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Abe     It had been... two, maybe three days since Dr. Lark had fixed Abreham with that stern look of disapproval. Two days since she had told him they needed to have a Talk...

And seeing as how the scribe was well into his 20s, he doubted it was about the Birds and the Bees.

Even so... there comes a time. Approaching dawn on the fifth day, Abreham seeks her out while the camp is getting ready to break and continue their journey. They'll be pressed for time.
Iris Lark     Iris sees Abe approaching and she props her hands on her hips as she simply watches him walk towards her. When he's close enough she takes hold of his arm and pulls him into her tent, pointing to a makeshift bed set up there. "Sit down." She says, without much preamble. "So how are you feeling?"
Abe     Abreham offers a rueful smile in answer to her posture and expression. "Kinda... Glowey." he confessed, ducking inside after her as she guides him, lowering himself down onto her cot or whatever the Doc' uses to pass her tired nights.

"Wer cleared out a old nuclear dump site"

"For a Death Claw."
Iris Lark     "Sounds dangerous." Iris remarks, her eyes giving Abe a once over. "Get injured again?" She asks, her eyes narrowing at him as a grin tries to twitch into bloom over her lips. "I told you to take it easy, didn't I?"
Abe     "A bit more than I liked... but he was nice for a ten-foot tall Murder-Lizard. We talked it out and he gave us some cells for our work." Abreham explained.

He seemed as well as ever, maybe a bit pale.

"No, Ma'am." he assured her, "I kept to the back, plain and simple... Of course, he came up from the back..." He worked at his ballistic vest as he spoke, working clasps and snaps before pulling it off. His shirt beneath showed the bumps and swells of banagages that enwrapped his chest. Soon enough, Batman was joining the vest to expose his plump middle to the warming dawn.
Iris Lark     "What in the world am I going to do with you?" Iris asks, but it's clear she doesn't want an answer, for as soon as she speaks she's turning to get out her supplies. "Other than the wounds and t he..ten foot tall murder lizard, how are things going for you?" She asks, pouring water into a bowl and soaking a cloth in it. "Enjoying the scenery?" She turns and brings her supplies with her, settling down on a low stool to bathe Abe's wounds.
Abe     "Are you asking for suggestions?" he wondered aloud, a hitch at the corner of his lips making his smile crooked. She hadn't wanted a answer, such is the role of rhetorical questions... but Abe had a hard time shutting his mouth at the best of times.

"Not bad..." not good either. His plan had gone a little sideways for a while, "Think I'm losing a little weight." he confessed, "Life's a little leaner without the Diner to drop in on or the Girls to bring me food when I'm busy working." he continued, trying not to get in her way.

"What about you, Doc'?" he wondered, "Holding up alright, got everything you need?"
Iris Lark     Iris turns and grins at Abe, a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. "If I were, who only knows what kinds you'll provide." She says, shaking her head. She washes his wounds as he speaks and nods along and when he asks how she's doing she takes a pause and considers for a moment.

"I'm doing pretty good, actually. I have enough food, and I even was able to help out a friend today. Besides you, you'll make two..but..yeah. Things are good on my end, I'll be happy to be back home though."
Abe     "Momma always told me to obey Doctors." he remarked in kind, his expression twisting slightly when she reaches a sore spot here or there.

"Soon enough..." he hopes as well, head bobbing along as she speaks. "I jknow there's the Vault Team6 thing going but I hope you'll let me give you something for this." he pressed, "I found a few MREs and some water when I was kicking over stones on my way back this morning. Enough to share."
Iris Lark     "I'm not going to yell at you for giving me something Abe, I will say that it's unnecessary to do so." Iris murmurs, dressing and bandaging each wound. She gazes up at him and shrugs a slender shoulder. "You're also a friend, I don't charge friends." She sighs when she's finished and sits back, her hands linked and resting on her lap. "What was it like having a Mother?
Abe     Oh... oh ouch.

The humor.... drained from his face, things clicking into place with the unexpected landmine he trod across.

He drew breath, hunching forward. "It... it was good." he confessed reluctantly. "Really good."

He forgot sometimes, the luxury of parents. "She was this... amazing woman. Tall and strong and fierce... but loving and kind. She kept me on the straight and narrow but also had my beack every step of it."

A moment of quiet folded itself in and Abe wore a doleful expression before he sniffed and lifted a hand up to hius face, thumb swiping at his eyes, "Alright, yeah, I've got to give you something now."
Iris Lark     Iris blinks at Abe, the sad expression on his face and the sniffle. She looks embarassed and gazes down at her hands before she speaks. "Abe, you can't miss what you never knew..I just asked, because ..even though I'll never be a mother - I want to be..motherly. If that makes sense." She gets to her feet and folds the big man into a hug. "I'm okay, I promise."
Abe     "No, no, I getchya..." he steadied himself, stretching a crooked smile across his face.

"I understand that too... but you don't have toi be our mother, Iris... I mean, I don't know you and your fellow's plans but..." I mean, there were plenty of restrooms that might have those little vending machines still, right?

But don't those things expire...?

His mind races around itself and she is upon him before he realizes it. He settles, arms wrapping around her at the middle and giving a good, firm squeeze. The ssplint on his left arm makes it a bit awkward but he deals!

He is not thinking about this anymore. A toss of his head clears his thought process. "Alright... okay, I'm good, we're good." he assures her, "But... you probably already realized this anyway and I'm just flapping my mouth like always... Family isn't just something you get born into... It's something you collect as you go too." he claims.

"And I'm glad I collected you."
Iris Lark     Now it's the Healer's turn to look misty eyed. She smiles up at Abe and nods. "I'm glad you did too." She says quietly, taking a breath and letting it out slowly as she cleans up the mess she's made treating him. "Thanks, for..everything." She says, after she's done, a smile on her face. "I appreciate you, more than you probably realize."
Abe     She's cleaning up... and the noise beyond the canvas walls of her tent is picking up. A good sign that they need to hurry on their seperate but shared ways.

He gets his shirt on and his armor, velcro and straps settling into place.

"It's... I'm... Hey, anytime you need a tubby guy to come around and make bad jokes," he claimed as he rose to his feet, sorting himself properly, "I'm all yours." he promised, arms hjeld out at his sides as if he was putting himself on display.
Iris Lark     "How about, anytime I need a friend to hug and talk to, I'll come find you." Iris responds, giving Abe a gentle smile. "I won't let myself or anyone else put me down, the same goes for you." She says, waggling her finger at Abe. "Now scoot, I've other things to do."