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Manuelito The sun was hanging high in the sky, tilting ever so slightly toward the east as the Marshal returns to the campsite. His SMG is slung against his back as he walks past the camp, heading toward the convoy truck quietly.

His face and hands had scraps and cuts on them; remnants of some recent bout or battle with something. Bending down, Manuelito opens a small kit at the side of the truck and retrieves a bottle of antiseptics; pouring it over his hands and winces.
Iris Lark     Iris just finished talking to Abe, and it showes on her face. A dry tear streak has made its way through the dirt on her cheek. She spots Manuelito standing to the side of the convoy and she changes direction to walk towards him.

"Afternoon Marshal, you look a bit scratched up. Need assistance?"
Manuelito Glancing to Iris, a small smile begins to form on the Navajo's face. "Always Iris. I got in a fight with a few crows. I guess when you are hungry enough, anything looks like food." He replies, standing up.

It was then that his eye caught the tear streak. "Is something wrong?" He asks as his hands move out for her to inspect.
Iris Lark     Iris shakes her head as she gazes at the scrapes on Manuelito's hands, arms and head. "I'm fine, Abe said something quite kind to me and..well, he's a good man." She says, shrugging her shoulders. She pulls some ointment from her medikit and begins to pour it on his hands and arms, before daubing some on the scratches on his face. "There, that will sting for a moment, but it should feel better soon."
Sammy     Sammy himself, after securing his bike, swapping out the cels, and un-bending a piece of bent metal on it he hadn't noticed earlier. Maybe a rock or something. He leans against the wall of the hangar, loking up at it's roof, thinking that it'll definitely be safer than open sky. He lsooks rather road weary, stretching and moving, though today, he did manage no fresh wounds. But the human body is an amazing piece of work, especially when your pain tolerance is as high as Sammy's has started to get. He pulls his helmet off, sets it on the bike, and takes a few moments to completely set the day behind him. His fingers grip tug his gloves off, and the headband is used to tie his hair out of the way. He can't help but spot the interaction between Manny and Iris.
    He quiets his movements, to see, if this is a conversation that should be made more private, or joined in. Tears on Iris's face can't be good. He thinks of all the times he's seen her working herself to the point of collapse and his lips draw into a neutral line.
Manuelito "I really do not know Abe all that well; though of what I have seen thus far on this trip, he is a good man." There is a beat, pause as the liquid is poured on his hands; he winces. "He did well in the face of a talking Deathclaw." He notes idly, chuckling.

His eye follows his hearing to catch sight of Sammy, head nodding. "Good afternoon Sammy." The Marshal says calmly, head canting in a nod to him.
Iris Lark Iris turns and spots Sammy, offering him a wave and a smile. "So how did you handle the rockets? Both of you?" She raises her voice to include Sammy in the question. "Thankfully nobody in the Vaultmobile died, so I'll say this trip thus far has been a success."
Sammy     "For a change, it seems to be." he holds up the tiny bottle of beach sand. A trip souvenir. "I figure it'll be a long while before there's a booming tourist cottage industry. But I think it's all about getting to work on figuring out what the hell happened, and how do we stop it, the road wearyness can be taken care of." he looks back at the bike, "In some or in all."
    He smiles to Iris, and his duster is slipped off his shoudlers, finding a neat spot for it, where he can sit down, using it as a cushion, and leaning back against the truck tire to start popping the releases on his armor. "I can tell by how the shrapnel missed me that Carter was to my right by a little when the blast wave hit. The more disturbing part is that there was an ambush on an exit point, and that there were other horde bikers out there. Which means, as much as we were an inconvenience for that group, we were less important than whatever they're going after... and they're on the march. To a destination."
    "When you've got a minute, I'd trade you a nip of the good stuff for help changing my blasted bandages, and an expert's eyes in making sure there's no extra presents in that shrapnel in my arm." He's already re-settled his medkit from the small of his back to his lap, unclasped it, and laying out the 'Patch Sammy Back Together Kit' alongside his hip flask.
    To Manny, he asides, "I think Abe is good people. I may not be the best judge of character."
Manuelito Rubbing his hand along his wrist and lower arm, Manuelito glances to Iris. "We faired well; got banged up, but made it out in one piece." He says with a small smile. A beat "And I am glad that everyone in the Vaultmobile made it out alive. I was worried when your group to that hit." He says quietly, his eye glance to the ground.
Iris Lark     Iris nods to Sammy and she furrows her brow slightly. "Sparrow sent me word about..something, so maybe they won't make their destination. If they get close, we'll just have to take them out." She moves toward Sammy and sifts through his supplies before she pulls something out of her own medikit. "Look away while I dig in your wounds a bit." She says, murmuring softly as she leans in and digs in his open wounds for shrapnel. "I don't drink though, so you can have my nip." She says, giving him a wry grin.
Sammy     Sammy has this great idea on looking away, and turns his gaze to Manny, offering the silver flask, "I heard a little about some close encounters. This is a rather interesting trip. I must say, much weirder than my trip from Humboldt to El Dorado." he has been pushing past his threshold of pain for a while, probably closer to sleep it'll catch up with him. but he sloshes the flask a little, "I'm working on the assumption there may be usable info here to get the brain boys digging, before we get out. A miracle would happen if there was a serum to undo things, somewhere in this base. I just hope nobody gets cute and decides to set off the self destruct. Again." he looks up, as if the hangar might hear him and take it as a good idea. Maybe he's just seen it happen once too many times.
    "Thanks Iris, for putting up with me getting your work undone as much as I have."
Manuelito Manuelito glances to Iris, head nodding. "Yes, I received a note from her regarding that. Most peculiar really. Hopefully the facility will shed more light." He notes. Glancing to Sammy his head nods slightly. "I will try and maintain some control when it comes to searching. Any information we gleam will probably be of value."

Stepping back, he glances around "I probably should check in on everyone; see where we are at."
Iris Lark     "I enjoy my work more than you all might possibly realize." Iris says quietly, offering Sammy a smile. "I get to mother people a little, and I enjoy that." She pulls another few pieces of shrapnel from his skin and drops it on the ground. "When we get back to El Dorado, we'll all celebrate a bit. Maybe then I'll take you up on that tipple."

She smiles at Manny when he speaks and nods to him when he says he's going to check on the others. "Make sure you get some rest and keep those bandages on for a bit, who knows what those crows had in thier beaks and claws."
Sammy     "When we get back, I suppose they'll have a parade. Once all the free drinks are taken care of, you let me know and I'll make sure you get one more." he smirks and gives his arm a tenative flex, "Yeah, I guess I can feel that difference there, thanks a bunch."
    He looks as Manny heads out, "I'll keep my 'ears' on. Plugged into the bike on the road, battery's got about six days of charge 'fore I have to pull out the hand-crank Lilly cobbled together for me."
Manuelito Manuelito nods, eye glancing back to his hand. "Very true." he says quietly, turning to head away from the two. "Thank-you Sammy."