsure what else to say. She sighs and shrugs her shoulders to the second comment, "Yeah, they do." Seems she's also decided she's done talking, "I, I'm going to try and get some rest. You're welcome to stay up here with me. I could use the company."
Eden Eden nods and smiles. Peaceful calming quiet is why she came over here in the first place. Looking away from Camilla and back to the stars, She settles into a comforatable position as they stay in a surprisingly comfortable silence togther.