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Martin The Caravan making its way down from El Dorado into the Mexico to try and stop the increasing threat of the super mutants, has stopped making its trek for the evening. It takes some time for the caravan to seattle down, and start to set up camp. Digging latrine ditches, setting up a kitchen area, unpacking the chuck wagon and then doing a head count. Its a tedious process but important for the company safety and surivival. And we peer into what Fiona and Aralyn are doing to help with the set up the camp for the night.
Martin And Camilla there too, what is she doing to help with setting up the camp, at night.
Aralyn Ara is well, umm, she's being the paranoid person she is supposed to be! Currently the knife-eared woman is sitting on a high point, well on top of a building, her rifle cradled against her with the barrel leaning against her neck and shoulder as she sits on a bucket she found... She casually lifts a small bag of fruit-chips from her pocket and takes a couple before chomping down on them and downing that with some water.
Fiona Fiona is keeps these mooks alive as a meat shield, that's what she does. Seriously though, she helps set up a few tables under the hangar roofs on the facility. She is still looking for a Pip-boy too. Once she has things ordered though, she draws a cigar. Then Fiona lights it on a hotplate before the pot goes down. A few puffs, she grabs some water and starts to look for a ssat.
Camilla     Camilla is doing pretty much nothing at the moment. Simply having found a place to sit and rest and wrap herself up with her poncho, keeping her medical bag and rifle near by.
Aralyn Ara then glances around and after looking at her pip-boy, she stands and turns a bit to look at a different direction, that giant beast of a firearm still in her position as she looks around.
Martin     And just when the sun is finally over the horizan, and the stars are starting fade into the sky, the familar and comforting bell for the night's meal has started. Its liad out in a somewhat of a buffet fashion, with various kinds of baked and rotisserie rad roach and mole rat. Boiled corn, and baked squaskes. Bisquits, and sweet rolls. And a lot of very passable coffee and amount of liquor. Though with them being inside the Aztecta still, super mutant may still raid them, so no one can have the luxary of getting drunk during this mission. But a shot or two doesn't hurt anyone.
Fiona      Fiona makes her way over towards the sniper, Aralyn, giving her a nod. Then casts her sights towards Camilla. She gives wave. Then there is booze and biscuits. She gets in line. Maybe some molerat bacon.
Camilla     Camilla looks up to Aralyn first, trying to figure out what she's up to, "Everything ok Ara?" she asks of the elven lady. She turns slowly to Fiona next and returns the wave with one of her own.
Aralyn Ara glances down at Cami and nods "Just keeping an eye out." she says with a reassuring smile. At the smell of food she sighs. "Grab me some molerat squash and corn would ya please Cami?" She asks curiously not wanting to leave her post as she tries to look out in the dark.
Fiona Meat and biscuit equals sandwich, Fiona makes two of those. "Oh, hello. Camilla, right? One of the healers. I'm Fiona, we have been in the same place, not a chancs to talk." She says stepping out of the way to find a place to seat.
Sammy     Someone high on a building could probably catch the form of Sammy, looking better, as he takes a moonlight stroll down, his rifle, like a stovepipe over his shoulder as he walks, his movements quiet, thoguh it's easy to see he's favoring his right leg if someone were to watch him much. He's carefully drifting through the area looking to have the way the place was abandoned, tell him a story of how it was abandoned. He'd heard from a survivor, they had time to set up a wall and it got smashed. He investigates for a bit, meandering, but never really getting more than 800m away from camp, as if picking out specific spots he could see the camp, and might be mindful to approach it unseen.
    He moves towards the smell of food. A hungry predator wrapped in the nicety of being a human. By the time he's back in camp, he's even smiling a little. He finds his way to the chow line and politely waits his turn.
Aralyn Ara sees the flare and turns that way, her rifle held at the ready position as she flips on her night vision, then raises the weapon up to view what was going on... She frowns a bit as she stares into the darkness then glances down at the other people before looking off that way. Safety is still on that leviathan of a firearm she has, but she's ready to employ it with ruthless efficiency should she have to.
Sammy     Sammy is a happy trooper, he has a happy tummy, and the road is something to think a bout later. The flare going up has his whole demeanor shift though, he doesn't drop his plate, he calmly sets it down, slinging his rifle up over his shoulder, and stands with a predator's tension. He squints into the twilight at the coming crowd, considering, watching, looking at their body language, how they walk, what it says abou them. It's a practiced, drilled routine, this sheepdog alertness.
Martin     After a tense ten minuets, where everyone with a gun took defensive position, and everyone without went and tried to find the thickest wall to stand behind. Aralyn saw them first through her scope. It was about 20 head count. Adults and kids. Refugees maybe?
Aralyn After a bit of starring, Aralyn sighs and raises the barrel of her rifle. "Refugees it appears." she announces as she stares curiously at them... "Guess we have more mouthfulls to feed."
Sammy     "Survivors. I bet they could tell us many things about what went on here, and the when and why of it all." he thinks a bit, and looks over the provisions, "I think I'm going to have to hunt a little bit more for food, but I think there's a good chance we can feed a few at least a meal, and some water." He looks around, to see if Manny or someone else wants to make the call, and then to the cooks themselves, questioning the ability to keep the core team rolling, if we give aid to those who need it.
Aralyn Ara glances around curiously, and then hops down from her crows nest as she slings her rifle. She makes sure to get some roasted mole-rat, and load up on veggies and whatnot as she makes her self a plate before the hoard of refugees get here... She will at least get some food... She grins and waves to Camyi, then grins as she makes her way back to her spot, with her loaded plate of edibles
Martin When Aralyn relays to the caravan that they're refugees, the tension in the air is cut and a collective sigh of relief was had by all. In a few short minuets, the sentry patrol leads them over, and announces to the party. "So we found these group here. And they looked like they were a day or rwo behind in eating, and well, we couldn't just leave them out there." And then someone in the crowd goes, "We got plenty of eat. Waste not, want not." And the crowd cheers.
Sammy     Native american facial features, longish hair, a smile and a bit of local dialect help Sammy bridge the gap between cultures, but food is a great equalizer. Sammy starts by helping get the refugees lined up, the weak, children, elderly first, then healthier ladies and gents, to make sure everone gets 'some' he helps gather dishes and rinse them from those who'd already had food. A small army to feed, but the army wasn't expecting there to be atual survivors, if the ones who made it North already, were to be believed. He's asking for names, stories, how they relate to each other, how long they've been hiding. If they're from here, or found here.
Martin And what could have been a very tense and shitty evening in the Wastelands, was quite a julbilent and warm party. These weary displaced refugees were welcome with hugs, and with water, coffee, and roasted meat. They ate until they were full, and slept without needing to keep one eye open. And they shared a lot of information about the surrounding area, and their history. As luck would have it, the caravan is heading in the direciton they were going and was invited to travel with them until their paths split.