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Vault Girl It's been nearly half a day since the Expedition departed Azteca, following along the mostly coastal highway as the group continued along the old highway that must have once been quite beautiful and scenic to drive on.

The journey had been fraught with vehicle troubles including two of the vehicles breaking down and several others running on hopes and dreams at the moment but you were almost there.

The convoy passed through several more small cities and towns that had been utterly abandoned but lacked any sign of desolation and unlike post-war America, there was far less evidence that the bombs had dropped here in Mexico in any large numbers.

Radiation and ghouls seemed to be at a minimum, but the latter could have been a curious side effect of the Mutant Horde, but there was less evidence of their actions the closer you got to the Poseidon Energy Facility.

One of the scouts using a rifle scope called out that they could see something in the distance, a massive facility resting on the coast.

Poseidon Energy's Research Facility in the Gulf of California. It was within sight.
Aralyn The knife-eared woman is still wincing a bit as she rides along in the vaultmobile... She glances to the driver, and asks curiously "That box of stuff help?" She asks curiously, not really uber-knowledgeable on vehicles "I hope those MFC's are the right type.." She then adds and then the woman glances down and idly begins to work on maintaining her sniper rifle as she rides along, not realy having much more to do.... She then glances up and then hmms, She then blinks and looks out over the ocean curiously, and then grins "I spy with my eye... Something white..."
Manuelito As the scout reports in, Manuelito frowns. It would be time soon. Taking the radio, he calls in "Alright, lets bring the convoy to a halt here. Those on cycles meet me at the Truck; over."
Grover Grover has been watching the faded lines on the roads that look like dots as they have been driving along. A quiet drive for the most part...well nothing trying to kill them, which is good enough. Finally they slow to as the report comes in. "AH, this must be the place."
Iris Lark Iris sits in the back seat of the Vaultmobile, no longer as comfortable riding in the car as she was before. She keeps an eye to the sky, keen not to repeat the rocket thing. Vaultmeat is sitting on the floor of the car, his head resting on the seat between the people there. Iris idly pats the puppy, gazing out the windows as things are called to a halt.
Sparrow Sparrow is with Velocity, up until Manny makes the Convoy stop. But she's quick to hop out of the car with her things and trots over towards the truck to see what's happening and help figure out how she's going to be riding into the facility. Her expression has grown a bit grim.
Joe Caine Joe Caine is seated in the militia truck, his eyes focused outwards through the window. It'd been an eventful expedition so far, and he had definitely had his fair share. Fortunately their expedition was coming close to a crescendo, his eyes widening at the sight of the facility.
Ashur Anticipation bubbles in Ashur's scar-marked stomach with all the unwieldiness of a child before Christmas; never has he left the territory of the United States before, never has he seen such a vast array of monstrosities, never has he ridden so much in these automobiles (unpleasantly cramped as they are, the sheer speed exhilirates-- if he could, he'd hang his head out the window to feel the wind whip through his hair). Through Horde and explosion, through graveyard cities and long stretches of dusty road.. finally, as some divine reward for their determined patience, there is some colossus marking their journey's end; finally, the devout of Mars meets the god of all seas.

Speaking of seas, Ashur sees it; his pupils dilate with childlike wonder at the sight of it.
Fiona Fiona actually enjoys this leg of the trip as the militia bus drives along. If she glimpses the sea, she'll pester the other soldiers to snap a few shots. Much better than missles going boom all around. She will get some sleep as well. But, by the time they reach the plafe tourist mode: off. She gets ready to organize the dismount of the militia ride. "Be cautious, anybody that gets killed is in a lot of trouble."
Sammy     Sammy rolls off the throttle, and grings the motorcyclein alongside the big military van, taking the opportunity to stretch his neck and shoulders, breathe in and dismount with an obviously pained expression, taking a moment to straighten up as he gets over to the big truck on foot, rifle over his back, glancing up and down the coast, and all around. Serene and tranquil, if it weren't so abandoned-looking. . . The cleansing power of so much sun and surf? Maybe.
    "Allright Manuelito, you got a plan percolating in your head yet?"
Alice "I'm sure they'll help." Alice replied to Aralyn, "Go ahead and see if you can use that box of ammo I've got in the trunk when we stop to." She rolled the Vaultmobile up near the truck and shut the car off to save fuel, "Looks like a beach campout is in our future guys, so much better then Arizona, Old Army Bases and Ghost Cities. Ugh." She had mostly kept to the Vaultmobile when they were in Azteca, screw that place.
Camilla     If anyone was curious, or cared where Cami was, she was quietly sitting in the back seat of the vault mobile with weapon and medical bag in hand.
Aralyn After getting out of the vehicle, Ara glances at Manuelito, then ummm... "I can try to get to a high point where I might be able to cover the cyclists, if someone's willing to put me to a mid point where I can watch from a distance?" she asks, then motions to her Barret.. "I can reach out a long way and maybe help if they get in trouble." she says and then she looks to Alice "If the water's good there might be sme fish here..." She suggests... She then glances back to Manuelito and folks... Aralyn's been volunterring for a lot of things lately...
Manuelito Nodding to Sammy and Carter, he folds his arms against his chest, eye glancing to the coast line and the building. It has been a long road; fraught with death, loss of resources and paved in blood. The mission was over yet, and in no way close to being done. This was only the beginning now; now marks true testament and persistence of this motley crew.

"Alright, Sammy and Carter I have an assignment for you. I need you two to speed on ahead on the cycles and scout for me. Get me whatever intel you can get."

Looking to the rest gathered "Let us set up a temporary campsite here; rest, relax, eat until these two get back."

Looking back to the two, he says "Nothing stupid, just go down, review and come back. If you get into trouble, call us over the radio. We'll come in and help."
Lucette     Lucette has been unhelpfully napping in one of the vehicles. It was time they moved to somewhere she felt she could be helpful, and thus she'd stowed away for a nap. Not stirring too much, she's cozy with the amount of space she's taking up- roadtrips are for naps anyway!
Alice Alice shrugged to Aralyn, "Whatever works for you. I'm not keen on waiting or just sending 3 people up but from what I've heard the Marshal knows everything, so who am I to speak up."
Grover Grover says, "Well, this close...I'd expect they'd be sending out patrols as well. So I wound't relax too much...but thats me." He shrugs a bit, as he listens to the others."
Carter Griffin Carter looks to Sammy for a second, then back to the commander, "Shouldn't be a problem, Sammy, you up for another round?" He asks, as he takes a moment to ready his weapons, and then heads towards the motorcycle.
Eden Eden is more excited than nervous for once. sitting between her friends Cami and Iris she is ready to pop up at any moment trhough the moonroof again. resting now and letting her eyes gaze out at the unfamiliar landscape, Eden waits. Silently hoping the teams luck, strength, and skills hold them all together and get them through this safely.
Sammy     Sammy nods to Manny, and gives the 'roll out' hand gesture to Carter, the few steps having restored enough circulation to easily swing the leg back over, readjusting his duster, takes a moment to fetch a rag and wipe his goggles clean before firing up the bike again, and heading down the road, a careful, loping gait for the well traveled bike, smooth and more importantly quiet compared to the ocean, he's taking time to find safe paths, avoid obstacles.
    He keeps a lookout for those little surprises that keep on giving (landmines, boobytraps) and hopefully, to dodge them, while looking over the whole of the scene. As much as can be done with investigating the building while driving carefully and quietly.
Manuelito Looking to Grover, he nods "Your right. But, still people need to rest; be at the ready however." The last part is more spoken to everyone and not just Grover.

Looking to Aralyn and Joe, he says "Alright, you two." He scans the horizon slowly before spotting an outcropping close by that they can climb. "Take positions there and oversee Sammy and Carter's patrol route; make sure no harm comes to them."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "Sure thing boss.." Joe makes his way up towards the outcropping, his FN Fal battle rifle strapped securely to his back. Being the master recon scout that he is, he naturally looks for a stealthy, secure area where he can snipe if needed, with maximum cover. He lays down, his poncho aiding in his stealthy-ness.
Aralyn Ara grins at Alice and smiles "Well we've made it this far." Ara then nods to Manuelito and begins to move out as she trots toward a high point. On the way she checks her Barret, making sure the beast is fully loaded as she dashes toward a high point in hopes to get into a position and get hidden before any possible bad stuff can happen. As she nears the highest point she can she slows down, now trying to move as silently as possible...
Sparrow Sparrow comes up alongside the truck and watches the scouts head out. But she stays close just incase she's needed to head to the site as well. She keeps an eye on the curious landscape of Mexico around them. interested perhaps in the difference between Mexico and the Wastes.
Iris Lark Iris steps up to Sparrow and rests a gentle hand on her shoulder. "How are you holding up?" she asks, tilting her head to the blonde doctor. "Holding up okay?" She asks quietly.
Vault Girl The Poseidon Energy Facility is quite massive consisting of at least a dozen outer buildings that likely served administrative purposes at one point in time and a private airfield which has the wreckage of a crashed Vertibird and two more that failed to takeoff from the airfield altogether.

The major research facility seems to be an off-shore Oil Rig, although it's unlikely it has actually produced oil in centuries seeing as there was only a SINGLE operational Oil Rig at the time of the bombs dropping; which was not exactly known fact to everyone either. (IF you have History skill you can know that)

There were no signs of life in the outer facility, but who knew what could lay inside the interior of the facility.
Sammy     Sammy brings the motorcycle to a halt, and radios back to Manny, "I've been waiting 800 miles to say this..." he lets the air clear for dramatic pause as he dismounts.
    "The Coast looks Clear."
Grover Grover settles down, with his minigun across his lap. Waiting to see just what the scouts might find..of course, thats if they come back. Maybe they are rolling right into an ambush and will die a painful death. Then again, maybe they'll find a yacht floating in the water and sail off never to be seen agian...anything is possible
Aralyn Ara has by now taken up a position in a clump of bushes that overlook the Facility and of course Sammy's rout. Ara has shifted some of the grass and bushes so she has a clean field of fire, however she is still obscured by the brush and undergrowth. Ara then gets on the radio and calls to Sammy "I have you covered, do what you do." She says quietly, then sets to looking back through the scope, scanning the facility carefully with her scope, the woman now moving the crosshares slowly across said facility as she tries to take in everything, looking for movement, anything that seems out of place... "So far I'm not seeing much... I got a baaad feelin' about this..." she says, frowning a bit as she continues to observe the place from a distance.
Manuelito "800 miles huh? Makes me wonder what other jokes you've got stowed away." Manuelito replies calmly, clicking the button off and groans. Clicking the button again, he says "Alright. Stay outside for now and keep your distance." Clicking the button off again, he looks around.

Glancing to the group, he says "Alright, looks like the outer perimeter is clear." There was no way he was going to repeat Sammy's joke.

"Who all is wanting to go; who all is wanting to stay behind? We'll need scouts and sentries." Manuelito adds.
Carter Griffin Carter dismounts from the motorcycle, and moves up next to Sammy, "So you gonna stay up here so you can actually use your sniper rifle for once?" He asks the other Ranger, as he looks down at the facility.
Sparrow Sparrow puts a hand on Iris and nods solidly. "Yes. Fine. Just .. after yesterday it's a bit more overwhelming." She admits and rolls her lips. She lifts a hand, "I need to go, Manny." She takes a breath and rolls her shoulders. "I'm ready." She glances back towards Iris. The cowgirl's stoic expression drawing a bit thin. "How are you holding up?" She wonders of the other Doc while keeping an ear on the cross talk between the gathered El Doradans.
Lucette     Lucette's still in nap mode, maybe a bit less deeply than before with things quieting up around. Today's dream is attempting to unravel the mysteries of why water is wet.
Ashur "I go," Ashur declares, stubborn and steadfast; there is no way he will be denied whatever dangerous glories lie in Poseidon's palace. "Within that place lies our holy grail; I would be wasted as a sentry."
Camilla     "I'll go. If you need the extra gun and the extra medic. If not, I'll stay."
Eden Eden gets out of car and walks up to Alice. "I'd rather go in, if that's ok. Just tell me where the best place for me to be is though
Sammy     Sammy nod at Carter, "Depends on what I hear over the radio as people stir up a hornet's nest of trouble. But I still have deep tissue bruising from the last time we decided to dive into confined spaces. On the other hand, , He looks from the rifle on his hsoulder to his pistol in it's hip holster, "I'm not exactly incapable of shooting indoors, it's just more difficult to find a good spot to make long range shots." he smirks, "I should see about mounting a supressor, tweaking down the charges for a mid-short range whispering death variant when I get back. Maybe do that to my service rifle."
    He watches people approach, and he takes the time to examine the facility itself, through the lens of his rifle.
Ashur With a glance toward Eden as he disembarks, stretching his legs and rolling his shoulders, Ashur looms closer to her than her own shadow. "You are no front-line warrior, my Eden; and you are not fully healed, besides. Remain toward our rear, and be ready with your stimpak should I need it."
Alice "Ugh. Give her some space you gigantic creep." Alice said to Ashur as she looked up at the massive man, "Like seriously. Don't command her like she's your slave or property, she's her own person and she doesn't answer to you. Got it?"
Lucette     Suddenly Lucette has a realization. There is no fork! This revelation is so shaking, so devastating to the cores of her very belief that she flails in the vehicle she's in as wakefulness overtakes her body and she scrambles her way outside with a string of quiet expletives and demands that the ants stay the feck back, and to hit the antenner! Wait, no, this isn't grayditch, what the fuck's an antenner? Oh hey they're at Poseidon.
    "Shit, why'd nobody get me up." she mutters, "Where's the vanguard and who's following them?" she asks out.
Manuelito Glancing to Alice and Ashur, a frown crosses his face as he over hears the conversation. Walking over to them, he says "Alice is right; back off. She can join the scouts if she wishes, or remain here. Her stimpack will be used for all; not just you."
Ashur Ashur looks at Alice. Stares at her for a long moment, with less a look of appreciation and more that lip-curled sneer of displeasure when you realize you stepped in something warm, wet, and foul-smelling. "Come, Eden," he replies, ignoring both the other girl and Manuelito as well and walking off.
Alice "Don't let him talk to you like a dog, Eden. You're better than that. He's just a washed-up old loser who couldn't make it with a huge group of losers who liked to enslave people and bully them. You're part of this team and you don't need to take that crap from that moron." Alice said to Eden reassuringly.
Camilla     Camilla turns on heel and moves back to the vaultmobile. She climbs in to it, and goes quiet.
Eden Eden looks at the whole damn lot of them one by one. "Do I get a say in any of this?"
Sparrow Sparrow glances over at Ashur and Manuelito and Alice, "Oh for fucks sake. How about you all fucking let her make her own fucking choice and we get on with fucking saving lives." Sparrow sneers at the group of them and turns to look back at the truck and shakes her head.
Manuelito "Of course you do, Eden. However, I will not stand by while someone orders you around like a piece of property or slave." Manuelito notes calmly.
Ashur Ashur has already walked off, so he'll only notice if Eden has come with him or not afterwards!
Alice "How about you clean out your ears then Sparrow instead of generalizing like a royal bitch? I wasn't telling her what to do, I was telling her she doesn't have to listen to Ashur." Alice said to Sparrow with a glare.
Iris Lark "I have a stimpak as well, it's not full though." Iris murmurs, gazing up at the sky. "It's not like we're lacking for the ability to heal." She says, shrugging a shoulder.
Sparrow Sparrow stares at Alice. "You were telling her what to do, too. Grow up." Is all she says before looking to Manuelito and gesturing towards Posiden with a lofted brow. The stoic expression has fallen over her features again and she shakes herself and looks at Iris, "Sorry, Darlin." Is all she says before she walks away from the grou towards Manuelito. "What're your orders, Marshal, we should get on with it."
Alice "Whatever Sparrow, are you upset because you wish Ashur spoke to you like that or something?" Yep. Alice was pissed.
Lucette     Luce looks her kit over and checks everything to be in working order. Her goggles are adjusted a little and she sighs. It seems the issues of individual will are the debate for now, rather than squad forming and getting to work. She brings her attention to Manny while the wait for orders is ongoing.
Manuelito "Alright, cool it." Manuelito states to Sparrow and Alice. "Focus that anger on the enemy at the facility; not at each other." He notes calmly. "Everyone heading to the facility move out."
Eden Eden is annoed that all of them undersetimate her. "I do not need any of you to stick up for me this way. I like all of you. I do not understand why you don't like each other. I really don't. Whatever happened before, I wasn't part of." Looks directly at Alice "You made me part of this team, and I love this team, and if you'll noticed, I asked you for where my best spot. I will talk to him and help him understand these habits are causeing trouble, He only means to protect me."
Apostle     "Gross."
    What, no grand quote?
    Apostle stands watching the interaction, and apparently that's all she has to say on the matter. She slinks onward toward Vector, checking her pistol, making sure it's loaded. She ends up somewhere between Vector and Iris, lifting a piece of her robe that she might indicate that she, too, has a stimpak.
    Either that or the good doctor just got flashed.
Vector Vector sadly lacks popcorn. But there's the sound of him crunching on something at the very least - some heavily fried molerat, to the point where it's, say, blackened and charred, but he's crunching and devouring it all the same. He's sitting there a bit bloodied and bandaged, but - well, he don't have popcorn..
    .. He does have molerat.
Vault Girl As the group moves into the Poseidon Energy Facility they find evidence like so many other sites before it they had visited, that some kind of battle had gone on here; but this was not evidence of just a single battle.

There was evidence of multiple battles over the centuries at this not-so-humble facility.

Craters where bombs had dropped, bulletholes and laser burns on the buildings; destroyed tanks and APCs. It was unlikely that any of it had ever been cleared out over the past 200 years, the facility simply weathering each and every attack that had come against it until the mutants.

The Vertibirds on the Airfield seem to be of two sources in addition to the wreckage of older pre-war aircraft that litter it like a boneyard; the rusted scraps of the hulking aircrafts like the bones of dinosaurs.
Aralyn Ara is however nice and oblivious to the argument, as she continues to stare out over the facility with that big sniper rifle of hers... "Lalalalala.." She says over the coms as she waits quietly. "Still not seeing anything." She informs, then glances arond, now actually trying to peer through windows as well, maybe she can catch movement inside one of the buildings.. "Aralyn to Boss, what's your call, want me to get closer?"
Sparrow Sparrow must have clogged ears or something; because she doesn't seem to hear Alice's reply. The blonde cowgirl just blinks at Manny slowly. "Sure, Marshall." Sparrow drawls with a hooded look. The cowgirl turns and starts heading to the facility without another word. Reaching into her duster to pull out the Syringe pistol to make sure it's in working order and ready as she goes.
Alice "Whatever you like Eden. The Team will stick together as we move in. Vaultmeat, will stay with Cami at the car." Alice finally got around to giving Eden instructions, "We can stick together if you like."
Lucette     Hmn. Poseidon. This isn't 'home rig' but it's still a poseidon. Lucette's got her eyes around and cautious. Things look pretty torn up and she's moving out. There's no reason she should stay behind, so on to Poseidon she goes! She has ears open for further orders while trying to spot anything that might be in their way. Or on their way.
Eden Eden says to her team "OK. give me a minute. I need to talk to him. And whether you love him or hate him personally- ya gotta admit Ashur kinda kicks ass and protects everybody. So... let me calm him so that we can ALL work the hell together, ok?"
Camilla     Camilla notices that she's about to be left behind in the car with the dog, and that's not ok. At least, not here, and not that she's actually thought things through for more than five seconds. So, out of the car she gets, all decked out with rifle, poncho and medical bag and up to Alice, Sparrow and Iris she walks. "I'll come with you. If that's ok? I'd like to at least be somewhat usefull rather than staying in the car."
Manuelito Manuelito picks up the radio and recalls Joe and Aralyn; informing both that they'd need to switch to short and medium range weaponry. The facility itself has seen better days it seems. "Alright, scavenge the tanks and apc's to see if any micro-fusion cells are available or ammo." He notes to the team. "Also, fan out a bit for scouting positions and be ready to move forward."
Sammy     Sammy looks over the carnage of the building, looks over the layers of patina and the trophies of war, "This place is technically, a gold mine... Looks like they held onto it." The bipod holds the rifle steady as Sammy regards it from the rock he hid his bike behind, "I wonder then, presumably this horde ... happened along here, happened from here. Keep your radio on, yeh?"
Vault Girl Outer Space

In the cold darkness of Outer Space a working Enclave satellite system zoomed in on the Poseidon Energy Research Facility as it passed overhead in Orbit.
Joe Caine Joe is quick to dislodge himself from his sniper nest, making his way forward, he makes a quick weapons check, his dual pistols on either side of him. "Roger that." Without much more delay, he moves to rendezvous with his squad.
Aralyn Ara now stands and looks to move on up. She glances around, now trying to find another over-watch position she can use to cover the scavengers along the way. As she hears about needing to switch to a different weapon, she slings her heavy rifle, changing it out for her SMG when she finally catches up to the group. When she's there she quickly checks the mag on that weapon, and unfolds the shoulder stock as she glances around again.. "We're awefully damned exposed out here." she mutters quietly...
Alice "Sure thing, Eden." Alice replied before slipping the helmet of her power armor on and nodding to Camilla, "Of course! No clue what to expect so just be ready for anything."
Ashur Glancing at his side, as he walks through the airfield and observes the relics of old wars, Ashur notes Eden running up alongside him. The two of them indulge in a quiet conversation, though rather than look at her as he talks his gaze focuses primarily on the various bits of wreckage that draw his curiosity. He begins to count just how many different battles he can identify merely from the technology and injuries in the land and facility for fun.
Camilla     Camilla nods to Alice and makes sure to pull the charging bolt on her rifle back and let it slide forward with that metal /ca-chink/ signlaing it being ready to rock and roll. "Ok.." she adds, letting out a long exhale. "Good thing I got more ammo from that merchant back in Azteca."
Aralyn The knife-eared, purplehaired woman can be seen looking through verious things as she comes to an old tank, and it's relatively in tact? She stares at it curiously and begins trying to figure out how to get the hatch open... "I'm not much with these things..." She mutters as she looks the vehicle over...
Joe Caine Joe Caine pokes about the area, looking for any clues, signs of traps, or anything else that might jump out at him.. physically and metaphorically. He has the muzzle of his rifle pointed towards the ground, yet he's ready to shoot anything close, or far away. He's fairly silent as he investigates.
Eden Eden comes back from her beloved giant. She walks up to Alice and says "Hey, can I get a second?" linking elbows with her team leader and pulls her to the side.
Vector     Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh my. Sadly. None of that shit. None at all. There's nothing to eat. Nothing to kill. Nothing to hunt down and devour. So instead, Vector just slowly plods through this lifeless little bit of the wasteland, hunting revolver held firmly in one hand, he low-shuffles through the landscape, muttering small prayers to the dead vehicles behind his veil.
Ashur "Fitting for a god's home," Ashur remarks, as he kneels and traces a gloved hand along the bumpy lip of a small crater; this particular wound in the earth likely comes from some ancient artillery shell. "Eternal battle, and still it has not fallen; it even birthed a locust army that swarms and devours all in its path. It bears the wrong name."
Iris Lark "I don't see any signs of life, but that facility looks locked off, I'm not sure how well we're gonna do getting inside." Iris remarks, glancing around for a moment. "Any ideas on how to get in?"
Alice "If you need anything, let us know, we may have some of it lying around." Alice replied to Camilla before looking to Eden, "What's up?"
Manuelito Manuelito did his passive scan and semi-search of the area; noting that many of the doors had security systems at one point; but all appear broken. Glancing over a few of the APC's, one catches his attention as he reviews it. Hmm.

"I'd like for Q to see if he cannot repair this APC. May come in handy on the trip home." He notes idly.
Aralyn At this point, Aralyn spots something that looks interesting.. She turns from her tank and begins wandering toward a gigantic concrete covered building with two sliding doors... She looks left and right and begins to wander inside as she looks about the place, then with a grin she gets on the radio. "All clear here, but I've found I think a reinforced, or just an aircraft hangar... Might provide good cover for the campa and a secure place to set up." She then glances around and with another grin "Or maybe find another hangar... but these aircraft hangers I'm looking at appear empty, and safe.."
Carter Griffin "It might be fused shut." Carter notes to Aralyn, "Depending on the battle damage it took...Or years and years of dust and decay.." He has been scanning the area with his helmet's visor, trying to pick up any signs of life, but so far he hasn't seen a thing.

"Those hangars over there would provide us a good peice of cover to set up a camp." He says, motioning towards one, "Big enough to give us room but also well protected." Seems he and Aralyn had similar ideas, "Good eye."
Sammy     Look, if you put your ear to anything, you can hear the sea!
    Sammy's got a lot of overstimulus going on, all the things to look at, see. Vintages of war machines, yes evidence clearly of varying degrees of fights. "Where were they going without ever knowing the way?" he humms very quietly. But the ocean breeze is so nice, and the sun is warm in the sky. And he's camped out like a lizard on a rock.
    If lizards had sniper rifles.
Lucette     Lucette's just quietly keeping with the group and sighing to herself. Things are quiet, and safe for now. Nothing's blown up or jumpscared, and all the air vents look intact from her end. All's right with the world.
Joe Caine Joe Caine stumbles across a grouping of buildings and he suddenly stops, "Hmm.. these buildin's right here would make fer a perfect spot to perk them there vehicles at.." Carter apparently comes to the same conclusion as he does, and he simply nods and points at him, "This guy know's what I'm talkin about.."
Manuelito A nod is given to Aralyn and Carter. "Alright." Looking around, Manuelito would find Alice, Apostle and Sammy, informing each that we'll move the convoy into the hanger and use it for shelter and protection. Sentries would need to be posted as well; of which he informs Joe.
Camilla     Camilla's on edge almost instantly, there's nothing here. Nothing that she can see, no signs of life to her at all, anywhere. That, is not something she's cool with, it's spooky, it's scary, it could be a trap, it could be literally nothing, then Ashur has to go an open his mouth and, "FUCK SAKE ASHUR!" snaps cami, because his statement wasn't creepy as hell or anything. /Right, ok, focus on the team. Focus on the job. Reply to Alice. Baby steps Cami, Baby Steps./

    "Aye, I will let you know. Thank you Alice."

    She turns to Iris a moment and shrugs her shoulders. "No clue.."
Sparrow Sparrow has made her way back over to Velocity. What she was able to distinguish, or know, wouldn't be anythign on the outside. She's not a Ranger or the Militia. So she stands silently by the red speed demon and waits for people to gather information. The blonde cowgirl letting her eyes close.
Fiona Fiona walks the area. The young woman remaining calm, more or less. She looks over the hangars, the land. She would like to find one of those Pip boys, or something. "The hangars could provide air coverage. We could get the vehicles in too, use the facilities for repairs... But ae should be watchful."
Aralyn Ara glances back from the hangar, and looks around "Hey guys..." She says over the radio.. "What would you say to maybe using one of our vehicles, or Ashur there and the rest of us and ropes, and maybe try to pull a bunch of these hulls into a defensive position around the hangar where our sentries could have cover?" she asks curiously... "We can also scavenge these vehicles out if we can't get em running... Or maybe some of these tanks could be made to run partially, like say just the turret?"
Vault Girl As mentioned by many, some of the hangars at the airfield would make a good location for the basecamp and when word is given by the Marshal and it is apparent there is no threat to the expedition; vehicles begin to move in without delay.

If nothing else, the hangars provided respite from the heat and protection from any aerial threats; which if paranoia was to be believed, would certainly be a boon to the expedition if trouble came from the Enclave.

The gantryway that leads to the old oil rig which is the major site of research leads to a massive blocked doorway with numerous security systems that seem to be tied to areas around the complex itself.

Maybe if those systems were dealt with around the complex, the greater research facility could be opened up and the true prize you all came here for could be found.

A weapon against the mutants.
Alice "Yeah, air coverage would be good considering the enclave seems to have an endless supply of Aircrafts." Alice replied to Fiona before nodding to Aralyn, "Probably not a bad idea, you guys should try to see what Qwillis can do."
Sammy     Sammy hears the reports of the investigation, and brings his rifle up, brings the reserve to stop looking at the relaxing waves, and moves his bike, rolling it into the hangar, somewhat secure, having a good cover from ... I dunno. Missiles raining down ? Yeah. As much as he can. He'll find a good sniper's nest to setup after a long walk, and something other than the bugs he could catch in his teeth.